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Andy Reid: ‘You’ve Got To Kick Alex (Smith) Out Of The Building’

The Kansas City Chiefs traded two high draft picks to the San Francisco 49ers for QB Alex Smith this offseason and it appears, so far at least, that the organization is happy with their new signal caller.

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid sat down with Mitch Holthus recently on an episode of “Chiefs Live” on When asked about his QBs, Reid began gushing about how hard the players had worked during the offseason program. While Reid had kind words for all four of his QBs, the coach admitted that it all starts with Alex Smith.

“You’ve got to kick Alex out of the building,” said Reid. “The are a certain amount of hours that the NFL allows you to be here and he wants more. And he can’t have more. It’s just not allowed. You’ve got to tell him ‘Listen, it’s time to go.’”

Reid isn’t the only Chiefs decision-maker praising Smith. Just a few days ago, GM John Dorsey gave an interview to 810 Spors Radio in KC and said that Smith was “better than advertised.”

“Better than advertised,” Dorsey gushed. “From a leadership standpoint, he ‘s a natural leader. Guys gravitate towards him automatically and that’s a very true sign. ”

Aside from Smith’s leadership, Dorsey also pointed out that the QBs smarts are a huge asset as he learns head coach Andy Reid’s offense.

“Intellectually, he’s absorbed this playbook as fast as anybody I’ve seen,” said Dorsey. “As coach (Reid) would say, ‘I can load him up with anything.’ And he can dissect it. If he makes one mistake, he learns from that mistake.”

This should be good news to Chiefs fans because the QB usually sets the tone for the rest of the team.

What do you think, Addicts? Will Smith’s hard work translate to wins on the field?

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  • steve james

    I hope so. Never heard that Cassel wasn’t working his a** off either though & no amount of hard work could overcome his deficiencies.

    • Michael Shaw

      Yes, but Cassel took the same team that Tom Brady went 16-0 with the season before and only won 11 games. Once Alex got a solid OC he took SF to the NFC Championship game in 2011 and had them rolling before getting hurt last year. Not to mention if you look at Alex’s track record, he got better each year despite having a new OC every year for 5 or 6 years straight.

      • KCPauly

        Correct Michael,as where Cassell consistently got worse, now I know coaching and OC deficiencies, did him no favors, but AS has also had to overcome all that stuff too, I hope for the best for MC, but I hope for even better for AS, as he is OUR QB now
        Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Suzi Conger

          Right on KCPauly.. Go Chiefs!

        • micah stephenson

          Zzzzz zzzzz. Alex Smith sucks

          • KCPauly

            maybe you should go be a Jets fan, then you can have your Geno, instead of bashing our new QB?, can we let the guy put pads on at least before lynching him, look I wasn’t over the top about the trade either, but I vowed early on to not be negative until given reason, you should try it, and try welcoming our new QB and making him feel wanted and supported until he gives us reason to bash him, which I hope doesn’t come to fruition, and he lights it up, I choose positive, I choose go Alex, and I choose Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!

      • Suzi Conger

        Yes indeed

  • seawray

    I was not excited when Alex Smith came to KC. I believed he would be another Matt Cassel. However, after looking at some recent articles, I am encouraged. Matt devoted his fair share of time in the office too though. I am trying to be cautious in my optimism. It is very hard stay calm about this off season.

  • Altarium

    I remember hearing about how hard Cassell worked too, and I don’t know if we could say whether Alex is working more or less hard. I think the real tell here is how the players clearly look up to Alex. When talking about Cassell’s playing ability, players were naturally defensive of Cassell to the media. Whereas so far the comments about Alex have them bragging about him. There’s a huge difference between defending someone and bragging about them.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      Smith has talents Cassel didn’t have.

      • Altarium

        Quite true. It’s kind of weird thinking about a Chiefs QB in the present as having some talent.

      • Kelby

        One would definitely hope being the first overall pick. I think with that talent though comes one GIGANTIC chip. I’ll take a little battle-tested over a one season phenom any day of the week, and twice on Sunday!

      • Keith W

        I hope you’re right, Stacy. Because Smith was pretty ordinary before Harbaugh coached him

        • Stacy D. Smith

          He actually started turning the corner the two seasons prior to Harbaugh’s arrival. His BEST seasons came under Harbaugh, but he was clearly trending upward before he got there.

        • Suzi Conger

          Exactly Keith; Much of a QB’s success relies on coaching and supporting team. AS11 was far far from “ordinary’ when UMeyer coached him. AS led the Ute’s to a College History First; A Non-BCS team earned a BCS berth.. FIESTA BOWL Utes/Pitt a smashing 35 -7 win. Here’s the fun part; AS is very proficient with the ‘pistol/spread’ strategy; AReid knows this fact as he has followed AS11 since his (AS) college play and AReid is friends with UMeyer; thus, enter CAult.

          AS11 survived 6 yrs of SF chaotic horrific Dark Years Management/Coaching. Even under Harb AS’s full talents were not utilized; several astute analyzers/writers have questioned why Harb did not implement the ‘pistol’ with AS11 since he was even more successful with the strategy than CK7 in college.

          AReid is encouraging AS11 to ‘Fly’, rather than stiffling him. It hopefully will be a fun and exciting season.

        • berttheclock

          The Niners were very ordinary the first years of Alex Smith joining them, both in lack of player talent and in coaching.

    • Darkwolf1414

      I was thinking the same thing. The coaches always talked about how much the team respected Cassel, etc. Hell, they even voted him Team Captain! You can like and respect a terrible player because you like him as a person. Here’s hoping Alex Smith is just a late bloomer, like Trent Green was.

  • NicholasAlanClayton

    Happy? Yes I am happy. But I want some on-the-field evidence to justify that happiness. Otherwise I’m just the crazy person at the NFL party like every other year.

    • Michael Shaw

      HAHA!! Guess I am not as alone as I thought!!!

  • Michael Shaw

    We can only hope so!!! I cannot imagine him being worse than the last two guys!!

  • BurtGummer44

    Do you expect Reid to say something like: “He’s got a noodle for an arm, keeps dumping it off underneath when I want him to push the ball up the field”??? Of course not! This is an article about an interview that was about nothing, it amounts to propaganda. We won’t know anything about how well Smith will perform without Harbaugh on the sideline until the season starts, in the meantime expect a steady stream of Chiefs propaganda about what a great leader he is, and how hard he studies film, yada, yada, yada. After all, they’ve got tickets to sell.

    • 44WinMag

      I’m hoping Tyler Bray is the next Collin Kapernick. Bray certainly has the better arm than Smith, just hoping he can get his mind right.

    • Keith W

      Exactly. Lets get excited when Smith proves that he can flourish under Reids scheme like he did with Harbaugh

    • Darkwolf1414

      I think some people just see your name and vote your comment down. LOL Just keep saying what you feel, brother.

  • Jim Harper

    It has become apparent to me that we are finally getting the type of QB we have all been waiting for. Alex is still in his prime, and barring injury should be the face of the franchise for years to come. I firmly believe that he views the Chiefs as a great opportunity to prove himself. I have not heard one negative comment from any of his teammates past or present. He clearly wants to put his time in SF behind him and build a new legacy in KC, one that will have a Super Bowl win on it. Also I have never seen Reid gush over one of his players like he has with Smith. All I can say is there is a much greater tone in KC and I cannot wait to see it all come together.

  • barry

    Right now the air is full of optimism, Cassell vs Smith, propaganda, kool-aid, perhaps it is the wind blowing from Colorado. If I hear that Smith’s wife is helping him learn the plays……my season tickets might be up for grabs.

    Everything I’ve read to date shows a Chiefs team that is hungry and ready to prove themselves better than 2-14. We have a new regime in town that has made more moves and been so open that it begs to wonder, WOW do we have the same team or did someone take off the mask to reveal a team that justifies 6 Pro Bowl athletes? I’m looking forward to this season, so much so that I do have season tickets and I’m ready to see old Horse Face take one for the team. Go Chiefs!

    • Darkwolf1414

      I liked Cassel as a person. At least as much as you can tell, he seemed like a nice kid. However, I found myself screaming at him, through the TV, during games. Everyone made a big deal about Haley yelling at him for throwing the ball into the ground on 3rd down. However, I was yelling at him too because a receiver had just opened up over the middle. I would have sat his ass down because he had a lackadaisical attitude about blowing the play. Anyway, I digress, nice shot at Cassel about learning the plays. LOL

  • Nick Weisbeck

    He’s got something to prove. I see Aaron Rodgers type numbers out of him. Cassell was aloof. Smith is the smartest qb we have had since trent green.

  • Hellhound65

    The dude just is and always has been an outstanding QB….not trying to defend him but being as highly ranked as he was over these last 2 yrs after his shoulder has finally healed, and he’s getting that arm that he used to have back, his accuracy is good, he can manage games w with the best of them….I am definitely stoked for the Chiefs to have at least an 8-8 year or better, and hope they make the playoffs!! Go Alex!! Go Chiefs!! Prove those naysayers in SF/KC wrong!!