Nov 24, 2012; Knoxville, TN, USA; Tennessee Volunteers quarterback Tyler Bray (8) during the game against the Kentucky Wildcats at Neyland Stadium. Tennessee won by a score of 37 to 17. Mandatory Credit: Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Report: The Chiefs To Sign UFA Tyler Bray

The Kansas City Chiefs reportedly have signed UFA Tyler Bray, a quarterback from Tennessee University.

Adam Schefter from ESPN broke the news on his Twitter feed that the Tennessee quarterback would be joining the Chiefs as an undrafted free agent.


This is quite a surprise, because it had earlier been reported that Bray was headed for South Beach and the Miami Dolphins. Schefter was quick to set the record straight with this tweet.


This is pretty exciting news, as Bray was projected to go as high as the third round in some mock drafts. I was personally pretty high on him and expressed interest in my normal weekly column last week.

Bray was a quarterback that many questioned whether he should have declared for the draft, but his numbers don’t lie. Last season he threw for 3,612 yards, just shy of a 60 percent completion rate, 34 TDS and 12 INTs.

He may be headed into the Chiefs’ off-season program as an undrafted free agent, but I truly think he has the best chance to be on the 53-man roster when the season begins in September. He’s better than Stanzi, he’s better than Tanney and I think he could be better than Daniel.

Time will tell, but this might be the developmental quarterback Chiefs fans have been waiting for.

What do you think, Addicts? Did Dorsey and Reid just find the quarterback of the future?

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  • sidibeke

    It makes me wonder if we’d try to sign Foles if Philly jettisons him. What fools, Philly. They could have gotten a pick for Foles, but now with the drafting of Barkley, looks like they might just cut him.

    Speaking of GMs acting out of ego instead of business sense, it makes me happy we got to stick it to Mia.

    • BlindChow

      I’m thinking with the Barkley addition, Vick is actually the odd man out in Philly…

  • Spencer

    love the pickup…guy looked like a 1st before the season…didn’t lvie up to that but hes a great development QB…big arm, decent mobility big player…reminds me a lot of Mallet with the Patriots, has some off the field issues, but can be a stud…give him time to develop

    • gino garcia

      i love this pick up. this dude is a stud. i was on the Tyler Bray bandwagon to draft him early on, but good thing we didnt and we got him as a free agent. he definitely is a work in progress. i am hoping that Andy Reid can fix his attitude and get his mechanics down. if he can, the chiefs will have one heckuva a QB in the near future.

      • Jim Harper


  • Richard Comstock

    I love bray!! So stoked.. Hes a true qbotf to learn and groom!! Wow!!! I was praying we drafted this kid. Far and away the best arm in the ncaa last year!

  • Erik Hild

    If he sits behind Alex smith for a couple years I think he could possibly be a solid QB in the NFL. He reminds me a lot of Ryan Mallet. Big guy big arm but not a lot of mobility

  • Stacy D. Smith


  • Stacy D. Smith

    WOW… That’s incredible!

    • Richard Comstock

      Yes it is.. We spoke about him quite a few times. This is great news!

    • Patrick Allen

      Not as familiar with him. If he is so talented why wasn’t he drafted?

      • Stacy D. Smith

        Not the most mobile QB in the draft class. He’s also a project QB who needs to improve his footwork and be more consistent. He has the best arm in the class by far. Compares favorably to Favre or Cutler.

        • Jim Harper

          Well he is in the right place then.

      • Richard Comstock

        He was young and dumb in some of his choices. His arm is amazing. I would say he has better arm talent than ryan mallet. Maybe even better then cutler(great comparison tho).. Honestly think joe flacco arm talent. He will grow and learn from smith… Hes a great fit!

      • Norman Gunn

        A lot of QB’s didn’t get drafted. It is no doubt the biggest shocker of the entire draft. Hell Buffalo probably could’ve gotten Manuel in the 3rd round. Bray added to this draft class earns them a grade of an A..

      • Jason Seibel

        He is one of the QB’s I wanted, if we drafted a QB. As it turns out, we got him for free so it’s even better. As has been said, there’s some definite maturity issues, so hopefully that can get resolved, but this is huge for the Chiefs. Hopefully Stanzi gets shown the door.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Reports say that the Chiefs offered a bigger signing bonus so Bray changed his mind. Suck it, Miami! #poeticjustice

    • chiefdeorty

      I like it, take that Miami what comes around goes around.

    • David Fritch

      Could also be that he really wants to be the starter and knows the Fins are married to Tanny for the next several years at least.

  • Ryan Garrett

    hi all, 1st time here. I live in Knoxville, big UT fan and will tell you Tyler Bray is ready to play on Sunday but its the other 6 days he’s not ready for. He’s a turd, he doesn’t study the film, he doesnt game plan, he has no character skills and is immature. He’s a great football player but when he’s ready to quit, he quits. Me Me Me attitude. There’s a reason why he went undrafted and its not because he can’t play football. Trust me, the kid has an arm and is accurate. But he needs a mentor NOW. His character reminds me of vince young or Jamarcus Russell. Talented but lazy. Anyways, hope that helps! Good Luck.

    • Sabersimon

      maybe he will sit behind Alex and learn to be humble (maybe he learned this from the draft) and he will grow up and become a student of the game. Dear I say one of the best UDFA signings ever….that is if he does learn and does not wine. :D

      • KCMikeG

        Nothing like going from big fish in a little pond into the ocean. Humility will be a daily lesson. AS will be a good mentor.

    • BlindChow

      Well, Andy Reid is supposed to be good with QB’s, so maybe this is a good fit.

    • Jim Harper

      Welcome to AA and thanks for the input. I find it strange that none of the expert talking heads voiced that opinion. Not saying you are wrong, but I hope you are. If anyone can fix him it is Andy Reid.

  • BigGil

    From cbssports:
    STRENGTHS: Bray possesses a great deal of natural arm talent and possesses even more confidence in his ability to fit the ball between tight windows. In this way, he is reminiscent of former SEC standout Jay Cutler (Vanderbilt).
    He’s consistently more accurate when driving the ball rather than touch passes and has become especially lethal due to his timing and accuracy on the slant and post with his big receivers. Furthermore, he might be the best of the top quarterback prospects at delivering a consistently ball on the deep out.

    WEAKNESSES: He boasts a very quick release but doesn’t fully take advantage of his height due to a three-quarter delivery. He’s also a bit lazy with his fundamentals, failing to step into the direction of his passes. This consistently forces his receivers to adjust to his throws, cutting down on the potential for yardage after the catch and leading his teammates into some hellacious hits.

    For all of natural gifts, Bray remains a work in progress when projecting him to the NFL. For one, he takes the vast majority of his snaps out of the shotgun. More important, while willing to step up into a disintegrating pocket, he is a long-legged, relatively slow-footed athlete who has only marginal mobility overall.

    COMPARES TO: Jay Cutler, Bears — Like Cutler, Bray has tremendous arm strength – and confidence in it – but seems to enjoy the challenge of tougher throws and will often attempt them rather than take safer options.

    Also: ” Had he returned to the Vols, he would have been’s top-ranked quarterback prospect for 2014 entering next season.”

    • BigGil

      So I’d say raw talent with mostly coachable flaws to his game. The kind of guy that could benefit by sitting for a couple years. Wait a minute, isn’t Alex signed for two more years? Hmm… :-D

  • Chiroubles

    No risk, possibly high reward….

    One thing’s for sure- if Baby Leaf can’t beat out Stanzi for the #3 job, we’ll know he’s totally irredeemable….

  • ArrowFan


  • ArrowFan

    how many top QB where UDFA? It is worth a try.

  • ArrowFan

    It is going to be a fun camp and pre season.

  • Michael Shaw

    You can fix mechanics and most off the field issues with most players that really want to be in the nfl. I am just not sure you can fix attitude as easily. Look how many times it has gotten cutler in the doghouse.

  • Brody Hall

    Better than Daniels??? You shut your filthy whore mouth sir!

    However I do like this signing :-D

  • ArrowFan

    Could also signify that KC is now a premium place to play even if we don’t have the Sunny weather and nice looking scenery of Miami. Why draft a guy when you can just sign him as a free agent. Bye Bye Bye Stanzi.