Apr 25, 2013; New York, NY, USA; Offensive tackle Eric Fisher (Central Michigan) is introduced as the first overall pick to the Kansas City Chiefs during the 2013 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Morning Fix: NFL Draft Edition

At a time when quarterback Geno Smith has faced harsh criticism regarding his ability to handle adversity,Smith isn’t handling adversity well.

Specifically, the game that is the NFL draft isn’t going the way he expected, so Smith plans to take his bat and ball and go home.

Smith told ESPN’s Suzy Kolber after Thursday night’s opening round that he won’t be back on Friday for rounds two and three.

If Smith doesn’t return, he’ll be confirming in the minds of many that he can’t show grit and resolve under pressure. That he’ll sink his head and slump his shoulders when the team is 14 points behind in the third quarter. That he’ll pout if he’s not the starter or if he gets benched. That he’ll complain about the use of too many running plays when he prefers to air it out.

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“That’s a lot of love for the big boys up front, which we usually don’t get,” Fisher said.

None of the teams making the first 32 selections went for Te’o, not even Minnesota, which had three first-round picks. The All-America linebacker’s poor performance in Notre Dame’s loss to Alabama in the national championship game surely was a factor. Still to be determined is how much the fake girlfriend hoax cost him.

Unlike the past few years when bumper crops of quarterbacks reigned, this was pure muscle, and lots of it.


Mitch Holthus, the Chiefs’ radio play-by-play announcer and master of ceremonies for the team’s draft party, was reporting the Twitter messages and rumors some 30 minutes before the coverage. The day’s lean had been toward Fisher instead of Texas A&M’s Luke Joeckel, so when the call was made, the 4,000 or so who filled the team’s practice facility cheered the selection they mostly had expected.

“I like it,” said Danny Lobb, 23, of Kansas City. “It’s a strong year for offensive linemen.”

Lobb, whose family has held four season tickets for some 35 years, joined friends Stephen Dobler and Matthew Mavec for food, drink and socializing with current and former players and cheerleaders at the Chiefs’ indoor practice facility.

“It wasn’t a great year to have a bad record,” Mavec said. “But it was a good pick.”

Chiefs fans, starved for success after a 2-14 season that prompted a front-office and coaching-staff housecleaning, were ready to cheer for anybody not associated with last year.

“With the first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs select Eric Fisher,” commissioner Roger Goodell announced.

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  • ccseifert

    Glad to see my comment calling Geno Smith at #1 as nonsense completely justified last night.

    • stephan costa

      No doubt! What a baby. Im glad the Chiefs brass (and apparently every other nfl gm) didnt fall in love with him like some of our fans did.

      • micah stephenson

        why you call Geno Smith a baby?

        • sean summers

          See, another chiefs fan that has no ideas what is going on. Did you not watch the draft last night? Haha oh boy!

          • micah stephenson

            I did see last night. They tried to act like Geno was gon get mad and not come back day 2 but instead he canceled his flight and booked his mom a room for a 2nd day

        • stephan costa

          …most gm’s see it as I do. Or do you still think it was a huge mistake we didnt take him #1 even though everybody else passed as well? I wouldnt be surprised to see him fall through the 2nd as well. As far as most Chief fans, I disagree, maybe the loudest

      • micah stephenson

        you mean like MOST of our fans did AND we still love him.

        • stephan costa

          You see RG3 & Cam in his game, I see Akelei Smith, Todd Marinavich, Jamarcus Russell, with a side of Vince Young. Bust squared. But thats the thing about drafts, you just dont know til the games are played. Wouldnt be the first time I was wrong. But it seems

          • micah stephenson

            I dont see any of them in Geno. His style reminds me of Arron Rogers.

          • stephan costa

            K man. We will have to just have to agree to disagree. Its the Jets headache now, and agree or not your still bleed KC Chiefs red like me so we are family in my book!

  • sean summers

    Just shows how stupid some chiefs fans are. I have been a choefs fan since 1990. I love them, but chiefs fans for the most part don’t know what the hell is going on. I almost quit coming to this site a couple months ago because the idiot that writes most of the article was all over genos jock strap. They same fans that wanted geno are probably the same ones that want marty shottenheimer back as our coach. Hahaha.

    • stephan costa

      I dont mind anyones opinion,as long as they have an open mind and can be grown up to admit they may not always be right. As far as Marty is concerned, The Chiefs of the late 80′s early 90′s were my favorites so I cant hate too much…..although I did rip many hats during the playoffs! lol! Hey at least we were making the playoffs on a consistant basis, and most importantly we were totaly dominating
      the faiders!!! 16 out of 17 at one point! Hard to knock th

  • stephan costa

    If he throws a fit because things didnt go his way on draft day & says I aint comin back for day 2, then what do you supose he is gonna do when he is down 14 to Manning in Denver? Or worse in the black hole? Or even when one of his team mates screws-up? Or if his coaches or “well meaning” KC fans such as yourself gets on him for one of his screw-ups? I dont know, but I dont want our team to be the team that finds out!

    • micah stephenson

      He is gone get mad and vocal! Like ray lewis wud do. He aint gon sit around and accept it. If he or the team is fucking up he gon let it b known. Same thing I wud do. I pout wen I lose. Real winners hate losing.