Jamaal Charles, Chiefs Working Out In Florida

Kansas City Chiefs training camp doesn’t start for a couple of weeks but that is not stopping the players from getting together to work out on their own.

In an excellent sign of dedication, CB Sean Smith, RB Jamaal Charles and others are down in Florida working out. Charles recently posted a video on Vine as proof.

“At the early workout with the boy Sean,” says Charles in the clip. “We out here getting it in. 8′o-clock workout,” Charles continued. “I not even in my city. I’m in Florida right now.”

The other person on the video appears to be Chiefs CB Brandon Flowers.

This has to make you smile if you are a Chiefs fan. The fact that the players are working out is to be expected but it is terrific to see them going the extra mile to do it together. Flying to another city to get up early in the morning to work out with your teammates shows some pretty good dedication. It should also help the Chiefs build up more camaraderie that will hopefully carry over to the locker room and to their play on the field.

We’re getting close. Only a couple of more weeks and we will have camp news and after that, preseason games!

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  • Stacy D. Smith

    Team building activities… I love it!

  • Aaron Martin

    Man, I have seen this much enthusiasm out the players in many many years! My fantasy football team will probably have to many Chief players on it, I can tell now, ha.

    • Tanner Cobb

      Last year I limited myself to Charles, Bowe, the Chiefs DST, and Cassel (jk not really). Charles was Charles, Bowe did great and I dropped their DST in week 4.

      • KCMikeG

        Sounds like my fantasy team! I had a horrible year last year just like our Chiefs so I’m picking #1. Bowe ended up on my bench going 14 receptions, 230 yards over the last 5 games and no TD’s in the last NINE kills a playoff run. Charles is my planned #1 pick. It would be great if I could trade down a few spots with someone who wants AP bad enough to give up a late 2nd or early 3rd round pick. Charles is going to have his best year ever. Better HC, better QB, better OL and Reid is going to play him all over the field to put him in space – Watch out world!

        • Tanner Cobb

          I got Brady with the 3rd overall pick and Charles with the 17th, I couldn’t believe nobody had picked him up but I guess people were weary because of his knee injury. I ended up winning the league though.

          • KCMikeG

            Wise move for sure! Congrats. It has been two years since I won my league and I believe Charles will be the engine to drive me there again.

          • Tanner Cobb

            I have no doubt he will, but I’m not too sure I’m keeping Brady this year!

  • Pealvin

    This is a good sign. They are taking their jobs seriously. I expect a playoff season outta this team, the talent and coaching are there!! Go chiefs

    • jim

      I agree, GEAUX CHIEFS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • scomstock55

    already got some tix to see our boys whoop the raiders…cant wait

  • antony555

    My boys are getting that swagger together, I don’t want to hear what they may accomplish this year, and Alex is reported to have had members of the offensive unit together also, their in shape for the most part going into training camp, not anything like a few years ago when Haley had to kick some butt because they showed up lazy and fat and out of shape. I don’t want to hear negativity when it comes to our home town team, Just ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!! GO CHIEFS GO… And none of our boys got into trouble… The phonies front office even got arrested..

    • KCMikeG

      The attitude of our team is the opposite end of the spectrum from last year. Thank God! Only thing worse than losing so much was seeing the complete lack of attitude/effort. NO one is going to be pushing this group around without getting it right back! Now we all need to get out and fill up the Sea of Red to do our part! To make the Sea ROAR!

      I heard the seachickens were trying to set the record for the loudest NFL stadium this year. WE need to OWN this record this year. I checked Guinness and there isn’t a NFL category currently. What I found shocked me having been present at Arrowhead during the days of 116 decibels. It was so loud it shook the concrete beneath my feet, it had a life of its own that intimidated and confused our competitors. It seriously took days for my hearing to come all the way back.

      Guinness Loudest Crowd Cheer record: The loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium was 131.76 dbA and was achieved by Galatasaray Spor Kulubu (Turkey) at the Ali Sami Yen Sport Complex Turk Telekom Arena, in Istanbul, Turkey, on 18 March 2011.

      Guess that sets the bar for us then doesn’t it? Do WE have 15 more decibels in us Chiefs Kingdom?

      • antony555

        Your dam straight, KCMikeG an Agreed!

        • KCMikeG

          I’m looking to form a screaming practice group at Camp in St. Joseph. We need to be getting in shape (our voices anyway) just like the players so we can be at the top of our game too!

          • Keith Alberson

            Can’t be in St. Joseph KC Mike, i’m in Wichita, but i’ll be screaming from here, we bleed the Red & Gold down here also, but i will see you guys some time this season at Arrow Head. Get um pumped up Mike and out there seats, this is a different team, attitude, from top to bottom.

          • KCMikeG

            Will be Loud & Proud at Arrowhead for sure. I’m going to be turning up the volume in section 116 all season long!!

      • Troy Utt

        In years this is as active & involved an off-season as I can recall. For the players to have taken this of their own inititive speaks volumes not only to this team, & season… but tells us that they have bought fully into Reids program, and have expectations & goals! They too have acknowledged this is not a rebuilding year, but that they will be compepitive as R&D said early on. Training camp is going to be a proving ground this year, there are going to be some pretty battles for position which makes it all the more exciting…………. T- minus 2 weeks & counting!
        WAR CHIEFS!!!

      • Joe Myers

        It just so happens I perfected my roar AT Arrowhead . I’m in !!!!

        • antony555

          Alex for now and the foreseeable future IS our quarterback, and we do need to support him and the entire team for that matter. All of the naysayers, the fair-weather fans need not apply this year, we pick them up when down and “keep on Rollin along”, can’t stand the faders and one of our first jobs is to open a can of whoop-ass on them, their the ones even though they to had a bad season last year beat us. no more Black and Silver talk, there’s nothing soft in KC but our beautiful women can I get an amen?

          • KCMikeG

            Amen that!

          • Joe Myers

            Amen !!!

      • TAZMOSIS

        In your first paragraph, you talk of our boys not being pushed around, and this off-season of working together is a good sign. If you recall what the Chiefs opponents had to face late in games in the “Martyball” era, Shottenheimer had this team in shape. The team, and most importantly the opposing teams, knew that the Chiefs owned the fourth quarter. It was like, “ok, we’re comin’ at ya’. Those dudes were tough. This team needs to get back that kick-ass attitude.

        • KCMikeG

          I think Reid is exactly the kind of HC we needed to restore the attitude and toughness to our team. Thanks Clark!

  • Jamie Denton

    I would have to Agree that it is VERY EXCITING seeing all of the OPTIMISM coming from our players and fans this year! It’s just a shame that the only time the Chiefs are ever talked about on these NFL tv shows especially on ESPN is on some countdown and they usually don’t see them doing as well as us fans! But did see today on NFL LIVE that out of all of the Anylists we were picked number 1 to go from worst to 1st so that is a good sign as the Chiefs got more votes than any other team! To say I am excited about the coming season is an understatement as I see the Chiefs doing very well and possibly even knocking off the Donkeys in atleast one of the two games and beating the Faders at home and on the road! With the Chargers you never know but I think we have a good chance of winning both of those as well, putting us in not bad shape in our division! Add some other wins to that and Then maybe the media will start giving our team the recognition they deserve on tv and quit limiting talk about the Chiefs to the internet ONLY! As for setting the decibel level record I know it can be done at Arrowhead because the Chiefs have the best fans there are around! I was at the Chiefs Chargers Monday night Game a couple of years ago and the place was electric!! It was on Halloween night and this was the night Rivers fumbled and we won in overtime! Man was it loud!!!!!! In closing keep it up fans, lets the players know we are proud of them and behind them and the new regime, and lets bring the old Arrowhead spirit back to the New Arrowhead!

  • KCMikeG



    We can do this Chiefs Kingdom, if we can get as much effort from the fans as we got from SOC last season,we will have no problems. It’s time for us to return to being the loudest stadium in the NFL. Lets all band together and make this happen. GO CHIEFS KINGDOM!

  • RepOurChiefs

    Cant tell you how happy I am to see this!!! Our team gelling together and early. Wow.

  • Joe Myers

    Andy Reid seen the talent on this team and thought what I did . Alm we need is a qb and a great coaching staff . I keep telling people I work with their not just trying to have a good season thier going after the sb . I think we go into denver undefeated and mop the floor with them . One reason the special teams . We are not a sleeper its between us and the broncos and I don’t think the broncos are as good as they think they are