Jul 28, 2013; St. Joseph, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Junior Hemingway (88) catches a pass while defended by cornerback Jalil Brown (30) during training camp at Missouri Western State University. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp Report: Day 4

The Kansas City Chiefs completed day four of training camp yesterday and our camp correspondents were on the scene to bring you an inside look at practice. Enjoy. -PA

Season Ticket Holder Day was NOT cancelled by the rain in St. Joseph this morning! Pancake & sausage breakfast compliments of Clark Hunt, who was there shaking hands, kissing babies and thanking us for being so loyal. I even got a pass to the VIP tent! It rained for the first 30-45 minutes, stopped and then poured the last 30 minutes.

The tackling to the ground that Reid said would happen was delivered in full today. There were pads popping, breath was held when Charles was swarmed under and the intensity level increased!

Continue to pester Paddy for the hilarious picture of Bowe catching some “balls” while McCluster keeps an eye on his “technique.”

It appeared that only Jeff Allen, Braden Wilson and rookie Bronson were out of practice today.

Practice ran well beyond the announced 2.5 hours even though it was pouring but the after-practice jugs & individuals were skipped. Very interesting drills with many new ones. There 1 on 1′s, there was a DL vs OL 5 on 5 with a big ugly “posing” as a RB! There was a drill with two QB’s throwing to 5 WR’s or 3 WR & 2 RB against 6 DB’s while the other two QB’s ran run plays with the OL & short passes to the RB’s & TE’s against the LB’s. Players rotating every play and then the two QB’s switched drills. The LB’s pass rushed the QB’s with only a RB providing protection. No loud music was only played during the 11 on 11′s. Pederson was showing some creativity with a formation with Moeaki and Fasano lined up out wide with the WR’s down tight on the line. Pederson seems to be creating the “space” for Dexter and Jamaal by running the WR’s (sometimes multiple WR’)s out of the area. I am liking what he is showing so far and it is still early.

Bowe is back in form and looking like the guy who has set some pretty high expectations for the season for himself. Isn’t that nice nobody has to light a fire under his ass anymore? Wylie continues to look good. Baldwin ran better routes and showed great hands, especially on a 20 yard sideline pattern where he went up well above two defenders and came down with the ball.

Next to Bowe, McCluster is – so far – our best WR. Not just with his catches but with his moves too. As I have said I had serious concerns about the depth of the WR group but what I am seeing out of Hemingway, Wylie and even Shoemaker over the last few days looks promising. Avery started looking like he was finding his groove yesterday and it was definitely located today as he had his best day. He flew past the CB and Demps just couldn’t stay with him as AS11 got the ball deep & in stride to him for a TD in 11 on 11′s.

Moeaki continues to look better every day. Kelce had another sick grab like the catch of the day he had yesterday although he did have a few drops too. Fasano had some nice plays showing the soft hands that made him a Red Zone target in Miami. Speaking of the RED ZONE – Not sure why but we have yet to see a single RED ZONE drill or play series yet! This really concerns me as we were terrible at scoring last year. Does anyone have a clue WHY we wouldn’t be focusing on this glaring weakness??

Alex Smith started off a little slowly and had his worst day as far as accuracy but was far from being bad. Stanzi had a few good passes today before looking bad again. Bray looked better but has so much to learn and it is very obvious he is neither comfortable nor a leader. Hopefully one of those two get their act together, as Daniel continues to be off on his accuracy. I don’t know if it is height or what, but he launches his passes with such an arc it is like he is trying to knock down a passing plane. His balls have no zip, they wobble and they take forever to get there. He fumbled two more snaps today. I remain concerned about our depth at QB.

While JC will continue to be our superstar RB, I saw more excellent vision, cuts, and speed from Davis today. Davis had ZERO balls on the ground, was incredibly quick to the edge and really showed his strength during the first 11 on 11 when he ran off right tackle, broke free for 5 yards and then lowered his shoulder, running over 2-3 DB’,s and came out still standing sprinting down the sideline for the score. The RB’s all ran the length of the field (40-60 yards) to the end zone when they scored or were done with their set.

The defense won the battle of the OL vs DL pass rush drills again today, but the OL stepped it up a notch with Albert, Stephenson and Hudson standing out the most. Our depth is disappointing there as none of the others appear worthy. Fisher continues to fight the learning curve. Lane continues to beat ALL of our OL and if his intensity continues I don’t see how he isn’t the starter at DE opposite TJ.

DL depth and DE starter was a concern that is fading fast. Sutton continued the aggressive blitzing he showed yesterday by bringing DJ frequently and the corners/safeties too.

Sean Smith and Flowers both looked like the starting tandem we so desperately need. Smith looked like he was beat deep by Bowe and AS threw a nice ball but he closed quickly and slapped the ball away from Bowe. Maybe Smith got a foot in the rear or an attitude adjustment – whatever it was he was into it today. Kendrick Lewis showed more today, S Demps looked good except for the Avery deep burn, Otha Foster had a pick 6, Robinson had an INT and Hartman was all over the field. The DB’s definitely won the battle today. During the 7 on 7′s DJ and Houston ended up in the backfield frequently through the gaps created by the aggressive push by the DL and ended plays with what would have been sacks, Yesterday I mentioned that Nico was pushing Jordan at SILB. Today Nico pushed him even further looking impressive coverage which is odd since that was supposed to be his “weakness.” Nico is very verbal and is becoming a camp favorite.

Special teams worked on the punt returns/coverage and added the wrinkle of a fake punt where Colquitt split out like a gunner! They never ran anything but watch for that to be used at some point this season. Demps, Dexter & Wylie took the kick coverage duty and both Dex & Devon took one to the house. Having a ST that actually puts points on the board – instead up giving them up – would be a welcomed addition.

Your loyal camp reporters,
KCMikeG & TrevorG

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  • Tony Parker

    Thanks from Canada Mike & Trevor, you guys are doing one hell of a job! never expected this news of Austin Lane, does he really look that good? how about Fisher, does he look out of place? sure hope he picks it up in a hurry.
    any feedback is appreciated.

    • KCMikeG

      Your welcome! Yes Lane is looking that good. Again today. Giving Albert bad dreams. Fisher looked better today. A learning curve is to be expected with him. As long as he keeps getting better and doesn’t regress he will be fine.

      • Tony Parker

        of course there is a learning curve but with a #1 overall u expect it to be a fairly smooth transition. guess it depends on the college system they played in.

      • Tony Parker

        so tell me, is it exciting watching this new offence in training camp? how much better does it appear than in previous years Mike? I’ve been trying to catch some chiefs footage of camp on NFL network but no luck.

  • ArrowFan

    So is Daniel really that bad or are you a Kansas fan? I read somewhere else that Davis looks awful but you make him sound like he is become the #2 guy?

    • Justin R Groth

      I’m confused because he is our #2 (with the contract to prove it) however every report says he isn’t consistently performing.

    • micah stephenson

      Yes C.Daniels looks that bad. I hope he don’t have any guaranteed dollars in his contract. Every was hype becuase he backed up D.Breeze. I’m suprised he completed 7 career passes cus he sucks so far. We shuda drafted a good young QB like Geno to sit behind Alex. We won’t win a single game with our back up QBs.

      • Chris Tarrants

        Okay bro I was with you for months holding up the signs for the Geno bandwagon but let’s face it we burnt that sum bitch down a long time ago! Let’s hope that Tyler can soak up a ton of new info quickly! If nothing else he does have a cannon so he could take shotgun snaps and air it out hoping that Baldwin or Bowe come down with it for a game or two?

        • KCMikeG

          Tyler seems to be coming around and I’m with Micah on hoping we have an out in Daniel’s contract. Time to look at FA vets because Stanzi is not going to make it either this year the way he is playing. Never mind about the FA’s – Yuck!

          FA Quarterbacks
          Tyler Thigpen – been there done that
          Vince Young
          Trent Edwards
          Matt Leinart
          Byron Leftwich
          Charlie Batch
          John Beck
          Jordan Palmer
          Nathan Enderle
          Levi Brown

          • ArrowFan

            Thigpen would probably fit this offense pretty good. I believe the year he was starting we had the worst O line in the history of the NFL did we not?

      • mattU

        The Geno ship sailed when they gave up the 2nd rounder for A. Smith…no need to reboot the Geno #1 overall argument.

        They should have taken Barkley when he was sitting there gift-wrapped for them at the end of the 3rd round. Barkley might not have all-world arm talent, but he was better value at that point in the draft than either Davis or Johnson, and likely a far more capable backup than Chase Daniel with at least some upside (Daniel has ZERO upside) and possible future trade value.

        • Joe Myers

          Yuck Barkley !! Ill wait till next year and take tahj Boyd :)

          • mattU

            I wouldn’t be surprised if Barkley starts at some point this season for Philly…I’m fairly confident Chase Daniel would not seriously be thought of as starting-caliber QB for any team. We’re talking about a backup here, not a future franchise guy. At the end of the 3rd, Barkley could have been a more capable backup for 3-4 years than Daniel, at a much cheaper price, with some trade-ability.

            Not taking Barkley was just a move I’ve come to expect from the Chiefs when it comes to QBs: overlook good value at the most valuable position on the field, and reach for a guy that probably could have been had 1-2 rounds later at a position that’s much easier and cheaper to fill.

    • FaAmos

      Remember that this is just a report of what the writer saw during just Day 4 of camp and not what he’s seen so far during all four days of camp. What’s been reported about Davis is his fumbling woes have continued but during Day 4 Davis looked great and a glimpse of what he could be if he could stay healthy and hold onto the ball but as an Arkansas fan I don’t think he’ll be able to. He’s just like Tony Moekaki, both have all the talent and athleticism you need but can’t stay on the field long enough to make a differnce. I loved Davis at Arkansas but didn’t want to draft him because I knew even though he would show flashes of a super star that at the end of the day he wouldn’t make it 16 games in a season to become a reliable starter.

    • KCMikeG

      I wish it was my prejudice but I’m an ISU Cyclone fan. Trust me it’s not just me either. I have heard it from most everyone at camp and on multiple radio stations. Davis has had some issues with holding onto the ball the first couple of days at camp but none since then over the last three days. He is fast, quick and strong and IMO will be our #2 with Gray losing time and getting a MRI tomorrow and Draughn being his closest competition.

    • Troy Utt

      The blow by blow on Daniel is dead on accurate I’m sorry to say… I’ve watched every snap of training camp and have not been impressed by what has yet been shown by our listed #2. IMO both Stanzi & Bray have thus far shown to be equal to the task & capable of over-taking Daniel, with superior passing abilities!

  • micah stephenson

    Dam you making them sound good! I’m hype! I can’t wait till friday when I can attend camp again.

  • Danny W

    Good reporting guys. Nice honest analysis. Sounds like Austin Lane is going to be our surprise stud this year. On a sad note it sounds like Jon Baldwin may be a bust. Sounds like an aggressive defense is going to be our ticket.

    • KCMikeG

      Thanks Danny. Lane just keeps on making plays! Baldwin has his moments but honestly Hemingway, while not making the leaping circus catches JB makes a handful of times a year, is the better performer consistently – less drops & better routes so far.

  • FaAmos

    Mentioned above was the lack or complete absence of goal line and red zone work and scoring being one of our biggest issues that its a concern that we haven’t worked on that as much but and I don’t know I’m just thinking because Reid is smart so just forgetting about it isn’t likely so maybe Reid is trying to totally reprogram those guys on offense and starting from the basics and moving the ball down field to gradually getting down to the red-zone after they’ e learned how to first move the ball down field then they’ll work on finishing drives. One thing I do know is that Andy Reid has a plan and will work on red zone offense at some point.

    • Joe Myers

      Exactly !!

    • KCMikeG

      I mentioned it to Mitch Holtus this morning before practice and he got a big grin on his face and said Reid has a master plan and not to worry. Sure enough we ran the drives into the red zone, did the two minute drill, had the play clock running and had a full crew of officials just like we have since the pads went on.

  • FaAmos

    McCluster is always a fan favorite but he just can’t hold onto the ball while taking a big hit.

    • Joshua Herman

      yeah i just worry about if he can stay healthy too.

  • Chris Tarrants

    Is it a sign that we will put up points on special teams this year? Or a sign that we will be giving points away?! I hope its the first choice

  • Scott Edward Sternberg

    Loving that Nico is getting after it… Glad to hear this!!!!!!

  • Joe Myers

    Probably just trying to establish a grove as mentioned . Thier is plenty of time to practice red zone !!! . Any special teams info yet ???

    • Joe Myers

      Last paragraph got it lol . This is going to be SUPERBOWL season trust me chiefs kingdom . Ill see you all opening day !!

    • KCMikeG

      Like today!

  • Da Menace

    It was like I was watching a blockbuster movie, I was on the edge if my seat! Good wrighting and good news as well! So stoked for the season!

    • KCMikeG


  • sidibeke

    Thinking about depth at WR, I remember the receivers under Saunders/Vermeil with Green. A good OC/system and efficient QB can deepen your WR corps.

  • Roger Mihalko

    Hmmm Concerned on the statement “worried about depth at WIdeout” they have a ton of them in camp. If McClutster is the second to DB, we are in trouble. I was hoping McCluster would fall away and Avery and Wylie would rise up, they are the fastest on the team and give slot and deep threat capability. I really hope baldwin just eases into second slot next to Bowe, Those two can work 5-25 yard range all day for alex and are both bigger than most DB’s they face making them YAC machines. Add 2 of the handful of young receivers behind Bowe, Baldwin, Wylie and Avery and you have a solid corps for alex to get after. I can see all 3 TE’s making it, and being really great targets, roleplayers, blockers and all around great additions.
    Hope Dunta and Berry get better soon, good health to both of ya man!!!

    AWESOME TO hear about Nico banging, also great great great to hear SMith and Flowers getting it too… really need the secondary to be Second to none this year and stone cold dead to opposing QB’s!!

    thanks for the report

    • KCMikeG

      Your welcome. I said I HAD concerns. McCluster will be a big part of our success this year, Reid wanted to draft him and he has made it very clear he will be an important part of our offense from day #1 in the off season and is backing it up in camp. McCluster looks great as Reid is getting him into space. Forget what happen in the pass with our inept coaching staffs misusing him – those days are gone. Go back and watch how Houston Nutt used him at Ole Miss.

      I can get used to watching that!

      Avery is coming around faster than JB although he had a long TD today. They both better watch out for Hemingway as he is quietly and consistently performing. I agree with you on the YAC but it isn’t going to only come from the bigger WR’s. Reid will get Charles, McCluster & Wylie into space to create YAC. I went back and checked the years Reid was in Philly and every year the #2 receiver was ALWAYS a RB or TE.

    • Troy Utt

      Speaking of Wide-Outs, I have been surprised how often I have seen JC lined outside of his natural position. Just imagine getting Davis going in the Backfield, and then the damage Charles could do in that wide open real-estate!