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Alex Smith: Pistol Whipped?

With all the violence and negative news stories circulating around the NFL this off season, perhaps it wasn’t wise to use that title. However, Alex Smith was interviewed on the NFL network today and may have given away more than he intended to about the Chiefs incorporation of the Pistol offense and about one of their new staff members, Chris Ault.

Earlier this Friday evening, at 6:00 Central time, NFL Total Access’ Paul Burmeister interviewed new Chiefs QB Alex Smith and asked him about what the addition of Pistol guru Chris Ault means to the Chiefs Offense.

Paul Burmeister: I think one of the most interesting but off the radar hires in the National Football League in the off season, Chris Ault, the father of the Pistol offense, former head coach at Nevada, is now on staff. We know why he’s there, to implement at least part of that Pistol offense. How’s that coming along?

Alex Smith: (long pause and a huge grin)… I don’t know if I can… uh…

Burmeister: … confirm or deny that?

Smith: … yea, yea, exactly. (more laughing). Yea he’s there and he’s been a great addition. (then Smith gets serious, stops smiling and begins to give a more political answer) umm it’s such a team … the more minds the better. Who better to go to than the man that invented it. And to get that background knowledge of how it evolved and how it came to be. You know I obviously had a little taste of it in San Fran, playing with Colin but, you know now, bring him aboard, Coach Ault. Great addition. Great addition for our team.

Burmeister: Well played.

Smith: (Smith grins big!)

Burmeister: I guess it’s safe to say we may be seeing you run a little bit more.

Smith: Yea, you never know, we’ll see.


Maybe the Chiefs will be doing a little more “Pistol whipping” of their own this season.

What do you think Addicts? Are you ready for some Pistol work? Don’t go anti-gun on me now!


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  • Guest

    second sentence. Alexa

    • ladner morse

      He is kinda pretty.

      • Jordan

        I’ve heard there were some great stylists in San Fran

        • Suzi Conger

          boooo…below the belt…with KCC derogatory comments like these, the donkeys and fraiders are laughin at

          • ladner morse

            Suzi… when I first posted this article… there WAS a typo… it did say “ALEXA” a mistake on my part. But, I always re-read my posts immediately and I went to fix it but someone caught it and posted my mistake here. My response to them was all in fun and no negative slurs intended whatsoever because I have loved one’s who I respect who are as you say.

            Thanks for defending what is right and good (we need more people like you) but in this case it wasn’t needed. Because I fixed the mistake… those who came to post later couldn’t see what that mistake was. Sorry for any confusion.

          • Suzi Conger

            Thanks for your reply ladner…I’ve always enjoyed and valued your articles..appreciate your explanation :-) Unfortunately, sometimes ‘off-color’ humor is exactly how ugly harmful gossip/rumors get started.

            Thanks for the great read ladner…GO CHIEFS!!

      • Suzi Conger

        booooo that’s too low for u ladner..handsome is more like it

    • Brian Martasin

      As if the Donkeys need more shit talking ammo.

      • Jeff Farris

        I was referring to a typo that has since been fixed.

        • Suzi Conger

          ok Jeff, thnx for explanation..my misunderstanding ..it was the ‘joking’ that followed your post that can unfortunately (unintentionally) start ugly harmful rumors/gossip… Go Chiefs!

      • Suzi Conger

        Agreed Brian; especially with the ‘gay’ innuendo..with KCC comments like these, who needs enemies?

    • Suzi Conger


      • Jim Harper

        Get em Suze!

        • Suzi Conger

          Thanks Jim… I am sorely disappointed that our own writers would sling gay innuendo ‘mud’ at our own QB…he does not deserve such slurs..not to mention Elizabeth Smith. Very hurtful disrespectful comments…sad

          • steve james

            He was pointeveryone figured it out further down so this is irrelevant.ut a typo. I think you read way too much into it.

            Edit: i see every

          • Suzi Conger

            Steve, I did not ‘read’ into anything… I know a ‘gay innuendo joke’ when I see it… the typo was not the problem.. it was the potentially harmful ‘jokes’ that are/were the problem. Brian, as well as others, saw it similar, expressed it differently than I…

            Ladner and I have communicated (as you can see), he saw my point..we are ‘squared-away.. No need for you to critique me thank you :-) Let it go… You might want to brush up and be able to recognize (potentially harmful) innuendo jokes… Hey exciting season comin’, yes!! Go Chiefs!!

          • steve james

            I edited my remark 30 seconds after I made it. Why did you bother?

          • Suzi Conger

            steve…’why did you bother:”….because I haven’t a clue what ‘i see every means” ??? …still don’t….. Actually, don’t have a clue what the first sentence says either, ‘He was…… a typo” ? It is not English that I that I recognize.

            Now I answered your question, how bout some positive communication from you,… exciting season comin’, yes? Go Chiefs!

  • sidibeke

    Anytime you see players excited, that’ll work for me. I want the see a little creativity with the offense, better use the personnel we have, which isn’t too shabby.

    • ladner morse

      Earlier in the interview Smith explained a couple of times that Andy Reid does a good job of maximizing each players strengths. I can’t wait to see how that plays out.

      • jim

        Me too, GEAUX CHIEFS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Jim Harper

          ME THREE

          • steve james

            Me four!

  • Joe Myers

    Just fill up my armory with tds and we are all good :)

  • e_racer

    Great blog. You always do fine work.

    I think it is obvious the Chiefs are going to run some out of the pistol formation. The only thing that worries me is that this may lead to an increased risk. However, if Smith can be wise with the carries, it shouldn’t be any more dangerous than staying in the pocket.

    It will be interesting to see if the Chiefs decide to keep three mobile QBs on the roster this year. I think they’ll only have space for two, but keep Stanzi on speed dial.

    • ladner morse

      Although the QB does run some out of the Pistol I think some are making too much out of that part of it. The Pistol is first and foremost – a formation. From the Pistol formation, with the QB lined up 3 yards deep and the RB 3 yards deeper… he can make a “read.” It’s that read which makes the Pistol so dangerous. Because he’s three yards deep he can run more easily from there yes but, it’s the changes he can make from there once he’s made a read of the defense that makes it so difficult for the defense to figure out.

      • Jim Harper

        Perfect description Laddie. I got called away in the middle of that interview so Thanks for filling in the blanks. Speaks volumns about what we do with our ‘Friday nights.

        • ladner morse

          Where else I gonna B on a freakin’ Fridee? Da Opera? :)

          • Jim Harper


  • Lyle Graversen

    Seriously, at this point the Chiefs could charge me $50 to watch their first preseason game on TV and I’d probably pay it because I’m so desperate to see these guys on the field. I even know they won’t use anything major scheme wise in the preseason, I just want to see an Andy Reid/Alex Smith lead offense so bad.

    Stupid NFL, it’s like crack.

    (not that I’ve tried crack)

    • Jim Harper

      You are exactly right Lyle. Is crack that thing you get when you fall in love with your plumber?

      • ladner morse

        Thanks Jim… lol before coffee is priceless any.day.

      • Calchiefsfan

        Ha! Only if it’s a Norge repair man

  • berttheclock

    BTW, Ladner, did you see the report on ESPN that the Cowboys are going to give Alex “Vic” Tanney a look at their upcoming camp in Oxnard?

    • ladner morse

      Yea… and I bet Romeo is their next HC.

  • jim

    I’m like Lyle, can’t wait to see the Chiefs on the field.
    Chris Ault was hired not only to implement the Pistol but to teach how to defend it. I read an article the other day that explained how difficult it is to defend, because the QB has so many options and the safeties and linebackers have only a split second to react. If they don’t react correctly then it’s a big play for the offense. The Pistol creates a lot of confusion for the defense. I am a little concerned about putting the QB in harms way tho and possible injuries.
    GEAUX CHIEFS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Justin R Groth

    Hello me and my family are are heading back to arrowhead (are second), going to watch the hater game and I need some advice on some BBQ spots. Last year we went to oklahoma Joe’s which was as advertised however I was informed we should try anothe place. so what’s a great spot to get some good ribs or pulled pork.

    • DT58HOF

      Arthur Bryants hands down. I’m flying in from Phoenix for the home opener and plan on going to Bryants 2, maybe 3, times during my 4 day stay.

      • Danny W

        I hear the same thing. I always do Gates because it’s so close to the stadium but I heard AB’s is the boss.

      • micah stephenson

        Knaa. ABs suace got a wierd tart taste to it. Gates is the bomb! “Hi my help you”. Yes giv me a mixed plate beef and turkey with a bb and yammer. Mmmm

        • skwirrl

          I was quite fond of the AB’s burnt ends when last passing through.

    • ladner morse

      If you don’t go in Gates Barbeque at some point in your life… at least so they can yell at you when you walk in the door… you are missing out on a wonderful life experience!

    • Chris Tarrants

      If you save enough time before the game you can swing by and get some brisket and pulled chicken at our tailgate rendezvous

      • Justin R Groth

        Lol ill try too but we will be tailgating ourselves. Nothing too special just burgers and bats but we always smoke them so its pretty awesome.

    • micah stephenson

      Gates. Mixed plate beef and turkey, also has 3 ribs, fries, bread, pickels. Add a side BBQ Beans (BB’s) and a Yammer (mini sweet potatoe pie). Omg. Mmm mmm mmm. You will love it.

  • steve james

    Thoughts Micha?

    1. Mark Sanchez vs. Geno Smith. Sanchez is confident he’ll be the starter, and the more I hear about Geno Smith the more I think he might be right. Now there’s a report out there that the Jets are considering using Smith in the role they reserved for Tim Tebow last year. Except, there was no role. They acquired Tebow, then didn’t know what to do with him. That’s not what I’d call encouraging for Smith.

    • micah stephenson

      I don’t keep up with jets. I only fucks with the Chiefs!!! I do got an autograghed Joe Naymenth Jets helmet I just got as a gift from a stranger as a tip for a job I did yestdrday. I wonder how much I can sell it for? Its in a plastic display case with a certificate saying its real.

  • KC_In_Singapore

    The hidden story here is what a brilliant move it was to pick up Chase Daniel in the offseason. God forbid if anything happens to AS at least well have a VERY mobile (albeit undersized) QB ready to run the pistol or the spread.