Which Chiefs Player Will Break Out In 2013?

The Kansas City Chiefs are a young team with a lot of talent so it stands to reason that there is an under the radar player currently on the roster that could have a breakout season in 2013.

I put together a list of candidates I think could take the NFL by storm this season. Let’s take a look at the candidates.

1. Dexter McCluster

McCluster is talented but his career with the Chiefs has been a bit of a disappointment so far. Injuries and size issues have kept McCluster from making a big impact but so has an impotent offense and poor QB play. If McCluster is going to shine in any offense, it is under Andy Reid.

Will Dex be the new head coach’s weapon of choice in 2013?

2. Jonathan Baldwin

Baldwin possess all of the physical tools to be an excellent possession receiver in the NFL but his two years with the Chiefs have been a huge bomb. Baldwin has flashed his ability in practice and has been reportedly working hard the last couple of offseasons. Can he make the jump in his all-important third-year in the league or will he join a long list of first-round busts?

3. Dontari Poe

Poe, like Baldwin, has tremendous physical tools. As a rookie, the big NT was average at best and certainly didn’t live up to his high draft stock. Defensive lineman, particularly ones as big and physically gifted as Poe, are often reached for by NFL personel men. The fact that Poe hasn’t lived up to where he was drafted doesn’t mean he is a bust just yet. Can Poe make good in 2013 by becoming a force in the middle of the Chiefs’ defensive line?

4. Tyson “Tin Man” Jackson

Speaking of defensive lineman that were taken too high, I’m adding Tyson Jackson to this list. After a pitiful rookie season, “The Tin Man” actually developed into a solid run defender in Romeo Crennel’s 3-4 scheme. The knock on Jackson has always been his poor pass rushing skills. Near the end of 2012, the Chiefs began leaving Jackson in on passing downs and he actually nabbed a couple of sacks. Will switching to Bob Sutton’s one-gap system finally help Jackson be more disruptive?

5. Alex Smith

Some might argue that Smith doesn’t belong on a list like this but I disagree. Smith has been very solid his last two seasons under Jim Harbaugh but if Andy Reid continues to run his offense similarly to the way he did in Philadelphia, Smith could end up throwing the football more than he ever has during his NFL career. If Smith can be as accurate and careful with the football in Reid’s system as he was in Harbaugh’s, the Chiefs could have their first Pro Bowl QB since Matt Cassel made it in 2010.

What do you think, Addicts? Will any of these players have a breakout year in 2013?

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  • In_My_Opinion1

    I would love it if Smith had a pro-bowl caliber year. This means that we’re winning football games. It would also mean that I can say a big “I told you so!” to all of the doubters that have been talking smack about him since the trade took place. I actually think that everyone on this list will make an impact this year… to what extent, I’m not sure but, I see every one of these guys taking a step forward.

    • Calchiefsfan

      If Weiss can get Cassel to the Pro Bowl you have to think Reid can do it with Smith. I think Alex will have a great year this year.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Of those five, I’ll say Jackson.

    • calciomoti

      I agree here, the scheme should help him out instead of him eating up 2 blockers.

      Why isn’t Eric Berry on this list?

  • steve james

    Me & my McCluster jersey are pulling for Dex. I think of this list Jackson will benefit the most though. More aggressive defensive scheme & all.

  • Jarad

    I say its either Baldwin or Poe. Baldwin mainy because he has A TON of room to improve since hes been so poor ,so he’d be completely off the radar. Plus along with Poe, he has the physical ability to make impact plays. On the other side, Poe has the opportunity to take adavantage of all the attention that the Hali/Houston duo will get. If he can use those physical tools to collapse the pocket, he’ll get some sportscenter moments as well. These 2 have the highest ceiling in my opinion. And of the 2, i guess id pull for Baldwin a little more. This offense would be scary with a beast #2 wr

  • Altarium

    I think either Dex or Baldwin will bust this year, and I’d lean towards it being Baldwin (come on, as Chiefs fans, are we really lucky enough for both of those guys to step up in a big way?). I think Poe will continue to get better, but he’ll be average this year. If Tin Man gets better under Bob Sutton, I’d consider a big improvement in pass rushing a breakout. And I agree that if Alex can continue to be accurate and make smart decisions like he has the past couple years, his pairing with Reid’s offense would equate a breakout year!

  • Lyle Graversen

    Of those listed I think Smith has the best chance to grab people’s attention with his production. If Reid throws even close to as much as he did in Philly Smith will see career numbers.

    I know Houston probably already “broke out” last season but I think he’ll become more of a household name outside of KC with his play in the new attacking defense.

    Finally, I don’t know if a rookie can have a break out season, but Travis Kelce is someone I think could surprise a lot of people in this offense.

  • KCMikeG

    Every single year under Reid the top 5 in receptions have included at least one RB and a TE. Many years the RB or TE lead the team. Old school Reid produced years where the best WR was #3 in receptions. I say as excited as Reid is about McCluster now and has been since he wanted to draft him, that Dexteer is the break out player of the year. He will play RB, WR & KR and Reid will bring back memories of Dexter exploding at Ole Miss when Houston Nutt utilized him correctly.

  • Calchiefsfan

    Okay, Smith could very possibly have a career year in Reid’s “system”. But I don’t think he really belongs on the list. He showed what he can do already in my book.
    Poe should improve but not have a breakout year until 2014.

    Baldwin has to learn to run good routes if he wants to succeed and he hasn’t been able to do that yet so I’m not counting on him.

    Jackson will continue to get better, (hopefully), but not break out, as in dominate.

    My vote goes to McCluster. I think Reid is going to use him properly and Dex will go nuts as long as he doesn’t get hurt. Smith will hit him in stride, in open space and Dex will do what he’s good at, making people miss. He will win games with big plays and be the second biggest playmaker on the team behind Jamaal.

    Honorable mention goes to someone that nobody agrees with me on, Tony Moeaki. I think he’s going to have a big year with Reid and Smith running the show.

  • cd3382

    I think Baldwin will have a breakout season. Go Chiefs!

  • Scott Mahurin

    I agree with Jarad. I would like to add Alan Bailey though. I predicted his break out last year and was disappointed. I think with an attacking defense T-Jax and Bailey should step up. T-Jax is in a contract year also.

  • ladner morse

    I’d agree that Smith breaks out big. Although many will disagree with me… imagine if Reid were still in Philly… wouldn’t Smith be the perfect guys to run that offense? Vick is still too much like… Michael Vick. Alex Smith and Andy Reid are hand and glove. In fact, there may not be another QB in the whole league who is better suited for what Reid wants from a QB in his offense. Hopefully all the other pieces fit as well as Smith does.

  • chiefridgy

    It’s gotta be Jonathan Baldwin

  • superman_25_58

    I hate to be the one person who picks more than one but I just gotta do it sorry. I think all of them have the potential to have break out years but some depend on others for the opportunity to do just that. Baldwin and Mccluster will both have break out years if Smith is what he is instead of what he used to be IMO. I believe that Smith will be just as accurate and smart in this stage of his development as he was last year and the year before. Smith being able to take care of the ball and hit the open receivers like he has done in SF the last few years is a must for any kind of success from any and all receivers. If he does continue on his road to success than we can look for good/great years to come IMO. Now I also believe that Dontari Poe will benefit big time in Bob Suttons new attack style defense. This is the kind of defense he excelled in (getting up field and tackling the ball carrier) while playing in college if I’m not mistaken. He has the chance to shed blockers and get up field on every play to try and get his hands on the person with the ball like he did in college. Something he wasn’t allowed to do his first year in the league, instead they had to take up blockers so our LB’s can make the tackle. This year Poe having the “Green Light” to be a wrecking ball causing HAVOC and MAYHEM has me EXCITED. Can’t Wait!!!

  • Jim Butler

    I’d really like to see Baldwin get his act together and have faith the Dex will flourish in the new scheme, I’d also think the Eric Berry should be a consideration, I believe he will be back and playing like he was in the last half of his rookie season, as for the rest of the team, I’m looking for a breakout season for the entire team, GO CHIEFS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    The break out player will be ……. your punter.

  • freshmeat62

    I’m going w/ Poe. I saw enough in him at the end of the year that I think he can become what Reggie White was w/ Green Bay. I know White was a DE and Poe a NT but I mean I think he may have that type of potential to dominate. Yeah, I know that’s aiming pretty high, but why not.

  • KCtitleist11

    I really hope baldwin makes a jump this year. The thing is though, I havent seen anything in the regular season that suggests he’s going to step up.