Jamaal Charles Or Priest Holmes?

The Kansas City Chiefs are about to begin training camp and since RB Jamaal Charles could be primed to have his best season ever in 2013, I thought now was the time to ask a very important question.

Jamaal Charles or Priest Homes?

I know, I know. You all want to answer “both!”

Let’s take a look at the numbers, shall we?


65 games as a Chief

6070 yards

76 TDs

4.6 yards per carry average



65 games as a Chief

4536 yards

17 TDs

5.8 yards per carry average


Remarkably, as of right now, Jamaal and Priest were Chiefs for the exact same number of games at 65. The difference is that Priest had 63 starts, whereas Jamaal has only seen 34 starts. Part of that is because Jamaal didn’t play much as a rookie and part of it is because Todd Haley was out of his mind.

Jamaal also hasn’t gotten the ball as much as Priest. JC has only 784 rushing attempts compared to Priest’s 1321.

Now, if we are going to compare these two, we have to talk about receiving yards.


251 receptions for 2377 yards and 7 TDs.


152 receptions for 1282 yards and 7 TDs.


Both of these guys are amazing. Priest was unbelievable at getting himself in the end zone and his ability to be a threat in the passing game only made him more dangerous.

It is a tough call. On paper, Priest is better at finding the endzone and he is more of a threat in the passing game but Jamaal is more dangerous on the ground and on a per-average rush basis. I also think Jamaal is foolishly not given enough carries around the goal line. Priest was often able to use his speed on toss plays to score TDs. He was also fond of going over the top. Recent KC coaches, however, have favored bigger running backs on the goal line.

I think when all is said and done, Jamaal will be the best RB in Chiefs history, which is saying something considering he is in the company of guys like Priest, Okoye and Allen.

What do you think, Addicts? Through 65 games, Priest or Jamaal?

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  • John Guyer


  • Perch

    i love JC but Priest will always be my favorite.. the guy had more TDs in a season than jamaal has total. Unless Charles gets more than 15 touchdowns this season, which he will, my opinions will definatly change. SB XLIV bound bitches!!

    • Joe Myers

      I’m so glade Im not the only one who thinks this team is prine for a superbowl ried knows it dorsey knows it alex knew it . I believe him when he knew he was getting released that he wanted to cone hear . Even dick vermile knows it . Its on !!!!

  • Aaron Martin

    Wow, this is so not fair. But for right now I still would say PH. I just remember watching him get the ball with a blocker and run the hell out if it. So many yards at times. Wow. BUT, I got this exciting feeling that JC will have that same opportunity this year….I can’t wait!!!!

  • Danny W

    JC. To me it’s easy. That line is why Priest was a Beast.

  • Matt Finucane

    Charles YPC cannot be ignored. And some of that came behind Barry Richardson!

    Priest’s production for a few years was great, and the offense was fun to watch, but if I had to pick one it wouldnt even be close. JC all day.

  • Joe Myers

    Wow no mention of the hof Oline that holmes ran behind, past, beside lol . No really the off ran through priest . I have to go with jc . Please some one ask why .

    • PunjabiPete

      Why? :D

      • Joe Myers

        Well as you know . Despite the mediocre oline and no qb play he still held it down for rb position . You put him behind shields, waters, roaf …. with tony Richardson lead blocking everyone forgot about TR . But its a rap . The 80 yard monster !!!!!

        • PunjabiPete

          I concur. I think with youre correct, actually… If JC had half the o-line Priest Holmes or Marcus Allen did we wouldn’t have HAD to move on from Cassel, it would be operation give the damn ball to Jamaal :P

          • Joe Myers

            Not to mention trent green and all the td he trew . Yeah I think now in ried system he’s going to do waaaaayyyyyy!!!! Better the mcoy and jackson or whoever they had in philly . Ried never had a rb as good as him in philly its on !!!!!

  • Peter Alden

    trick question it was the Nigerian Nightmare. You fail *necksnap

    • http://www.arrowheadaddict.com Patrick Allen


  • Jim Harper

    I will always love Priest. He was a class act and did have the advantage of the best OL in football. But my answer is Jamaal, the most gifted runner in all football.

  • Jack Thomas

    Jc behind priest offense line would have averaged 6.5 for his career to this point. And ive never felt worse for a running back then when they drive your worthless offense down the field just to hand it off to Payton Phyillis and watch him fumble it on the goal line

  • Pealvin

    I love both guys!!! Right now I have to give it to Priest. Jamaal is small but would you believe priest was smaller. (I think) Jamaal is on his way to passing him tho!

    • chiefridgy

      They’re almost the same size. Priest Holmes 5’9″ 213 lbs Jamaal Charles 5’11″ 199 lbs

  • Chris Steele

    Jamaal is 10x the back Priest Holmes was!! Priest had an o line full of hall of famers. Stats mean nothing here. Jamaals speed and elusiveness trumps all of Priest’s talents. C’mon man!!

    • Joe Myers

      Not yett but he will !!!!

  • Justin Jay

    Before we anoint him, let’s let Charles be the man. Priest was the undisputed starting RB. JC has either split the load with Thomas Jones or Peyton Hillis. Holmes also did what he did with Chiefs after already spending several years in Baltimore. That makes it more impressive. Charles has Chris Johnson potential, but Holmes is proven

    • Spencer

      how dare you compare Charles to that garbage rub of a rb in Chris Johnson, he is literally just another Larry….you can put in the last name, he had ONE good year and off of over 400 attempts in the season…Charles is and always has been 10X better then CJ, CJ just got the attention because his coaches used him a lot and had half a brain…CJ, wasn’t bad (he is awful now compared to the money he is getting) but he was no where near as good as he was touted to be after passing that 2k mark…

      JC has the potential to be the next hall of fame RB after Peterson retires…CJ has the potential to be a one and done seasoned RB in this league…dude is only in Tennessee because he was smart enough to steal the Titans money…

      • Jacob Crouse

        If your gonna compare JC to anyone it should be C.J. Spiller, not Chris Johnson. Just saying

        • Justin Jay

          Oh yea? Spiller shares the load, like Charles. But the comparison here is Holmes, who put the team on his shoulders. Charles has yet to do it. Even Johnson has carried the ball for more than 300x in a season. Spiller nor Charles can say that. But Jacob, Spiller isn’t a bad comparison.

          And one more thing Spencer, because this is how ridiculous you sound. Adrian Peterson is a 1 man show. Name any tandem RBs that are in the Hall of Fame. There aren’t any… and that’s all Charles has been in 5 yrs. A RB that’s part of a committee. Holmes was THE running back. End of story

          • Spencer

            Meh, you don’t look at the team do you??? How many attempts does Charles have in the redzone per game??? over the last 3 yrs??? 3…at best??? How many does CJ?? A passing game is needed to get you to the endzone to score tds as a running back…the fact that Charles has to rely on 80 yrd breaks to get his tds is a simple feat to show how bad this team is/was…I say Charles is/can be compared to Adrien Peterson because he is the ONLY offensive threat and everyone knows it on the opposing team (both did have Bowe and Harvin, the 1 man receiving cores apparently)

            Also I would love to know how good Charles would be when have a QB that GETS him to the redzone rather then having to get there himself, then have 2 hall of famers (shields is going to get in), a young Brain Waters (consistent pro bowler) Casey Weilgrimm, who was no slouch, and John Tait blocking for him…seriously….a Charles with a Passing game helping him??? A offensive Line that is possibly the best in history??? at least in its short stint together (before Tait left) Not having to be the only offensive threat??? Seriously…do you realize how good that offensive was??? even without Holmes??? Charles would have murdered the NFL if he were around then…HIS YPC are 5.9 ypc NOW with NO help, literally NO help, a middle of the pack offensive line and one receiver helping relive him of consistent 8 men in the box defenses???

            I’m not knocking on Priest…he was given a GREAT opportunity and he rocked the NFL with it, but holy shit do you realize how good a Charles would have been with that team??? People want to compare stats and yes stats help, but you can’t look at them alone…look at the teams around them, look at what Charles has done despite an awful, and i mean awful offensive team surrounding him…

            Also CJ the last 2 yrs has not been good, he has one great yr, after that nothing…Once teams found out he was good, and he was the obvious main threat of that offense his efficiency has fallen dramatically, Charles is great with no one else, CJ is a good starter, nothing else….Charles I believe has/is far more then just a good starter

          • Justin Jay

            So why won’t they give Charles the ball and make him an every down back? I already know this answer, but I want to know what you think.

          • Spencer

            1) Fresh legs are better legs…how long do RBs last in this league who consistently run over 300 times a yr??? A few years at best (3) before you start to see major decline??? Rarely do rbs last long in this league…the few that manage to usually become all time greats or hall of famers

            2) He would be running 400+ times a yr,…441 attempts last yr in total by all Chiefs backs, 443 attempts the yr before (only carried it 12 times due to injury) 495 total 3 yrs ago, In 2009 he carried it 190 out of 220-230 rushing attempts out of all the Rbs

            Do you want him to go crazy and run 400 times a yr???…hell if you want to kill the kid go right on ahead, the scheme the Chiefs have played the last few years REQUIRE a tandem…unless you want to kill Charles like we did LJ (although probably deserving)

            Also I would like to add stupidity of our coaching staff when it comes to attempts in the redzone, if we ever get there…what in their minds made them think that bringing in an obvious power back and then just run straight up the middle every time (how predictable can you be) and work…Would rather use Bowe to block on the outside (probably the best receiver when it comes to blocking other then Boldin) and do a power toss to his side with Charles…but whatever…

      • Justin Jay

        How dare I? Well, they’ve been in the league just as long, and by the looks of it, one guy can carry the load and score TDs and rush for 2000 yards. The other guy has the potential to, but? And I like how you were able to quantify the amount better Charles is compared to Johnson. What scientific reasoning did you pull out of your ass on that one? Johnson, like Charles, was one of the fastest RBs in the 2008 draft. CJ got drafted in the 1st Rd out of a school nobody ever heard of. JC came out of Texas in the 3rd Rd… pretty prestigious school.

        I am not knocking Charles in any way because he is awesome. But what does he have? YPC? That’s it! He trails Johnson in every stat and don’t forget that Johnson split carries with White his 1st and part of his 2nd season. He also held out in his 3rd season and got injured… still put up over 1000 yards.

        If YPC win you football games, then Charles is your man. But they don’t. TDs win you football games. Guess who has them? Holmes AND Johnson. Until Charles carries the load, he can’t touch either. Hall of Fame? How bout just get in the damn endzone!

  • ladner morse

    After 2012:
    1) Mike Garrett
    2) Priest Holmes
    3) JC

    After 2014 (assuming no injuries):
    1) JC
    2) Mike Garrett
    3) Priest Holmes

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Priest with a bullet. Easily my favorite Chief of all-time. One of the most complete backs I’ve ever seen. One of the most gifted and dynamic offensive players to ever wear the red and yellow jersey.

    • Priest4Prez

      Oh, you know I had to chime in on this. Priest Holmes all day; the man is one of most underrated undrafted RB’s in history. He would’ve still been racking up TD’s and yards if Merriman and his juiced up face hadn’t of injured his neck. I love JC, just purchased his jersey this year but my first love is Priest


      Love the Priest too

  • Chris Tarrants

    Charles is fun to watch, Holmes was a beast and great player, but IMO when I read this in my mind I had a third RB that is in the convo and I know I’m gonna get hate for this but I loved watching Larry Johnson be our horse so a couple of years! That dude would nickel and dime a defense to death. Looking back at things was Johnson wrong? Or was he kInda foretelling the future about Haley?

  • chiefridgy

    That is a tough one. I always thought priest Holmes was a smart runner. I probably have to go with Jamaal Charles.

  • PunjabiPete

    I honestly feel like I am cheating on one by choosing the other, so I will go ahead and say what is on everyone’s mind… both, along with Marcus Allen, are gods. ‘Nuff said.

  • Kisersosay

    JC has more talent but you can’t ignore the production in scoring from PH. He always seemed to find his way to the end zone. I think this year JC will be used the right way in the red zone and he will dramatically increase his TD production. Until that happens I have Priest the Beast ahead but fully expect JC to take over this year…..with a line that won’t stack up (yet) to that awesome line PH ran behind.

  • NathanaelL

    I like priest, but I have to say he had an advantage. The OLine of his day was far better.

  • DieHard_ChiefsFan

    My 2 cents… I love them both. Priest was a great runner and receiver, had a great line, had great coaching and had a great offense that was not just run, run pass punt.

    We lit the score board up, allowing for more opportunities to run the ball and mix it up. JC had to deal with horrible coaching, horrible O-Line, Horrible Offense, sharing time in the backfield and HORRIBLE QB Play. It would have been a dream to be the Opposing D-Coordinator against us in the past. But Somehow, someway, JC punched through with some amazing stats.

    I would like for Patrick to start the clock with this season forward. When we get up to the 65 Games, compare JC to Priest again. I think the numbers will be WAY in JCs favor.

  • Nick Weisbeck

    With the line priest had charles would have gotten us the lombardi

  • dt

    its kind of like comparing barry sanders to emmitt smith. Had barry played with that line and passing attack who knows how it would have ended up. To me, Jamaal is the better back but hasn’t had the opportunities priest had.

  • Jacob Crouse

    The only thing I wanna know is…. How is Priest not in the Chiefs HoF?!? Its a blaspheme in my opinion.

  • RepOurChiefs

    Clearly my two fav backs and funny I was just mentioning the similarities in them both in a post a few days ago but if having to choose one, of course I have to go with his “Holyness”. As stacy said the most complete and dynamic back to don the red&gold. And JC being the 2nd coming in his own write. Go Chiefs!


    On this subject I’m torn .They both are -were great backs. the problem i’m having is Jamaal is a great back, top 2 in the league IMO , but we haven’t seen his full potential ( i.e. passing game , great o-line , and goal line) while in Priest we saw the total package. Right now I’m leaning towards Priest. The reason being is thoughts of Priest brings back memories of the dynamic offense WHILE winning & even sometimes losing , but still knowing you were never out of a game even if you were down by a few touchdowns. the stadium was rocking and the atmosphere and outlook for the future was bright. I almost feel sorry for Jamaal for the teams in KC ( coachs , quarterbacks , and SOME members of the o-line) he has had to play for,but once again the future is bright as a fan and a city.I will give you my take again on who’s better Priest or Jamaal in a few more seasons . i can’t wait the season to start and see what our players can do with a PROVEN coach and new MASSIVE upgrade at QB . GO CHIEFS

  • Daniel Mayfield

    I loved watching Priest go with ball! Dancing around the defenders, stopping on a dime once or twice, spinning around, and then blasting his speed up the field. Then Johnson coming in and knocking down the big D and then showing his speed. But Priest was must better then Johnson. I’d love to see Priest, in his younger yrs, and JC going together. Or JC and Johnson before he started his crap with the team. But in my choice……which is hard to pick, I’d go with Priest. I love watching JC and wouldn’t want them to lose him. But Priest had more moves on the inside which got him in the end zone more. Keep going with JC, he’s the 1 they need now

  • Caleb Wylie

    Jamaal Charles of course, he’s an elite back, unstoppable and truly plays loving the chiefs! Priest was a great back I can’t deny it.