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Kansas City Chiefs News And Rumors 8/11

Following their preseason loss to the New Orleans Saints on Friday night, the Kansas City Chiefs are back in St. Joseph, Mo., for camp.

While this week will be great for the Chiefs in regard to building off the first team’s momentum established against the Saints, there is a bit of bad news to report.

Dave Skretta of AP SPorts brought us the news on Twitter:

While the immediate assumption would be that Fisher is out because of his injured thumb, it turns out this is actually because of a sore right shoulder, per Skretta:

Skretta also reported, via the Kansas City Star, that the offense did not look good:


The Chiefs offense struggled throughout the workout at Missouri Western as they got ready to play their first home preseason game Friday night against San Francisco. On several occasions, the group didn’t even get a play off before a whistle was blown.

Reid Ferrin of has a good piece out there on how there seems to be an air of accountability surrounding this team. Here’s a quote from cornerback Sean Smith, per Ferrin:

“We just have to hold everybody accountable,” Smith said.

“It would be easy for me and the rest of the starters to go out there and be like, ‘Well, at least we played good,’ but coach always preaches that you’re only as good as the last player on the roster. We have to pick each other up collectively, because we’re all one unit.”

It’s obvious that the Chiefs aren’t satisfied with the first team’s good showing on Friday night. Hopefully they’ll be able to work some of those kinks out in practice and get that tempo going again.
In regard to Fisher, at least it doesn’t seem serious, but it’s never good to hear that the first overall pick is struggling with two separate injuries at this point of the year.
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-Andrew Kulha
Editor, Arrowhead Addict


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  • Vaughn Morris

    Steve is your caps lock broken…u don’t have to yell. You must be dillusional to think this offense and defense is not better than the last three years. Get a clue

  • Vaughn Morris

    There offense doesn’t have to be like New Englands. They just have to be better than they were, which they obviously are. And the defense doesn’t have to be like Houstons, it needs to be improved from the last three years. You need to do your research. Have you not been paying attention. What would you have liked the chiefs to do different on their first drive against new Orleans other than march down the field flawlessly, control the clock, and score a touchdown. Geez. For some people perfect football is not enough. LOL

  • Montez K.

    A little worried what with the OL depth issue we are having…This doesn’t bode well…I know he needs all the preseason experience he can get but I say they let him rest and heal and then throw him back in the mix…he won’t do us any good if he breaks all of his fingers before the regular season begins!

  • FaAmos

    As long as Alex Smith at least tries to hit Bowe once downfield and Baldwin downfield ill feel a hell of a lot better but I hope Smith doesn’t try to hard going against the team that robbed him in his opinion after taking them as far as they did and playoff so well before his concussion now we all know they made the right call, Keapernick isn’t afraid to throw down field but put your self in Smith’s shoes and you’d be pissed and wanted to show their mistake. Oh and if anyone I’d friends with Andy Ried or John Dorsey tell them they should put Chase on the trading block and offer that they pay his full five mill guaranteed in return for a QB like Tyler Wilson or throw in a late pick and try and get Ryan Mallet off of the Pats.

    • Suzi Conger

      FaAmos, actually it’s the opposite, Harbut benched the superior QB…the only area that ck7 surpassed AS11 is rushing, Consider the following; ’12 season; AS11 = 4 passes over 40+yds in 8.5 games / ck7 = 4 passes over 40yds in 10.5 games … AS11 has superior ave./game deep passes compared to ck7. Virtually all facts/stats prove AS11 the superior QB and disspell the ‘negative AS mythology’

  • jimfromkcj

    I have been reading so much about how good the Chiefs offence looked in the first pre season game, and I keep asking myself if anyone but me can remember that the Saints defence was rated the 32nd in the NFL last year? They were one of the two teams the Chiefs beat last year. Folks We lost the game, no matter how much we would like to gloat, we got beat by the worst defence in the whole frigging NFL last year.

    • Suzi Conger

      Only the first session of 1′s vs 1′s give an indicator of the better team; KCC whomped NO; DBrees stayed in and played against kcc 2′s,, tsk The lack of depth/talent with the O-line 2′s have me concerned against Fri. SF’s D ‘smith-partners’ ….Protect AS11 and allow him the time to execute his great plays/passes

      • jimfromkcj

        Suzi, when the offence is playing against the worst rated defence in the whole NFL last year. That is not something to claim bragging rights for.

  • jimfromkcj

    I have used the Browns as I believe that they are as close to the Chiefs as you can get to compare how the Chiefs are progressing. Both are small market teams and both have had a big turn over in coachs and Gm’s over the years. It was pretty even until Pioli came to town and I think the Browns made a big leap in front of the Chiefs. My reasons for coming to this conclusion are several. First is the way the cap is handled. The Browns won 5 games to the Chief’s 2 last year. According to over the cap the Browns have 27 and a half million in cap space to the Chiefs 82 and a half thousand. According to PFF the Browns off line was rated as #5 while the Chiefs were rated as #12. The Chiefs were one of the highest in cash spent without any great change in their skill players. We still don’t have a clue who the #2 receiver will be and most people think Alex is a much better than Cassell, but still is probably not a franchise QB. So don’t get your hopes up to high, and you won’t be disappointed if the Chiefs have trouble reaching 8 and 8 this year.

  • jimfromkcj

    Andrew, it is well known that most of the players will be laying with nagging aches and pains in the NFL. It is just that Fisher and now Charles are going to be playing hurt before the first regular game. That is something to be concerned about. Offensive linemen use their hands a lot and it is important that they can use them especially the tackles.