Oct 28, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs center Ryan Lilja (65) on the sidelines against the Oakland Raiders in the second half at Arrowhead Stadium. Oakland won the game 26-16. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Broncos Sign Ryan Lilja

Former Kansas City Chief Ryan Lilja is “un-retiring”, but not to come back to the Chiefs. Reports are that Lilja has agreed to come out of retirement and play for the Denver Broncos. Lilja was a long time teammate of Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning when they were both in Indianapolis. Lilja will assumably play center for the Broncos after their projected starter Dan Koppen was lost for the season due to injury. It is reportedly a one year deal.

So what do you think Addicts?

Are you upset that Lilja would come back for Manning but not for the Chiefs?

Lilja always seemed like a good guy, but he wasn’t exactly a Pro Bowl caliber player last year.

I remember watching Dontari Poe completely truck Lilja in a one on one drill last year at training camp. Let’s hope he can do that a few times when they go head to head this season.

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  • chiefridgy

    Bye lilja!

  • ladner morse

    Can’t wait to see the Chiefs give Lilja the ole one-two with Poe & Powe! I hope to see them plant Ryan in Peyton’s lap.

    Perhaps the Chiefs should sign Brian Waters to be back-up at Center.

    • BigNickMihalco

      Poe is a bust.

      • Jim Harper

        Poe is hardly a bust. You must be a donkey fan!


        Thanks for your expert opinion , I guess he should just go ahead and retire … Thanks again genius

      • ladner morse

        BigNick, don’t you think it’s better to give a DL at least three years before declaring him a bust? Ryan Sims got 5 years before the Chiefs gave up on him. Poe looked like he was getting better at the end of the year. Why do you think Poe is a bust after one season?

        • FaAmos

          Because he’s a Bronco fan, he just wants to get under our skin. Remember this is an article for Chiefs and Broncos but with his players falling like flies in training camp he might want to be nice to he Chiefs and definitely not piss off the Kung Fu Panda, Poe.

      • superman_25_58

        Poe a bust hahahaha NOT! You’re a nut! Put your helmet back on and get back in your padded room! I can’t wait to see POE on the field this year bc he finally is getting to play in an attack style defense much like he played on in Memphis and is the reason why he was drafted. Turn him loose and let him go ape shit! Let’s go Chiefs! Man I miss #58!

      • FaAmos

        Haha a Bronco fan, welcome to AA. As a Donkey fan you automatically know everything so I’m surprised you don’t know that D-lineman take the longest to develop out of every positon group, not every D-lineman come not the league like Warren Sapp even Suh is and took time to develop and we just about labeled Tyson Jackson a bust until this last season when he played like a starting 3-4 DE and even though Poe was voted rookie of the year he needs time to develop and in a perfect world we wouldn’t have to start any rookie D-lineman but now under D-Coord Sutton who is cutting his D-lineman loose unlike under Crennel who used his D-lineman only to take up blockers to free up his linebackers Sutton uses his lineman as pass rushers as well as run stuffers I think you’ll see an even better Poe this year and we’ll wait to grade Poe in three more seasons when we’ll actually truely know what kinda player he’ll be but haven you seem Kung Fu Panda? It took Poe some time to grow into the Dragon Warrior and I have a feeling your precious Payton Manning will know the Dragon Warrior by a first name basis soon enough.

    • Jim Harper

      Amen to that!

  • RedNGold4LIFE

    FUCK RYAN LILJA. Does that sum it up?


      My sentiments exactly , couldn’t have said it better myself GO CHIEFS

    • Pauly

      Angry much?

    • Danny W

      I like the frankness of this post. Your honesty is refreshing.

    • http://www.arrowheadaddict.com Patrick Allen

      Come on man,no need for that kind of language.

      • micah stephenson

        When it’s Lilja it is! Lol. I want to cuss more than he did. Just reading about him done blew my high. Lol. How do you spell saranara?

        • Danny W

          I think your going for sayonara.

  • tm1946

    FAT who cares. If Lilja makes a difference then, Andy Reid will be running out the little sisters of the poor as his starting 22, my granddaughter handling the kicking duties, she is 10.
    The future of the AFC West is the Chiefs, the broncos are at the end of a good run but if you have to have Lilja as your Center, the end is near.

    • BigNickMihalco


  • nick lein

    didnt he fumble a few away and bad snaps in shotgun consistintly

  • Jeremiah Gantos

    Poe and powe gonna show him why he went into retirement

    • redchiefs

      Amen, I believe he will soon remember and not just because of Poe and Powe.

  • BigNickMihalco

    Lilja is making a smart move. He gets to play with a true pro like Manning and for a team that has a shot at the Super Bowl. And he will pocket some extra coin. Can’t hold that against him.

    • nick lein

      didnt he want to retire a Chief? why would we want him to do that after this? shameful

  • Jim Harper

    Damn right I’m upset. I supposed he looks at this as his chance for a Super Bowl ring, but it still stinks. Our new energized defense is going to make him look real bad.

  • chief4ever

    Lilja – hope you get famous – by being the “star” of the play that replaces the Butt Fumble as the Not Top Ten Play For Life…hope your family gets to see it replayed daily at least until you have grandchild to watch. Ryan ” Benedict Arnold” Lilja. If you win a SB ring you will be able to wear it in shame. Go Chiefs !

  • steve james

    I wish the best to Lilja in his personal life he is a professional & class act. He gave a lot to the Chiefs in his time here & I can’t blame him for this move. I think he is gassed & will get his a** handed to him professionally. I am relived he won’t come back to the Chiefs truthfully.

  • kenny

    The man was retired from the Chiefs. He was free to do anything he wanted. The Broncos came and he signed a one year “show me” contract. His wife probably said “Get back to work”!
    Why should anyone care what he did after he retired?

  • ccseifert

    Come out of retirement for a team that is rebuilding from the worst of the worst last season or do it for a team that was a few plays away from the AFC championship game? Hmm… tough choice. If you fault Lilja for this, you’re an ass.

  • Danny W

    Hey guys, we all know Lilja farts dust and can’t block a wet paper sack. Good luck ol buddy. Better them than us.

  • RepOurChiefs

    Wish you the best of luck ryan. And to my fellow red&golds…I like this ALOT!. Denver scambling out the pocket in desperation. Yes our chiefs are the future of this division so keep rolling out denver…right into the waiting arms of an attacking team. #youaintseennothingyet

  • sidibeke

    Kind of bugs me but he’s coming out of retirement for Manning, not Denver. Makes that he turned coming out of retirement for us easier to swallow. On another note, the fact Den is needing him to start, that’s a good sign for KC. I just wish the Chiefs got to play Den earlier in the year.

  • Carlos Nevarez

    F Lilja.

  • Doc

    While I would have liked to see RL back in Red & Gold, this actually works out better for the Chiefs and the AFC West race. With RJ at center, the donkeys are in a better position to lose more games and/or PM sustaining an injury. No man-crush for RL here. Go Chiefs!

  • slapnuts

    Did seem like he was getting shoved around a lot last year! Smart guy but Manning will get bounced off the turf a few more times due to his inability to handle stronger/younger d lineman. Go Chiefs!!

  • Chiefsfanatbirth

    The best thing about Lilja being the Bronco’s starting C is that Manning is simply that much more likely to get rolled up on like Theisman. Ouch!

  • micah stephenson

    That old ass, short, underweight, weak ass bum. I was glad when he retired and glad he didn’t come back. The broncos just got worse :). Yea The Poe Powe’s are gone man handle him. The olinemen at the local high school is bigger than he is. I’m actually glad the broncos got him before we did. On madden I wud cut him so fast you’d think he stole something from me. He sucks.

  • FaAmos

    Id like him to have signed with us especially with are complete lack of depth at O-line but after playing with a team that stuck with Matt Cassel for so long I don’t blame him for not trusting the Chiefs to get it right and put together a playoff season but that said, he messed up; Chiefs gonna whoop that donkey ass this year.

  • Bud Sidener

    I’ll always wish Lilja the best. He was a great Wildcat, and has had a solid NFL career. It was also neat to see him in a Chief’s uniform. But lets face it, he is definitely on the downhill of his career, and retirement was probably wise. This is a desperation move by the Broncos.

  • Walter

    You guys talking smack about Lilja all realize he’s joining the Donkey’s as a back up, right? He won’t play unless their started goes down.

    • RedNGold4LIFE

      Koppen was their starter, and he went down with an ACL. Who are they starting in his place if Lilja is still a backup?