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Andy Reid On Tyson Jackson: Pass Rush Was Not His Forte

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is a breath of fresh air.

After a few years of convoluted coach-speak and former GM Scott Pioli’s propaganda, Reid’s no-nonsense approach to speaking with the media is a bit of a relief.

It isn’t that Reid is doing anything out of the ordinary here. Most NFL head coaches are pretty up front about what is going on with their organizations but Pioli’s regime was so secretive, about even inane details, that to hear a Chiefs coach say something like “Dexter McCluster hurt his hamstring and I think he’ll be back next week” makes it feel like we’re getting a super secret bit of information.

Reid continued to sling truth yesterday when he mentioned that DE and Scott Pioli first-round pick, Tyson Jackson, hasn’t been good at rushing the passer.

“Tin Man,” as we lovingly call Jackson around here, is working very hard to improve his pass rush, according to his new head coach.

“I’ve been very impressed with Tyson,” said Reid. “Very, very impressed throughout this whole camp, since we’ve been together here. Not many guys are going to outwork him on the field. Pass rush was not his forte. He’s working like crazy on it to get better. As a coach, that’s all you ask for. You saw what he did today. Now again, this isn’t live. The offensive line, they’re trying to control it. Both sides are trying to control it and work it. He did a nice job. He’s a big man that can move a little bit. It’s very impressive.”

This is great news for Chiefs fans. Jackson has developed into a very solid run defender in the last couple of years. This alone seemed a huge consolation, considering how awful Jackson was during his rookie season. If the former LSU Tiger can actually put a little bit of pressure on the QB this season under new defensive coordinator Bob Sutton, it could make a tremendous difference to the Chiefs’ defense.

Sutton’s scheme may allow Jackson to finally flourish. Romeo Crennel’s scheme asked his defensive lineman to do more reacting than attacking. When Jackson was asked to attack, he did a poor job of it but the scheme didn’t do him any favors.

What we’ve seen of Jackson so far doesn’t inspire confidence that he will suddenly turn into a terror for QBs dropping back to pass, but if Tyson get a little bit more push on passing downs, Tamba Hali and Justin Houston should take care of the rest.

What do you think, Addicts? Will Jackson finally have a breakout year under Sutton and Reid?

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  • berttheclock

    Many forget how much valuable time he missed his second season when he suffered a hyperextension of his knee. His play had shown improvement when, suddenly, he was thrown into the splits on a play. So, it was not only the time to heal, but, the time lost from practice and game experience. Interesting the views of many fans who believe all athletes are some sort of machines who can be wound up and put back on the field of play after suffering from such as Jackson’s injury or High Ankle Sprains, Lisfrancs or other injuries. Dexter lost a great deal of time with his High Ankle Sprain, yet, many posters seemed to think he could, simply, step back upon the field and regain his old form. With many of these injuries, players lose a great deal of conditioning and, especially, during the season, such time lost is very hard to make up.

    • KCMikeG

      Excellent point. Losing time as a rookie/young player interrupts development. Good coaching and strength/conditioning programs can get prospects back on track. No rookie camp/OTA’s hurt the young guys even more than the vets. This year we will see the rise of some of those players like McCluster, Bailey, Hemingway and Wiley.

      People seem all to quick to write off a player without fully analyzing not just the performance but the contributing factors. Tamba struggled when moved from DE to OLB. DJ and Bowe struggled in their early years. If a guy is healthy, well coached and utilized based on his strengths many will develop into successful players for the long run. Obviously the team sees his potential or they would have let him go like Dorsey. I know I was encouraged by his play as the year came to a close.

      • Darkwolf1414

        I agree with you on your points. Although, I thought I read that R&D wanted to retain Dorsey but he went to SF anyway.

    • Darkwolf1414

      A lot of the haters have never played sports. I’ve had high ankle sprains, sprained wrists, pulled quads, pulled groin, pulled calf and a myriad of other injuries throughout playing football for 15 years along with many other sports. For some reason these people think the players enjoy sitting around. Believe me, the players want to be on the field. It’s what they love! Sometimes that desire can backfire because they are willing to try to get back early instead of allowing the injury to fully heal. I’m with ya.

  • Billie Cabral

    I’m not sure if he will have huge stats this year but I can tell you it isn’t all about the money with Jackson. From what this says to me is he wants to earn a fat contract by outworking everyone else. I do think he will have a bigger impact on passing situations tbis year because of that.

    • steve james

      He has a fat contract he is trying to earn the one he has now! I like it I have seen him at camp he is huge you would think he would be able to shove around anyone.

  • Jarad

    Though this wasnt huge news by any means, it is def good and promising news. Any slight improvement in pass rushing from the D-line added with Suttons aggressive system , should improve this defense tenfold. Bring on 3rd and longs!!!

  • Trent Taylor

    At least he has the drive to get better. Could have easily sat on his draft money and cashed it in.

    • KCMikeG

      Plus he has been more than willing to take a pay cut the last two years.

      • Darkwolf1414

        Yeah, he’s been a good dude about that.

  • cd3382

    Ahhh…Music to my ears! I think he will have a major impact this year and look for our defense to create more turnover also.

  • ArrowFan

    I hope so because he is the end we are keeping and the most senior guy in that unit.

  • willwilcox

    If it is as Coach says, it frees up a lot other players to do their jobs and by default, allows us to take more risks. This would be the equivalent of taking Richard Seymour off the market and inserting him into the starting lineup (I still hope we get Seymour).

    • berttheclock

      He is negotiating with Atlanta.

  • chiefdeorty

    I hope Jackson can bring some pressure this year it will be a welcomed site. This defense will be very good this year and I believe it will be a guy like Jackson who will show up this year and make other player better, he could turn the corner this year. I don’t know about Seymor, I think we will be alright and who knows who might get cut when teams have to trim down their rosters, could be a player to bring in then.

    • Jim Harper


      • Austin Wagner

        There was a blog post a few days ago explaining how KC “needs” Seymour.

  • PunjabiPete

    I can’t see how it DOESN’T improve. With all the help on defense, it just makes everyone better, and I’m fine with even lower tier players looking better than they really are if our superstars are out there doing their job

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Wonder who Chiefs fans will hate if Jackson and McCluster play well under the new regime?

    • Barrie Neal Parkes Jr.

      dorsey is with the 49ers but he might do well there

      • Stacy D. Smith

        I meant Jackson. Hahaha.

        • berttheclock

          I do hope to see more “Preyer” Meetings atop opposing QBs, this season.

    • KCMikeG

      Baldwin or Poe unless they light it up or Allen is the most likely target as he really struggled last year. I’m looking forward to this labeling being more and more difficult for the haters to identify a target!

  • Jim Harper

    Reid definitely sees something in him that he likes and that will likely spell success for Jackson. He finally has a coach who will use him the right way. Is playing to a players strengths a new concept? Only in Kansas City! Has anyone else noticed that time has slowed to a snails pace?

  • Kurt Rauch

    I can’t wait to see the newly liberated, ‘impressive’, Mr. Jackson…that is if Coach’s workout praise translates into game performance!