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Bears Personnel Exec Chris Ballard Joins Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs have a new personnel guy coming over from the Chicago Bears.

According to Adam Caplan of The Sideline View, Bears personnel executive Chris Ballard is coming to KC for a promotion.

From Caplan:

Chicago Bears director of pro scouting Chris Ballard is leaving the team to take a job with the Kansas City Chiefs, an NFL source said.

Ballard, who was promoted in June of 2012 to his current role with the Bears, will oversee pro and college scouting departments for the Chiefs under general manager John Dorsey, according to the source.

Ballard, now in his twelfth season in the NFL, spent his first 11 seasons as a Southwest area scout for the Bears.

Now that the NFL Draft is over, there is bound to be some shakeups in scouting departments around the league. There will probably be more moves coming for the Chiefs, as new GM John Dorsey will want to get his own scouts in place.

Just as Scott Pioli did when he came to Kansas City, Dorsey kept most of the scouts already in-house in place through the draft. Since Dorsey couldn’t exactly bring an army of scouts with him from Green Bay, he needed to rely on the guys that Pioli hired to give him intel on perspective draftees. Let’s just hope Dorsey’s first draft does better than Pioli’s did.

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  • Danny W

    I think he’s going to be a valuable asset.

    • Guest

      WOW Danny!!!
      After reading more of your commentary, it is becoming obvious to me that you will say ANYTHING in your comments to feed your People-Pleasing complex to feel accepted, like a click group mentality ( intellectually superior other wise known as “Elitism”
      Not but 2 days ago you tried to tell me in your reply, that NFL player personnel that evaluate talent were the equivilant of a “mere Gym Teacher” and that it wasn’t Rocket Science (plus similar Elitist Cliches).
      You told me not to just trust Dorsey and Reid, that the task of evaluating NFL talent could be performed by almost anyone, because it was so mindless that I should do my own evaluation of talent, instead of trusting them!
      Now you call Ballard a valuable asset? (Which, in fact, is very true!)
      So a mindless “mere Gym Teacher” you now say is a VALUABLE ASSET!
      You are such a pathetic People-Pleaser, that I am positive the end of your nose is a certain shade of BROWN……
      Oh, to answer the question you posed to me; What is a Sheepskin? It is a common college slang for your Graduation Diploma!
      Now I am starting to wonder of you even attended a University?
      You WERE very disrespectful in your reply and your arrogance has to exceed your capacity for true intellect and common sense!
      Funny how certain people will say anything popular to feel accepted, but belittle almost anyone to feel Intellectually superior……….

      • Chief Hokie

        Feel better?

        • Guest

          Thanks Hokie Huckster! NO I DON”T! Like you give a flying F!
          Small slam comments! Real intelligent!

      • KCMikeG

        WOW! I’m not sure what your issue is but take a step back and a deep breath while you go back and read Danny’s comment that you ranted about again because you read it WRONG! He said the media talking head “experts” were the glorified gym teachers. NOT R&D or the scouts! Danny told you that and so did I. Calm down and find a more constructive way to spend your time.

        • Guest

          Micheal…. I have always respected your view points, but I did go back and evaluate what Danny wrote and it seems a little “vague” to me, who he was referring to, the Nat’l Media PUNDITS or the professional, franchise hired Managers of Pro Personnel and the scouts under them, etc….. He NEVER mentioned the media talking heads or anything about the Elite Sports Media.
          The whole reply he sent to me FIRST (replying to my commentary)was condescending from beginning to end, IMHO.
          He started out by flashing his Pedigree of Intelligence to me and couldn’t even write and punctuate properly. HE DID NOT KNOW ME or my past, much less seem to care. He was treating me like an uneducated naive FAN, that needed to be guided in the right direction and learn to think for myself!
          How would you fell? If he had gone back and read ANY of my serious posts about real Chiefs NFL issues or Fan Pride and Lifetime Loyalty, he should have know better. I regret making a lot of the rants I poured on him, but he had never replied to me and I took offense to it.
          I just want to show you, Micheal, why I believe he was not talking about the Nat’l Sports Pundits. Here’s word for word statements he made, after he ‘racked me over the coals in his Rant Reply back to me:

          All I was saying was is that you don’t have to trust R&D (Reid and Dorsey), that they’re not geniuses.

          So since when did player evaluators become the players themselves? (my comment… All I was trying to reiterate was that a LOT of former NFK players become coaches and scouts, etc…)

          There are some GMs in professional sports who use number guys to make average teams better by the way. (Billy Bean)
          (my comment WHAT??????????? Bring Billy Bean into it? REALLY)

          A glorified gym coach can do it too! Someone who is handicapped can also do it as long as they aren’t vision impaired. A guy with a useless Biology degree or some idiot who watches film all the time can have an educated opinion on a college athlete. (my comment Maybe he didn’t know, but I’ve made it known on this board that I have been on disability for over 7 years and suffer from maladies, that can easily lead to a Terminal Disease and have a Chronically Severe Pain Syndrome, that includes Post Hepatic Neuralgia from Shingles (on the R side of my head and face) that I had 20 years ago. I am in CONSTANT Pain and hate the drugs I have to take. Also, IMHO, most opinions R like assholes, everyone has one.)

          Did you not learn anything from the whole IN PIOLI WE TRUST? Are you just too lazy to have your own opinion about a player? (my comment… What an Elitist)

          I just wanted you to know where I am coming from, Michael.
          I’ll bet I am 20 years older than Danny, and have been a SOLID CHIEFS FAN that much longer than he, and also am “edjumakated”. I was just dealing with a condescending, people-pleasing, two-faced, Elitist…..IMHO. He would never accept any apology I sent him, either. The case is over and MOOT, now………………..

      • Lyle Graversen

        KCredrage, I think I speak for most of the AA staff when I say that we welcome all opinions and takes on all things Chiefs. However the debates shouldn’t get personal. If you want to take on Danny’s opinion or takes on topics, cool, get after it. However, when posts become more of a personal attack (regardless of if its you or Danny or myself) that crosses the line and won’t be tolerated.

        • Guest

          Great Lyle,
          I really respected you, also!
          Unless my post didn’t get posted or got pulled in response to Michael, last night, I stated why I replied to Danny, the way I did.
          He was very condescending in his first reply to my comment about the respect our new GM/HC already had around the league for talent evaluation and that I thought that they were the best thing to happen at One Arrowhead Drive in a long time.
          His reply to me was
          Very condescending and judgemental of my unwillingness to rate the talent myself and not trust the capability of our new staff, with blind faith!
          If that wasn’t a personal attack on my intelligence and an arrogant slam on our new staffs ability to professionally rate or judge new NFL talent, I guess there is a bias already existing on AA, that I had never seen, until now!
          I even tried to apologizing to him for ranting on him personally.
          I guess, if there is already a “Good Ole Boys” club that exists at AA, I have been blind for the over 3 years I have belonged to the discussion here at AA. If that is the case and you think I’m always making personal attacks on the Club member’s. I will gladly move on to a Blog site that doesn’t judge commenting from outside that Club!
          Just remember, I am at least 20 years older than Danny.
          If you don’t believe that being talked down to and being told how to think by another member, especially one that had never replied to one of my comments and knows nothing about me is not to be taken personally by me, then Danny is being insulated of his actions, due to reasons I have already mentioned, I will gladly NOT comment on AA anymore……..
          It’s too bad, because I respected, agreed, and got along with almost everybody on this Blog site and it sucks that one arrogant Club member has the power to speak for the whole site, even after I attempted to apologize and got ignored, somebody’s human nature got the best of them, ego-wise and Lyle, your correct, because I don’t do or respect any group that has a preconceived notion about another member, because he is not on that “inner- circle”
          I just say Adios and stay out of your hair! No need to reply, I get it now!

          • Chief Hokie

            Oh my God get OVER yourself.

  • Jim Harper

    If Dorsey thinks this is the guy for the job then he must be good. He was, after all, working for someone in his own division. Welcome to the Chiefs Mr. Ballard.

    • David Fritch

      Good point and with that huge rivalry I’m sure Dorsey paid very close attention to every move the bears staff made and possibly grew to respect Ballard.

  • NathanaelL

    I’m also hoping that his second draft is as good as Pioli’s second draft.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Ballard brought quite a few players to Chicago who would go on to make the Pro Bowl. This guy was just an area scout 12 years ago. He really shot up the ranks of the Bears’ organization. He’s definitely headed for a GM job someday. Good acquisition.

    • chiefdeorty

      Yea i think the bears have done a pretty good job of collecting talent and think if the Chiefs can bring in more people like say ballard we might be in a good spot down the road.
      I also think the Chiefs will be a team that not only players but also scouts and front office people will want to come here because of R&D. we are the next great dynasty being built.

      • Stacy D. Smith

        Whoa! Calm down, cowboy. Without wins all of these “moves on paper” won’t amount to much. Let’s wait and see what’s been built before we go calling it a dynasty.