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Kansas CIty Chiefs Full 2013 NFL Draft Class

The Kansas City Chiefs have used up all of their picks in the 2013 NFL Draft. Unless they decide to trade back into the seventh round, KC is finished.

Thus, I present to you, the 2013 NFL Draft Class!

1 (1) Eric Fisher, LT, Central Michigan

3 (63) Travis Kelce, TE, Cincinnati

3 (96) Knile Davis, RB, Arkansas

4 (99) Nico Johnson, ILB, Alabama

5 (134) Sanders Commings, CB, Georgia

6 (170) Eric Kush, C, California (PA)

6 (204) Braden Wilson, FB, Kansas State

7 (207) Mike Catapano, DE, Princeton

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  • Norman Gunn

    I guess Stanzi or Tanney will be our third QB.

    • 417chiefsfan

      I’d really like to see Tanney make the roster this year. I’m personally done with Stanzi he hasn’t shown anything in the years we’ve given him other than some amazing hair.

      • Heilios

        I really think Tanney would be awesome in a few years of being groomed for the position. He has some of the best accuracy around and his arm strength is phenomenal! He will truly be a beast when he is given the chamce to compete. Its not his fault he was injured on his second snap as a pro.

        • 417chiefsfan

          I agree I hope they do truly give him a chance and work with him through this year. We’ve already seen all we’re gonna see out of Stanzi I think. So let’s see if Tanney can be the best UDFA pick up of the decade.

      • troy utt

        Having picked Bray up as UDFA I believe they will have to sign him to the 53 man roster in order to protect him. That is if they feel he is worth developing, & can be the QBOTF… Labeled as a gunslinger, with a cannon arm, some talking head’s even post draft were saying best arm in draft! Has some mech issue’s, but his knock is maturity!!! Came out as a soph, and a young one at that…

  • Ryan A James

    I was really looking for Tyler Bray or Joe Kruger with those last two picks…Braden Wilson is an absolute waste of a pick imo.

    • ArrowFan

      Yea we have such a good blocking FB already.

      • Nick Wherritt

        Sarcasm, right?

        • Danny W

          No Patrick DeMarko is an absolute stud full back. He came on last year and looks to be the best blocking full back since Tony Richardson. No joke dude is a beast. Watch some video on him and you’ll be impressed. The full back pick was a wasted pick.

          • KCMikeG

            I like DiMarco too but competition at every position must increase. Our ST have to improve as they only hurt us last year. Wilson is not just a FB. He plays FB/RB/TE. Versatility is critical along with an ever rising competition level to long term sustained success.

  • NathanaelL

    1 like grade A

    2 ok growing on me grade C

    3 dislike completely grade F

    4 like Grade A

    5 Really? grade F

    6 meh grade F

    6meh grade c-
    7Meh grade c-
    F’s are given because I felt there was much better talent available that would imact the team better

    • NathanaelL

      A is given because it was the appropriate pick at the appropriate spot.

    • Maverik256

      I like that used a two then six twice that’s makes it easier to follow….meh on your logic

      • NathanaelL

        did that just for you mav. :) I changed it to reflect the draft better and forgot to change the “2″ is what happened. Oh well. more of an oops than logic. :)

  • Ehud

    I give this draft a C. Grade could go up once I see what our Offense
    and Defense look like so I can find out if these players fit our scheme
    & playing style. I’ll also give the Front Office a bit of a curve
    on the grade because the scouting was the previous regime’s. The next
    draft is the one that I’ll grade harshly because they have seen &
    studied the team in action under the current style and scheme, had their
    scouts in place, and should be fully prepared.

    Favorite Pick: Fisher – I think he’ll be a stud
    Most Disliked: Davis – Poor value at a position of non-need. Injury prone.
    Owl Pick: Kush

    What I take out of this draft class is that Dorsey & Reid do not fear off the field issues. I applaud them for believing that Kelce & Commings have moved past their issues. They will need to be careful in the future because I believe KC has a lower tolerance for poor off the field behavior than other fan bases. Especially in light of recent tragedies (Belcher) & stupidity (Larry Johnson).

    • Jim Harper

      I sure hope R&D read your grades so they can do better next year.

      • Suzi Conger

        Hey Jim, I am perplexed with some of the piks too….

    • Killerdoctor27

      I agree with every single word you said!!:)

    • Michael Shaw

      If they REALLY did not fear off the field issues then they should have taken a shot at the Honey Badger. I have a feeling AZ and Peterson will be very happy with the kid!!

  • Joe Grof

    2 wasted picks at RB FB-rb would have been ufa
    rb?? why> w/ other NEEDS?

  • Jason Ray Brawn

    Well if Zach Dysert is available as a UDFA id like to see us go after him too at least give him a look. Also TJ Moe and Reddeck the ILB and Fragel the OT and obviously Rodgers the WRwould be a good one to bring in if they go UDFA. Now lets see how the rest of the draft goes.

    • chiefdeorty

      I would say Shawn Renfree because of David Cutcliff conection, just think he would be more NFL ready.

      • Jason Ray Brawn

        There ,at this point in the draft, are 4 or so QBs id like too see in a rookie mini camp for us for sure. Renfree would be nice to take a look at.

    • KCMikeG

      Reddick or Rogers/Williams WR would be a good pickups and I like Gilkey for the OL.

    • jbyrd

      Dysert was drafted by the Donkies in the 7th round.

  • Lyle Graversen

    Overall I like it, first reaction grade would be a “B”. Obviously, there were other names on the board at times that I wanted, but the FB pick is the only one I really wasn’t a fan of. Everything else was solid.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      That’s exactly how I graded it. There were three picks I didn’t like (Davis, Wilson, and Kush). Only because I thought there were players with better grades at those draft positions. I loved the Fisher, Kelce, and Catapano picks. I like the Nico Johnson and Sanders Commings picks.

    • Jim Harper

      I agree Lyle, but like Michael said they created competition at the position, which is always a good thing.

  • Erik Hild

    I am an arkansas fan as well as a chiefs fan. Knile Davis is a solid pick if he can stay healthy. He will be a solid backup to jamaal. He can catch out of the back field and if he gets the proper coaching he will only get better. I think reid will bring out the 2011 knile Davis and our backfield should be straight for the next 3-5 years

  • t_tyrance

    This draft gets a C- from me I think they just Passed on to many good players. I Honestly think everyone else in the division had a better draft. The only picks I’m high on is fisher an Davis.I hope they all pan out but we all know that wont be the case.

  • Jim Harper

    The only thing I am disappointed in is not taking Swope when he was available so late in the draft. That being said I am thrilled with getting Fisher. This is where trusting R&D know what they are doing comes into play. Now comes the really hard part. Waiting until the end of July for camp to start. I was pleasantly surprised that they did not take a QB in this draft. Much better talent will be available next year and who knows if we will even need one then.

    • t_tyrance

      With all the QB Philly has nw you know they are going to cut at least two Nick foles met be on his way out an I can see him coming to kc if that happens and they still have the UDFA that they can pick from I still have my fingers crossed for Matt Scott

      • KCMikeG

        Exactly! Matt Scott is available too.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Two maybe three starters off the bat. A couple other players who should contribute right away. I’m anxious for the Chiefs to get on with the UDFA’s. Hopefully they’ll snag one of those QB’s.

    • Michael Shaw

      So who do you think will be the other two starters outside of Fisher??? I don’t see the TE beating out Moeaki and I am not sold on Nico as a day one starter. He will be a starter by year’s end, but not so sure right away.

      • Stacy D. Smith

        Nico Johnson at ILB. I’m confident in that one.

        I also think it’s possible that Commings could steal the FS job or that Kelce could win the starting TE battle.

        • Michael Shaw

          Wow on the Commings comment and as for Kelce, of course he can! All he has to do is stay healthy, which is something TM simply cannot do!!!!

          • Stacy D. Smith

            Watch some of Commings’ game film and I think you’ll understand where I’m coming from. Moeaki isn’t the starter anymore at TE, Fasano is. It’s his job to lose.

          • 417chiefsfan

            I see Kelce overtaking Moeaki before the season starts. If Commings can take the starting job by halfway through the season or so.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            Fasano…Not Moeaki.

          • 417chiefsfan

            I meant our two TE set will be Fasano and Kelce. But yea your right.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            Absolutely! Fasano and Kelce will be trouble for opposing defenses. Now imagine running out of that set. SICK.

          • 417chiefsfan

            I know I can’t wait to see that. It’ll be so much better than crossing your fingers and holding your breath every time that Moeaki tried to block. I’ll was always thinking this will be his season ending injury this year…lol

  • Bosco Cletus

    Shoulda listed Albert as the 2nd round pick. I’m really curious to see how that plays out. He can still get his 9 mill and never play a down. Wish they could have pulled that trade off.

    • redchiefs

      Doesn’t he incur a substantial fine if he doesn’t show up an play?

      • Justin R Groth

        Has to play at least 6 games to get paid at all. Every game plated counts a 1/16th of his contract I think

        • Michael Shaw

          Then I am fine with him not playing! He won’t get shit for a contract in FA if that happens!!!

    • ArrowFan

      Stil can

  • Jason Taylor

    Love Fisher… Actually love the Nico Johnson pick… Picking linebackers and d-lineman from a program ran as close to a NFL program as it gets in college produces some smart players… Even money says Nico is starter day one beside Johnson…

    Be kinda funny if he does… Easy nickname for the middle two if he turns out to be a stud..

    Johnson & Johnson

    Every other draft pick…. Blah. RB who fumbles more than anyone they’ve compiled stats on.,.. Just a lousy pick.
    Tight end a little too early… A complete waste of a FB… Just a serious disappointment on everyone but Johnson and Fisher.

    And seriously…. Seriously…. Not one QB.

    Not one.

    • NathanaelL

      I agree.And what gets me is there were better players there to be taken.

    • Ian Boese

      My exact feelings on it.

  • Bigtexjayhawk

    Ok we solidified our LT position for the next 5 years. We got one of the highest rated blk/catching TE’s in the draft. We got a RB with fumble issues (didnt JC have fumble issues?) size and csn catch. ILB who is a thumper. CB/S depth. Then C and a blocking FB. I would grade it as an A as to filling needs. Would have been great with 2nd rounder to grab the ILB but we got a dtsrting QB there. It seemed like we were always out of position on players I wanted. What is greatnow is UDFA and who knows this might be a great draft or a terrible one. Who knows!!

  • ArrowFan

    Some of you need to untie your waded up panties.

    • 417chiefsfan

      Thank you my thoughts exactly. This wasn’t that bad of a draft especially when you look at the drafts we’ve been put through in recent years under Pioli.

    • redchiefs

      I think it’s bee a good off season, I’m happy. I trust both sides of the R&D Management team. Both of them come from winning organizations with very good records regarding players selected, and wins in the post season. They’ve been on the job for 4 months and look how much the roster has changed. I trust them, trust the staff they have and am pretty excited about this upcoming year. I believe Clark Hunt hit two home runs.

  • Lyle Graversen

    Early UDFA rumors:

    Brad Madison – DE – Missouri already being linked to KC.

  • Michael Shaw

    Ok, before I read ANYONE’s posts on this one I am putting my thought on this draft.

    Pick #1 Eric Fisher–No complaints. Spot on pick in my estimation and he looks excited to be with us!!

    Pick#63 Travis Kelce, TE—We need depth at the position and Tony M is almost always injured, so I am not so upset with this pick. The two people I think we shpuld have considered here were Tyrran Mathiews, I think he will be great for AZ, or Keenan Allen. Now we get to watch our DB’s try and cover Keenan in SD!!

    Pick#96 Knile Davis, RB—WTF!!!!! We need ILB, S and maybe even DL help more than we need a damn RB!! We have Grey, Droughn and even Eachus to back up JC, so this is a complete waste of a pick in my opinion!! I would have rather they taken a risk with Nico Johnson, Akeem Spence, Alex Okafor, David Baktiahri or Ryan Nassib than this guy or position!!! DUMB move!

    Pick#99 Nico Johnson, ILB–I know I said above I wanted this guy, but we should have taken him at #96 and then taken Barrett Jones here.

    Pick#134 Sanders Commings, CB–As I said earlier, we should have taken a shot at the honey badger. I think he would be miles above better than this guy. But since I don’t know much about him I will only say that Denard Robinson would have been a better pick. He would have pushed Bowe, Avery AND Baldwin and would have likely been a true homerun threat on kick and punt returns!!

    Pick#170 Eric Kush, C—-FINALLY!!! We finally got a backup to Hudson. Having to move your starting RG to play center never helps your QB. Good pick IMHO.

    Pick#204 Braden Wilson, FB–No complaints here as I know nothing about the guy. I do know that we could use a good FB, but I was hoping Eachus might get that job the way he played last year!

    Pick#207 Mike Catapano, DE–Again, I know nothing of him, so I am not particularly against this pick. It was our last one and typically this round is used for depth at positions anyway.

  • Danny W

    1) Eric Fisher = No brainer. Dude is mean and will be just fine watching Smith’s
    blind side for years. May even be a pro bowler. May end up being a hall of gamer. Excellent pick.

    3) Travis Kelce = Third best tight end in college football so probably a pretty good value. Seems rather luxurious though in my opinion.

    3b) Knile Davis = Okay what? Did they hit this guys name with a dart or something and had to pick him? This pick is an absurdity in my humble opinion. Just silly. You have Barkley, Wilson, Lattimore, Shamarko Thomas, Ryan Nassib, and Barrett Jones still on the board and we pull the 20th ranked running back in college! Just wow. I still don’t get it. This kid is injured all the time. Anyone want to bet he’s cut by 2015?

    4) Nico Johnson = Not impressed. Does not shed blockers well. Labeled a block eater by many scouts to free up team mates. I’ve heard of DE’s and NT’s having this role in a 3-4 but never an ILB. I’m pretty sure he’ll be a starter but I’m not confident he’ll ever be any better than Belcher was. They can’t play this guy on third down. Man to have that second rounder.

    5) Sanders Commings = Could be the Justin Houston of this draft. Guy is a baller and will probably move over to safety. As far as character concerns go if you can’t hold it together for a million dollar contract your a worthless human being and should be cut as fast as humanly possible. So hears to doing the right thing.

    6) Erik Kush = Every stoner in KC is running out to buy this guys jersey. Who is he? What has he done? Hopefully the guy makes the 53 and is a diamond in the rough. I don’t know enough about him to make a judgement on the kid.

    6b) Braden Wilson = Okay what? Anyone get the film on Patrick DeMarko, yeah a full back isn’t needed.

    7) Catapono = Cool name. Who cares good lucking making the team.

    Overall I would have liked it to go down differently on several picks. With the

    3b) I would have taken Barkley.

    4) I would have taken Brain Swenke or Barrett Jones.

    5) I would have Jesse Williams.
    Just one blokes opinion I guess I hope all these guys turn out! Go Chiefs.

  • Lyle Graversen

    Whoa, new report saying Chiefs signed Bray!

    All the previous reports said Dolphins, how great would it be to stick it to Miami and steal him away after all the Albert drama with them.

    • Lyle Graversen

      Adam Shefter:

      “Not the Dolphins. Tyler Bray is headed to Kansas City to the Chiefs.”


      • Heilios

        I bet Stanzi is out and it will be Bray and Tanney competing for the 3rd spot. I really hope Tanney steps up. I just have a gut feeling he will be great in the starter spot someday!

  • freshmeat62

    I think it was Mayock (Though I’m not real sure as I flipped channels so much the last 3 days I’m not sure who said what anymore) that said he thought Kelce might be the best TE in the draft this year, but the marijuana thing pushed him down.

  • Jim Harper

    I am absolutely thrilled with this draft. Would I have done some things differently?Sure! But I don’t consider myself anywhere near the evaluator of talent that R&D are. Then to top it off we get Bray as a UDA!

  • tm1946

    Was traveling out West during the draft, folks out there felt the Chiefs had a “Plus” draft. Since I did not know much about the non Fisher picks, had to wait for computer ratings but hope they all fit in the overall picture.
    Seems like a good start, if the injury bug does not bite, the teams seems to fill a few needs and depth, not sure about the wow factor, maybe come training camp.