Chiefs, Dolphins Resuming Trade Talks Friday

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The Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins will resume trade talks today in an attempt to sent LT Branden Albert to Miami.


Chiefs general manager John Dorsey said he spoke with Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland midway through the first round and they agreed to speak again Friday, before the second and third rounds.

We’ll see what happens,” Dorsey said. “That’s kind of where we’re at.”

The Chiefs chose a potential replacement for Albert in Eric Fisher, choosing the offensive tackle out of Central Michigan over Texas A&M’s Luke Joeckel with the first overall pick.

Trade talks were put on hold last evening so both teams could see how the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft played out. The Dolphins were perhaps hoping that one of the top three tackles would fall to them.

The run on tackles started early. The Chiefs selected Central Michigan LT Eric Fisher and the Jacksonville Jaguars quickly followed up by taking Texas A&M LT Luke Joeckel at No. 2.

Then the always unpredictable Oakland Raiders were on the clock. Instead of picking, however, Oakland traded their pick to the Dolphins. In return, Miami gave Oakland their early second-round pick (No. 42 overall), which was believed to be the pick the Chiefs wanted in return for Albert.

When the trade was announced, everyone in Radio City Music Hall and most of the analysts on TV, thought that Miami was trading up to take LT Lane Johnson out of Oklahoma. Considering that the first two picks took the top two tackles off the board, it really did seem like Miami decided that if they could get the third-best tackle for the same draft pick compensation that they would lose to acquire Albert, that they were going to do it.

Only much to everyone’s surprise, Maimi didn’t take Johnson. They selected DE Dion Jordan, instead.

Chiefs Gm John Dorsey said he is not sure if he would have made that deal.

“Would I make that trade if it was offered to me? I don’t know,” Dorsey said. “That’s an unknown. Until something happens, I really don’t know.”

Dorsey has to be disappointed that Miami traded away the 42nd pick. Chances are, Lane Johnson was never part of Miami’s plans. If he was, he’d be in Miami right now instead of Jordan. My guess is that the Dolphins wanted to see if one of the top two tackles slipped within reach and when they didn’t, Miami went for the guy they thought was the best pass rusher on the board.

While the Chiefs may not like that the 42nd pick is off the table, Miami’s move up in the first round could give the Chiefs the leverage they need to get Miami’s other second-round pick (No. 54). Miami did nothing to solve their issues at tackle last night and considering five tackles were taken in the first round, it is hard to see the Dolphins getting a tackle equally as talented as Alber in the rest of the draft.

It will be interesting to see what happens now. The Dolphins could continue to be stubborn and offer up less than a second-round pick. Then again, the Chiefs could dig in their heels and demand more of the Dolphins than they had before. Now that Miami only has the 54th pick to offer, I could see John Dorsey asking for an additional late-round pick or a mid-round pick in 2014.

Stay tuned to AA as we will keep you up to date on all the trade rumors leading up to tonight.

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  • Donkeyhater

    I don’t want to trade with them anymore unless they give us their 1st next year. I’d rather just keep him or trade him to Arz. for their 2nd or 3rd pick. Miami thinks they can just bully us at the negotiating table and we have to send a message that we won’t allow that. Let them go into next season with Martin at LT.

    • cyberry

      We don’t know that… It’s a very good possibility they (Miami) wanted to trade before the draft..Chiefs said we will wait til Friday..There was NO way Reid was trading before the draft…If another team would have called for a quality “trade up”..the Chiefs would have been screwed..They would be forced to take a OT w/o Albert..Miami might have been upset for leaving them in limbo or there could have been an gentlemen’s agreement to play it out and wait for today… These GM’s might snowball..smokescreen..but rarely outright screw each other purposely.. Burning bridges..isn’t smart…IMO

    • William Campbell

      Agreed trading that pick was a shot to the face time to return the favor.. several teams need tackles so let the bidding wars begin or just keep him and let Miami mainly tannehill suffer

  • Ryan Langsford

    I say it’s their 2nd this year & next year or keep Albert.

    • Carlos Nevarez

      At least. I’d like another late round pick This year. Like a 5-7

    • Bigtexjayhawk

      You have a good point. Remember we dont have a 2nd next year either! Alex Smith trade

      • Jim Harper

        Next year is conditional, and we do not know what it will be until the end of this season.

  • berttheclock

    Do not expect more than receiving the 54, if that, from Ireland. Ireland, yesterday, showed how he has developed his hard nose attitudes from his owner, Ross, the tax attorney turned real estate mogul. He only switched positions and threw in his 42 to Reggie McKenzie in order to move up to 3, which, normally would have required extra picks. As Bill Williamson, of ESPN AFC West, points out, in the Bills/Rams deal, the Bills gave up their 8 and 71 for the Rams 16, 46, 78 and 222. In the Pats/Minnesota deal, the Pats gave up their 29 and took Minnesota’s52, 83, 102 and 229. McKenzie could only pry an extra 2nd rounder from him.
    Ireland will not give up very much, but, a 54 would be better than nothing. So, between the 2nd and 3rd rounds, perhaps, a speedy WR with hands and a ILB.

    • BigGil

      I did find it odd that OAK traded out for so little. I chalked up less to Ireland’s abilities and more to McKenzie underestimating the value of the pick and/or expecting them to take Lane and throw a wrench into our plan.

      • berttheclock

        I’m starting to believe McKenzie learned more about negotiating and drafting from the time he played next to Matt Millen, than under Ted Thompson. According to the Trade Value Chart, a 3rd is worth 2,200 points. He gave that up for Miami’s 12th which is worth 1,200 points and the 42 which has a value of 480, so he was fleeced for 520 points.

        • William Campbell

          Jokeland needed a second pick and the got it.. I think they did it to screw us but it didn’t work

      • ArrowFan

        I agree all they wanted to do was screw us in the Miami deal. So much for the Faiders new leadership Al is turning over in his grave right now.

  • BigGil

    I don’t think MIA will give up their 2nd rounder. But… The way some skills players & DBs & MLBs are dropping, I’d still take one of their 3rds and another pick (their other 3rd or their 4th). This ain’t a pretty draft, but it is starting to look pretty deep at the positions we could use…

    • d-block

      BA is worth more than that. Keep him for a year then cut him loose.

      • Jarad

        Keep him, pay him nearly $10 million then get nothing for him? That’s better than trading him for a 2nd and saving money?

        • d-block

          They’ll get a comp pick in the 3rd round that way.

          • BigGil

            … in 2015… maybe… if he doesn’t get injured over the next two seasons… No thanks.

          • Jarad

            And pay him nearly $10 million to be disgruntled for a year. And that 3rd round pick is an assumption. There is no guarantee on that.

        • ArrowFan

          Who says just because we don’t trade him that he is not a Chiefs next year? Remember a guy name Bowe that we tagged last year.

          • Jarad

            So Draft LT #1 then sign a LT to big money? And i replied to what was originally posted about cutting him loose

          • d-block

            If they can get him for the right price then I’m all for keeping him. I just don’t think that will happen.

          • 417chiefsfan

            We’ve got to try to keep him if it is we can afford him. If not then we’ll be stuck looking to use another high round pick on a lineman next year.

          • Jarad

            And yes I remember Bowe. The Chiefs only capable WR. And the Chiefs didn’t turn around and draft Bowes replacement #1 overall in the next draft.

          • ArrowFan

            Only the draft before

      • BigGil

        I personally have no reservations about Stephenson locking down the RT position, and would rather have BA’s $$ cleared to forward to next year. It helps that skills players are dropping. Besides, who do we cut to cap space for rookies if we keep Albert?

        • ArrowFan

          For the millionth time we have the money to pay the rookies. Especially if we don’t have a second round pick to pay. If we need money restructure someone or cut a bottom end guy to add another bottom end guy.

          • BigGil

            We have $4.6m. That’ll cover Fisher and maybe our next pick. There’s still two mid round picks that need covered (assuming the later round guys knock off players of equal value and are a wash). Even if $4.6m is barely enough, you want nothing to rollover into next year to help cover that batch of FAs? No thanks. No chance to offer our players likely to achieve in season incentives? No thanks. Keeping Albert hurts us in the long term more than it helps us in the short term.

          • ArrowFan

            You are suffering from Pioli-itus. There is nothing wrong with being at the cap or close to it. We have allot of guys on 1 year deals and teams cap hits fluctuate from year to year. We don’t need to roll over 20 million every year.

          • BigGil

            Accounting for 2014 draft money, we’ll have about $6m in free cap next year. Asamoah’s set for FA. Also TJax, Lewis, McCluster, Moeaki. Plus, as you pointed out, most of the players R&D signed this year (later in FA) are on one year deals and if any of them catch fire, we’ll need to resign them to a larger contract than we did this year. Assuming, conservatively, only 2-3 of those mentioned after Asamoah gets signed, that’s cutting it close and leaves little to no room for other teams’ FAs. Sign BA long term on top of that? Forget about it, it can’t happen. Not with crossing fingers that other guys restructure; otherwise, cap casualties. Again, keeping Albert hurts more in the longterm than it helps in the shortterm.

          • ArrowFan

            If we are in need of other teams FA then we will be creating some of our own on the open market. One will always have turn over however the goal should be not look forward to needing other teams FA’s. Who says Albert doesn’t sign a long term deal with us freeing up Cap $$$.

          • BigGil

            The rumors have it that Albert’s agent and MIA worked out a deal and all that needs ironed out is the draft pick compensation. Assuming that deal is in the rumored $8m/yr range, even if Albert doesn’t go to MIA, he’s gonna have proof of some team out there valuing him at that much per year, and expecting KC to come up with a comparable match. So let’s say KC signs him to such a deal this year. They’ll save $1.8m this year ($9.8m he would have got on franchise tag –the $8m he actually got), and forward that to next year thereby making next year’s free cap $7.8m still not enough for Albert (who’d be hitting us at another $8m next year) and there’d be no chance of signing Asamoah (let alone someone else). Is Albert worth Asamoah when we just drafted Fisher?Heck no. Tying up money in a long-term deal with Albert seems highly unlikely when put in that perspective. Also bear in mind that as much as I want the organization to get to a point where FA is overlooked because our recent drafting has been so awesome, we’re not at that point yet. We’re not SF that can cut it close to the cap every year and let the higher priced guys walk because, hey, we’ve drafted so well that had their replacement on the depth chart anyway. A little bit of money and maneuvering, and being able to reach out in FA if it’s thought to be best for the team isn’t a bad thing to want in addition to wanting strong draft choices. Keeping Albert makes lesser sense in the long term outlook than just shipping him off now (even if it’s only for a 3 rd and 5 th ) and freeing up the money for down the line. If we were to lose Asamoah over keeping Albert, I’d be pissed (and I don’t think I’d be the only one).

          • ArrowFan

            I agree we are not there yet but you are assuming two things one our cap hit will be exactly the same next as it is this year, two if we need other FA then we will be cutting other guys from our roster not keeping them and adding more.

          • BigGil

            One, I’m not assuming the cap hit as much as you think. My numbers are based on next year’s contracts (which come to think of it, I brainfarted and didn’t account for Fisher’s contract so we’re actually looking at less) and an estimated $1.5m increase by the NFL on the cap ceiling. Two, who says we have to cut a guy to make room on our roster for a FA. We could feasibly let starters in TJax, Moeaki and Lewis walk, and their lack of pay has already been accounted for in my hypothetical. While we’d all like to see premium compensation for him, keeping BA would be a bad choice. That or maybe we can draft a guy like Quanterus Smith, he gets completely healthy and outplays Hali, and we trade Hali for premium picks (and to clear sufficient cap). This isn’t a “have your cake and eat it, too” situation. Someone will have to go (or someoneS will have to accept an insultingly large pay cut), and I’d rather it be Albert… even if it isn’t for primo picks…

          • ArrowFan

            If your high priced guys perform then there is no need to replace them. If they don’t then you cut them and free up cap room to sign a top FA. The one thing that hurts is the dead money, like we are paying Cassel this year to cut him. Again a team, does not need to roll cap space over year after year after year, it is ok to be at it.

        • Jim Harper

          restructure Hali’s deal

  • Don Quijote

    Keep BA. We don’t need their stinky pick. Lets pick Minter with our first third then look for DE eith supplemental.

  • ArrowFan

    Either make it worth it to us or go away. I say keep Albert and try to work out a deal with him long term, so we can stop draft O lineman for a few year ok.

  • oldchiefsfan

    We play hardball with Miami. Make them make it worth our while. We already have BA. We can play him at LT and Fisher at RT. I think at this point just offer BA a contract that Miami offered and go with a beast of an O-line. If that happens I will watch Miami and laugh this season.

    • Chris Tarrants

      Exactly what I have been preaching! Get Albert a long term deal and our line would be one of if not the best

  • Derek Duderstadt

    Screw Miami to the wall.

    • d-block


  • ArrowFan

    Dorsey is still playing the game. At this point I would rather keep Albert but if he can get some good value out of him great we win. If we keep him great we win. I’m starting to really like our new GM.

    • d-block

      His personality alone make him head and shoulders above Pioli, who seemed like a huge jerk.

  • Chris Tarrants

    Screw that. Keep Albert and have a top 3 offensive line for years to come! Also quick question for everyone to think about today, if he is still on the board in the third round do we make the honey badger our newest player?

    • troy utt

      I don’t know about year’s to come, as I dont see the Chiefs paying him close to $8mil (his salary demands), and if they were to tag him for an additional year it would be an extremely large hit! Personally…I would pass on Puff Daddy with all the additions we have made to our secondary! He is to big of a risk to be a detriment in a time when we are really trying to pull our team out of the ashes! (no pun intended)

      • Chris Tarrants

        If we matched what miami offered we would have one of the best lines! And “puff daddy” would give us a lights out secondary and in the third round I don’t think it would be too much of a gamble

        • troy utt

          I see your point… Mathieu is just one of those kids that scare’s the crap out of you… Anymore you are not real surprised if a kid has a failed drug test. Who doesn’t have a skeleton in the closet??? But to have 10 failed drug test’s, along with all the turmoil he was involved is the kicker! Once we have filled need, taken care of depth, then take chances on someone of his caliber.

          • 417chiefsfan

            I agree… The kid has real talent and I think will be great in the secondary. Though without a second round pick as of now, we still have bigger areas of need than rolling the dice on the honey badger. If he dropped farther maybe into the 4th then I say pull the trigger.

          • troy utt

            That is my point… The kid does have talent, there is no denying that! But I would prefer we fill our other “need” area’s first, before taking a shot on anyone that could be an issue, or not help in the immediate future. I personally don’t care about him lighting up…my issue is that why would you continue to do something you know is against the rules??? Not taking chances beomes even more important now that it would appear the trade with BA is dead! We are so close… I believe just a couple more pieces, could very well put us in contention! WAR CHIEFS!

    • William Campbell

      I hope they take him who cares if he likes to blaze out

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Glad to hear this. With all of the players that fell, the Chiefs would be golden if they can recover that R2 pick.

    • troy utt

      I agree… I have been up & down the list of BPA for hours now! I wish we could work something out, but it’s almost who is going to flinch first?

      • Stacy D. Smith

        I think it’d be in the best interest of both teams. No need for either team to posture at this point. The Chiefs wanted the #42 pick, the Dolphins wanted to give them an R3. Split the baby… 54th overall.

        • ArrowFan

          And something else on top of it:)

    • ArrowFan

      I would be glad either way. I’m leaning toward keep Albert and just having only one rookie on the O line this year. A dominate O line at that.

  • unclejesse40

    At this point I don’t want to trade Albert. I say go into this season with a top OLine. Give Charles a 2000 yard oline and give ASmith time to pick a part defenses. But if we do end up trading Albert and that later 2nd round pick is involved, Miami better be sending us Davone Bess along with it. Send a message to the rest of the NFL you arent going to mess around with the Chiefs! If Miami thinks they hold any chips at this point they are crazy, the Chiefs have all the power and leverage. we have what we want and you need what we got, pay up suckers!

  • freshmeat62

    Chiefs need to get more than the 54th pick for Albert. Dorsey needs to play hardball also as Miami needs a LT. Miami obviously thinks they are close to being a very good team. I don’t, but that’s their pie in the sky dream, so let them have it. W/o a LT, they’re in trouble. I don’t think asking for next years 1st is out of line. After all, w/ Albert still playing LT for the Chiefs, they have a pretty good o-line now – barring Albert’s back going out. I think the Chiefs hold the cards.

  • chiefridgy

    Keep Albert for all the reasons I’ve read on here! What a stellar line we would have. I say if you can’t deal him for good picks this year hold onto him and see what you can get next year.

  • Jarad

    I think the Chiefs NEED to trade BA. They just drafted their LT of the future. Don’t pay big money to solidify a RT too. On top of it not being financially brilliant, there is a lot of talent left in the draft that could help in 2013. Get a 2nd and move Albert.

  • Danny W

    Miami needs a left tackle much more than we need their second round pick I would say. I do want an ILB very very badly so I would trade for number 54, plus a fourth either this year or next. No better yet if it’s next year make it a third. You don’t want to deal with KC? Well good luck making Andre Smith or Tyson Clabo your left tackle from right tackle.

  • Brandon

    Kansas City definitely needs an ILB. Arthur Brown is rated by some as the highest at his position. He’s versatile and would fit very well into a Sutton system that shows a lot of different looks. I want KC to get into the front of RD 2 and steal Arthur. Our defense would be outstanding!

  • KCPauly

    Trade Albert to Ariz. for their 2nd. a pick Geno..(just throwing it out there for Micah). No really though, trade BA for any 2nd. and cut the ties and his inflated ego thinking he deserves top 5 $. Stephenson at RT and Fisher at LT, and use the pick for ILB

  • nfloersch

    I Think If They Can Get A 3Rd And A 4Th Round Pick For Him They Should Jump All Over It. This Is A Back Heavy Draft And 2 More Mid Round Picks Would Add A Lot Of Depth To Our roster

  • micah stephenson

    I think we shud keep albert. Alex needs all the protection he can get.

  • Brody Hall

    Screw them! Unless they are giving their 2nd and Third or one of their high picks next year (pretty much a deal to good to pass up.) They get nothing but their QB on his ass all year long. Thats the pick we wanted and u turn around and give it to Oakland? Shame on them i say we let them suffer. Maybe zona wants alber??

  • Brody Hall

    What i do know is that if kc could have got alex smith for a third or fourth rounder… WHICH WE ALL KNOW THEY COULD HAVE! we could have landed ta’o to complete out LB Core… Son of a b!

  • John Frisbee

    If this deal does not go through, the Chiefs need to take the hard line and force Albert to play the right side for the contract they offered him, or to hold out and not get paid.

  • Gene Wisdom

    Forget the Dolphins. Let’s make them pay the price for Albert. Albert has been a good LT for us. If they don’t want to pay, he can play LT, and Fisher on the right.

  • Roger Mihalko

    Trade albert for whatever you can get, I would take a 3rd rounder why? you get back some cap space. Once the draft is over there are going to be a lot of UFA out there and having that cap space to platy with can help. plus:

    Albert doesn’t want to be anywhere he doesn’t get a long term contract.
    Albert doesn’t want to play any position he doesn’t want to play.

    Fisher is a great addition to the youth and experience we have stacked up for our 0-line.

  • Larry Dunigan

    I say trade him, but now ask for the 54th and 3rd round pick and now next year 2nd round pick. So it don’t hurt our self for future trades with Miami. BC if we get greedy just like NFL players do when teams try to resign them. Then nobody would want to play ball with us. They try to screw us, if we screw them(Miami) We need to make them pay but not to over do it. So they would deal with us in the future. Just like Dorsey says, you got to keep your options open. If you go around screw people , your options will disappear and you won’t have any.
    Thank you for reading all my comments before you commenting on me.

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