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Which Chiefs Draft Pick Will Make The Biggest Impact In 2013?

The Kansas City Chiefs added eight rookies to their 2013 roster during this year’s NFL Draft. As we begin to take a close look at the class later this week, we also wanted to see which player Chiefs fans think will have the most impact in 2013.

Since the Chiefs decided to make LT Eric Fisher the No. 1 overall pick, it is evident that most would expect Fisher to be the team’s most active contributor. As such, we are going to remove him as an option from the poll.

The Chiefs used their second-round pick to acquire QB Alex Smith and so beyond Fisher, Kansas City has a pretty mixed back of mid to later round picks that could be in the mix.

Let’s take a quick look at the candidates:

Round 3: 

Travis Kelce, TE

Kelce will join Tony Moeaki and Anthony Fasano on the TE depth chart. Will he be ab;le to surpass one or both veterans to get on the field as a rookie?

Knile Davis, RB

When it comes to running the football in Kansas City, there is Jamaal Charles and everyone else. In this case, “everyone else” includes Cyrus Gray, Shaun Draughn and now Davis. Can the speedy rookie beat out the Pioli’ regime’s hand-picked backs in the race to spell JC?

Round 4: 

Nico Johnson, ILB

Johnson will look to take over the starting role once occupied by Jovan Belcher. But will Johnson be ready in time to play next to the other Johnson?

Round 5: 

Sanders Commings, DB

Commings will reportedly get a look at safety. Should FS Kendrick Lewis continue to have injury issues, Commings could see some playing time alongside Pro Bowler Eric Berry.

Round 6:

Eric Kush, C

Kush is a center from a small school . He likely needs some work before he is ready to compete at the NFL level but sometimes even rookies from small schools surprise. And sometimes injuries force them int action early.

Braden Wilson, FB

Wilson will have to compete with a crowded FB depth chart of he wants to be the lead blocker for Jamaal Charles.

Round 7:

Mike Catapano, DE

Catapano is clearly a fringe guy, having been drafted in the seventh round, however the Chiefs lack depth at DE. Can he make an impression in camp so he can make an impression on the field?

Which Chiefs rookie will make the biggest impact in 2013?

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  • Patrick Allen

    Nico is the early frontrunner. Ladner won’t be pleased.

    • Troy Utt

      I believe Nico is going to fit in nicely next to DJ & with our LB set. But with DJ, Houston, & Hali, I believe he will more or less blend-in… That is what makes me say Kelce…

  • kmon

    Braden Wilson no doubt!!! lol

  • Carlos Nevarez

    Why all the sudden love for Tony Moeaki? Am i the only one who saw him drop the easy passes thrown to him? Hes a BUM. Kelce should have no problem getting a the 2nd TE spot if not, the starter.

    • KCMikeG

      I think Kelce could very well give a healthy Moeaki a run for the starting position and as good as Fasano is he will be our #3 TE and I LOVE that DEPTH!!
      The love for Moeaki is not sudden, it is deep and comes from A) his having broken Tony G’s rookie records, B) his run blocking is very good. Watch tape of JC busting one and it is very often Moeaki getting a 2nd level block that seals the deal. C) Hawkeye Homers love him, D) He was steadily improving from his ACL as the year progressed last year, E) The Catch – I just can’t stop watching it! Enjoy!

      • ArrowFan

        If Fansao ends up number 3 is he worth keeping?

        • BigGil

          Given Moe’s injury concerns and Kelce’s character concerns (granted I think he’s past that personally), I’d vote yes.

        • KCMikeG

          I think so. You are always one play away from needing another starter in your lie up. I think Reid may use them all 3 at one time too. Imagine Moeaki, Kelce, Fasano, Bowe & Baldwin lined up. Are we running with these great blocking receivers or passing against smaller DB’s? Our opponents’ DC will be terrified.

          • ArrowFan

            What would we call that formation? Tri TE double wide.

      • Calchiefsfan

        I just love that play! Right up there with Willie Davis and the Monday night catch from Montana. Not quite the Otis Taylor catch.

        • stephan costa

          Dont forget Andre bad moon Rison on MNF to beat the faiders in the last seconds of the game. I swear I thought Al was gonna jump from his luxery suite

    • Chris Tarrants

      easy passes? I honestly don’t think that there was an easy pass to anybody all of last season! Tony is a sure handed tight end if the ball is put on the numbers like it should be. We have a great set of te’s now and Alex Smith sink or swim will have no excuses

      • superman_25_58

        I agree. Moeaki will be the #1 TE with Kelce and Fasano battling it out for the #2 spot which I believe Kelce can definitely win. Moeaki had like 200 more yards receiving coming off an ACL injury than Fasano had healthy. Ya Fasano had 5 TD to Moeaki’s 1 TD but Fasano and all of Dolphins receiving core had Tannehill and well Moeaki and all of Chiefs receiving core had Cassel and Quinn who ended with a -24 point turnover differential….. Enough Said.

      • Suzi Conger

        Your last statement is true Chris, as long as the o-line does their job and protects AS to afford him the time to execute the pass/play..remember AS has already proven that he can lead a team to a SB ( it was #10Williams in ’12 PO game that handed/delivered the win to NY with his TWO critical fumbles.) ASmith delivered; it takes the whole Team to make it to the PO’s or SB

  • Colton

    Kelce for sure, Eric kush was our best value pick. But if he’s targeted enough Kelce will def help us get first downs touchdowns and big throws down the field. We have a lot of talent but cassel and Quinn can’t go through progressions, so it’s mccluster or bowe the whole game with other players wide open

    • KCMikeG

      Either Kush or Catapano may turn out to be the best value quicker. We are looking at Catapano playing OLB so that will limit his playing time some. Watching our passing game this year compared to last year will be like watching aliens land on earth. Unbelievable!

    • Spencer

      i agree with Kelce but due to a different reason, a.k.a Moeaki, the guy can’t stay healthy, if he can well he will be a beast in this league, but i doubt he does so i see him getting some o the most playing time and thus the most influential of the draft picks, everyone else is more depth and potential draft picks rather then right now picks

      • Darkwolf1414

        Moeaki started all but one game his rookie season (2010) and broke T.Gonz’s rookie records for a TE. 2011 was a freak injury, as were the ACL injuries of Berry and Jamaal. He came back last year and fought through what is a difficult process in coming back from an ACL. Moeaki and Berry progressed well as last season moved on but Jamaal was the only one who came back to “full form”. You really can’t compare the 3 players’ return from the injury, however, because 1) each person’s body will heal differently and 2) they play totally different positions.

        I don’t get why everyone says Moeaki can’t stay healthy in the NFL. Playing 30 out of 32 possible games (aside from getting your ACL blown out) isn’t injury prone to me! Especially considering one of those years was a rookie season and the other was one coming back from an ACL!

        • Chief Hokie

          Take a look back at his college and high school years. The dude has always been injured in some form or another.

          • Darkwolf1414

            I know he was oft injured in college. That’s why I clarified my statement with “I don’t get why everyone says Moeaki can’t stay healthy in the NFL.” He’s been pretty healthy and willing to fight through his aches and pains in the pros. I think Haley taught him the difference between being hurt and being injured. People play hurt ALL THE TIME.

          • BigGil

            He was perfectly healthy in high school and his first two years in college… it wasn’t until 2007 that the shit started hitting the fan…

        • Colton

          And he get injured during the games all the time that’s why they need so much depth I like him tho

  • Troy Utt

    I like Moeaki…But believe he will find himself the odd man out! If he is able to ever fully recover from his injuries we would have one hell of a trio there! Until Moe show’s us otherwise I’d say it’s Fasano & Kelce’ spot to lose!!! That said and Reid’s love for the use of the TE makes Kelce the BIGGEST IMPACT this season… WAR CHIEFS!!!

    • superman_25_58

      Like I mentioned earlier Moeaki had like 200 more yards receiving coming off an ACL injury than Fasano had healthy. Ya Fasano had 5 TD to Moeaki’s 1 TD but Fasano and all of Dolphins receiving core had Tannehill throwing the ball to them and well Moeaki and all of Chiefs receiving core had Cassel and Quinn throwing the ball, who ended with a -24 point turnover differential….. Enough Said.

      • Troy Utt

        If you note my comment…”I LIKE MOEAKI”… But the topic of the article was which “draft pick” will have the most impact… Thus my answer of Kelce. My thinking behind Kelce & Fasano playing is stricly due to the fact that Moe is still showing signs of nagging injurys! That is a huge concern as there is no doubt he if injury free he is a top shelf TE! I hope he rebounds to have a great season!

        • superman_25_58

          I understood your comment but my comment was to the part where you said Moeaki will find himself the odd man out. If Moeaki had more production coming off an injury than Fasano had healthy than it is Moeaki’s job to lose IMO.

          • Troy Utt

            I got you… That is true. Answering the point of the article I went Kelce, as I believe Nico will start day 1 but will be a no-frill’s blue-collar LB (good thing), but lost in the crowd w/ DJ & Co. I see Kelce being able to “step up” if you will in Reids offense. I will predicate that by saying If Moeaki can get healthy he may wind up being the go to TE! We know he has the hands & the wheels… It just did not sound as if the spring was starting off on a good note & was a continuation of his nagging rehab issues… I hope it is resolved, as it would benefit the team as a whole! WAR CHIEFS!!!

          • superman_25_58

            Ya I went with Johnson bc he has already been playing in a similar style 3-4 defense when he played with Alabama. So it shouldn’t be much of a learning curve to come in and make an impact in our run defense, but I love the Kelce pick as well. Kelce has that nastiness that I love seeing in players. TIME TO WIN!!!!

  • Tyler Alexander

    It was a close call but I voted Nico. His stat line probably won’t show it but I’m confident he’s better than Belcher and his effect on our run defense will be a big difference.

  • Bigtexjayhawk

    Which draft pick will make the biggest impact in 2013?
    I would like to add… Will the 2013 draft picks outperform the 2012 class???
    Poe, Allen, Stephenson, Wylie, Menzie, Gray, Long, Heminway vs. Fisher, Kelce, Davis, Johnson, Commings, Kush, Wilson, Catapano
    I think the 2013 class will blow away the 2012 class. I love the Davis kid. Think Nico will start day one. Kelce will be a beast. Wilson is my sleeper. He has size and toughness. If he can catch the ball watch out!!

    • ArrowFan

      I do agree that Davis has more potential than Gray. He is at least bigger and faster.

  • chiefdeorty

    I took Nico I say that because I think he will either be the starter at the start of very soon after. I think he will be the hunger to prove him self will be the stronger also I think the learning curve for middle backer will be easier than the other positions. I also like Kelce and davis might get some chances and depending on if he can make something happen, who knows.

  • Lyle Graversen

    I think Nico will be a solid starter this year, not flashy, just solid. However, I think Kelce may just be something special. By the end of the season I think he may be the #3 weapon in the offense after JC and Bowe. Alex Smith loves his TE and I think Kelce may be the one that Smith develops a “go to” relationship with.

    If you haven’t watched this youtube collection yet, do it NOW.

    (FYI, the music is NSFW)

    • Darkwolf1414

      Great video. He’s got a whole lot of nasty in him when he’s blocking! On several of those plays he blocked 3 different guys. Also, how often do you see a TE pull off that pretty of a spin move or perform a jump cut?!

    • Suzi Conger

      Thanx Lyle, great highlights

  • Darkwolf1414

    I went with Nico just because I think he’ll be the day 1 starter. Making it a Johnson & Johnson ILB team.
    Kelce is going to be an asset and it’s always good to have 3 good TEs. Honestly, if they lined up in a “heavy” formation with Moeaki, Fasano and Kelce on a passing play; teams would have a hell of a time defending them!

    • BigGil

      Yeah, I think those three in a goalline situation will bode well…

  • oldchiefsfan

    I voted Kelce because I am excited to see what he can do with his speed and hands. I’m also bit intrigued by the the idea of some kind of 3 TE set. Maybe a 1st down type thing? Not saying we would do it but it makes me wonder about it. Defenses would have to respect Jamaal Charles and his ability to bust one any time he touches the ball and all 3 of these TEs can catch. Kelce has really good speed for a TE. You see what NE can do with their 2 TEs and it makes me wonder about what we could do with 3.

    Just some things I have thought about.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Nico Johnson. I think he’ll be a Day 1 starter.

  • Patrick Allen

    I nearly voted for Commings. Think he could be a surprise.

  • ArrowFan

    Who is voting for Kush?

  • ArrowFan

    I think Nioc has the easiest path to starting but I think the Offensive players have more potential to induce a greater overall impact because our O was just so sad last year. After JC what RB did anything last year to speak of, that is why I went with Davis. If JC’s back up can produce while he is getting rests it will have a greater overall impact than a two down thumper ILB.

  • SoCo

    I voted for Cummings, his film impressed me with his coverage and I think he has the size and instincts to play the safety position well. It’s only a matter of time before KL gets hurt again or gets benched.

  • yeah543535

    nico. we will get the “competition” and “akeem Jordan has experience” line all through camp, then hopefully by week 1 he starts
    knile davis is a REALLY close 2nd. they have spoken of putting Charles wide, that means knile davis is in there in pass pro, hes the 2nd HB despite what the cyrus gray fan club believes. listed to Dorsey and reid talk about him recently, they sound like davis is going to be that 2nd tailback.
    sanders commings will get more PT in year 2. Kelce will be a big impact but not in receiving til year 2.
    the entire class has a chance to contribute in year 1. even catapano at a weak position of depth at OLB, and kush, the only backup C, and one of the few backup interior lineman. kush has also played tackle, gives the team yet another player who can play 2 positions

    • BigGil

      Kush has also played guard… so he could backup all three positions, if need be…

  • BigGil

    I voted Kelce. Even if he doesn’t see as much of the field as the other TEs early on in the season, I think he could be the TE version of Jacoby Jones… He may not do much in the receiving game for the first three quarters (even if only for lack of playing time/targets) but come the fourth I could see him making the big catches when they matter most. Just feel really good about the guy.

  • superman_25_58

    I said Nico bc he has already played in a similar 3-4 defensive scheme for Nick Saban and Alabama so he will be in the best position to win the job IMO

  • christian rajkovic

    Did any of the Chiefs fans see that Chip Kelly had to get rid of taco Tuesday and fast food Friday on the Eagles lunch days? Hahaha, good luck with Fast food Friday and Andy Reid hahaha. The RT you drafted number 1 overall is going to weigh 400 pounds by the time the season starts hahaha