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Report: Chiefs Working On Long-Term Deal With LT Branden Albert

The Branden Albert saga continues in Kansas City.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the trade talks involving Branden Albert and the Miami Dolphins (and ever other team, for thatmatter) are dead. The Chiefs will now try to hammer out a long-term deal with Albert.

The Chiefs tried to trade Albert during the NFL draft but were unable to get enough in return for the former first-round pick.

Singing Albert to a long-term deal now makes sense for the Chiefs. Currently, Albert is on a $9 million franchise tag contract. That really puts the Chiefs up against the salary cap. By working out a long-term deal, the Chiefs might be able to spread Albert’s compensation over a number of years, thus freeing up cap room.

This doesn’t mean the Chiefs might not still trade Albert later. If Kansas City really wants to move Eric Fisher to left tackle next season, the team could re-sign Albert, play him at LT this season and then deal him next offseason. It is a bit of a roll of the dice but if Albert players really well in 2013, the Chiefs could end up getting what they are looking for in a trade.

The other option is that the Chiefs find a way to manage their cap and pay both Albert and Eric Fisher. Head coach Andy Reid has said he sees both tackle positions as being equal so perhaps the Chiefs will have no problem leaving Fisher at RT for the long-term.

What do you think, Addicts? Will the Chiefs extend Albert’s contract? If they do, will he play LT and for how long?

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  • Stacy D. Smith

    I just want to see them go or get off the pot. If you want him to stay, get the long-term deal done and keep him around for the foreseeable future. If you want him gone, trade him for a future pick.

    If he does stick around, the Chiefs will have an excellent offensive line.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      If he stays, the “we just used the top pick in the draft on a right tackle” pill will be tough to swallow.

      • P Heitman

        Could not agree with this more. However, if you’re going to be loaded somewhere, I’ll take being loaded on the offensive line. If we keep Albert, how would you line up the starting five? I think Albert-Big Jon-Rodney-Schwartz-Fisher could be pretty nasty. Would you start Allen at G?

        • Stacy D. Smith

          He’d have to win the job outright and my money would be on Schwartz to win in an open competition.

          • P Heitman

            I agree. Can’t remember where, but I read that Schwartz was basically a Pro-Bowl quality guard. Kind of exciting.

  • Chowder

    I think this is more chatter to drum up more trade partners. If teams think we are wanting to take him off the market they may start trade talks earlier.

  • Chris Foosman

    As a player I’m sure you’d hate to be told you’re leaving and then be told you’re staying, but the Chiefs have been above board with Albert from what I can tell. They had his agent negotiating with the Dolphins when the first reports came out. I just hope his back issues are resolved. Picking Fisher and having Albert reminds me of signing Roaf and having Tait. The Chiefs moved Tait to right tackle and had the best line in football for half a decade.

    • redchiefs

      This is different, there was no way Tait was half the tackle Willie Roaf was. I’m not even sure Fisher will ever be that good. I mean, Willie Roaf, Orlando Pace, (John Alt)…. some guys are HOF caliber tackles. Branden Albert might be a HOF caliber guard, I remember seeing his college film showing him pancake blocking everyone when he pulled, but at a tackle position? We’ll just have to see who is the better tackle between Fisher and Albert.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000462118881 Terry Orlando Silk

    Let him play out his 1-year contract and then revisit it next year.

    • Suzi Conger

      I like it Terry

  • ladner morse

    What will make the team better… is to find a way to keep them both.

    It’s hard to imagine Andy Reid relinquishing control of who plays where … so he may come to an agreement with Albert that as long as he continues to earn the LT position… he can stay their. Would Reid allow a better blind side protector being wasted on the right side? I doubt that.

    • P Heitman

      Yeah, it will be interesting to see how Reid lines his guys up if we do in fact resign Albert. Good problem to have.

  • Justin Jones

    doesnt matter if rumors of what he wanted in Miami r true. he wanted 9 million a year with them anyway. his long term deal is just a long term franchise tag. lol we wont save any money anyway

  • GDL40

    Still hoping that happens …… then maybe a smith can do a little better than cassel….. then we have a chance !

    • Michael Shaw

      Alex will do better than Cassel in two games then he did all of last year!!

      • P Heitman

        Watch all of KC implode the minute Smith throws his first interception.

        • Suzi Conger

          You are so right P…. AS is the most under appreciated and criticized QB , given his excellent talent, in the NFL….consider ’12 AS broke SF franchise record for most consecutive passes with no interceptions; had achieved MVP and ProBowl Nominee (at time of his concussion)…..inducted into NFL Hall of Records…Plus several other mega achievement.

      • Suzi Conger

        You got it Michael

    • Suzi Conger

      Hey GDL40…Give ASmith protection and good receivers and he will take us to the SB; little known facts; AS ’12 = #1 nfl QB completion%…. #3 nfl QB…. MVP and ProBowl Nominee (at time of concussion)….Achieved NFL Hall of Records….Offensive Player of the Week; rated 154!!!….Broke SF franchise record for most consecutive passes with no interceptions, AND there’s more accomplishments…..
      As an X-SF9er, I have followed AS for years and watch him endure 6 years of HORRIFIC SF management, coaching and chaos…..Check out what A Rodgers has to say about ASmith…the players know who the great QB’s are (not the FLASHY)

  • Travis Forsyth

    I feel much better about the o-line now, I was personally not sold on trading Albert and plugging fisher at LT and Stephenson at RT. This is really the best case scenario, re-sign and keep Albert at LT and move Fisher to RT…kc now has one of the best pair of tackles in the NFL.

    • P Heitman

      If not THE best.

    • jake the snake

      you keep albert at LT put fisher at G next to albert and you have a recipe that D-lines cant hang or mess with. fisher played guard and did well and playing next to albert will make him learn faster if playing next to albert

  • ArrowFan

    Sign him to a 5yr deal with only the first couple of years guaranteed. If needed he can be cut in a couple years without it hurting. If he plays well we have a top O line and can stop woring about that part of the team.

  • redchiefs

    I’m convinced that if Albert wants a long term deal, he’ll have to accept something 7m or so, with some kind of performance escalators / injury clauses in it, and a nice signing bonus which will keep the annual salary manageable.
    Reid’s comments about best 5 and I don’t care where they play sounds like it’s two parts. They’ll have to earn their chance to start, which is easy to say and quite obvious. The second part could be he’s ok with BA playing LT because all positions are equal, or his OC/Line coach will choose who fits better and he will enforce the decision if they want to be a Chief.

  • Michael Shaw

    My only concern with this move is his attitude might have been damaged toward the team. He is supposed to be a pro, so hopefully the business side doesn’t translate into mysterious injuries or more back issues that don’t exist. I am really concerned about his back. Once it gives for a OL, it doesn’t heal completely until they retire.

    • dominicscarlatti

      Work out a long-term deal with BA for good money (maybe 8 million a year, if he’s game) and leave him at OLT, and it’s likely that this player/team relationship could improve markedly…!

    • Suzi Conger

      My concerns also, Michael;; I don’t like or trust Albert’s attitude

  • dakotachief

    That is the right answer

  • tm1946

    In my perfect world, Albert would get a long term contract, showing him respect and affordable for the Chiefs, AND moving him to LG. With Fisher at LT and Albert at LG, you are talking about a wall of all pros. Unstoppable, a difference-maker in the AFC West, playoff caliber.
    Add a Center to anchor the middle….. lookout Denver, SD, and raiders.