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Chiefs Hot Sleeper Pick To Make The Playoffs

The Kansas City Chiefs already seem to be a hot sleeper pick to be a turnaround team in 2013 and they haven’t even played a preseason game yet.

Bill Barnwell of Grantland recently release his list of ten teams he thinks can make the playoffs after going 6-10 or worse in 2013. The Chiefs came in at #3.

From Barnwell:

Arguments in favor: Massive upgrades at quarterback and coach, unusual level of core talent for subpar team, massive turnover differential, fumble recovery rate, friendly schedule

Arguments against: Limited upside of quarterback, astoundingly low level of performance last year

The Chiefs were outscored by better than 13 points per game last season, which was the 14th-largest margin in the NFL over the past 25 years. They were a 2-14 team that wasn’t particularly unlucky to go 2-14 despite having six Pro Bowlers on their roster. What sort of promise can 2013 possibly hold?

Competence. That’s what Alex Smith and Andy Reid can provide, even if greatness proves to be beyond their grasp. Ron Jaworski just placed Smith at 20th in his quarterback rankings. Twentieth doesn’t sound all that great. But think about Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn for a moment. He’s replacing a pair of quarterbacks who couldn’t be trusted with throwing the ball in any but the most desperate moments last season. Upgrading from, say, the 45th-best quarterback in football to the 20th? That’s the move the Colts pulled off last year when they traded in Curtis Painter for Andrew Luck.5 When your quarterback play is that dismal, even improving to league-average can be an enormous, multi-win upgrade.

He’s right and he is keying in on what most NFL experts are likely to be talking about when referencing the Chiefs this August. KC improved greatly at head coach and QB, the two most important positions in any organization. Also, it is plain that it isn’t just Chiefs fans that think KC has a ton of talent on the roster. Experts almost always talk about the team’s talent level now when referencing the Chiefs. That isn’t something folks were saying a few years ago.

Chiefs fans will likely approach this season with some caution. Expectations for the 2012 team were higher than I can remember since Dick Vermeil was in town. Some experts even picked the Chiefs to go to the Super Bowl. Just think about that for a second.

The good news is that people are starting to realize that the Chiefs are likely to start winning soon. The predictions may be a bit premature but at least KC is appears to be on their way.

Cross your fingers.

Toes too.

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  • Born in 59-Remembering 69!!!

    Reallistically,8-8 would be a good season as long as these things happen-regain home superiority-beat the Raiders twice-beat the Donkeys at home! If playoffs happen that’s a bonus!

    • RepOurChiefs

      Im calling 10-6..yea i said it!! LOL

  • Stacy D. Smith

    I want to be cautiously optimistic, but I can’t help but be excited about this team.

    • Da Menace

      For real Stacy! I’ve been a Chief fan forever, and boy have we a drought! Some great offensive weapons and key defensive threats. As much as I enjoyed the Vermeil circus, ii loved the days of DT, Neil Smith(traitor) and Dale Carter and James Hasty locking down the corners. If we could get a mix of the two imagine how special the times would be for us!

  • Daniel Mayfield

    I believe they can make it that far. I don’t get my hopes up that high but I don’t get negative thoughts. Like I’ve seen a lot of “so called Chiefs fans” decide to leave the team. BELIEVE!!! Anything can happen, nothing (and I do mean NOTHING) is impossible. Love the new team! Go Chiefs!

    • Troy Utt

      Amen on the NEGATIVITY! I can understand being cautiously optimistic, even won’t believe it til I see it… But I have gotten into full fledged why don’t you go cheer for another team mode with some as they have gotten so bad!
      I too am excited for the upcoming season, and fully believe we can make a play-off push with the changes made. I feel it possible to sweep the Chargers, & Raiders, & split the Donkeys… That alone would give us 5 wins on our way to a 10-6… WAR CHIEFS!!!

      • Daniel Mayfield

        Do you cheer for another team? I’m 100% for Chiefs and will never fall back. But last year on almost everybody was saying they had no chance to even score against the Packers. If I can memory is right, that’s 1 of the 2 they beat. I believe 100% they will have a winning season. Making it to the Playoffs… feelings aren’t so high. About 50%. From 2-14 one season and then leap to the playoffs the next seaaon? Hard to do. I know they have the players and the team. But we will see.

        • Troy Utt

          NOPE! I cheer for no other team… Born & Bred, Gold n Red! One could say I am pretty much an eaten up hard core addict! Guess if you have to be hooked on something, this is the way to go… It may be a stretch this year, but I have to admit like many I was fully expecting a rebuilding… I was thrilled to hear Reid come out & say not only to the contrary… but we are going to be competitive! Then the brass at One Arrowhead put together what may just be the biggest off-season in at least all the years I can remember! But like you said… Will have to wait & see. WAR CHIEFS!!!

  • Calchiefsfan

    I can see the Chiefs being very similar to the Colts last year. It will take time for this team to gel with the new coaching, systems and o line but I think Reid is excited for the first time in a while and that should carry over onto the field.

    I’m just so sick of people saying that we are overly optimistic every year and every year we suck. That just isn’t true. We won the AFC West in 2010 with less talent, we missed winning the AFC West by 1 stinkin field goal the following year. It was last year that we feel apart because of some of the worst coaching I’ve ever witnessed. The talent is there, now we have the coaching to go with it and a much better qb as well.

    • Da Menace

      I feel your pain. I do like the comparison of the Colts I’ve been thinking the same. Our schedule may be a tad tough at the end but if this team starts to gel before the second half I really feel we can be a force. Alex Smith is a class act who can lead a team that is what we’ve been missing.

      • Calchiefsfan

        I’m counting on Reid’s coaching being the difference this year on an otherwise talented team. The fact that Reid has a rep for getting the most out of his qb’s and that Smith is a definite upgrade over Cassel just increases my optmism.
        I think you’re right about gelling by the second half, if so we’ll have a real shot at a wild card spot. I want to put last year behind us now! Can’t wait for the preseason to start so we can get a feel for what we’ve got.

    • KCMikeG

      Absolutely right!! Missed the playoffs by one FG twice in one game otherwise we would have been playoff bound in 2011 WITHOUT Charles, Berry & Moeaki. Can’t wait for the season to start! Bring the heat Coach Reid! GO CHIEFS!

    • Chief Hokie

      Yeah true, but honestly, the afc west has been the worst division for quite a while so winning our division is more like being the skinniest kid at fat camp.

      • Calchiefsfan

        Ha, that’s funny, least obese!

        Denver owns the West right now so I think our hope is a wild card. I think Reid and Smith give us that chance.

  • RepOurChiefs

    Ikr Stacy! Trying to keep it all on a positive realistic level but every article, every interview gets me pumped! Go Chiefs!

  • Danny Riddick

    lol @bornin59remembering69:disqus , 8-8 i don’t call a good season lol i think we gonna be a lil more better than 8-8. But yea i too will be approaching this season cautiously.

    • Born in 59-Remembering 69!!!

      Danny, I hope for 10 wins but Im like you, after last season I’m a little gun shy. I’m afraid were just one injury away from a real problem with our receivers. Not much depth and Baldwin needs to put up or go away after this year. Pioli was a joke as a talent evaluator-tried to prove too hard how smart he was! Just him leaving is worth 2 more wins.

  • Danny Riddick

    If there was never a chiefs team, i don’t think i’d be a football fan, thats how much i love this team!

  • Joe Myers

    Really I think you guys are being to cautious . And your really underating the wr core . With a more accurate qb if anyone will shine it will be dex and Baldwin we know bowewill show up and show out . But I think we really need to look at the special teams that could really help put us over the top !!!! Js ……KH :^

    • Troy Utt

      The WR core is the one area I am truely concerned about. Resigning Bowe was key, but I agree that our #2 may well have to be WR by comittee unless out of no-where someone finally steps up! Of course that may not be as big an issue with our upgrade at QB, Reid’s hybrid WCO, & the multiple TE sets he typically runs… Of course we won’t know for sure until the opening whistle against the Jags, but I can’t wait until camp so I can see the off-season progress with my own eyes… WAR CHIEFS!!!

      • Joe Myers

        The only reason I’m not worried about the WR is because of the system . This could be one of the most prolific teams this year thet will be able to separate if they can execute the route running jc will thrive

      • BWrangler

        The reason why I don’t worry about a #2 WR this year is that we don’t have a QB that will bore a laser hole in the back of DBowes jersey, wishing him to get open, finally opting to throw a pick or getting sacked. ASmith is a smarter QB and, I’ve said it before, along the lines of Trent Green. We don’t need an absolute #2 because we’ve got a #2-6. Avery is decent, Run DMC is decent, Fasano is a tough TE and great red zone target (liked his play since his ND days), Kelce looks like a beast in the 2 TE formation, and don’t forget that JC has already tipped the hand that he’s in the mix. Screens with FIsher kicking out. I think I passing attack will be on par with our rushing attack. The D needs to step up, but they have the talent to make it happen.

        • Troy Utt

          Hey where have you been? I would guess you say I am of the same opinion, as I am WR by comittee… I have just question who would help stretch the field a bit? Usually the TE is not used in that capacity… So does Avery slip in to this role? I questioned his staying ability, as I belive he has had some injury issue’s & such?
          Irregardless I believe the Chiefs are going to pull together a great season! I am heading to camp next week, and the season is around the corner!

  • Guest

    Hopefully this team will be the beginning of a Dynasty <<<as in multiple Super Bowl appearances and rings. Why not? I think it's fair to say us Loyal Fans deserve it after all of our pain and suffering (whether that be for a year or 40).