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Chiefs QB Coach Talks Alex Smith

If the Kansas City Chiefs 2013 offseason was a television show, it would be called “Everybody Love Alex.”

We’ve heard nothing but praise for Chiefs QB Alex Smith this offseason and that praise continued today when published an interview with Chiefs QB coach, Matt Nagy.

Nagy, who joins a long an illustrious list of Chiefs QB coaches that includes the likes of Dick Curl, raved about Smith and his intelligence.

“Really pleased (with Alex), he’s super intelligent,” said Nagy. “He has a very high-football IQ. He understands the game. He understands protection, all facets of the game, he gets. If you have that, for all of us who have played most of our life, the physical side of the game comes pretty easily. It’s understanding the X’s and O’s and knowing where to be at the right time; when you combine those two ingredients together, good things normally happen and then you take the intangibles of the leadership and working hard and positive attitudes and he has all of those, so, now we just have to take it out to the field on Sundays and get the wins.”

They way the Chiefs’ coaches are talking about Smith makes me thing about Peyton Manning. Manning is often praised for his Football IQ and it was evident in 2012 that even when his arm wasn’t 100%, Peyton could still get the job done using his brain.

I’m not saying that Alex Smith is going to start shredding defenses like Manning, but the Broncos QB has been proving for years that a QBs understanding of the game may be equally as important as his physical gifts.

Check out the full interview with Nagy at

What do you think, Addicts? Is Smith really turning the corner as QB? Will he continue his recent success in KC?

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  • KCPauly

    I think he is or has turned the corner, he has been through a lot of crap, and looks to have overcome it all and stay positive, I think we got a good deal, I was on the Geno bandwagon for awhile too, but in hindsight, I am very happy to have AS here now, glad we went that rout, and I will support him in the utmost, and for anyone who says he lacks arm strength, better go to the AS gun show, guys got some pipes, thought I was looking at a LB on one photo, Go Alex, Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!!yet another good read Pat.

  • Calchiefsfan

    He turned the corner two years ago when he got good coach. Now he has Andy Reid who is one of the best at getting the most out of his QBs. This is why I’m cautiously optimistic about the Chiefs for 2013. If our o line can come together and give him decent protection he could have his best year to date. I believe AS is more than just a game manager and has shown that in the playoffs. With Reid pushing him to take more chances and go deep at times I think we could see an improved AS which was already good to start with.

    • Suzi Conger

      Well said Calchiefsfan. I am a Cal-KCC-Gal and am well aware also of AS11′s excellent QB talents. Go Chiefs!!

  • Michael Shaw

    Has anyone heard ANYTHING about a long term deal with Albert??????

  • Jason Seibel

    I’ve been driving the Alex train for awhile now. It looks like the Chiefs truly did get the right Smith. You don’t see any coaches praising how smart and talented Geno is. Just sayin…

    • micah stephenson

      Yall funny. Lol. What are the Chiefs spose to say? “yea Alex Smith sucks and we aint going nowhere this yr”?

      • Jason Seibel

        You know, I liked you better when you weren’t here…

        • Suzi Conger


  • micah stephenson

    Alex Smith sucks. We are gonna need to trade up and draft a good QB “next year”.

  • micah stephenson

    Wow! You know yo team sucks when they like Alex Smith. I know we only won 2 games last yr but have we fallen so far off that we view Alex Smith as a good QB? Woooooow! Who the hell wants Alex Smith? Lol. Ha ha ha. You know you desperate for a QB when you want Alex Smith. I still love the Chiefs but Dam!!!

    • steve james

      I wondered when you would be back! Woo Woo the draft a quarterback in the first round of the draft in 2014 train has left the station, Engineer Micah at the levers!!

      • micah stephenson

        In my chris tucker voice. “and you know this man”

        • Da Menace


      • micah stephenson

        Yea I took a month off after the draft. But IM Baaaaaak!

        • Larry Devore

          did your parents give you a timeout? reading your past comments, you seem childish.

      • micah stephenson


    • Da Menace

      He is a good qb whether he plays for the Chiefs or not. I know you wanted Geno but this Smith has already proven he can take a team to a championship. You don’t think he’s good then look at the last two drives of the 9ers Saints game a couple years ago.

  • Tony Martinez

    Beware of Alex Smith and the Kansas City Chiefs !!!!