November 25, 2012; New Orleans, LA, USA; San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith (11) paces the sidelines during first quarter of their game against the New Orleans Saints at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7) started the game instead of Smith. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Will Alex Smith Really Help The Kansas City Chiefs?

The Kansas City Chiefs have wrapped up their OTAs and Mini Camp and we have now begun the long slow wait that takes us up to the start of training camp. At this point all fans (and bloggers) can do is speculate as to wether or not the moves that their favorite team made this offseason made their team better. The Chiefs, as we all know, have had a massive overhaul from GM, to head coach, to quarterback, in addition to the regular influx of free agents and draft picks. This week I want to look at just how much we should expect Alex Smith to improve the Kansas City Chiefs.

The past couple of seasons the play at the quarterback position for the Kansas City Chiefs has been about as bad as any team in the NFL. Words that come to mind are awful, putrid, embarrassing, and incompetent. It’s been so bad that Chiefs fans got a glimpse of NFL journeyman Kyle Orton for a couple of games and were like “WOW, he’s SO much better than what we’re used to!” The quarterback play has been the biggest reason for this team losing games, at least when it comes to the players on the field (we can save the GM/coach/QB blame game for another day). I for one, thought to myself many times over the past few years that with the solid skill players we have on both sides of the ball all we need is a QB that was good, not all world, just good enough to not hold KC back and the Chiefs might be a team to recon with.

When the Chiefs traded for Alex Smith most KC fans were upset. Not necessarily because they didn’t like Smith, but because most fans were ready for KC to draft and develop their own franchise QB (this blogger included). That having been said, when you look at the past few seasons it is clear that Smith’s play has been light years better than what KC was trying to pass off as NFL quarterbacking. So the question is, how much should we expect Smith to improve the team.

Here’s what I did.

For the sake of this post I used a quarterback rating dividing line of 80 to determine poor QB play versus average or better QB play. I then looked back over the past three seasons (2010, 2011, and 2012) at how other areas of the Chiefs team were affected by the QB play. The areas I looked at:

Defensive Yards Allowed
Defensive Points Allowed
Defensive Sacks
Turnovers Created
Rushing Yards
Rushing Yards Per Carry
Rushing TDs

Basically, I wanted to know if the Chiefs defense and run game benefited from getting better production from the QB position. I can’t be the only KC fan that has thought to himself “The Chiefs defense would be so much better if they just had a QB that could sustain drives and not turn the ball over!” or “I can’t believe Jamaal Charles is this good with no passing game. Imagine how much better the run game would be if KC had a passing attack!” So I thought I’d see if the numbers back those theories up.

Here’s what I found.

From 2010-2012 the Chiefs had 18 games where their primary QB that game had a QB rating above 80 and 30 games where it was below 80. Here’s how the numbers for the areas I mentioned above compare.

Defensive Yards Allowed
QB Rating Over 80: 329.7
QB Rating Under 80: 346.2

Defensive Points Allowed
QB Rating Over 80: 20.2
QB Rating Under 80: 24.2

Sacks Per Game
QB Rating Over 80: 2.4
QB Rating Under 80: 1.7

Turnovers Created Per Game
QB Rating Over 80: 1.2
QB Rating Under 80: 1.4

KC Rushing Yards Per Game
QB Rating Over 80: 161.4
QB Rating Under 80: 133.6

Average KC Yards Per Carry
QB Rating Over 80: 4.5
QB Rating Under 80: 4.3

Rushing TDs Per Game
QB Rating Over 80: 0.61
QB Rating Under 80: 0.53

Now, these numbers aren’t staggering, but two things stand out to me. When KC gets better QB play they give up 4 less points per game and rush for about 28 yards more per game. These are the same defenders, same running backs, same offensive line, but when the QB position performs better they are put in better positions and see some benefit.

That’s not the best news for KC fans though. That comes when we look at what really matters most. Wins.

Here are the win/loss records broken down.

QB Rating Over 80: 12-6 (66.67%)
QB Rating Under 80: 7-23 (23.33%)

That’s a HUGE difference. I don’t think anyone will be blown away be those percentages. It’s pretty much common knowledge at this point that it’s a QB driven league. These numbers just prove that this is true for the Chiefs as well.

So the question then becomes wether or not Alex Smith can consistently put the Chiefs in that first category. His recent history indicates that he can. At very least he will be a MASSIVE improvement over KC’s recent QBs. In the past 48 games KC QBs have had 18 games with a QB rating over 80. Alex Smith has had 17 games over 80 in just his past 24 games. So in half the games he put up almost the same number of quality performances as KC QBs did in twice that time.

If you’ll bear with me for a little more “stat nerdiness” I’ll make my final case for Smith improving KC.

Alex Smith had a QB Rating of 80 or better in 17 of his past 24 starts over the past two seasons, that’s 70.8% of his starts. 70.8% of 16 games is about 11.3 games. So if Smith can repeat his production from San Francisco then KC fans should expect Smith to give them 11 games with a QB rating over 80 and 5 games with a QB rating under 80.

If the numbers above hold true and KC wins 66.67% of their games with a QB rating over 80 then they should expect to win 7 of the 11 games where Smith has a QB rating over 80. If they win 23.33% of the games with a QB rating under 80 then they should expect to win 1 of the 5 games where Smith has a QB rating under 80. That would give the Chiefs a record of 8-8.

Now, I know 8-8 isn’t playoff caliber, but keep in mind this is just factoring in the improved QB play. It doesn’t take into account the improved roster that John Dorsey has assembled or the improved coaching staff lead by Andy Reid. What these numbers are saying is that if you took Alex Smith’s QB play from SF the past two seasons and put it on the Chiefs team that went 2-14 last year it should make them an 8 win team. These numbers suggest that if Andy Reid can get Alex Smith to perform like he did in SF that should be good for 6 more wins this season by itself.

That is pretty encouraging news for Chiefs fans.

I know that these numbers can’t tell the whole story, they never do. I know that QB Rating in and of itself isn’t a perfect way to define good and bad QB play. However, I do think they paint a general picture and that we can take some things away from that.

The key for the Chiefs this season is Andy Reid getting Alex Smith to play as well (or better) as he did in SF with Jim Harbaugh. If that happens then the defense should give up less points, the running game should run for more yards, and the Chiefs should be (at worst) a .500 team. If the improved roster and coaching can produce a couple more wins on top of that then there is hope that KC could make a run at the playoffs.

I’m curious to hear what you think in the comments below. Are you encouraged by these numbers? Do you think there is some real validity to them? I tried to be completely objective, but do you think these numbers are bogus? Did the stats make your eyes glaze over and so you just skipped to the end? I’d love to hear your thoughts regardless.

As always, thanks for reading and GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • [email protected]

    I’m encouraged just having a real Qb in Kc!!! Best point is just having Smith does make us better not to mention those Dorsey brought in and in house talent

  • chiefridgy

    This post reminds me of that guy from the movie “the happening”. Giving statistics and percentages of probability. It is encouraging, and like you mentioned with the improvements in the roster the variables have definitely changed in our favor.

  • jimfromkcj

    When I read all of those stats, it makes me wonder if the stats are caused by the QB rating or is the QB rating a result of the stats.

    • Jason Seibel

      It’s probably a little bit of both, but numbers are numbers. You can’t aruge the point that if your QB plays good/great football (QBR over 80) you’re going to win more games.

      • KCMikeG

        Great work and insightful but the piece that is missing is that the rankings don’t take into consideration the power ranking of the teams we played when the over 80 ratings were achieved.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Smith should make for significant change because he’s a good steward of the football and is well suited to the offensive scheme. This will have a direct impact on time of possession and should help us stay in games. More often than not, he’ll throw it to the right guy and put the ball in a place where that receiver can run with it. Add in his leadership and experience with winning and I expect this team to compete for a wildcard spot in the playoffs.

    • kccrazy

      Look at how many SF fans are cheering Alex on…they didn’t want to lose him for a good reason! Running QB’s are great on paper…until a running 240 lb D @ full speed crumples up that piece of paper!

      • William Campbell

        Yup agreed.. just look at rg3

      • Jason Seibel

        I promise you these so called “Option QBs” won’t be nearly what they were last year. That style of offense will go the way of the Wildcat. D Coordinators have been doing nothing but watching tape all offseason figuring out a way to end those guys.

        • P Heitman

          This may be true, but let’s give Kaepernick credit, he can throw.

          • Jason Seibel

            He can, though his completion percentage is nearly 10% lower than Alex Smith’s. I’m just sayin…

          • P Heitman

            It’s funny bc they both had 218 attempts last year, so they are very comparable. Smith has better passing #’s, but not by much. Smith’s QB rating was 104.1 and he threw for 70% completion which is just insanity. Kaepernick did, however have a 98.3 QB rating and threw 62% . I get what you’re saying about the “Option QBs,” but the guys you are talking about can all throw. Griffin, Wilson, and Kaepernick in particular all have guns. The guys that will stick around will be the guys that figure out how to play from the pocket.

            So basically, you’re probably right. The “Option QBs” might suffer in the long run, but I’m not sure the 9ers are worried about that because their boy can pass, too.

          • KCMikeG

            His Red Zone success % is even worse.

        • Suzi Conger

          Agree with you Jason;

        • KCMikeG

          True. These “gadgets” need to be used sparingly as the element of surprise is what creates the opportunity for success. When it becomes “the system” then DC’s figure out how to defend it and it fails.

          • Troy Utt

            Reminds me of the article quoting Tomlin from the Steelers in regards to the QB’s who captain these option-read offense’… In a nutshell he said, I would not want a “D” focusing on my QB, & if they choose to run it we will see them on the field!” I believe last year those running it had everyone on their heels if you will, and they will have to get way more inventive this year to stay ahead of the speed-demons on defense! I really like the move bring Ault in to mentor the pistol on both the offense & defense!

        • ArrowFan

          It isn’t all that hard the DE or OLB just needs to keep contain and pop the QB in the mouth on every play their way. It is high school fundamentals.

      • Suzi Conger

        Yes kccrazy; and many of us are X-SF9er, and now KCC supporters following AS11 Plus a fun little known fact; AS11 is already proficient with the ‘pistol/spread’ strategy; He (AS) used this strategy with UMeyer in UT; Heisman Candidate, FIESTA BOWL Smashing Win 35-7 Utes/Pitt.. A First in College History; that a Non-BCS team earned a BCS berth. AReid knows this, thus enter CAult ( great for the D too, yes?

        Here’s to Alex, getting back to his QB ‘glory days’; pre-SF 6 years of chaotic horrific management/coaching. Go Chiefs! :-)

      • Darkwolf1414

        I live near SF and MOST 49er fans were glad to see Alex Smith go. Even after he had a good season in ’11; they were done with him.
        In any event, I think he is an upgrade to our QB position and I hope he does well. He’s more accurate than Cassel so that should help out a lot. How many times did Cassel hang a receiver out to dry with a high pass or a throw behind him? I think Smith has the ability to put the ball in the sweet spot so Bowe, Dexter, etc can explode for YAC.

  • kccrazy

    Look, we saw the first Romeo Crenell as head coach movie (in Cleveland). It was a box office crapper (Romeo – First Dud?). When he became the HC here, we got the Romeo – First Dud II (“Jamaal only had 5 carries? I’ll have to check the film!”)
    It was beginning to seem like that Offensive Play sheet in the front of his pants was either some new fangled sex toy or an intravenous Twinkies delivery system! Reid has shown what he can do with a team, and that will make a HUGE (no pun intended) difference! I’m ready for Arrowhead to be loud again (and not because our backup QB is entering the game)!

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Smith will be better than what we’ve had, but will he make his teammates better. That’s what I’m most concerned with. Can he make a legitimate #2 out of either Avery or Baldwin. Can he make Bowe even more dangerous than he already is. If he can elevate this offense, this team will become a contender.

    • kccrazy

      Baldwin has to make Baldwin a legitimate #2. He disappeared last year because he got lazy on his routes way too often!

      • Stacy D. Smith

        Elite QB’s help facilitate the process though. Hopefully Smith can nudge him and get the guy going. A part of Baldwin’s problem was how he was being used. The old staff expected him to win those down-the-field battles on deep routes. He hasn’t learned how to be effective yet in that aspect of the passing game. Right now, he’s still just a possession receiver.

      • berttheclock

        Yeah, when a WR gets hit in the back of his helmet on a route because he didn’t look back, laziness appears to be very much of a problem. Of course with JB, just come back and get into a screaming match with the QB.
        I listened to the national radio hookup of a Chiefs game last season and Malone, the former QB for the Steelers, was doing the color analysis. He became livid over the lack of concentration and lack of any aggressive play by Baldwin and kept saying how much he was hurting the play of Bowe. He said JB didn’t look back on routes, even though his QB had to release early and was lackadaisical coming out of routes and would not fight for the ball.
        Smith will not tolerate any of this, nor will AR. If he should play the same way come this September, look for him to join Palko in Pop Warner ball back in Pittsburgh.

        • Suzi Conger

          lol good take bert t c :-)

  • berttheclock

    Excellent thread, Mr Graverson.
    Hey, it is Monday. That means this is the birthday for Jason Seibel. Happy Birthday, Jason.

    • Jason Seibel


  • steve james

    He will be a leader & take good care of the football. As far as wins let’s take a breath & think about just how huge of a task is ahead of Alex & the club. There is a reason the NFL gives teams with a new head coach an extra week to get a jump on things. It will be everything they can do, with all of this massive change, to come out of the preseason looking like a legitimate NFL team much less playoff contenders. That being said I am as excited as I have ever been & I think Alex will be better sooner than any QB of the future we could have ever drafted. Here’s to hoping Alex makes it into the hall of fame as a Chief!

  • Rcjk

    Alex Smith > Matt Cassel. That’s all i need to know in order to be happy.

    • Patrick Allen

      It certainly helps.

  • Pessimisticchiefsfan

    One thing we have to remember is that in smiths last 18 games he was playing with probably the most well rounded football team in the NFL. When the niners were struggling like the chiefs have been he was in the brink of being on his way out of the NFL. I’m not saying we can thrive under a Reid and smith led team, but I think it will have more to do with the people we can put around smith rather than him carrying us to victories

    • steve james

      That’s why he was sacked so much? Because they were so well rounded?

      • Pessimisticchiefsfan

        Ha. I’m not sure why he was sacked so much. Kaepernick didn’t seem to have much of an issue leading them to a Super Bowl game. You arguing the niners are one of the top teams in the nfl because smith held on to the ball to long and took sacks is ignorant

        • steve james

          You coming to that conclusion is ignorant.

        • Jason Seibel

          Colin Pumpernickel was handed the keys to a car that was already running in peak performance. In fact, I would argue that if Smith had been under center during that last 49er drive, San Fran would have WON the Superbowl. The dude is money in the red zone.

          • KCMikeG

            Pumpernickel! Too funny! CP was worse in the Red Zone and it cost them the playoffs.

          • mg2098

            I dont believe in what ifs, but Smith is really good in the redone. The games 60 minute though and more than just one or a couple of plays determines the outcome. Colin played well in his first Superbowl. It kind of reminds me of the Bledsoe-Brady switch. Brady wins the Superbowl and the rest is history. Even though Colin didn’t win I think he wins a few with that coach and team. Its funny though that neither Smith nor Kapernick could beat the Rams. The Rams are gonna be good and a lot of people don’t even see them coming.

        • mg2098

          Thats were the Smith-Cassel comparison comes into play. Both QB’s have had a tendency to hold on to the ball and take the sack. It is a trait of a game manager QB. Coach doesn’t believe in QB’s Play making abilities so he tells him not to force. QB takes sacks in the process as to not turn the ball over. I believe Reid is in the process of coaching Smith into taking his shots for that very reason, and believes in Alex. You can’t just manage anymore. He’s got to take his shot to keep D’s playing honest, and to create big plays.

    • Lyle Graversen

      Here’s the thing. Their defense was amazing and their run game was legit, but would you trade our offensive skill position guys for theirs? Gore is great but I wouldn’t trade JC for him. Vernon Davis is amazing but is he a better #1 target than Bowe? Yes, SF as a team was WAY better than what we have had lately, but I think we can provide Smith with just as good of weapons and now we have a coach that has a history of getting the most out of his QBs as well.

      • Pessimisticchiefsfan

        Ha. Would I take gore Davis Crabtree Moss and Manhingham over Charles, whoever out TE is, Bowe and Baldwin? Is that a real question?

        • steve james

          Start two fantasy teams & do that. Let’s see how that turns out.

        • Jason Seibel

          That’s not what he said. He said JC is better than Gore, which statistically he is and Bowe is a better #1 than Davis, which is also true.

        • KCMikeG

          Ha. Gore over Charles – Never in a million years! Gore is 30 and has twice the years on him and 1.2 less career YPC. Crabtree with a torn achilles vs Bowe – not even close. Davis has struggled at times and has attitude issues. Our trio of TE’s will out perform him easily. Manningham had to take a pay cut to stay in SF, is coming back from IR rehabbing an ACL, is expected to start on the PUP and has never been anything but a #3 WR.

        • Pessimisticchiefsfan

          So what you all are telling me is the chiefs offense will be better than the niners this year

  • Damian1982

    I really appreciate this article. Lots of stats and optimism, and yet still being realistic in saying that they cant possibly indicate that its a sure thing that the Chiefs record will pan out that way. As for myself, when Hunt made all the big moves in the offseason I became cautiously optimistic. Too many years spent getting my hopes crushed but now days Im fighting the urges to become overly excited more and more as each day passes. lol

  • Jason Seibel

    Great breakdown, Lyle. As you were careful to point out, the stats could be meaningless, but studying them gives a glimpse of what is possible this season. I really don’t think any reasonable fan thinks this team is enroute to a 13-3 finish this year. However, 10-6 is definitely good enough to compete for a Wild Card spot. I’m with Big Reach on that one. Smith is the answer (at least for now) in KC and I’m definitely ok with that!

  • Paul Aguirre

    You guys are going to be so surprised and pleased by Alex, he is a complete QB. Did not want my 9ers to trade him, beleive it was a hugh mistake. He’s gointy to win championships for you all…

    • steve james

      If he does will you be a Chiefs’ fan? We have a big tent over here and there is plenty of BBQ :)

      • Paul Aguirre

        Steve ,
        I grew up being a 9er fan, saw my first game in 1956, yeah an old guy. But its time to have an AFL team to root for ,so yeah I’m following and rooting for the Chiefs. Lets meet in the SB….

        • steve james

          Love too that would be a match for the ages I am sure, what a storyline that would be!

    • Suzi Conger

      Thanks Paul; I agree, so I followed Alex :-) As an X-long time 9er,,, now a KCC supporter

      • BurtGummer44

        Ha, Ha you admit to just being an AS groupie and not a real KC CHief Fan! That explains it all!

        • Darkwolf1414

          Ya know! How do you ditch a whole team because they traded a QB you like? BTW, I’ve read several of her posts and you shouldn’t buy her, “Oh, life in Cali is wonderful!” attitude. While there are many places in Cali that are great to visit; living here SUCKS ASS! I guess you have to not be a CA native to realize how terrible it is. Of course, my 4 step-kids are all native Californians and can’t stand it either. Sad thing is, they’re from SF & are Raiders fans. Good thing is, they know crap about football so they don’t talk shit.

          • Suzi Conger

            Hey Darkwolf, Do you live in Calif?(…. “living here SUCKS ASS!”) Where do you live in CA? And where is your ‘native’ hometown/State?

            Have you ever lived WHERE I live in CA?

            Jus wonderin’ how you are such an authority as to where I live and the fun I experience…. If you hate it so much in Cal, why don’t you (and your step-kids ) …. just… leave (CA)?. You know, as ‘Nike’ says, ‘Just Do it!” Get Happy!!

            You and ‘burt’ do share the common thread of ‘unhappy’; burt with life/people, and you hate CA…. I truly hope that you will move to the area that brings you happiness.

            Thanks for the Chiefs’ welcome

            PS.. There are several reasons why many (not just myself, of course) prior SF9er “Montana” and ‘ASmith’ supporters gravitated to KCC; reasons not exclusively due to the QB’s

        • Suzi Conger

          Hey bert, I see you don’t even know the definition of a ‘groupie’…tsk tsk.. why does this not surprise me?… because you ASS-U-me , rather than know facts.. Most of your statements are laced with fallacy, ambiguity and contradiction.

          Hmmmm, when all the former ‘Montana’ niner fans became KCC supporters, you labled them ‘groupies’ too, right? Oh yea, you have already labled KCC fans as ‘idiots’ and ‘stupid’ (to name just a couple derogatory descriptions) in your previous posts.

          Pleeeez don’t lable yourself as a ‘Real KCC Fan’ ; with ‘self-designated fans’ like you, KCC doesn’t need enemies.

          I bestow on you, bert, 1ST PLACE, BLUE RIBBON honor; Most UNHAPPY NASTY DISSILLUSIONED KCC BLOGGER…. Congratulations bert!!

          Good luck to you and hope you feel better soon :-D

          • BurtGummer44

            Where did you find the picture of a monkey’s anus you use for your avatar?

          • Suzi Conger

            Gosh bert, u lookin at yourself in the mirror,… again?,,, cheer up…. at your age I know the eyesight fails. Hope you feel better soon!! Get Well Soon!! Go Chiefs!!

          • BurtGummer44

            You should come over to ChiefsPlanet to post. :)

      • Darkwolf1414

        BTW, I really don’t have anything against you. Honestly, if you really want to be a Chiefs fan then welcome. I don’t hold Alex Smith in the esteem that you do but I think he is an upgrade at the position and hope the Chiefs can win with him.

  • mnelson52

    I said at the end of last year that with a better QB and better coaching we could have had at least 7 more wins. According to those stats, I wasn’t far off. I hope with everything we’ve added this year we can get 10 wins. I also know in reality that most teams with a new regime, system and players, it’s hard to beat good teams that have been together for a few years. The new system has people thinking instead of just reacting like established teams do. 2014 should prove to be a good year but I still have hopes for this year.

  • Gene Wisdom

    If the defense can get some rest, things will begin to happen. Our defense was on the field way too much the last three years. I hope Alex is the answer.

  • Vearly C. Evans Sr.

    Vince Young is one of the better quarterback on the market….. He’s a Low cost – High reward type of guy….All VY need is a fair chance to compete… and he will erase all the negative perception that has been placed on him….

    • P Heitman

      Out of nowhere Vince Young reference…

  • Jim Butler

    I think that’s fine as far as the numbers go and the taking into the account of the better personnel and coaching, but what I think what is missing is by all accounts the general upbeat attitude of he whole team and the confidence that has infected and affected the entire organization which could be worth at least a couple of more wins all by itself. A winning attitude is very hard to beat in any endeavor :)

  • lisa

    I appreciate the author’s effort in compiling this statistical projection. It looks and feels fairly accurate given all intangibles. As a 52 year fan of the Chiefs, only two things made me happier than Alex Smith arriving; one is Len Dawson and the Super Bowl win, and two Joe Montana arriving in KC!

  • Joe Myers

    Im back hahahahaha you cant stop me pat

  • 44WinMag

    Anywhere between 6-10 and 9-7 is to be expected with this team. There’s still a long way to go in building this team, and I’m not sold on Smith despite all the AS Homers on this site, as his career statistics is almost identical to Cassel’s even their 2 good seasons each are nearly identical. I fear KC traded one noodle arm for another. Even Dorsey’s essentially saying AS was the best QB option isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement………..essentially admitting he was the lesser of two evils (the other being drafting Geno Smith). Sorry I just don’t get the warm and fuzzies that AS is the long term franchise QB that nearly all the homers on this website do.

    • Jason Seibel

      I don’t see how there’s “a long way to go in building this team.” What other pieces do you think need to be added that aren’t already there, besides maybe a legit #2 receiver if Baldwin underperforms this year?

      • mg2098

        I think a better way to put it is that the Chiefs have done an excellent job to fill all the holes, but the players they picked up must preform. Expectations are high in fans. They were just as high this time last year on our way to a 2-14 seasons. Saying that the Chiefs might only need a WR is basically saying that every move the Chiefs made will pan out. I just know it never quite works out like that. After 2012 season it was obvious that we had/have a lot of holes to fill.

    • P Heitman

      I’m not saying Alex Smith is all-world or anything – but if you think he’s NOT a major upgrade for Cassel, you’re crazy, and obviously an emotionally scarred Chiefs fan (like many of us) that has completely lost the ability to experience the feeling of optimism.

      • BurtGummer44

        I’ve heard for 3 years how great this team is on paper! But the Optimism quickly meets reality as soon as the season starts. For Christ’s sake this team didn’t have a lead in a game for half the season!!! It takes a whole lot of pathetic play (not just bad QB play) to tie an NFL record that stood since before the Great Depression! 9 games were essentially blowout loses. Except for a freak game in NO and an emotional game after the Belcher murder/suicide…………this team could have easily been 0-16. There aren’t words to describe how pathetic last season was! When was the last time the Raiders lost at Arrowhead? I mean when you hit rock bottom there is no where to go but up; hell just being competitive for more than 1 quarter in each and every game and not embarrassing themselves at home against the Raiders would be a vast improvement. I won’t even mention it has been 20 years since the last playoff win. As far as Smith being an major upgrade over Cassel……that’s like saying moving from Kansas to Nebraska is a Major Upgrade. I just hope they’re working on a plan B and NOT totally committing to AS (come hell or high water) like the last Management Group did with MC.

        • P Heitman

          I understand your frustration, man. Believe me, I do. But, Matt Cassel was god awful. I would have taken current-age Len Dawson over him. I’d have taken my sixty year old Uncle over Cassel. Smith is an upward trending quarterback. Cassel is a cooked turkey. Smith has two years left on his current contract. We signed an un-drafted rookie with tons of potential. These are solid moves. There was not much else available, man. Plain and simple. It sucks, it’s hard luck, but it’s reality. What were you expecting, for us to trade for Tom Brady? It’s unfortunate, I understand that. Yes, the Chiefs were awful last year. But Reid, Dorsey, and Smith were not a part of that team, and to pin the sins of past regimes on one that has yet to play a game in red and gold is asinine. To expect the Chiefs to materialize a franchise quarterback out of thin air is naive.

  • paul pace

    All I know is I am a lot happier having Smith as are starting qb verses what we had last year! For the first time in the last 3 years I am truly excited for the season to begin. Heck, I can’t wait for training camp to start! I think San Fran made a mistake when they gave up Smith and will regret it in the future! There loss the Chiefs gain!

  • jimfromkcj

    I don’t see a legitimate argument that we won’t be better than last year’s 2 and 14 record. But there is always a but in an argument, And the big but in this argument is BUT how much better? I am of the opinion that if they go 8 and 8 it would be a very successful year. If I had to place a bet, it would be more like 5 or 6 wins. I still see problems with both the off and def lines. It takes time for an off line to learn to work together and if you look at the off line there are only 2 out of the 5 who have played together for any length of time and they aren’t playing next to one another. so I look at that as a major problem that probably won’t be worked out until the second half of the season if at all. The def line couldn’t stop the run last year and I don’t see much change there except that they will be breaking in a new guy who is familiar with the new system and the other two guys playing their second year together. Games are won in the trenchs and until I see some improved play there we might very well be in for a disappointing season.

  • Shawn Mesa

    Worst to First baby!!!! GO CHIEFS!!!!!!

  • erocks49ers

    I’ve been a 9ers fan forever and still am but was not happy with the whole smith ordeal. He will do great for the Chiefs and Charles will have a fantastic year. Smiths reads are fast and he’s clutch when he needs to be.

    I think people want that QB that throws the deep ball all the time. Sure looks great if you score but the D never gets rest. Long drives that saps the strength from your opponents D and rests yours is what Smith will give you. And if you need to launch it he can do that too.

    As far as the 9ers, the pistol is a gimmick and I think they will regret giving up Smith so soon.

    • Darkwolf1414

      I appreciate that assessment of Smith from a 9ers fan. It’s the first I’ve seen that has not been pure gushing about how awesome he is. As I’ve said before, I live in the SF area and heard all the fans screaming for Alex’s head and then saying the Chiefs were stupid to trade for him. I understand that there are fans on the other side of it who like Smith and feel he got dealt dirty. I like Smith and hope he does well for us but the constant, “Oh, Alex Smith is All-World!” blather is wearing thin. We all know that he’s not All-World but is a capable QB. Most QB’s need a reliable receiver or two and a good running game. The Chiefs have a phenomenal running game and the receiving corps is good with a stud in DBowe leading the way. Alex has the tools at his disposal on offense and the keys to the car. I hope it turns into a Ferrari and not a Pacer. It can if everyone stays healthy.

  • Hellhound65

    Having been an AS11 fan since college (I am from Utah, and remember very
    well when he let the Running Utes to an Undefeated Season/Bowl
    Victory!!) I just have to let my opinion be known….AS11 HAS beaten
    just about every QB playing in the NFL currently, was forced to push the
    passing game when he had a very serious shoulder injury (Thx
    Nolan…and other horrific coaches) He is IMHO going to continue what he
    was doing in SF (I’m a lifelong 49ers fan….sorry IF THAT BUGS ANYONE)
    and stack up victories for his team….he leads by example, turned a
    truckload of lemons into Hard Lemonade! (I stole that), but Yay Chiefs!!
    I would love to see the lowest ranked/underrated team in the league do
    better! anyone thinking Undefeated??? It has been known to happen w this
    guy….just sayin!!

  • Hellhound65


    Sorry I’m wrong he was only 21-1 a a starter in college, but I am a huge fan and hope he hits the pinnacle of greatness with the Chiefs!!

    Had the foolish coaching staff in SF played him in even 1 quarter of the SB they lost I think the outcome would have been different, but it is what it is…Go Niners!!! Go Chiefs!

  • Hellhound65

    College career

    Smith attended the University of Utah and played for the Utah Utes, wearing number 11. He finished fourth in voting for the 2004 Heisman Trophy and was selected as the 2004 Mountain West Conference Player of the Year. Smith posted a 21–1 record as a starter in college, while leading a high-powered spread offense under head coach Urban Meyer. He led the Utes to victories in the 2005 Fiesta Bowl and the 2003 Liberty Bowl. Smith earned a bachelor’s degree in economics in two years[5] with a 3.74 GPA,[6] having matriculated with 64 credit hours,[7] and began work on a master’s degree in the field before being drafted.[6]

    College Stats




    Utah Utes

    Utah Utes

    Utah Utes