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NFL Top 100: Chiefs' Brandon Flowers Is #75

The Kansas City Chiefs may not have had a very good record in 2012 but that doesn’t mean the roster was devoid of talent.

NFL Network is running down its top 100 players of 2013. This is a yearly event where NFL players vote on which players they think are in the top 100 in the league, based on the pervious year’s performances.

Kansas City Chiefs CB Brandon Flowers checked in at #75.

“I’m glad to have him on my team,” said Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles when interviewed for the program. “I know when its time to play, he’s going to come to play. He come up and hit now, he not a scared cornerback.”

Oakland Raiders WR Denarius Moore also heaped some praise on Flowers.

“Last year, he intercepted the ball and took it all the way back on us,” said Moore. “It’s just little plays like that you think you have him beat but he’s still right there beside you and he’ll hurt you in the long run.”

Chiefs safety Eric Berry told NFL Network that the night before the Chiefs played the Broncos last season, Flowers saw something on tap he thought he could exploit.

“Yeah, it was just like a deep skinny post,” said Berry. “They ran the play and he picked it off. A lot of stuff he called, he calls his shots, just like in pool, you know? I think that’s pretty cool too.”

Flowers likely won’t be the last Chiefs player listed in the top 100. Recent commercials seem to indicated that WR Dwayne Bowe will be in the next grouping and chances are that RB Jamaal Charles could make the list as well.

How many Chiefs players do you think belong in the top 100?

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  • steve james

    How many players go to the pro bowl? Commensurate with that.

    • asmithfan10

      how many of those chiefs were on the list before all the replacements? 5.

      • steve james

        That is what I am getting at as a percentage of team representation. I think they will do fine. You would expect with “Parity” with 32 teams and 100 spots 3 and a 1/3 per team. Obviously any more than 3 and we are doing good.

  • Jason Taylor

    Tamba… DJ… JC… Colquitt… Flowers…

    • Dewayne Colbert

      Jason, what are you smokin`?? I agree that Dustin is the best in the league at his job, but do actually think a punter will be on the list?????? I really doubt it, there are way to many good players in the league for that . Don`t you think???

      • Danny W

        I’ve never seen a punter or a kicker on the list.

        • Jason Taylor

          I think #100 and #99 should be the best Punter and best place kicker.

          You ever seen someone’s hopes of a last minute comeback dashed to bits after being pinned inside the 5 yard line by a punter?

          You ever seen someone win a Superbowl or Conference Championship on the leg of a kicker?

          #55? No way in hell…. 100/99…. Sure… Why the heck not?

  • Donkeyhater

    They said there would be 5 Chiefs on the list. After Flowers I would say probably Bowe, Hali, Johnson and Charles in that order. Think Berry gets left off though I fully expect him to easily make the list next year. I could see a surprise with Houston making the list over Hali (which it probably should be if both didnt make it..) but usually you have to have a couple great years in a row to get the respect and then you keep it long after your decline (why is Freeney on the list???).

    • kmon

      No to bowe, he didn’t have a good year last season

      • calciomoti

        Kmon man, do you believe that was his fault? For the QB a he had, he had a great year!

        • kmon

          Hell no it wasn’t his fault! and for that reason is y he’s not on the list but I do believe he is one of the better receivers in the league

    • Chief Hokie

      I agree with that list. I’d say based on what each player has proven SO FAR (regardless of potential), it should go:
      1. J. Charles
      2. D. Johnson
      3. T. Hali
      4. D. Bowe
      5. B. Flowers
      6. E. Berry
      7. J. Houston
      8. B. Albert

      Honestly though Houston is more like #3 or 4 – he’s just so young, he has more to prove. And the same goes for Berry.

      One last point – Derrick Johnson is one of the most underrated iLB’s in the league. The only thing he can’t do is drop back and cover, and that’s not even the job of an inside linebacker so who gives a flying….

      He’s a 90 on madden – should at least be a 95-97.

      The Chiefs are drowning in talent. If only we can find way to pull it all together. In R&D we trust.

  • Jim Harper

    Wouldn’t it be something if Albert does not make the list. Should he then lower his asking price? Just a thought.