Kansas City: The In & Out Chiefs

Growing up as a kid in the 60s, outside of L.A., I had many an opportunity as a teenager to go to the In & Out Hamburger stand. In & Out, it was the supreme being of hamburgers and now Andy Reid and John Dorsey might as well change the name of the K.C. franchise to the In & Out Chiefs.

Has there ever been a busier time in Kansas City Chiefs history than the past 4 months and 4 days… since Andy Reid was hired as the Head Coach?

If you’re a Kansas City Chiefs fan then you’ve got an opinion about the moves they’ve made. Some you may like, others, not so much. One way or the other, fans need to see that these Chiefs are making one thing clear: change is gonna come <– If you like Otis Redding and you really want to go old school, right-click on the link and get that wax track spinnin’, slip into your comfy bath robe and grab a cask of your favorite libation then sit back to really absorb the rest of this “piece.” Of course, you might want to re-think that if you’re still at work.

~ ~ ~

If you’re a Chiefs fan… and it’s likely that you are if you’re reading this column… and you’ve also had the opportunity to visit one of our great country’s Southwestern states where they serve In & Out burgers… then you probably don’t mind Kansas City being called the In & Out Chiefs. However, there’s a good reason for it. Look at all the Chiefs who’ve been ushered out and who they’ve also brought in during this period of time:


Kevin Boss, Steve Breaston, Glenn Dorsey, Eric Winston, Ryan Lilja (retired but also rumored to return), Javier Arenas, Matt Cassel, Andy Studebaker, Patrick DiMarco, Steve Maneri, Corey Greenwood, David Mims (stolen from practice squad by Ravens), Alex Tanney, Ropati Pitoitua, Brady Quinn, and Peyton Hillis.


Alex Smith, Eric Fisher, Anthony Fasano, Geoff Schwartz, Mike DeVito, Donnie Avery, Sean Smith, Dunta Robinson,  Akeem Jordan, Chase Daniels, Travis Kelce, Knile Davis, Nico Johnson, Sanders Commings, Eric Kush, Braden Wilson, Mike Catapano, Husain Abdullah, Marcus Dixon, Mardy Gilyard, Chad Kilgore, Ryan D’Imperio. You should also include all the UFAs: Tyler Bray, Darin Drakeford, Otha Foster, Frankie Hammond, Demetrius Harris, A.J. Hawkins, Colin Kelly, Rob Lohr, and Brad Madison.

The lists above may not spell out the magnitude of the metamorphosis… but, it may be better understood though graphics, like the three below.


I’m going to miss little Stevie “Poet-Laurette” Breaston. It’s going to be tough around here without Glenn Dorsey underachieving — who are we going to kick around? Mr. Winston’s sage wisdom’s will be missed as well. Here’s hoping some team finally gives that gypsy a home.

.Javier, you will be missed when we play the Broncos. Good luck in the desert. Matt, please wipe that look off your face — yea, the one that says, “I never really knew what I was doing here.” To you, Andy Studebaker… thank you… it’s always good to have a cheery teammate warming the bench. Mr. Maneri, you go boy!… and if your new position with dah Bears doesn’t work out, maybe you can get a part as a plunderer in Johnny Depp’s next pirate movie. You got the chops my man.

Please note: these players do not include the following UFAs, that have been added IN: Josh Martin, Brad McDougald, Rico Richardson and Ridge Wilson. The lists  above are not exhaustive of all the changes made this off season but, clearly show a prodigious pattern of planned permutation.

While some of the player moves were not  the doing of Reid and Dorsey it is striking when you go down the list of all the players who have been on the way out, especially when you look at them as: starter, starter, starter, starter, back-up, starter, starter, back-up, back-up, back-up, back-up, back-up, starter, starter and starter. Nine player who were starters for some part of the season and now they’re gone.

That’s a lot of… transmutation… in a very short period of time.

Nathan Bramwell wrote a piece called “Looking at the Chiefs in Free Agency So Far”  on March 16th and said,

For Dorsey to go out and get all these guys, you have to believe he either thinks the roster was in need of a jump start or the team is close to competing for a playoff spot now.

Many Kansas City Chiefs  fans and bloggers could be heard early in the off season saying the Chiefs were not as bad as their 2-14 record would indicate. However, no other team in the NFL has had the rate of changeover the Chiefs have had so, the alterations could be argued to be needed changes. There’s a bit of truth in both views.

From time to time, as a writer, when I’m working on a blog, something happens that strikes me and in this case it was about the difference between the  players coming in and the players going out. That difference in the newbies could be the… intensity of their demeanor. When rosters are reseated, you of course hope the new guys coming in are more talented but, it’s also a good sign if there is change in attitude too. The players being brought in appear to be, at least to some degree, more sharply focused… or this may be better typified by saying… no more Mr. Nice Guys at One Arrowhead Way.

Doesn’t that give you a warm, fuzzy feeling deep down underneath the chest pocket of your fire-engine red Chiefs pajamas?

So, the In-N-Out off season is in full bloom.  Of course the above lists don’t include a tabulation of the coaches and administrators who have made the transition.

The change has not been restricted to the player’s roster alone. The Chiefs also signed a scout recently: Brett Veach, who handled scouting for the Southeastern region of the country, making pilgrimage from Philadelphia’s freedom city to our glorious mid-west fountain town of hope and light.

More Importantly, a new Director of Scouting has been added: Chicago Bears director of pro scouting Chris Ballard has left the team to take a job with the Chiefs and will oversee their pro and college scouting departments while reporting directly to John Dorsey.

It’s been an In & Out off season and could be seen as a pigskin-administrator-spectators-performance-artistis’ dream come true. Well, that just me. However, if you like change… you’re probably in-love with this off season. If not… you might want to keep up with the Royals til September.

Now… I just wish they had an In & Out Burger in Kansas City… but, I guess we’ll have to settle for the Chiefs version… which means… Arrowhead tailgating, which is of course, unsurpassable.

Go Chiefs!

What do you think of your “new” Chiefs Addicts? Ready for more IN-N-OUT? Or have you had enough?

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  • Stacy D. Smith

    Hopefully Reid & Dorsey can be our “Double-Double.”

    • Stacy D. Smith

      I gotta get back to LA. That place? #swoon

      • ladner morse

        Yea… I still get out there at least twice a year… family still living there.

  • Brady Jones

    2-14 enough said. I would of liked to see them keep greenwood and i liked Studii but i understand the contract /business side of his departure. I like the other moves now that Albert is sticking around. Go Big Red

    • Danny W

      I think Greenwood had some raw talent that could have been harvested a little more successfully with more time. I think Greenwood will end up being a pretty good linebacker in this league. Maybe like a Scott Fajita or Monte Biesel.

      • ladner morse

        I have always like Greenwood too. If he has Fujita type talent… it’ll be a sad day he was ever allowed to walk away.

      • elly violette

        Why does that keep happening to the Chiefs? They have a young guy who develops slowly in KC but as soon as he leaves…. whammo… he becomes good in another city. That’s disturbing. Doesn’t that bug anyone else?

        • Danny W

          It happened to Scott Fujita, Joe Horn, Bernard Pollard amongst others. It’s not the only team it’s happened to but it does kinda disappoint.

          • ladner morse

            Danny… I’ve even had the thought before that if you were to take the best Chiefs who went on to start elsewhere in the past 15 years you’d have a pretty darn good team. That begins with Rich Gannon. I loved him when he was here but, the list goes on and on really…. Joe Horn yes and also Jason Babin and we never should have allowed John Tait to walk after 4 years. Plus, who really ever wanted to get rid of Gonzo and Jared “Best Pass Rusher in Football” Allen?

    • ladner morse

      I don’t think the moves have been so much about the 2-14 record has they have been about them getting their own guys in here… which also happen to have the specific talents they are targeting.

      • elly violette

        I like hearing that the coach is asking the GM to “target” certain kinds of players. I read that last week and I think that is a good thing.

  • http://www.arrowheadaddict.com Patrick Allen

    This is a really awesome way to visualize the changes that have been made. Thanks Ladner!

  • Danny W

    I’d like us to clear up some cap space and bring in Brian Urlacher for a one year deal. I don’t know who we could out for him. I think he would be super solid next to DJ and Hali.

    • elly violette

      Yes. Urlacher in his younger day… next to Derrick Johnson would have been great. Now… does anyone know what Urlacher has left…. if the Bears just let him walk… what could he really have left in the tank?

  • Michael Shaw

    Too bad they don’t actually have In-n-out’s in Kansas or Missouri! Such GREAT and AWESOME yumminess at that place!!!! Oh, I should probably read the article now Laddy!! CRAP! Now I am hungry for an awesome tasting double double, hold the onion please!!

    • ladner morse

      Go pick up a Wendy’s burger and pretend……..

      Then come back and read my piece!

  • kmon

    we shouldve kept ropati pitoitua

    • Danny W

      I thought he was extremely under rated as well. He was always collapsing the pocket and got himself a few sacks on the DE position too. I think he was an asset we could have used but oh well.

    • ladner morse

      I liked Ropati too. Not sure why he wouldn’t have been on the keeper list.

      • KCMikeG

        He was a favorite last year. Turley from Longest Yard. Sutton had him in NY so he must have been familiar with what he offers and that it doesn’t fit his system.

        • elly violette

          Wow… good observation. I don’t know how you keep track of coaches like that but, it’s very astute of you to notice that Sutton had Ropati before!

  • ArrowFan

    I would have been happy with changing just the QB but it is apparent that we more change than that. I happy to have the guys we have running the show and for now I will blindly follow them without to much questioning. However I guess I did have the same attitude back in 2009:(

    • elly violette

      Good point. I think this does make me trust Andy Reid and John Dorsey even more. Overall… the moves they’ve made have been very solid!

  • dominicscarlatti

    Do fries go with that shake? I’ll have my onions grilled, please…

    • ladner morse

      You can order it anyway you want and the good thing about In-N-Out is that they only use all FRESH ingredients.

      • thabear04

        One thing about living on the West coast or where they have in n out in your state. Maybe that why the East coast love the west for that. They have 5 guys on the east coast but I think its a bit over price.

      • elly violette

        Can you bring me one? :)

    • thabear04

      Animal Style Fires too

  • chiefdeorty

    Change is a good thing some times it gives a fresh start, some will do good with the fresh start and some will stay as though were. I hope the best the best for everyone who left and even better for those who came in here. If the coaches can get these players on the same page and the players can get used to playing as a unit I can great things for this team.
    We needed to get a little nastier players in here we were bullied around last year and this really needs to change. We need to be the bullies like say the ravens on defense and our offense needs to attack and not play the style of calling plays not to loose like we did under the last Crennel.
    That being said we will just have to wait and see what happens but I am stoked.

    • elly violette

      I’m wondering which players people think are going to be “nastier” than the ones who have gone?

      • ladner morse

        I think a lot of them will have an edge that wasn’t there before. Guys like Kelce, Nico Johnson and Knile Davis among the draft picks. Eric Fisher was thought to be nastier than Luke Joeckel too. Dunta Robinson and Marcus Dixon come across that way too.

  • Danny W

    Heres one for you.

    Out: Dexter McCluster, why because we have a Knile Davis, Marty Gilyard, Donnie Avery and Devon Wylie.

    In: Brian Urlacher, why because I’m really not sold on Nico Johnson or Akeem Jordan

    Out: Tambi Hali, why well it’s a hypothetical if he gets hurt and can’t play. He’s getting to be that age.

    In: Dwight Freeney or John Abraham, why I know they fit better in the 4-3 scheme but getting to Rivers, and Manning is going to be crucial. Hali made the switch why can’t they?

    • http://www.facebook.com/justin.rogers.7773 Justin Rogers

      Your ideas and logic are ridiculouse. Get rid of tamba hali(28) and bring in john abraham or dwight freeney who are bothe over 31? And both are not suited well for a 3-4 defense? Washed up brian urlacher? Get rid of dexter mccluster? You can never have enough weapons on offense. Green bay has had five starter caliber recievers for years and it has worked out pretty good for them. Your suggestions are ridiculous.

      • elly violette

        Do you think Dorsey is trying to make the Chiefs offense into another Green Bay offense with many many receivers?

      • Danny W

        Your the third person not read my post. I said Hali is a hypothetical move if he were hurt, ala on the IR. Never did I say in my post that I wanted to dump Hali. Read it again. Abraham could be brought in if Hali gets hurt. Sacking the qb is important. Outside of Hali and Houston we have no one to do these mystical things.

    • thabear04

      Dwight Freeney I’ll pass on him seen him at Vegas and he look fat.

      • elly violette

        Why do you want Freeney? He doesn’t fit in the Chiefs defense does he?

        • thabear04

          Never said I want Freeney he not the type who plays a 3-4 D he more a 4-3 type.

    • ladner morse

      Danny… I can understand if they think Hali’s contract being moved could clear up room for younger talents… but, who would those younger talents be? Certainly not the old codgers your thinking about in Freeney or Abraham.

      • Danny W

        If Hali gets hurt then bring them in is what I clearly wrote. I thought? Yes I did. No Catapono will not have an impact at the NFL level.

    • elly violette

      I don’t want either Freeney or Abraham. And… I don’t know why people are talking about Hali being traded at all. That sounds crazy to me.

      • Danny W

        I didn’t say anything about him being traded honey bunch. I said if he gets hurt we should pick them up because sacking the qb is mui important.

    • elly violette

      Didn’t Andy Reid say already that he has plans for McCluster?

      • KCMikeG

        Yes. That he wanted him as a rookie and that he is going to move him around. IMO he will be listed as a RB on our roster.

        • elly violette

          Yea but don’t you think they will use him like Reid used Jeremy Maclin? He’s a WR right?

          • KCMikeG

            Yes & No. Reid will run with Dexter out of the backfield and play WR. I think it will depend on their evaluation of our WR’s but if they see potential in the depth there I believe Dexter will be listed as a RB leaving Draughn as the odd man out unless Davis struggles with his health or ball handling in camp. Wylie would more likely be our Macklin.

    • KCMikeG

      Reid has said he wanted McCluster as a rookie and that he is going to play RB & WR. He will explode this year. Don’t worry about Nico. R&D wanted him for Sutton needs. Losing Hali or Houston would hurt no doubt. Age and being out of position would lead me away from the vets. We have many unknowns in the players behind them. I do like Edgar Jones from his ST play and the few snaps he got at OLB. Who knows about Diles and Zumbo? Watch out for Ridge Wilson though.

      • Danny W

        Edgar Jones will get the nod for sure if one of our ends go down.

  • elly violette

    Thank you for putting these pictures together Morse. It looks like the players who are coming in are going to be much tougher to me. Listing all the players moved really points out just how huge this off season has been. Reading the sports pages each week and trying to keep up with it all that way doesn’t show how dramatic these changes have been. Thanks for the post.

    • ladner morse

      Thanks. It was a fun post to make.

  • Suzi Conger

    Thanks Ladner; an informative and fun read

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