Branden Albert, Chiefs Are On The Clock

The Kansas City Chiefs and LT Branden Albert had better get to work. If the Chiefs want to lock Albert up for the foreseeable future, they have to do it today.

Today marks the deadline for all franchised players to sign along-term deal with their new teams. Any player that was franchised must sign a new deal by 4 pm eastern today or the franchise contract will be final and the player will play the 2013 season under a lucrative, one-year deal.

Albert stands to make about $9.8 million this season under the franchise tag.

We’ve heard reports that the Chiefs and Albert’s camp planned to talk this week but as far as we know there isn’t even a contract offer on the table.

I don’t expect a deal to get done. The Chiefs and Albert have had plenty of time and plenty of deadlines to work out a long-term deal and nothing has happened. The Chiefs knew they might have to pay Albert $9.8 million this season when they franchised him. If KC really was worried about the big 2013 contract, they could have dumped Albert off to the Miami Dolphins during the draft. Miami was reportedly willing to give up a third-round pick for Albert.

Unless GM John Dorsey has a rabbit in his hat, I reckon Albert will play this season under the tag.

That is fine by me. The Chiefs have the cap space and they aren’t likely to be making any other big signings this summer anyway.


What do you think, Addicts? Will Albert and the Chiefs get a deal done or is it “Franchise City” for the LT this year?

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  • Stacy D. Smith

    3.5 hours to go. There hasn’t been a peep out of Arrowhead. A new deal at this time seems highly unlikely.

  • Chris Tarrants

    I was really hoping that they could work something out long term, not only for Alberts sake but it could clear up some needed cap space for Leech or maybe another high profile guy who could find himself looking for a team in the next few months

  • Altarium

    Doubt a deal happens… but just remember, this is the front office that managed to re-sign Bowe and Colquitt, and tag Albert all at once (relatively) just before the start of FA. A surprise wouldn’t be suprising, but it’s not expected (if that’s even possible? haha)

  • berttheclock

    With Clady signing a five year deal for $55 M, it raised the bar.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Well, it’s been fun. Thanks for the good times, Branden.
    Guess I’ll say that now instead of waiting eight months.

  • jimfromkcj

    In order to pay Albert, where is the money coming from? the player they had better worry about signing is Fisher. He is the future of the Chiefs. Albert is the past.

    • Jim Harper

      Albert’s franchise tag has already been paid for. Has nothing to do with Fisher.

      • jimfromkcj

        Jim, you are mistaken. We are up against the cap and I suspect the 9.8 million for Albert’s tag is a part of the cap. But what if we signed him for what he wants long term, say 10 million a year for 5 years and another 35 million that is guaranteed. that is going to mean that we have to make some cuts somewhere and that is where Fisher comes in. He is our #1 draft pick and we don’t have the cap to sign Albert long term and give Fisher the contract and guarantee that his position in the draft requires. The highest paid Chief is Hali at 14 million and change this year. He has already made concessions for cap purposes and that is why he has the big numbers this year. If you were Hali, would you be willing to take it in the shorts because the Chiefs have grossly mismanaged their cap?

        • Jim Harper

          Jim, I am afraid you are the one that is mistaken. Albert’s 9.9 mil has already counted against the cap. Had we been able to sign him then Dorsey could have gotten creative with a signing bonus which would have lowered our cap space. Now they will still accomplish that some way. But to say the Chiefs have grossly mismanaged their cap only shows how very little you know about the process.


    I may be off base here, but I believe that Albert and his agent have made demands that the Chiefs were just not ready to meet. Was there ever a real offer on the table? I doubt that Dorsey and Reid want to go into training camp with a pain-in-the-ass left tackle poisoning the water around Arrowhead.

  • ArrowFan

    The year we drafted him I wanted Long but intead we got Albert, I was disapointed then but I’m not now. I’m glad we have had him and for the most part he has been under paid unlike the before mentioned Long.

    • jimfromkcj

      Up until last year when he battled injuries all year Long has been a perrenall pro bowler. Albert has never been one and with the number of really good LT’s in the AFC isn’t likely to ever be one.