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Dwayne Bowe Says He’ll Lead The NFL In Receptions, Touchdowns

The D-Bowe Show is back.

As the Kansas City Chiefs enter their second day of OTA practices, WR Dwayne Bowe is already feeling confident. In fact, he’s making some pretty bold predictions.

“Jamaal Charles is going to lead the league in rushing this year,” said Bowe in comments obtained via the Kansas City Star, “and I’m going to lead the league in receptions and touchdowns.”

When former Chiefs GM, Soctt Pioli and former head coach, Todd Haley, arrived in Kansas City in 2009, their first order of business was to get Dwayne Bowe to shut up and behave himself. Haley treated Bowe as if he was an infant, demoting the the WR to the bottom of the depth chart for a portion of the preseason. The thinking, I suppose, was that by putting Bowe in his “place” that the receiver would focus and improve. When Bowe had a career year two seasons later, folks liked to credit Haley’s demotion for the receiver’s success.

Looking back, I don’t think Haley had anything to do with Bowe’s improvement. I don’t think that forcing the receiver to hide from the media and requiring that he refer to himself as “Dwayne” instead of “D-Bowe,” made a lick of difference in his play.

Bowe has always been a talented receiver that sometimes lacks focus and drops the ball. He’s explosive but inconsistent.

Bowe’s successful 2010 season had more to do with then offensive coordinator, Charlie Weis than it did Haley. Weis got the most out of the Chiefs’ offense and because a lot of passes were called in the red zone, Bowe got a lot of touchdowns. But even in 2010, Bowe had a stretch of games where he didn’t perform well. The receiver also vanished in the team’s playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens.

Daywne Bowe will likely become a more consistent player as soon as he gets more consistent play from his QB. “The Show” hasn’t had consistent QB play, not ever, in his entire career. Perhaps his newfound confidence is the result of two days catching the ball from former No. 1 overaal pick, Alex Smith.

I don’t think Andy Reid and John Dorsey care about Dwayne Bowe’s mouth. I think what they care about, is his production on the field.

I don’t care about Dwayne Bowe’s mouth either. In fact, I think it might benefit Bowe to bring back the “D-Bowe Show.” A little swagger can be a good thing for a receiver. Frankly, I want Bowe going out on the field looking to prove he’s the best receiver in the league.

Todd Haley spent the 2010 season telling his players and anyone else that would listen, that his team wasn’t any good, even as they marched steadily toward an AFC West title.

A couple of years later, another young coach by the name of Jim Harbaugh brought his family’s motto to his football team. Growing up, Harbaugh’s father used to ask the family, “who’s got it better than us,” to which his family would respond “nobody.”

From the day Harbaugh arrived in San Francisco, few teams have had it better than the 49ers. The coach arrived with a message that essentially says “you are who you are and you have what it takes.”

Perhaps the young and talented Chiefs, are ready to embrace a similar message under Andy Reid. Despite coming off a 2-14 season, Reid has not said a single negative thing about his new team or even the regime that he and his coaches are replacing. Reid has said that the team is talented and will keep working to get better.

For an offense that couldn’t move the ball at all in 2012, a little confidence might be a good thing. Sure, predictions can sometimes backfire but Bowe wants the best for himself and his teammates.

And I’m not sure there’s anything wrong with that.

Give em’ hell, Dwayne.

Check that.

Give em’ hell, “D-Bowe.”

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  • james

    That’s exactly what the the chief’s need is some swagger and i like that our star receiver is confident in himself and his star runningback and evidently in his new quarterback.

    • Patrick Allen

      here, here.

      • berttheclock

        where, where

    • ILChiefan

      Swagger? Chiefs were 2-14 last year. Let’s have some wins first.

      • P Heitman

        I agree. I’d rather Bowe say something like, “we’re hoping Charles gets about a thousand yards, maybe, if he stays healthy. As for me, my goal is 30-40 catches, about 500 yards and maybe a few scores, if I’m lucky. You gotta remember, we were 2-14, so it would be ridiculous to have confidence in myself or my teammates. Chances are we’re gonna suck.”

        • Huscarl132

          Really? That is the kind of fire you want your players to have? Seriously?

          Oh…that was sarcasm. Sorry, got it :P

        • David Fritch


    • berttheclock

      Word or hear, hear

  • Stacy D. Smith

    He’s done this in at least one category before.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    It’s not at all coincedental that both Dwayne Bowe and Derrick Johnson had the best seasons of their careers one year following the Haley hire. They got similar treatment from Todd Haley. I think he deserves a lot of credit for what they’ve become.

    • Patrick Allen

      Completely disagree. DJ was a bit of an underachiever but it was the move to ILB in the 3-4 and some extra maturity, not Haley throwing him on the bench for an entire year, that got DJ playing at a higher level.

      These guys aren’t toddlers. DJ is a grown man and a hard worker. The ability was always there. You’ll never be able to sell me a bill of goods that Derrick Johnson losing an entire season of productivity, was a good thing.

      As for Bowe, like I said above, in 2010, he produced pretty much like he always does but he got more chances on offense than normal, particularly in the red zone.

      I am sure Haley aided in the development of these guys but they were good before he got here and good after he left.

      • Stacy D. Smith

        Haley challenged Bowe to put his head down and work. Remember the bowling ball? Haley chided Bowe about coming in at nearly 240 pounds. Bowe cut nearly 30 pounds, which made him more effective after the catch. Haley also encouraged him to be more unselfish. Bowe became a better blocking WR behind it.

        Derrick Johnson cried about being benched until 2010 when he vowed that he would win the open competition. He did and subsequently had the best year of his career.

        Sometimes former #1 picks need to be tested and stripped of their egos. Being great in the NFL requires more than natural talent and athleticism.

        The two of them have become Pro Bowl-caliber players, in part, due to Haley’s pressing.

        • KCMikeG

          I lean more towards your thinking on this Stacy but believe Paddy has his points also. Many forget in 2008-2009 quite a few fans were wanting to get rid of them both. DJ’s two INt game week 17 seemed to be his turning point. The OC and a great run game in 2010 created opportunities for Bowe. They both needed a swift kick in the butt, major attitude adjustments and they have both matured into Pro Bowl caliber players with and without Haley’s influence.

          • ArrowFan

            Was it Haley being good for them or was it Edwards being so very bad for them?

          • KCMikeG

            As with most things in life it is a little bit of everything – the good, the bad and the ugly.

      • upperturion

        I tend to agree w/ Stacy. The question isn’t whether certain players are/were good or not; it’s how distracted they become, and how much of their own hype they buy-in to… Haley was able to show both DJ and DBowe that “good” isn’t good enough, and they don’t get special treatment. In fact, in life you always want to challenge the great players to get them to become LEADERS — otherwise egotism will waste an inordinate amount time and space…..IMO

        • ArrowFan

          You following the game tonight:)

      • bleh

        eh really? because when dj was sent to the bench, he was playing at a very mediocre and inconsistent level

    • Kurt Rauch

      I agree. I still think it better that Bowe focus on his performance on the field–rather than with the mouth. Could be a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’. Charles, for example, doesn’t have any issues performing while maintaining modesty. On the other hand, if Bowe can perform better running his mouth in a way that doesn’t distract from the team focus—then I say let him be.

      • Patrick Allen

        It isn’t like Bowe is taling to the cameras when he is out on the field. As far as I am concerned, him talking to the camera after a TD catch has nothing to do if he is focusing when the ball is in the air.

    • David Fritch

      As Cedric the Entertainer would say, “Bowe and Johnson are both GROWN ASS MEN” LOL. Haily had no respect because he had never earned any, but he wanted to be treated and treat others like the BIG TUNA. Here’s is a good example. Think of Tom Coughlin. He admits he was a total prick-job early in his career and never had any success. He decided one day to cut the act and treat his players the way he expected them to treat him and turned his career around. I don’t think for one minute that KC’s problems were that everyone had an attitude problem that needed to be beat out of them, I think we had coaches without a clue how to win games. Another way of looking at this. If Tony Dungy (Pretty much the nicest coach ever) was in KC instead of Haily, I don’t believe Bowe or Johnson are benched and there performance is better than it ever has been. I can’t be convince that the “Turning Point” in those two mens careers was a little bench time from Haily. Haily is not some “super-genius-life-coach” who figured out the trick for preparing a professional team of men to compete at an elite level is to treat them like delinquent children in boot-camp. NFL Football is a highly intelligent game and winning teams have highly intelligent coaches who outwit opposing teams. Not drill-sargents who play drama head-games. Thats just my two cents anyway.

      • Stacy D. Smith

        “Me and Todd have grown closer in the time he’s been here. We’ve had our ups and downs, of course, but my hat’s off to him for sticking with me and being passionate about what he believes in. We’ve shared some good times. He’s a fun guy to be around. He’ll definitely be well-missed.” – Derrick Johnson in response to Todd Haley’s firing

        Sounds like he had no respect for him.

        The tough love brand of coaching has a storied history in the NFL. I’m baffled that people think some players don’t respond to it. I suppose each is his own though.

        Several people from that regime have gone on record and admitted Haley was directly challenging those two players. Those two players went on to have breakout seasons the year following Haley’s arrival. All of that is coincidental though? Okay.

        • David Fritch

          I always enjoy your input and a lot of time scroll down to see if you have left any comments (You, BigJim, and Patty). And that was a nice thing Derrick said about his recently fired coach. However I’m certain of two counter points. 1. Using my example with Dungy or Coughlin, I can imagine a Johnson quote as follows, “I owe all my success and this ring to the constant teaching and support coach gave me. He is like a surgeon who pinpointed exact issues with my game that needed adjustment to unlock my full potential. I would do anything for that man and he will be missed”. 2. Do you remember SCREAMING at the TV every time Thomas-Two-Yards-Jones robbed a carry from Charles? I wonder what wonderful quotes were said about Haley behind his back then? For every nice thing said about Haley there must have been many more that were never reported. Just think of the year JC could have had if given the carries he most certainly deserved. We had the number one rushing offense despite TJ pulling us down like old Flightless Vulture! Of course this is all just my theory but that’s what makes sports talk fun!

          • Stacy D. Smith

            Derrick Johnson may prefer that kind of coach, but I’m not sure that suggests he’ll be more responsive to that coaching style. He had two Tony Dungy-esque coaches in Vermeil and Edwards. He had his best season a year after being exposed to the hard-nosed Parcells type. If you think that’s all coincidental, so be it.

  • Bosco Cletus

    I actually like watching Bowe in open space more than I like watching Charles, Bowe is a beast to bring down, especially for undersized safeties.

    • Darkwolf1414

      I wouldn’t say I like watching Bowe more than I like watching Charles. I do however, love to see Bowe breaking tackles and running wild after the catch. My best friend is an Atlanta Falcons fan and he doesn’t know much about the Chiefs. During the game against the Steelers last year; Dwayne caught a pass and the safety hit him immediately. Bowe just bounced off and kept going. My friend texted me and said, “Holy shit! You’re not lying. Bowe is a MF’ing beast!” I also like watching Bowe block for his RBs. He is an incredible downfield blocker.

  • KCPauly

    Go get em D-Bowe and when you are not racking up YAC be sure to lay out a few safety’s for JC…..Go Chiefs!!!!!!!!!

  • P Heitman

    Love it. I’m all for the return of “The Show.” I’ve never seen an NFL team in such dire need of swag. Imagine watching a Chiefs QB hitting receivers in stride … I might tear up the first time it happens.

  • Calchiefsfan

    There’s a verse in the Bible that says “Let not the one who puts on his armor boast like the one who takes it off”. Meaning let’s wait until the season is over and you’ve actually done those things, that’s the time for boasting. Still, I’m a huge D-Bowe fan and truly believe he can do it if A. Smith and Reid are doing there part.

    • Suzi Conger

      Alex wil do his part well if he’s adequately protected; I can vouch for AS. Remember AS11′s ’11 season 13-3 record after SF’s eight no-PlayOff years

  • P Heitman

    I’m getting a great feeling in regard to this team…

    The 2008 team, heading into 2009 gave me the impression that they felt entitled in a way. Example number one being Brian Waters demanding a meeting with Todd Haley, etc.

    The 2012 team, heading into 2013 just comes acros as hungry, confident, and eager to start the season. I like the vibe that is coming from this team and these players so far.

  • Jim Harper

    I’m also excited to see this swagger from D-Bowe. This is a different Bowe than we saw early in his career. The money is now out of the way and he is entirely focused on football. I have enjoyed the entire team having a new and exciting attitude about them that was not even there in 2010. Such exciting changes have everyone amped. I will give Haley credit for getting Bowe to go to Fitzgerald’s camp in 2010. They instilled a strong work ethic and he was a different man when he came back. In 2011 he damn near ruined all the progress that was made in 2010.

    • KCMikeG

      Great point on Haley getting Bowe to Fitz camp. Does he still go? Are any of our other WR’s going??

    • Suzi Conger

      Jim, have you seen DBowe’s interview on film regarding Alex?; pretty exciting… DB likens AS11 to Steve Young and expresses something short of amazement with Alex’s confidence and leadership skills. DB blatantly has stated that he stayed with KCC when he heard that AS and AReid were comin on board. I am so excited,,,fun, fun! GO CHIEFS!!

  • KCMikeG

    I freaking LOVE this attitude. I would lay some money on his Charles prediction and would love to see him reach his own new heights. Having a QB that can get the ball to him on target WHILE on the move will be huge for him. Heard Knile Davis today commenting on Alex Smith’s accuracy. We are going to be thrilled we kept Bowe in KC. The last two years we have acted like a bunch of pansies getting pushed around and humiliated. ENOUGH with that crap. Time for the new and improved CHIEFS ATTITUDE!!

  • Da Menace

    I bought his jersey the day before he signed, looks like the sweet deal I got on it is even sweeter now..did I mention the brand new jersey was accompanied by a rookie card as well, yeah buddy! D-Bowe-ling ball: rolling over defenders everywhere coming to a stadium near you!

    • bleh

      a rookie card? wooooooooooooooooooo

  • ArrowFan

    Lets get it on then already.

  • Erik Hild

    It’s refreshing to see the chiefs with confidence. I hope 2013 will be looked at as the year the chiefs organization turned around for good. Only time will tell

  • Suzi Conger

    Thanks Patrick,,great read and info…GO CHIEFS!!

  • mnelson52

    Larry Fitzgerald was the one that worked with Bowe to quiet his mouth and let his production do the talking. I think he should visit Fitz. School again.