Dec 23, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles (25) catches a pass against Indianapolis Colts linebacker Jerrell Freeman (50) in the first half at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs Preseason Football Matters To Me

I hear it all the time in my Arrowhead Adventures both at Arrowhead and in life.

Preseason football is a big waste of time.

The best seat in the house is right in front of my TV.

The Kansas City Chiefs are terrible.

There was a time when these were fightin’ words, my friends. Or at least the catalyst to a spirited debate. But now they just make me think of a preseason game several years ago.

It was a beautiful August, God’s gift of an evening at the greatest NFL stadium in the world. I had just sat down with the tastiest hotdog and sweetest Dr. Pepper on the face of the earth to catch some early season action. It was relatively quiet, like most preseason games. I could talk to the other folks in my little corner as I sat in my little seat and smelled the smells I had been longing for all year.

I watched with interest.

Suddenly, a little figure emerged from a big, bad herd of bigger, badder players.

It was Jamaal Charles.

He was so little I expected him to get bigger as he ran toward me, but he really didn’t.

A little figure emerged to chase him. Small but bigger than Jamaal. I watched with awe as these two guys ran like I have never seen humans run before or since. Every ounce of energy channeled into efficiency. No wasted movements. Pure, raw explosive power.

Remember Addicts, this was preseason.

Jamaal Charles was established; he had nothing to prove to me or anyone else for that matter. But nobody will ever convince me that he could have run any faster that he did that day. The defensive guy caught him right in the red zone and they both slid toward my seat. They both rolled over and breathed for awhile then slowly got up. Jamaal could have walked over to the rest of his team and his coach, but instead he walked over to his fans and shook his head a little and smiled. He didn’t say the words but he told us he gave us his best.

And we returned his smile and shook our heads and told him we knew he did and that was all that we expected.

As Charles walked back to the sidelines, I imagine he knew how lucky he was to be a member of the best NFL team in the world and to play in the greatest NFL stadium in the world, before the best NFL fans in the world.

And we knew we were lucky too.

We knew that preseason games do indeed, matter. They matter to the players who run like Jamaal did that day.

The best seats are not in front of your big screen TV.

The best seats are at Arrowhead. Even if you sit in that little tiny chair up in each corner.

And the Kansas City Chiefs are not terrible. They are the best.

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  • Bosco Cletus

    My very first game was a preseason game actually, I had front row in the amen corner end zone. I remember Neil Smith waving to us, and Dale Carter calling bullshit on a refs PI call loud enough I could hear every word he said. I was sold after that.

    • Arrowhead Adventurer

      That is where I sit !

  • Stacy D. Smith

    I’m always excited the first time the team steps back on the field for a new season. This year will be no different. I’m already hoping they win the toss so we can get a look at our brand new quarterback.

  • KCPauly

    To me there really is no other team, they are and always will be the best to me no matter what the record…don’t get me wrong I bleed Chiefs red and last season I bled alot, I am from N.Idaho born and raised and nobody here understands why I am a Chiefs fan and not a Seachickens fan, well I have my reasons(that’s another story) and I hate the chickens, but for 28+yrs. I have bled red and gold for the Chiefs and I would fight tooth and nail if ever I had to not be a Chiefs fan, anyway sorry to ramble, but I have taken some good beatings lately for my loyalty and I am still here I believe we are now on the right track to bring me(and all of you others) the joy and exaltation that we all deserve when the Chiefs win the SB and bring silence to all our critics..also my wife is a Chiefs fan that is how we knew it was right and we will dance naked together when the final whistle blows on the Chiefs SB win….Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!by the way I am 40yrs old and wasn’t born when my boys won the SB, but I can wait a little longer, we will string a few together and become a dynasty that this proud franchise deserves…Go Chiefs!!!!(again sorry to ramble)

  • Danny W

    Some folks don’t believe preseason is much of an indicator either but I believe preseason matters a whole lot.

    • Patrick Allen

      Yeah I think it does, on the whole. Obviously the game against Arizona was a bit of a mirage last year but the Chiefs quickly came back down to earth.

      I knew during the 2010 preseason the Chiefs were going to be much better by the way they played in the 3rd game against the Eagles. The D was flying around like I had never seen them before.

      I think we could see a similar situation this year. An aggressive attitude adjustment may be just what the DR. ordered for this unit. Young and hungry. Now unleash them.

      • Arrowhead Adventurer

        Bring it on. I feel good about things Paddy

  • steve james

    I find I like your posts more every time I read one:)

    • Arrowhead Adventurer

      Thanks! They are from the heart.

  • Darkwolf1414

    Great read! I haven’t been to Arrowhead since 2003, as I moved from KC in ’94 and have found it hard to make it back. The “silent exchange” between Jamaal and the fans gave me chills. There is NOTHING like Arrowhead! And with Jamaal you always know you’re going to get his best. That kid has HEART!