Chiefs Wide Receiver Rico Richardson Has Family Support

Rico Richardson is an undrafted free agent wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs. Richardson attended Jackson State where over the course of his career he totaled 130 receptions, 2,491 yards, 19.2 yards per catch, and 23 TDs. He is one of a handful of undrafted players to catch people’s attention at training camp thus far and he is at the top of the list of players that I’m looking forward to seeing in action when the preseason games begin.

Let’s just say I’m not the only one.

Richardson’s family reached out to me in my training camp report post and asked if I’d let them know how he looked. They also passed along these photos and the following message for Family Day:

In support of Rico Richardson #83 on the Chiefs’ Family Fun Day, we send a big “SHOUT OUT” from The 34th Annual Chatman Family Reunion in Natchez, MS. We are so proud of Rico and want to send him our love and support as we celebrate and have an awesome time with our family and friends here in Natchez. In the photo, Rico’s mom and dad, Valarie Richardson and Alvin Smith, are surrounded by just a small portion of the family and friends during the Fish Fry on Friday night that kicked off our reunion. Rico’s parents are also shown in a photo with his grandmother, Doretha Holmes. Today we will have lots of food, plenty of fun games and an awesome and very entertaining talent show. We miss Rico being here but we are proud of his accomplishments thus far with the Kansas City Chiefs. We’re looking forward to seeing him play in the first preseason game in New Orleans. We Love You Rico, from the ENTIRE CHATMAN FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!! #GORICO #GOCHIEFS

If Richardson can continue to flash the same ability in the preseason games as he has in practice he may just earn himself a spot on the roster. Regardless, it looks like he has a great group supporting him back home.

Good luck Rico!

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  • Merlin_Arrowhead_Addict

    The Chiefs could use a WR to step up. Go Rico!

    • Shelia Chatman

      Thanks for the support. We know he can do the job and hope the coaches feel the same way.

  • Shelia Chatman

    Thanks for the article. We greatly appreciate you supporting Rico and our family at a time that means so much to us. Just as Rico is a part of our great family, we know he’ll be an awesome addition to the Chiefs’ family should he be selected for their 53-man roster. #chiefnationwegotyourback

    • John Palmer

      Shelia, First off it is GREAT to see such a family outpouring of love and support for RIco. You truly do not see that in this world anymore and I just had to create a login to send some KC love yall way. Went to family fun day today and it was cool. I’m sure most of the bloggers here will tell you that Rico has a legitimate shot to make our roster as we need playmakers at that position. If he doesn’t latch on here, he will somewhere else because as Jim Harper has said, he’s making some serious noise up here. Here’s to Rico’s success!….

      • Shelia Chatman

        Thanks John. We are very proud of Rico’s success since high school. We have a very large family and are always ready to support any family member in accomplishing their goal. My sister would have loved to be there to support him in person but she’s a dedicated teacher and preparing for the first day of school on Monday. And because my sister isn’t an internet guru like myself, I appointed myself as the spokesperson to ensure we stay on top of the latest news on Rico. We’re excited about the first preseason game and will definitely be in the stands cheering Rico on since New Orleans is only 3 hours away from our hometown. In the meantime, we’ll be waiting with bated breath to see if he makes the roster for the season.

      • Lyle Graversen

        Very well said John, and now that you have a profile set up please come back and comment anytime!

        • John Palmer

          Thank you Lyle! I’ve been an avid reader of AA and yours for years just never posted Lol. It was something about Sheila’s post and your willingness to be a conduit to their family that touched me. Maybe it was the memories of the southern experienced growing up or just my sheer love of the underdog, either way I am pulling for this young man. Looking forward to more of your posts my friend!

          • micah stephenson

            Your cool. I can tell you have good morals/values and good character. We want to hear more from people like you.

    • Lyle Graversen

      Shelia, it was my pleasure. Thank you for sharing your pictures and message for Rico with us Chiefs fans here at Arrowhead Addict. If our readers weren’t already pulling for Rico before, I’m sure they are now. Just happy that I could help pass the message along.

      • Shelia Chatman

        Lyle, our family has been even more excited since the article you posted. We are so appreciative of all the support from the Chiefs fans. For anyone wanting to follow any other news/articles on Rico, you can add him or myself on FB because I research the internet practically everyday and post whatever is out there for my family and Rico’s fans since high school/college. #GOCHIEFS #GORICO

    • micah stephenson

      I got to meet Rico at training camp on sat. I didn’t recognize his jersey number, so I asked him what his name was. He said Rico Richardson. I said “yea I know who you are now cuase yo family was talking about the family reuine on arrowhead addict” rico said “yea it starts today” I then told him I seen him out they’re making plays the other day and I hope you make team. he said “thank you” then signed some autographs. If you ask him about it bet he will remember the conversation. With all the love he has been getting I truly really do hope he makes the team.

      • Shelia Chatman

        Micah, thanks for the mention to Rico; i’ll be sure to ask him about it. He’s a very humble (and sometimes shy) guy but he knows we always have his back. #richardson#83

        • John Palmer

          Great game Rico! Continue to make plays and we’ll be stashing you on the 53 man roster. Welcome to Kansas City young man!

  • RepOurChiefs

    The family support is totally awesome and a complete first that Ive seen in the 3 years that I have been a member of this site(which i looove guys) and I too will be watching for a Rico come kickoff. Thank you for sharing a little of your family love with us Chatman clan. Rico if you happen to read this,Chief nation is pulling for you so if you happen to read this,become one with the ball. lol.. #GORICO #GOCHIEFS!!

    • Shelia Chatman

      We appreciate the support of the Chiefs’ fans. We look forward to being a part of the Chiefs clan as well. #GORED&GOLD

  • Jim Harper

    Richardson has opened a lot of eyes in camp, and has turned into something of a crowd favorite. If he keeps it up he may very well make the final 53. There are quite a few including myself rooting for him

    • Shelia Chatman

      Thanks Jim. It’s always nice to hear good reports on Rico’s progress. We’re always praying for him to make that final roster. #recruitingfansforrico

  • Patrick Allen

    We’re pulling for you Rico. We need some WR help badly. Keep believing!

    • Shelia Chatman

      Patrick, we’ll take all the support we can get for Rico. We believe and I’ll keep posting until the fat lady sings. :)

    • RepOurChiefs

      Journey just popped in my head. Thaaaaaanks PA! Lol

  • Jared Watson

    From Virginia to KC, this boy wishes you Rico success. Can’t help but root for an undrafted player making the most of the opportunity. GO CHIEFS!!

    • Shelia Chatman

      Jared, thanks for the shout out. Rico has worked hard for many years to get where he is today and we’re proud of him for that. Underdog or not, he’s an awesome player and hopefully the coaches will agree…#imaproudaunt

  • Suzi Conger

    Wonderful article Lyle, thanxs

  • Chris Tarrants

    To his family on here, get ready to have a million goosebumps and every hair on the back of your neck standing straight up because if he turns out to be what it sounds like he will be then you will hear 40,000 red and yellow fans chanting Riiii cooooo

    • Shelia Chatman

      Chris, we’re glad to be a part of the Chiefs’ family. We will cheering loud and proud on Friday for Ricooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thomas Sparks

    FAMILY means everything and Rico, you are Blessed to have such a loving group of family & friends! I think it speaks volumes about the character of Yourself, Rico! I am going to be pulling for your success to earn a spot on our teams roster!
    More prayers can’t hurt, right!

    Godspeed, Rico!

    • Shelia Chatman

      Thanks Thomas. You hit the nail on the head; family does mean everything and we are a praying family that has definitely been praying for Rico’s success. #recruitingfansforrico

  • freshmeat62

    Dear Chatman family, I guarantee you, everyone in KC is rooting for Rico also. The Chiefs are desperate to find another good WR.

    • Shelia Chatman

      Thanks for the support. Rico is the man for the job…#Richardson#83

  • David Fritch

    The job is his for the taking we desperately need a #2 WR to step up! It would be a nice bonus if it’s a good character guy like I’m assuming Rico is!

    • Shelia Chatman

      Thanks David.

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