Jul 28, 2013; St. Joseph, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs tackle Eric Fisher (left) lines up against linebacker Darin Drakeford (66) during training camp at Missouri Western State University. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Andy Reid On Eric Fisher: I Expect Big Things For Him

Kansas City Chiefs head coach told the media today that he expects big things from rookie RT Eric Fisher.

He’d better. He made him the top pick in the entire 2013 NFL Draft.

“He’s getting better every day. We’re not holding anything back from him,” said Reid. “We’re throwing it all at him. His hands are a little beat up, and he has all that stuff but in the National Football League, you have to bring it every day. The young guys, they learn that. They all learn that. I’ll tell you what, he’s a competing son of a gun. He comes out, he busts his tail, and he’s learning. I think it’s slowing down for him every day, and I expect big things for him.”

Fisher reportedly struggled a bit early in camp. According to Reid, it takes all college players some time to catch up with the speed of the NFL game.

And Reid feels things are beginning to slow down for Fisher.

“You just need to keep practicing,” Reid said. “I would tell you that for anybody at the college level or this level. They have to get used to the speed. They have to get used to the guy over you. He’s the best guy that played over you in college. You’re going to have that guy every day. You’re going to have to bring your lunch every day to work. You can’t take a day off. That’s not how it works. Guys are cranking on you every day. Every young guy goes through that. I love the way he’s handling that. He’s a tough nut and I like his approach. If he gets beat, he’s right back in there fighting. You love that.”

The Chiefs are now nine days away from their first preseason game versus the New Orleans Saints, so Fisher still has plenty of practices to get ready.

What do you think, Addicts? Will Fisher struggle early or will he catch up quick and be a dominant player from day one?

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  • Guest

    Correction: the chiefs are nine days, not nine games away from their first preseason game……
    I don’t know if he will dominate early on, but it won’t be long either way.

    • GoChiefsfromChicago

      Agreed! Fisher is a gamer. Book it!!!

      • Thomas Sparks

        The INK is already dry!

  • FaAmos

    Going from college to the NFL then from LT to RT, no I don’t think he’ll dominate early but watching the two games vs. the Broncos will tell us how well he’s playing and how much he’s improving from the first game vs. Denver to the second game because he’ll be asked to block the rushing Von Miller so I can’t wait for those two games to see what Fishers all about.

    • griffongrad

      Miller is appealing a league imposed four game suspension, so he could miss one of the Chief’s games.

      • steve james

        I doubt it as both games are late in the season.

  • Danny W

    Folks have to realize the ends he’s blocking aren’t Tank Tyler and Turk McBride. Houston and Hali are legit pro bowler’s and world class at their perspective positions. I think practice against those types of guys will get a guy ready better than most situations through out the league. If he weren’t getting beat from time to time I’d be worried about our OLB’s. I think with the practice he’s getting he’ll start being quick enough to shut down Houston therefore Von Miller. He will get the power and poise to handle Hali’s bull rush be prepared as best as any out there. One never knows. The guys could bust but for some reason my intuition just tells me he won’t.

    • Thomas Sparks

      Good insight, Danny! I think Fisher has a mean streak and is one of the most athletic OL coming out of college (especially for a Goliath size frame), in a while. That’s why I wanted him over Luke J. From A&M! I think he is going to be a Great Tackle for a long time. I have a feeling he will be a LT next year. Let’s see how Albert handles LT this year. If it works out that Albert busts his arse and excels this year, all the better, because it sounds like Fisher is really catching on to the RT position! We could have the best Dozers, since the days of Roaf, Shields, Wigman & Company! They only helped The Priest break the All-Time NFL TD Record for a season, until LT surpassed him.
      I see great things on the horizon! Too think 1-2 years ago, I was wondering if our Chiefs could bring back the Hunt and Lombardi Trophy, before I reach room temperature! Lamar Hunt deserves it and I am much more optimistic, after Clark made the moves this off season! Bring It Back Home Red & Gold!

    • jim

      Good comment Danny, I feel the same way, I think Fisher will have plenty of competition to keep him busy, I also feel that we will see more and more drafting of top offensive linemen drafted high and because of the quality of todays defenses, the right side is going to be just as important as the left, it does no good to have good protection on the left if the QB is a sitting duck on the right, GEAUX CHIEFS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://www.arrowheadaddict.com Patrick Allen

      Yeah the dude is still a rookie and he is like a week into camp. Remember how bad Houston was early in the season? Granted, he wasn’t the No. 1 overall pick but if not for the weed think he probably would have gone in the late first round.

      There is an adjustment period for everyone. For Fish, as a No. 1 pick, he should hopefully do his adjusting during the preseason and pre pretty good after a couple of weeks of the season. But even if he does struggle a bit, it doesn’t mean much this early.

  • BurtGummer44

    Reid has to have high expectations of the first overall draft pick. But then this is a team full of draft picks and other players that have had high expectations, and most of them have not to date lived up to those high expectations. The one player that has excelled (Charles) didn’t come to the team with high expectations. Go figure!

    • Thomas Sparks

      Happens all the time, look at Tom Brady!

  • chief4ever

    Would like to see Brandon have great start, we sign him to full contract and we have our bookend tackles for the next five years. Go Chiefs !

  • Carlos Nevarez

    Sorry….I still can’t believe we took a tackle with the first pick.
    Not a Geno guy but why not Austin or Milliner or ANY other skill position.

    • Clint Moran

      This wasn’t a good draft for the “skill position” players. It was, however, very deep for players in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Taking tavon Austin would’ve been a bit silly for the 1st pick and though milliner was as good a corner as you can find in any average draft, he clearly wouldve been a reach at #1. I, for one, am satisfied with the pick, as Dorsey said he’d take the best player available, and he stuck to his guns. Fisher brings determination, heart, and an athletic ability rarely seen in offensive lineman with such a large frame.

      • Jeremy Parkercom

        I could not agree more Clint.

  • Bobby O’Dell