Chiefs Fans Rank Near Bottom In Pointless Fan Loyalty Rankings

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Kansas City Chiefs fans are some of the worst in the NFL.

Or that is what a recent study in “fan loyalty” would have you believe.

If you read “The Morning Fix” today, then you noticed a link to an article in the KC Star (which apparently you can read today without hitting the pay wall or at least I got through) about a branding and loyalty survey called the “The Sports Fan Loyalty Index.” Here is a bit on how this index is determined, from Forbes:

History and Tradition (35%): Is the game and the team part of fans’ and community rituals, institutions, and beliefs?

Fan Bonding (28%): Are there players on the team that are particularly respected and admired?

Pure Entertainment (20%): How well a team does, wins, losses sure. But even more importantly, how or entertaining is their play?

Authenticity (17%): How well do they play as a team? What’s the offense and defense like? New managers, as they’re seen to be responsible for the genuineness and credibility of the team, can also help lift this driver.

This entire system seems flawed for a number for a number of reasons. What kind of loyalty are we talking about here?

Here is a bit more:

As loyal readers know, the Sports Fan Loyalty Index was designed to help sports team management identify precise fan loyalty rankings and insights that enable league and team management to identify areas – particularly emotional ones – that need strategic brand coaching. And as these insights are based upon the fans’ own views of their ideal team, it’s a really good measure of engagement and loyalty yardage gains and losses. Particularly since these rankings correlate very, very highly with viewership and merchandise sales

Ah. Of course. It all comes back to money. These teams are businesses after all.

Look at the top five:

1. New England Patriots (#1)

2. Green Bay Packers (#3)

3. Baltimore Ravens (#11)

4. San Francisco 49ers (#13)

5. Indianapolis Colts (#4)

The number in parentheses is the team’s rank from the pervious year. The 49ers went from #13 to #4 in one year. What is so loyal about that? Seems to me like as soon as the 49ers started winning, their “fans” started coming out of the woodwork. A a team can see that large of a swing from one year to the next, that isn’t loyalty.

If loyalty means unwavering attachment then each team’s loyalty ranking should be basically the same every season. It should only rise or fall slowly.

I know my fair share of Kansas City Chiefs and y’all are some of the most loyal fans in all of sports. Take the two gentleman pictured at the top of this article. Last Thursday, I was on my way to Radio City Music Hall when I saw Chad and Chris come out of their hotel. They already had their wigs and mustaches firmly in place and I watched as the proudly marched to the draft dressed as two ugly versions if Dion Sandcastle. I was so impressed I had to introduce myself and ask if I could take their picture.

Chad and Chris, AA reads (hi guys) represent the best of Chiefs fans. Coming off a 2-14 season, these two traveled all the way to New York City from Kansas, wearing fake afros, mustaches and the jersey of a fictional character.

That is some fierce, fierce loyalty.

Chiefs fans may not be filling Arrowhead Stadium every Sunday in December but that has nothing to do with loyalty.

It is common sense.

Fans aren’t going to shell out hundreds of dollars to freeze their asses off to watch Romeo Crennel and Brady Quinn bumble around trying to recreated the 2008 Cleveland Browns. That doesn’t make Chiefs fans any less loyal. But it does make them less dumb.

I log in every Sunday and chat with Chiefs fans who are being made miserable on a weekly basis by their favorite football team. I don’t know a single Chiefs fan who would rather be anywhere other than Arrowhead Stadium in December…during a playoff run. Unfortunately, NFL games are more expensive than ever and in a rough economy, fans need to prioritize what they spend on entertainment. If the Chiefs aren’t entertaining, they aren’t worth spending too much money on.

But the mere fact that fans sat through 2012 Chiefs games at all is a mark of how loyal KC fans are to their team. To see fans of the Chiefs, Raiders and Browns, some of the most rabid, proud fan bases I know, removes all credibility from these rankings. Hell, Raiders fans even find ways to watch the games from prison!

So Chiefs fans, don’t let some suits in an office building somewhere in New York City tell you how much you love your team.

Let some blogger in his boxer shorts in New York City tell you how much you love your team.

Chiefs Nation is just as strong as ever. And when our team finally does return to glory, there will be a reckoning for opposing teams at Arrowhead Stadium.

There will be a Sea of Red.

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  • chiefridgy

    Way to stick up for Chiefs fans! Go Chiefs!!!

  • Donkeyhater

    I don’t even understand what they’re measuring. Their criteria make it sound more like they’re measuring how much the team gives back to the fans, (What does their play on the field and how they play as a team have to do with fan loyalty?) yet they are claiming the survey measures how loyal the fans are. Something doesn’t add up

  • Eric Exton

    Great post! These ranking mean nothing. REAL Chiefs fans are die hards .Im sure the banners last year affect this. But who cares what anyone ranks the chiefs with any ranking as long we are always there for our team win or lose , as aggravating as it can be. Chiefs fans love their Chiefs , cant wait for the season.GO CHIEFS! !!

    • ArrowFan

      i’d say that the banner proved the fan loyalty in a positive way not a negative way. After all our Chiefs did need saving from the Evil Pioli.

  • Greg Grooms

    Stop that pop up crap please.

  • Chris Tarrants

    Adjust the numbers to exclude the Pioli years and we are the best fans! Even the diehard fans couldn’t stay optimistic with baby hitler trying to rule with an iron fist

    • Guest

      Hey Chris…. Did PEE-Ole’ ever land that gig for Joseph Abboud’s Manager of Stuffed Suits with Wide Shoulders and No Balls?

  • Guest

    WOW! This is the biggest misnomer and absurd insight from, apparently, as you suggest Patrick, a team of stuffed Armani wearing, bluenose, croissant eating, double latte, aristocrats who have NO IDEA of what the definition of FAN LOYALTY even IS!


      Could not have said it better. These same people that you refer to are the same ESPN-loving-know-nothing-about-sports-jam-Tebow-loving-down-our-throughts morons. As to the other teams they mentioned, just let the Niners start losing, and then see where there fans are. In the eighties, when the Pats where getting their collective butts handed to them, tickets were easy to find. As for the Ravens, not old enough to rate. But, they do have a great fan base. Ditto the Packers. Colts? turn back the pre-Manning era and take a look.

      Our Chiefs owner and front office have given us all something to believe in, and I am all in, as I have been since their has been a team called the Kansas City Chiefs.

      • Guest

        Taz, right on, bro!
        I have a special bond with the Chiefs, not because most of my roots grew there, but I was born in 1960. The same year, the Great Lamar Hunt formed the Dallas Texans, and in only a few years moved the team to KC! Lamar was a special part of NFL history and too many NFL Fans don’t even know it! After being born in Blue Springs, my dad made sure the Chiefs tradition was passed down to me! He played NT for The Missiouri Tigers, before he broke his leg and they kept him on, doing menial jobs, like pushing brooms and equipment Mgr. but he missed playing joined the Nat’l Guard. I still have a couple of old B&W photos of him playing in a leather helmet!
        It breaks my heart, as he now has Parkensens and is slowly losing his mind.
        But he grew up around Swope Park and still says he grew up when ships were wooden and men were steel. I respect all NFL Fans that have always held sway with the team they grew up with!
        But I can tell you another fact about Devout Chiefs’ Fans. They ALWAYS HAVE EACH OTHERS BACK! I am really stoked about our team now! I think Clark finally picked up his father’s torch!
        Here’s hoping for the Chiefs to get their swagger back!!!!!!!

  • GDL40

    TOTAL BULLS#! T …..!!!!! I could care less what these idiots say but its sad that most people who read that will believe it….. I’ll be honest, I dnt live in MO, never been there…. Im from Northern California….. living in MX the past 4 1/2 years ….. been a Chiefs fan since ’94 ( no I didnt jinx the team) lol …. and one of the reasons I love being a Chiefs fan is because for the most part WE ARE NOT FAKE ! ….most my friends are either niners or raiders trying to convince me to switch ….. Raider fans VERY loyal ….. but Niners fans besides being SUPER ANNOYING are not loyal , most of them ……. still dreaming to some day be watching a game at ARROWHEAD in person !!!!!! …..GO CHIEFS !!!!!!

    • Guest

      Yea, you are totally on the mark! I can’t stand BANDWAGONERS!

    • Darkwolf1414

      I live in NorCal. Most Raider fans don’t know diddly squat about football. The majority who label themselves “Raider Fans” do so because they believe it somehow gives them street cred. Most that I know don’t even realize that the Raiders play every week (aside from the bye week) during the season.

      • TAZMOSIS

        I lived near San Francisco in the early nineties, and I have to agree. Raider fans know absolutely nothing about the game of football. They think if they get dressed up in some outrageous outfit with skull and crossed bones, that makes them fans. Most of them can’t even tell you the names of more than a few players.

  • troy utt

    Great Read Patrick!!! Sorry…But by their ranking’s & standard’s I consider them nothing but “BANDWAGON” or “FLAVOR OF THE MONTH”!!! Really have no idea how many $12 disposable red rain pancho’s I have been thru in Arrowhead in December, in the cold, rain or snow, win or loss, made no difference- They are my CHIEFS! And loyalty runs deep!!!… It’s a I named my oldest son KC…Named the dog Chief…Made sure my daughter was at Chiefs Cheerleader Camp every June… and when my wife questioned my choice of wanting to get an ARROWHEAHD TATTOO, saying most men would get their wives or childrens names, I replied… “THE CHIEFS HAVE BEEN WITH ME LONGER THAN YOU!” WAR CHIEFS!!!

  • Brody Hall

    How about asking NFL players where they absolutley hate to play? Everyone of them will have KC on that list (as long as there is at least a half way compitant team playing on one arrowhead drive) Thats being loyal! Not how many bandwagon fans buy their jerseys. How about they keep track of those losers and see what their buying next season?

  • james

    How about team loyalty i mean about how much the team give’s back to the fan’s? when peterson was here you’d see chief player’s everywhere signing autograph’s doing opening’s or they were just out in the community but when pioli took over that all died but with this new regime we need that back, as a fan base we need to know our player’s and not just from what we see on the field so Hunt..Dorsey…Reid get these guy’s out there and let the fan’s get to know them so we’re not rooting for just a name on a jersey but a name we know.

    • Chiroubles

      You stole my thunder….
      Seriously, when a team has suffered for four years under the regime of one Scott Pioli, who seemingly went out of his way to alienate the fan base (“Just pay your money, sit down and shut the hell up…), enthusiasm is bound to wane. Peterson wasn’t perfect, but he certainly knew what he was doing (dare I say brilliant?) when it came to getting the fan base involved….

    • Darkwolf1414

      I haven’t lived in KC for almost 20 years now but I remember going out to different places around town and getting autographs and talking to the Chiefs players. I have some really fond memories tied to those conversations. I knew Barry Word’s girlfriend back in the day so I was around some of the players when they would get together sometimes. It’s funny because one thing that I remember most was Kevin Ross trying to convince me that he played for the Raiders. Albert Lewis was sitting a few feet away and I looked over at Albert, with a puzzled look on my face, and he just laughed at Ross like, “Dude, he knows better than that.”

  • Scott Mahurin


  • thabear04

    Well I guess with the high hopes from last off season some fans give him. They want a QBOTF in the first round. And did not like the Alex Smith trade because we get 49ers castoff QB. And we have not really developed any the QB we have drafted before. But then their the true loyal fans who stick with them no matter what. And keep on cheering for them when they have bad games or good games.

    • Justin R Groth

      Exactly even when we disagree with the actions of the organization we watch and cheer. We voice our opinions however we are always here ans we always cheer.

  • oldchiefsfan

    So it’s the Eric Winston fan loyalty ranking?

  • oldchiefsfan

    I have been an Active Chiefs Fan since 1966. I was at the last game at Municipal Stadium and the 1st game at Arrowhead. I have lived and died with this team. This is my team. Win or Lose this is my team. I have stood at Arrowhead in snowstorms, ice storms, raining so hard there were waterfalls down the stairs, so cold my beer froze in my cup and I have been there when it was beautiful weather with perfect blue skies. The one thing that has remained constant is Chiefs fans love this team. Even during the Dark Ages of the Pioli reign we were there, waiting, cheering and hoping for the return of our team.

    Now we have a new era and hopefully we will see Arrowhead rise up and instill fear in the hearts and minds of opposing teams like it used to. The floor beneath our feet will vibrate, the seats will rumble and the roar will return. We long for this. We dream of this and when our team starts winning again we will be there because we are The Sea of Red and because we are Chiefs Fans.

  • KCPauly

    Nice read Pat,

    I have been a Chief fan for over 28yrs. and I am 40 there has been good times and bad times, but by golly they were all Chiefs times, I live in N. Idaho, so I go to the SeaChickens stadium whenever the Chiefs do, and their fans are obnoxious cry baby’s, I have been there in the Kingdome, the new stadium and at UW college when the new stadium was being built, I’ve been threatened with thermos of coffee poured down my back, and even had eggs thrown at me and my friend after the game and the chickens won, now they claim this 12th man BS and that they are the loudest stadium, I wear my Red&Gold to every game proudly, and these loser fans can kiss my Red&Gold ass, because I have seen their scrubby team fill up the bandwagon faster than any, I love my Chiefs, I too dream of some day sitting in MY stadium wearing my Red&Gold with Red&Gold all around me and I would not threaten the other teams fans, but embrace them for their loyalty, I told them chickens fans that the NFL would’nt be much fun if all the teams were the chickens and all fans were chicken fans where’s the fun and rivalry in that?, I chose the Chiefs when I was 12 and never even thought about changing, I like other teams but I LOVE ME SOME CHIEFS…GO CHIEFS!!!!

  • Justin R Groth

    The way they rate this it seems more like the most likely teams to have fair weather fans next year. So of course KC would be low we did bad but our still here with waited breath to know if our 2-4 can pull ofd what the colts did last year. Even those of us who don’t think that will happen will watch every game rooting/ hoping the guys on the field can do their jobs and be champions.

  • kmon

    How can they determine this without even doing surveys on all local chiefs fans? what a bunch of pigsh*t, those jokers don’t know what they’re talkin about. although its nearly impossible to survey all chiefs fans but an effort would dramatically change these #s

  • Daniel Alvarado