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Post-Draft NFL Power Rankings: Chiefs On The Move

The Kansas City Chiefs were the worst team in the NFL at the end of the 2012 season but the offseason has brought enough change that experts seem to think that KC is better, at least on paper.

Fox Sports analyst and former head coach of the Baltimore Ravens, Brian Billick, has released his post-draft power rankings. Given their putrid 2-14, record, presumably the Chiefs were at or near the bottom of Billick’s rankings when the season ended.

But not any more.

22. Kansas City Chiefs

Eric Fisher wasn’t the sexiest of draft picks, but he will be a long-term fixture at left tackle and will allow Brandon Albert to play his more natural position of left tackle . . . if he isn’t traded in the meantime. This team has a talented roster and Andy Reid should help that correlate to wins on Sunday.

I like these rankings a lot, mostly because Billick is an ex-coach, as opposed to a grouping of media talking heads. He clearly sees that the Chiefs are a talented team with some new pieces in place.

As for the other AFC West teams, the Chiefs managed to come in ahead of the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders. The Chargers came in one spot behind the Chiefs at #23 and the Raiders are all the way down at #32! Considering both the Chargers and Raiders swept the Chiefs last season, I am not sure that is totally fair but I’ll take what I can get.

The Broncos are still kings of the AFC West, at least according to Billick. They rank #2.

What do you think, Addicts? Is 22 a fair ranking for the Chiefs?

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  • Brady Jones

    We should stay at number 32 until the start of the season. I think our final ranking has top 10 written on it but we are still in last place until the whistle ending the 1st game this next season. Last place gave us the number one pick. I wish we had it last year but at any “rate”. The raiders who i happen to hate should not be ranked behind us. We haven’t proved anything to this point even if Barry Sanders comes out of retirement as our one to punch. Players don’t win games teams do and last year was a perfect example of just how bad a bunch of great players perform when they are not on the same page.

    • christian rajkovic

      Haha. Chiefs fans are such a joke. You were the worst team in the league last year. Alex Smith is a joke, at best you will be 5-11

      • Tyler Alexander

        Sucks for u. The Chiefs have twice the team the Dolphins do plus a real LT. Enjoy scraping ur QB off the turf dipshit.

      • oldchiefsfan

        So Mr rajkovic you are just a troll without a team of your own so you come here to bash ours. Every post you make is some kind of internet tough guy attack on what some Chiefs’ fan says.

        Good Day!

  • Jarad

    technically the new season has started, so I don’t think KC should be number 32. 22 is about where I think KC should be at this point. there are surprise teams every year. Whether it’s good or bad. KC just experienced the worst of surprises last year, so hopefully this year it’s a good surprise!

  • Danny W

    It’s pretty generous really. If we go 8-8 I’ll super happy. I think we have a ways to go.

    • Canad-Ian

      If we’re just gonna go 8-8 I really hope we just go 7-9 to keep our 2nd round pick.

      • Danny W

        Right I get that. In my mind I’m hoping Alex Smith is boom or bust. Hopefully boom of course but if he’s just mediocre I don’t want us to ride him into the future of mediocrity. Give him this year and if he’s average to below average I hope they put in Chase Daniel. Nothing doing there time to scrap the current quarterback project and move on to something else.

      • Jim Harper

        Understand what you mean, but one thing you never want is for anybody on your team think it is okay to lose a game.

  • ArrowFan

    On one hand it looks like we have a ways to go and 8-8 will be great. On the other hand we look like we already have a play off caliber D, special teams, and running game. So with an upgrade in the passing Offense any thing short of a play off win will be disappointing.

    • BigGil

      What’s really messed up is if you think back to last season (the first several weeks anyway) we were pretty high up in the league in terms of total offense and time of possession; there was just always a reason (fumbles, INTs, missed FGs) that the drives never amounted to points and wins. I found that almost more frustrating than anything. “You’re saying we can move the ball and eat up the clock, but are apparently allergic to scoring? Well that’s just f’ing fantastic…” Limit the turnovers and finish the drives in the endzone like they’re supposed to be, and this team should be alright.

  • PunjabiPete

    I wonder if Peyton Manning gets hurt (I don’t want him to, I wouldn’t wish injury on anyone, even our most hated rival) how far down the Broncos would go. Can rankers do that from now on? “Peyton Manning ranks in at number 2, just above the Giants. The rest of his team ranks in at 19″ or whatever… :)

  • chiefdeorty

    With what happened last year 22 is good however when the season is over we will be way up the list then. I will not know where we will be but I think a top 10 is not to hard for me to think of, considering the coaches and talent that we have now and with Alex as QB we will be hard to contain this year. Our defense because our offense will score a whole lot more points will be a top ten defense. Of course our health as a team will be a consideration as to how high we can climb. I think 10-6 or better if we stay healthy, i’m an optimist when it comes to my Chiefs, I am every year and even though I have had my bubble popped for years I still always hope. There is something much different in the air this tear I believe it.

  • mnelson52

    To move up ten spots without playing a game is pretty strong. I’m curious as to what happens from here.

  • twaddy

    These rankings mean nothing. You do it on the field or you don’t. The Chiefs were hyped last year as a team on the rise and they stunk. I’m not a hater and I like the changes we made in the offseason, but, really, it’s not the time to start playing “my team is better than your team.”

  • KCMikeG

    Billick said what? Fisher = LT LT and BA = LT more natural? Huh?? #22 is right where we want to be. Not crappy but under the radar. We will surprise the multitudes this year and there will be a great following that will fill Arrowhead to capacity.

    • BigGil

      Yeah, that sentence is a little garbled (had to read it a couple times myself). I think he’s just mixing up his thoughts. I think he’s thinking Fisher has the ability to be a long-term LT, BUT he also has the ability to play elsewhere on the line, permitting BA to play his more natural position of LT until such time as BA is no longer around to be the LT.

      Even typing that meant-to-be-clarifying sentence hurts my head a little.

      But, yeah, in other words, what I think he means is that drafting Fisher guarantees us a steady LT. In that, if BA sticks around, BA will just be our LT and Fisher gives an improvement boost at another position on the line. If BA doesn’t stick around, then drafting Fisher still leaves us a great LT (Fisher himself).