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Kansas City Chiefs: Overrated Or Underrated Players?

The Kansas City Chiefs are hoping for a bounce-back season in 2013 and if they are to accomplish their goal, the young players on the roster will have to take the next step.

Despite the fact that the Chiefs were the worst team in the NFL last season, experts are taking note of the young and talented roster. But as Chiefs fans learned in 2012, a talented roster does not a successful season make.

A couple of weeks ago, we did an article about Tamba Hali and whether or not Chiefs fans were overrating the OLB. With three weeks to go until the start of training camp, I thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the players on the roster and try to decide whether or not they are overrated, underrated or just right?

Let’s get started. I will provide a list of players and include my evaluation of them. Then in the comments, you copy and paste the list and add your own thoughts.

Overrated, Underrated or Just Right?

1. Justin Houston – Just Right

2. Eric Berry – Overrated

3. Jamaal Charles – Just Right

4. Alex Smith – Underrated

5. Jon Asamoah – Underrated

6. Branden Albert – Underrated

7. Brandon Flowers – Underrated

8. Dexter McCluster – Overrated

9. Dwayne Bowe – Just Right

10. Kendrick Lewis – Underrated

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  • John Guyer

    Agree with all but Berry, don’t see how you find him as overrated

    • Patrick Allen

      He was terrible for the first half of his rookie season and terrible for the first half of last season. I attribute it to him being a rookie, missing an entire year and then coming back and taking time to adjust but still, he has yet to put together an entire season at a consistent level so I think he is a bit overrated based on that.

      • steve james

        I agree did not deserve to go to the pro bowl this year. He coasted in on reputation.

        • Patrick Allen

          The good news is, I think he has the talent to do it for an entire season and I think if he stays healthy, he will this year. He just had a rough set of circumstances. All things considered, he put together a very good rookie season. Missing year 2 really hurt him.

          Houston was the same way. He looked lost early in his rookie year and then they benched him. Then he earned his way back onto the field. The difference is that Houston got to continue his progression in year 2 whereas Eric had to start over a bit after sitting out so long.

          I have confidence in EB.

  • John Guyer

    But he was able to put together a pro bowl season in just half the season twice in his rookie year and last year…. So doing in half a season (twice) what it should take an entire season… Regardless, 2 pro bowls in 3 seasons, can’t see how he can be considered overrated

    • Patrick Allen

      I don’t think he deserved to go to the Pro Bowl in 2012.

      • calciomoti

        That is definitely debatable, I think most honest Chiefs fans would agree with Patrick…but who would have taken his spot?

  • John Guyer

    Just saw this and it had me Rollin, thought I would share

    • Patrick Allen

      hahaha amazing.

  • Calchiefsfan

    Eric Berry-Just right. By the second half of both seasons he might be the best safety in the NFL.
    Jamaal Charles-Underrated, he’s the second best back in the league. Only Chiefs fans seem to see that.
    Dexter McCluster-Just right, doesn’t get a lot of love even on this site.
    Dwayne Bowe-Underrated, Can’t wait to see him explode in this offense with a good QB. I still think he’s the best WR in the AFC West. Yes, including Denver’s receivers. Can you imagine if Peyton was throwing to Bowe? He’d be considered a top 5 WR in the NFL!
    Kendrick Lewis-Overrated, can’t stay on the field, (talk about Moeaki’s health being a problem), takes bad angles, falls for the pump fake, gets burnt.
    That’s my take. Thanks for giving us addicts something to do Patrick :)

  • jimfromkcj

    If I were going to go by the general consensus of the Chief’s fans in general, I would say that the only two players on the Chiefs who are under rated, would be D. Johnson and Houston. All of the rest are over rated to one degree or another. Once the season starts the excuses will inevitabillty start.

  • chiefin’ainteasy

    1. Justin Houston – Just Right, before the top 100 players countdown, I would have said Underrated, but apparently the league is surprisingly taking notice to a Chief that deserves it. 15 sacks this year?

    2. Eric Berry – Overrated, I think he will finally put it all together this year but he has played 2 seasons essentially and the first half of both seasons his performance wasn’t great, despite making 2 Pro-Bowls.

    3. Jamaal Charles – Underrated, I think he is either the best or second best back in the league. He has unique ability and no one in the league right now has what he has.

    4. Alex Smith – Just Right, this is the hardest one to judge, as he’s been in the league so long and only really had a good season and a half, hopefully he’s what most of us think he will be, which is an accurate, smart and consistent leader.

    5. Jon Asamoah – Underrated, also hard to judge an interior lineman, but so far he has given us very little to be upset about but doesn’t get a lot of love.

    6. Branden Albert – Just Right, doesn’t allow sacks, but isn’t flashy. I think he kind of overrated himself this offseason and isn’t that great of a run blocker

    7. Brandon Flowers – Underrated, bias here but I think he is elite, easily top 4-5 CB in the league to me.

    8. Dexter McCluster – Overrated, fairly injury prone, doesn’t have a real position, yes he’s quick and tiny but has had some big fumbles. I feel like the right coaching could make him dangerous though, but I haven’t seen that yet.

    9. Dwayne Bowe – Slightly Underrated, we know what Bowe can do and that is make tough big time catches and we know he will drop easy, wide open passes, but with the right coaching(which we have now) and an accurate, consistent QB(which we think we have) Bowe can be a consistent top 5 WR.

    10. Kendrick Lewis – Highly Underrated, I don’t understand all the hate for Lewis. In 2011, when Berry missed the season, he led that defense. I saw him many time directing traffic pre-snap. He’s not the most talented but he is smart and seems like a natural leader. Yes, is kind of injury prone.

  • Pessimisticchiefsfan

    Houston- overrated
    Berry- overrated
    Smith- overrated
    Asamoah- overrated
    Albert- overrated
    Flowers- overrated
    Mccluster- overrated
    Bowe- overrated
    Lewis- overrated

    • Austin Wagner

      Wow, that’s quite an educated post… Go be a Raiders fan

    • Franklin Law

      At least your living up to the first part of your handle….

    • JLKC355


  • Austin Wagner

    I would call Dexter McCluster overhated

  • JLKC355

    1. Justin Houston – Slightly underrated the league is beginning to take note but I feel he is a more complete LB than any other 3-4 OLB he’s a sack artist, he is very good against the run and a pretty good cover LB

    2. Eric Berry – just right Berry has shown himself to be a very good safety does he need to put it together for a whole season yes but he has already shown himself to be a game changer with a healthy off-season and camp I think we’ll see him pull it all together

    3. Jamaal Charles – Underrated for the life of me I cannot understand why he doesn’t get more credit he and D-Bowe have produced in spite of the horrible QB play in KC but JC came off the same injury as AP28 and produced really well facing 8 man fronts consistently he’s the #2 RB in the NFL today

    4. Alex Smith – we’ll see for the 9ers it was a mixed bag but we need solid if not stellar play from Smith if he gives us that the Chiefs will be very hard to beat

    5. Jon Asamoah – Underrated – OL never get love

    6. Branden Albert – Underrated – OL never get love

    7. Brandon Flowers – Underrated – very good cover corner and run support the pass rush should help he get noticed this year

    8. Dexter McCluster – Make or break yes he has talent but production will determine his value and this is the year he really needs AS to do well

    9. Dwayne Bowe – Underrated D-Bowe has yet to play with a decent QB and still produces not he hasn’t prove he can takeover games even without a QB but the numbers are on par with some of your best WRs AS once again could fix this

    10. Kendrick Lewis – Just right until he can stay healthy, he showed he can be a ballhawk and solid hitter in 2011 but we need that player healthy and ready this year

    11. Derrick Johnson – Underrated Just told someone he is a top 3 ILB in the league cover, pressure, and run stopping

  • Daniel Mayfield

    1. Houston – Just slightly underrated. All the sacks in his rookie season were great, they gave that to him. But last year he was better with his coverage. 2. Berry – Overrated. Did great in the 2nd half of the season, where was he in the 1st half? I know about the injury but still should have been able to play better all season. 3. Charles – UNDERRATED big time! A smaller RB that picks up that many yards with 1 of the worse teams in the league. 4. Smith – Underrated. Just for the 49ers so far. We’ll see how he can do with the team when the season starts. 5. Asamoah – Underrated. Good on the blocking and making gaps for the RBs. 6. Albert – Just Right. Good with his hands and holding his place when it comes to blocking and the gaps. 7. Flowers – Underrated. For a short CB that can make plays on the ball, interceptions or deflections, when he’s covering “usually” taller guys. He’s good with tackling guys that do get the ball. Some QBs won’t even throw near him. 8. Bowe – Underrated. With the right QB, they can get some high numbers from again. 9. Dexter – Just Right. 1 season he’s a WR/RB, then a RB, a receiver again. Not a lot last year but there weren’t very many yards added up from passing. 10. Lewis – Highly Overrated. He does pretty good but I’ve seen a lot of tackles that he couldn’t get alone. Been injured 2 times, hasn’t had much time on the field, even though he has been injured.