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I Will Not Make Chiefs Predictions, I Will Not Make Chiefs Predictions, I …

I am excited, there’s no mistaking it.

But, I do think it is important to remember that every NFL fan thinks their team will be a world-beater at this point of the offseason (except maybe in Jacksonville). Every team has added pieces and made adjustments. We’ve caught a glimpse of each team playing like titans against air and practice-squad tryouts in no pads.

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But, after spending two consecutive offseasons seeing every rational reason to expect the Chiefs to be a playoff team, I am boycotting making any type of prediction this year, and, indeed, maybe ever.

As Rob Riggle says, “Never pick with your heart, especially if you’re from Kansas City.” Towards the tail end of the 2012 season, even my heart wouldn’t predict a win out of our dumpster fire team.

But my prediction ban isn’t only about twice-bitten-thrice-shyness, it’s about understanding what is really important in this league: wins. Pure and simple. The Chiefs have a boatload of Pro Bowlers and a mastermind coach (finally). But, I will say nothing about this team’s future successes until it shows me something on the field. Miami Guard Rickie Incognito said it really well when talking to Yahoo! Sports last week.

“Yeah, I have noticed that everyone’s looking through rosy-colored glasses,” Incognito says. “It’s a combination of things: We got more talented. We have our starting quarterback set. Our coaches and coordinators are back for another year. And we’ve got a good foundation here, and we work our asses off.

“But you know what? I definitely need to see it on the field before [talking about it]. I get it from my friends: ‘How are you gonna do this year?’ It’s real easy to say in May, ‘Hey, we’re gonna win the Super Bowl.’ But until you get to training camp and put on the pads and fight through injuries and tough losses and define yourself as a team, you really don’t know how good you are.”

It doesn’t matter that (aptly named) Incognito doesn’t know that the expression is “rose-colored glasses,” he’s right about teams and expectations.

Right now, all we know is that the Chiefs have some good pieces. We have yet to find out if they are a good team. The Chiefs were one of the most talented squads last year, but players on both sides of the ball would maddeningly crumble late in games. I understand that the team had historically bad coaching in 2012, but it wasn’t a simple matter of misfortune. The Chiefs were a bad team last year.

And so I want to hope. Even moves that I’m not 100 percent on board for like the trade for QB Alex Smith have made the Chiefs a better, more complete group. Like many of you, I spend an unhealthy amount of time scouring the glowing reports from OTA’s and watching highlights. I’ve seen so much reason for hope that I can already taste the playoff wins.

“But it’s an illusion!” I yell at myself periodically. Yes, we have a few highlights, but if you really want an impressive reel, you should make a “The NFL vs. The Chiefs 2012” compilation. Now that would be some good football. Smith is efficient but he is still going to throw interceptions this year. The Chiefs’ much-improved defense will still concede touchdowns. The team will lose games.

And so I’m done predicting. I actually wrote a post last year entitled “Hillis Could End Up Being The Chiefs’ Most Important 2011 Signing” and I’m sure that I will inevitably write far more nonsense before this season begins, but I pledge that I will not make any guesses about the team’s on-the-field success until they actually show me something on the field.

Potential does not win games. Grit, physicality, smarts, preparedness and a little bit of luck will get you through the day.

One thing is for darn sure, however. I cannot wait to see what this group has got.

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  • 2dogs

    Predictions are part of sports. Estimating how many games a team will win is definitely difficult as so many games come down to a play or two. That being said, I don’t think anyone would hold it against you if you predicted wrong at this time of year. Chiefs go 15-1?

    • Suzi Conger

      Right on 2dogs!! I’m gonna guess 12/13 wins…

      Alex led SF9ers, under a new regime, to a rousing 13-3 win season in ’11
      and would have led SF to the SuperBowl if #10Williams had not handed the game win to NY with his two crucial fumbles. In ’12 AS11 was leading SF to the SB, and with good possibility, would have won the ’13 SB ring, as (contrary to popular belief), AS11 had a 20+% higher rate of success in the RedZone ( including CK7′s running ) and 5+% higher rate of success in 3RD conversions than CK7.

      AS11 can do the same for KCC, but it takes the whole team doin’ their jobs to win the game.. GO CHIEFS!

      • Jim Harper

        I hope you are right, but feel 10-6 is much more likely. I love your stats on AS11 though. SF really did him dirty or should I say Jim Harbaugh did! His brother is such a class act, but Jim is just a spoiled child, and losing the SB to his brother was poetic justice and could not have happened to a more deserving asshole.

        • Suzi Conger

          Hey Jim, Thanx. Totally agree bout the Harb bros!! I call Jim , “Harbutt”, lol

          However many wins, I’m wantin’ to see them make PlayOffs an maybe more! woo woo GO CHIEFS!

          • Jim Harper

            Harbutt is perfect! lol I even remember him being arrogant like that as a player too. Captain comeback indeed. More like Captain go away and never come back!!!!!!!

          • Suzi Conger

            lol… gettin’ soooo excited; is it Aug. yet? Man O Man, I’d give anything (well shucks, almost anything, ha ) to go to a game at Arrowhead, say v.s. the Raiders… woooowheee

          • Jim Harper

            Raiders play at Arrowhead Oct 13th. That is usually a perfect time to go. Starting to cool down but not cold yet.

          • Suzi Conger

            I agree; like the autumn weather. Or better yet, a SF/KCC playoff game, grin…hey, what’s wrong with aimin’ high! GO CHIEFS!

          • BurtGummer44

            You do know KC is in the AFC and SF is in the NFC don’t you???

          • Suzi Conger

            Hi Burt, so good to see your cheerful face and hear your words of wisdom. And the relevancy of your question is: ???
            (answer; yes) ( Hint; SF and KCC play pre-season in Aug., and could matchup in SB ) Yea, sure, SB is highly unlikely. But some of us are just havin fun bein’ optimistic.

      • Carlos Nevarez

        Lay off the Kool aid there buddy Lol. 7 or 8 wins would be a successful season as long as they get better in 2014.

        • 2dogs

          Honestly I’m predicting a 9-7 season just short of the playoffs. That’s taking the easy schedule in mind.

        • ArrowFan

          If we are not going to the play offs then I want 7 wins so SF gets a 3rd not a 2nd. But at the same time I want our 9 loses to be by less an TD average.

        • Suzi Conger

          Hey that’s cute Carlos…what flavor of kool aid are u slurpin’ to call me ‘buddy’ ? lol My point was that the QB AS has already proven himself; that he as the QB, possesses the talent to lead a team to SB…But it takes the whole team to achieve the wins., of course

    • NicholasAlanClayton

      I don’t mind being wrong in the public sphere. I mind being wrong in my heart. Just gonna hold it in ….

  • Kurt Rauch

    Excellent article! …if only because it accurately reflects my own thoughts on all things Chiefs! I’m not from Missouri, but I definitely subscribe to the “Show Me” philosophy. Maybe this is the year…it sure feels like it…but then honestly other years felt similarly optimistic. Come on Chiefs! Show me!!

  • Lyle Graversen

    Fine line, but I’ll still make predictions I just don’t get my hopes up. Right now I’d predict KC to go 10-6, but I’m not counting on it.


    As Cognito said, “rosy colored glasses” were worn throughout Chiefs Kingdom before last year. But, looking back on the whole Crennel mess, we should have known what the outcome would be. What we all had was just a wish and a hope. After three games, the season was done. But, had it gone any other way, we still might have been saddled with Crennel and Peeoli for another season……..or longer. We see it often. In business and in sports, sometimes you have to just take the wrecking ball to whatever you have built and start over. Sometimes it works, sometimes, not. Well, in a few months, we will see what R&D hath wrought. Personally, I think they are on a clear path that will end up as a great success story for the Red and Gold. And, I am not looking through “rosy colored” glasses.

    • ArrowFan

      As a fan of KC sports I’m tired of the wrecking ball. Why is that some teams seem to never need the wrecking ball while others live on it.

      • TAZMOSIS

        From my perspective, it started with Herm Edwards. Not blaming Herm, but it was not until King Carl was gone, along with Edwards, that any meaningful changes were made to the entire organization. Problem is, that Hunt picked the wrong GM to return this team to being relevant in the league. While Peterson was GM, the Chiefs never needed to resort to the wrecking ball, because until the end of his tenure, Peterson was always able to bandage any problems that arose by signing free agents and making trades. But these short-term solutions usually come to and end, as they did with the Chiefs. Car’s way worked for years, but now, I think this team is really on the road to having a meaningful and lasting future. Hunt has found, by all accounts, the best candidate available for his head coach in Andy Reid, and what appears to be a terrific hiring in John Dorsey as his new GM. Time will tell, but at this point I believe that 80% of Chiefs Nation is on board.

  • KCMikeG

    Nice work Nicholas. i just came across some of my predictions from last year -Ugh!! I just can’t help myself though! Not being confident and even bold about our future success would be like not being excited for great gifts at Christmas. Yes sometimes you get another necktie but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be excited next year.

  • Calchiefsfan

    C’mon Nick, go for it! What the heck? I thought we’d win 10-11 games last year. I bought into the whole “when Crennel was coaching Cleveland it wasn’t his fault” BS. He just isn’t a good head coach, especially when Pioli is his GM.

    This year I’m much more objective. I’m predicting 10-11 wins! And a playoff spot! I do this because I’m a total homer and I don’t care, lol. GO CHIEFS!!!

  • Travis Forsyth

    nice article, but I just can’t help myself I love making predictions during this time of year…and it seems the better I predict kc to be, the worse they turn out….Chiefs over 49ers in the Super Bowl was my prediction last year.. Hey, I was half right…..

  • Carlos Nevarez

    My prediction is we’ll be a lot better this year than we were last year. I think the inept coaching and GM of 2012 are as responsible for the losses as anything last year. They were defeated before they got On the field. They werent playing for anyone. If You don’t believe it look no further than the Carolina game when they were inspired to play hard by the jovan belcher murder/suicide.They fought through the whole game, came back from Losing the lead and won It in the end. That’s what this team can be when they wanna play and I think they got that feeling back This year.

  • jimfromkcj

    Nick I consider myself as a realist, but even tho I thought I was being realistic last year, I was predicting 5 or 6 wins, so I think the Chief’s exceeded even the most negative prognosticaters last year. But it is a new year with hopes soaring and I again find myself on the low end of the totem pole when it comes to chief’s wins. I predict 5 or 6 wins on the low end and 8 and 8 on the high end. I can’t see a 10 or better win season as I don’t see the chiefs have improved in the trenchs, and that is where games are won and lost. Reid and Dorsey are not going to be on the field taking snaps, so they can only do so much with what they do have on the field, and I don’t see where we have improved to a play off team yet. Reid has a habit of putting a lot of snaps on his RB’s and I have always doubted Charles’ ability to hold up under a heavy load.

  • BurtGummer44

    They’re a 7-9 to at best 9-7 team. Very mediocre team with average to below average talent at most positions and above average coaching potential. Yet another year without a playoff win, but just being in the playoff hunt will be enough for most fans. Let’s hope they can find a real QB by 2015 or Reid’s tenure in KC will be short; as there’s no way Alex Smith is the answer as he is the epitome of mediocrity……….Harbaugh must be Laughing his ass off at us.

    • Suzi Conger

      Burt, again, will you plez enlighten me with your facts/stats that support ” Very mediocre team”, “…average to below average talent” , ‘..find a real QB , “Alex Smith ……the epitome of mediocrity” fallacy statements,,, or do you use a crystal ball???

      Yeah, Harbutt’s laughing so hard, that he had a difficult time BLOCKING the AZ/Smith trade plans…..Hmmmmm why was Harbutt so afraid to have AS play in his SAME division.??? ( You did know didn’t you??? that Hbutt blocked the AS trade to AZ??? )

      Please share your wisdom; the facts that substantiate… Thank you

      • BurtGummer44

        Are you dumbest person on the internet??? Cus your posts sure seem that way. Try watching some games before you type.

        BTW, AS’s career stats:

        59.3 percent completion percentage
        6.56 YPA
        81 TDs in 80 games
        63 INTs
        36 fumbles

        Btw, The only coach he was successful under replaced him as soon as possible with an untested 2nd year pro. He went to KC instead of AZ because KC offered the best deal.

        • Suzi Conger

          KoolAid Burt, you are hilarious!!!! You are SaturdayNiteLive material,,,,except you wouldn’t be paid a dime…. I still do wish you success with your elevation from childish immature language to maturity. Good luck.

          You have not addressed several issues; Are you saying that you know more than AReid, JDorsey, ARodgers, DBowe about QB’s..??….Hmmmmm? PS… this is a simple ‘yes’ or ‘No’ answer…

          Again, you are so wrong on several accounts, however, you claim virtually everyone except yourself to be ‘ignorant’. Since “you walk on water’, I hope you are wearing your water-wings ( just in case you ever realize that you are already sinking.)

          Personally, I’m having too much fun to take the time to educate you (incredible fun hot rod show today, oceanside, 50′s/60′s bands/dancing, yummy chow… you know.. Fun. OOPS, sorry guess you don’t know about fun cuz everyone else is ‘ignorant’

          If I have time (from livin, luvin, life) I’ll get back to you and explain your fallacy illusions.

          It would be valuable to post your preference in KoolAid Flavors (so the rest of us can avoid your choice)

          Go Chiefs!!

          • BurtGummer44

            You wanted stats, I gave you stats, but it appears you can’t handle facts in your lil’ dream world.

          • Suzi Conger

            Hey bert, Do u know what ASS-U-me means? (Webster’s works well ) HINT; you made an ( another) ignorant assumption … I’ve been busy here in Santa Cruz havin a blast…oh sorry, you wouldn’t know what that means.

            Yep, got some data that refutes your “stats” credibility.

            Gosh, I’m sorry bert,…..You have a retention problem.. my prior post explains that I’ll get back with you and under what circumstances.

            Best Wishes and Get Well Soon GO CHIEFS!

          • BurtGummer44

            After seeing in another post you’ve just started following the Chiefs because you’re a AS groupie from Kalifornia. I got news for you Missy, I’ve been watching the Chiefs since LBJ was President. So get back to me when you have real KC CHiefs Football knowledge and not just a pathetic midlife crush on some NFL player.

        • KCMikeG

          It appears you are going for that title. Harbaugh “replaced AS as soon as possible” Not. If what you say was true instead of foolish then CK would have started the season in 2012 because that would have been ASAP. Reality is CK didn’t see the field until AS got a concussion. That is because Harbaugh saw AS lead his team to the NFC championship and if not for 2 pathetic ST turnovers the Super Bowl. Before AS went down with the concussion he was at the NFL leading 70% completion ranking, a 104 QB rating and was on target to exceed all of his numbers from 2011. Yes AS career stats look bad and no intelligent person is saying he was great from the get go but to ignore his play over the last 2 seasons would put you in the running for your dumbest person on the internet award.

          • BurtGummer44

            4 years ago you morons had the exact same attitude about Matt Cassel, you’re like a teenage boy with a hardon for the latest new girl in school. He’ll fail, anyone who has ever watched football, esp KC Chiefs Football, and is unbiased can see the next train wreck dead ahead. Pathetic, just pathetic.

          • Suzi Conger

            I feel very sorry for you; I hope you kick your disease and feel better soon, best wishes GO CHIEFS!!

          • KCMikeG

            Instead of calling names like a grade school boy why don’t you just face the fact that I proved you wrong about Harbaugh replacing AS ASAP. Pathetic that you can’t address the facts I provided. Resorting to a lame Cassel comparison – how weak. When did Cassel ever take anyone to the AFC/NFC Championship? When did he ever lead the NFL in QB rating like AS was last year? If you can’t say anything intelligent why don’t you just spare us all your “unbiased” dribble and keep on watching for your own train wreck.

          • BurtGummer44

            What the hell are you talking about? The dude got replaced by a 2nd draft pick as soon as Harbaugh felt the kid was coached up and ready, and never looked back.. If the oft injured AS is so great why was he on the bench throughout the playoffs? You freaking AS groupies have rocks for brains. Just look up Cassel’s stats and Smith’s stats…………they’re almost identical. Neither elevate the play around them, and both are viewed as “managers”. Of course Smith gets injured more frequently. Like I said, one noodle arm for another. Why is he in KC? He’s in KC because he was the only possible option for a starting QB in FA, and they weren’t sold on any 1st round draft
            possibilities. In short AS was the only girl at the dance with all her teeth. Grow up and quit with the childish player/celeb infatuations.

          • KCMikeG

            You would be the one needing to grow up with your childish name calling and insults. Sorry Not infatuated or a groupie – just an optimistic fan who is supportive of the team. Something you might want to try for once.
            Since I pointed out that you were wrong about AS being replaced ASAP first you ignored it and now you change your story – which is still wrong. AS was not replaced when Harbaugh “felt the kid was coached up and ready” CP replaced AS because he got a concussion. Period. End of story.
            Nice work ignoring my statements of fact about the levels of success that AS had over the last 2 seasons and how Cassel never achieved them. As far as FA yes AS was the best one but not the only one. Palmer, Flynn, Hasselbeck, Garrad have all been starting QB’s and all got contracts with the 1st two being starters. Thank goodness R&D were smart enough to get the right guy. Riddle me this. What kind of “fan” wants to predict total failure, train wrecks and run down his team, players and fellow fans before the season even starts??

          • BurtGummer44

            You’re a groupie and a homer without any ability to objectively analyze the team. The concussion was just the excuse Harbaugh needed to replace him. Ask yourself what coach replaces their starting QB after a concussion in the midst of said QB’s “greatest season” with what amounts to an untested kid? Only a coach who knows the limitations of the starting QB, and is willing to take a chance on the Kid because he sees the kid has the potential talent to be a “Game Changer” vs a “Game Manager”. You see QB’s who are “Game Managers” have to be protected by the coach and are not able to put the team on their back. A Smith has been described by EVERYBODY as a “Game Manager”. Game Managers can have decent seasons, but they are never ever ever Hall of Fame, Take me to the Promised Land, Franchise QBs. More often than not they fade into sunset, forgotten and broken. Why the hell do you think the headlines recently were that Reid was trying to make AS more aggressive? Because he’s a “Game Manager”, always has been, always will be and all the pixy dusts and coaching in the world will never turn him into Montana, Staubach, or Elway. The best we can hope for is perhaps DeBerg.

            And for your information I’ve been watching the Chiefs before you were in short pants………………..1964! So don’t ever question my credentials Sonny Boy! I know the realities of the Chiefs more than you can dream of. And the #1 problem the Chiefs have is they are frustratingly incapable of drafting and developing a Franchise QB, and constantly end up with other teams castoffs. And because of this fatal flaw they win a playoff game only about every other decade. Been, there and seen it for going on half a century. So you Johnny Come Lately groupies and homers with your insane, illogical predictions based on the man crush you have for a player can go stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

          • KCMikeG

            Let’s just leave it at you must be right on AS since you know better than Reid & Dorsey about NFL QB’s.

            AS could possibly come in and fail. But to ignore his accomplishments over the past two seasons, to say Harbaugh wanted to bench the NFL’s leading QB in week 10 of the season is ridiculous, to dimiss Reid’s ability to coach him up to perform like he has been and to assume he will fail even with the talent we have around him just doesn’t make any sense at all.

            I never predicted that AS was going to be Montana or Staubach. But I can see that he has achieved things Cassel never did even with the talent around him. By the way I’m going to have to “question your credentials” and suggest you do some “objective analysis” on Deberg. I would be happy with another Steve Deberg. I was proud to call Steve Deberg our QB as he was one of the toughest to ever play the game. DeBerg acquired a reputation for playing through particularly gruesome or unique injuries. He played with laryngitis and wore a portable amplifier during regular season games with San Francisco. He also played with a broken non-throwing hand and an exposed metal pin sticking out of his finger in a Chiefs playoff game in 1990. In 1993, he left a Dolphins game versus the New York Giants battered and bloodied after taking a helmet to the chin, only to return to the game following halftime.

            He was 4-6-1, 6-4, 11-5 & 10-6 in his time in KC in games he started. Apparently you forgot that DeBerg passed for over 34,000 career yards, and ranks in the top 20 all-time for attempts, completions, and yards passing. His best years were with the Chiefs, during which he led the team to two playoff berths and had his best year in 1990 with a 96.3 quarterback rating, passing for 3,444 yards, 23 touchdowns and only 4 interceptions. Throughout his career, he was frequently noted as one of the best Play-action pass quarterbacks of all time. Peyton Manning has studied films of DeBerg’s play-action technique.

            Spare me your “short pants”, “Sonny Boy” & you’re “Johnny Come Lately” crap as I have been a loyal fan since 1969. You’re also wrong about my objectivity. I just agreed with the post that said DJ may take a step back and even struggle in Sutton’s new defense. I am doubtful that Baldwin will ever perform. I am worried that Poe/Jackson may not continue their development. I’m concerned that our FA DB’s Smith/Robinson may fail. It disappoints me that Tamba may be slipping. So you see I have plenty of objectivity. I just don’t see the benefit in blabbering about this potential train wreck and that possible failure and the other looming disasters that you seem willing to accept before they even put on the pads.

            We are all fans here and entitled to our opinions. I know AA welcomes vigorous debate on their posts but none of them support the insulting behavior you are displaying. You need to take a break with the name calling, vulgarity and insults. In case you haven’t noticed Patrick Allen posted an article today asking for the AA “lurkers” to come out of the closet and post their thoughts. Don’t you think your insults could deter potential contributors? Like your picking on Suzi Conger’s comments and for her being new to the Chiefs and only being here because of AS. Wake up Bert – we have some really great fans who entered the Sea of Red because players like Montana and Allen came here to play.

            I’m guilty as charged on being a Homer and I’m proud of my optimism when it comes to the Chiefs. After becoming a fan as an 8 year old boy the year they won the Super Bowl I choose to hope for a return to the greatness I have experienced many times since. I choose not to wallow in pessimism like you. I enjoy looking at the potential of our developing players, believing in our coaches, being hopeful for our FA/draft picks, being excited by the new offense and defensive systems and expecting success from our stars. I hope you understand why I have challenged you Bert and that you will choose to treat your fellow fan with more respect.

          • BurtGummer44

            That’s the problem with you, you’re just fine with mediocrity. The Chiefs have not seen “Greatness” since 1969. Winning a Wildcard game and getting Trounced in Conference Championship does not equate to greatness. I want to watch a Championship Season before the 21st century comes to a close and to do that they will HAVE TO DRAFT AND DEVELOP A FRANCHISE QB.

          • KCMikeG

            Wrong – you’re attributing claims to me that have no validity. Again. When did I say I didn’t want to win a Super Bowl? or that I was fine with mediocrity? Never. Everybody wants to win a Super Bowl. You’re so critical of us Homers expecting success yet you seem to be angry about anything short of that. What you’re confusing here is the difference between greatness and being the greatest. It would also be great if you could realize that the “Greatest” time in Chief’s history was lead by the game manager Lenny Dawson. No one ever called Lenny elite and it was our defense that was one of the top 10 EVER when we won the Super Bowl. Reality check.

            Please refresh your knowledge of Chief’s history below with these memories of the greatness in the Chiefs history. Besides the obvious Super Bowl victory, the opening of Arrowhead – the greatest NFL stadium ever in 1972, hosting the Pro Bowl in 1975, 116 decibels, the Montana and Allen years and 1994 playoff wins, Vermeil’s NFL leading offense in 2002, 2003 AND 2004, Priest Holmes breaking Faulk’s TD record in 2003, the Nigerian Nightmare, Dante “X Factor” Hall, going 13-3 in 1995, 10 years of Derrick Thomas dominance, Martyball with it’s three division titles, the greatest comeback in our history in 2012, Bowe’s NFL leading 15 TD’s and the playoff birth in 2010, every single victory over the faiders, every time we knocked one of our fellow AFC teams out of the playoffs, making the playoffs 7 out of 8 seasons from 1990-1997.

            1990 Game Against the Seattle Seahawks

            One game stands out as the best performance by a Chiefs player. The game was played in 1990 against the Seattle Seahawks. Linebacker, Derrick Thomas, was the Chiefs first-round pick the previous year and did something during this game that had never been done in NFL history. Thomas dedicated the game to his father, who had died in Vietnam. He would sack the Seahawks QB, Dave Krieg, seven times and a performance that had yet to be accomplished by another player.

            His career exemplifies greatness and being the greatest. Thomas’ career accomplishments are mind boggling. Nine-time Pro-Bowler, 27 multi-sack games, 444 QB pressures, member of the NFL’s All-Decade team, 45 forced fumbles, 19 fumble recoveries, four defensive touchdowns, three safeties, and 126.5 sacks. In fact, no other player recorded more sacks in the 90′s than Thomas’ 116.5

            1993 Acquisitions

            In 1993, the Chiefs made some memorable acquisitions. Trading for Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana and signing free agent Marcus Allen as their starting running back. Both of these acquisitions would turn the Kansas City Chiefs team around. The team would go 11-5 and play for the AFC Championship game against the Buffalo Bills.

            From 1984 to 1991,The Secondary—Kevin Ross, Albert Lewis, Deron Cherry, and Lloyd Burress – the best secondary to ever play for the Chiefs and there was no better secondary in professional football. Lloyd Burress and Deron Cherry provided leadership to Chiefs defenses in the 1980s that endured many tough seasons. Albert Lewis and Kevin Ross were arguably the best cornerback tandem of the decade as Lewis locked down on other team’s No. 1 receivers, while Ross earned his “Rock” nickname with his highlight-reel hits on anyone that came near him with the ball.

            During their time with the Chiefs, this group accounted for: 13 Pro Bowls and 18 touchdowns, 14.5 sacks, and 140 interceptions in 499 career starts.

            2003 Season
            Watching Priest Holmes, the Chiefs running back, set a single season touchdown record was a memory that will never leave my mind. He was unstoppable and would go on to get 28 rushing touchdowns that year. The team would end up with a 13-3 record. The team would lose in the playoffs and not make it to the AFC Championship game, but what a season to watch.

            There are many, many more in the link below. Try to enjoy the greatness along the way to being the greatest.


          • BurtGummer44

            You’re pathetic loser.

          • KCMikeG

            Exactly what I would have expected from you. Thanks for proving my point and thereby making me the winner. Bahahahahahahahaha!

          • BurtGummer44

            Thanks for proving my point that you’re a Moronic Loser mired in Mediocrity.

          • KCMikeG

            More immature name calling. How sad. Is that all you have? Can’t carry on an intelligent debate. Grow up.
            If what you say becomes true and the Chiefs are a train wreck and AS fails then the silver lining would be that hopefully it would be the straw that breaks the camel’s back causing you to become a “fan” of another team more worthy of your attention. Amazing how a “fan” can follow a team he thinks so little of for 50 years.

          • BurtGummer44

            Go change your diapers Sonny Boy.

          • KCMikeG

            At your age I’m sure your the expert on diapers. Time to get a life Burt.

          • Suzi Conger

            Right-O Mr KCMikeG!! :-) You’ve detected ‘walk-on-water’-Bert’s contradictory ambiguous intellect.. as well as his extensive ‘name-calling’ vocabulary..he he

            Actually, I’ve been having too much fun the last few days to deal with ‘bert’, As a SantaCruz Cal-Gal, it’s a ton o fun livin’ here. I do have facts/figures that do refute his claims. But I”ll get around to it when I feel like a little negative dose of ‘sour grapes’. lol

            Care, hope all is well for u