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Chiefs Select Eric Fisher No. 1 In The 2013 NFL Draft

The Kansas City Chiefs have selected former Central Michigan LT Eric Fisher with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

It was thought that the Chiefs might select Texas A & M LT Luke Joeckel but it appears as though head coach Andy Reid and GM John Doesey prefer the slightly more athletic Fisher. Fisher is the first LT to be taken No. 1 overall in the draft since the Miami Dolphins selected Jake Long.

Here is a scouting report on Fisher from NFL Mocks:

Fisher has really come on as one of the best offensive tackle prospects in the country coming out in 2013. He is inarguably the top senior offensive tackle, and coming from Central Michigan, he’s gone largely unnoticed by the public eye. That doesn’t mean NFL Draft scouts and analysts have missed him. Fisher’s length and ability to move really well for his size give him the look of a starting left tackle in the NFL for years to come.

We will have more later but for now, what is your reaction to this pick?

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  • Patrick Allen

    He’s a Chief! Let’s get it!

    • Heilios

      Hell yeah! Welcome to the Chiefs Fisher!

    • William Campbell

      Agreed better than joekel for sure.. big mean nasty tackle for sure

  • Cam Newton

    Looks to be a great pick. Solid lineman, very big, able to go up against even the biggest of defensive players in CFB. Very excited to see the Chiefs go with him.

    • Patrick Allen

      Yeah I like it. I wish there was a better QB available but what can you do?

      • William Campbell

        What do you think of Manuel going before geno?

        • big chief

          I think it sucks. I was still holding out hope for the Chiefs to get Manuel.

  • cd3382

    Love it! Go Chiefs!!!

  • Doug McD

    No jokes here! Welcome Eric!

  • Jason Taylor

    Yes! Take that Geno supporters!

    Ha… Sorry.

    Had to rub it in! Go Chiefs!

    • William Campbell

      Isnt it funny that Manuel was the first qb off the board? Love it.. speaking of geno fans were are they at

      • Maverik256

        I know it takes two to trade but don’t you think that being no one else in the first needed a QB. That they should of traded back as much as and as many times as possible picked who knows how many picks and then picked the same guy I mean he was in most people’s late second and this or even picked someone else and maybe still have gotten him he is to raw to waste a high first or any first for that matter no qb this year was except maybe massive but also in a trade back situation to buff where his old coach is the new coach

        • William Campbell

          Hard to trade back without partners.. or somebody willing to give up anything close to what that’s worth.. no qb worth taking in the top ten and geno may not even be a first round pick..would I take

          • Maverik256

            Firs thing I said was intakes two to trade but no one was taking him so even if you pick up an extra fifth rounder and move back a few spots you still get your guy and an extra pick no harm done what you have to remember is NO ONE WAS TAKING MANUEL IN THIS ROUND….anything would be a good trade back

          • William Campbell

            But they got their guy at on and is there a chance that fisher or joekel or even Johnson was there after the top 7 no way.. chiefs did what was best for them and I applaud that

          • Maverik256

            No one mentioned the chiefs…we were talking about ej Manuel I thi you may be confused

  • Edward Pendleton

    They said they would take the best player available every time. Took them ONE pick to abandon that. Because you can’t possibly say that if they were on the field, simultaneously, right now, Fisher outperforms Joeckel.


      Simple, really. The Chiefs couldn’t get a deal done with Miami for Albert. Had that happened, they may have gone with Joeckel. However, Fisher can and will play on the right side, and has said that he has no problems with it. So now, the Chiefs have both tackles and can move on. If Albert doesn’t get a long-term deal next year, then it all starts again.

      • sigh11

        no. that’s total speculation, and the man who said he would take BPA, would NOT pick a player based on branden albert. cmon man

        • TAZMOSIS

          What speculation? Days ago, when it looked like the Albert deal could go south, Fisher was interviewed and said that he would have no problem with playing on the right side. And R&D took the BPA, as Fisher and Joeckel were rated nearly even on every draft board. As I said, had the Albert deal been done, the Chiefs may have taken Joeckel.

      • big chief

        Fisher will start at LT regardless of Albert. If Albert stays and plays it will be RT. He’ll either be traded or settle for less than he wants and play on the right.

        • TAZMOSIS

          I really believe you are right. Albert cannot dictate where he plays. No way is Reid going to let that happen.

      • Larry Dunigan

        You not sure of yourself are you? LOL if the Chiefs get a trade with Miami, they MAY HAVE drafted Joeckel. LOL.
        Thank you for reading all my comments before commenting on me.
        That means the one below too.

    • Brody Hall

      Bigger, stronger more athletic… The only thing jokel had over him is that he SEEMS more NFL ready right now… We got the best player sir so nice try

    • Larry Dunigan

      Yes Fisher is better than Joeckel. As Brody Hall has said, he’s bigger, stronger, and more athletic too. That means he can move his guy down field, and thats at a college level, that means at a NFL level he’s not going to get push around. But I think if we give couple few years, he’ll be doing that in the NFL too. Joeckel would take longer to do that BC he doesn’t do that even at a college level which tells me he’s going to struggle at a NFL level at first. So Yeah I think they did take the better player.
      I think you forget Andy Reid is a offensive lineman coach at one time and that he is a proven winner too. And talk about this pick as a bad pick makes me belive that you don’t think Andy can win a game. You are a non-beliver. So yeah they did pick the best player in the draft.
      Thank you for reading all my comments before commenting on me.

      • Edward Pendleton

        Every evaluation had Joeckel doing better against better competition than Fisher. And hell, you can look up clips online and see that. They preached the whole time they would take the best player available, and then took a player based on potential. If Fisher just did okay at the Senior Bowl…not even bad, just performed decent, his name doesn’t come up once anywhere as a possible #1 pick.

        And for someone who is complimenting me for reading his entire comments, you sure are jumping to one hell of a conclusion by saying my difference (or anyone’s difference) in opinion on ONE draft pick means I don’t think Reid can win and am therefore a “non-believer” in this entire team. I think Alex Smith is going to do well, I think the Travis Kelce pick was a great call, I think this team wakes up and posts a winning record.

        I honestly don’t think this is a terrible pick. I think Fisher will be a good, solid player at worst and a pro-bowl mainstay at best. I never even said Fisher was going to be bad. What I said was that Reid/Dorsey preached drafting BPA from day 1, and that pick was based on potential. In my opinion I think Joeckel will be better, but who knows? The whole draft is a gamble anyway. Maybe “Broadway Geno” wins 3 Super Bowls for the Jets. Maybe Knile Davis runs for 2,000+ yards in year 1. No, neither will probably happen, but it’s a gamble.

        • Larry Dunigan

          On paper But I seen Fisher get down field in running plays. 2nd & 3rd level. Luke just pushes players from one side to the other. I seen Luke struggle with players. And that is at a college level. I wonder how he would do at a NFL level. Yeah he’s smart but I think he’ll get push around. And I don’t want that on my team protect my QB.
          Fisher, I did not see that with him but Once or twice.
          And yeah this is my opinion as that is yours.
          As this is about Geno Smith is my opinion on him. He is a cry baby. He look like he was going to cry when he was not pick in the first round of the draft
          Which tells me he still needs to grow up some more.

          • Edward Pendleton

            Oh I agree as far as Geno goes. I’m not saying he will do any of that, I’m just using him as an example.

          • Larry Dunigan

            Oh yeah. Maybe R&D have there own system on figure out who’s the best player is. Like maybe Luke didn’t fit they style as Fisher fit better in long run Fisher was the best player for the chiefs.

  • GDL40

    Glad it wasnt Joeckel ….

    • Danny W

      Me too.

  • stephan costa

    Hey fins! The price for BA is now 2 2nd’s! Lol

  • Patrick Allen


    • Justin R Groth

      ??? Why weird pat?

  • [email protected]

    Welcome to KC keep it up GOCHIEFS!!!

  • chiefridgy

    Go Chiefs!!!

  • 417chiefsfan


  • Chris Tarrants

    Miami traded the 42nd pick away so looks like Albert is still a chief for this year which is gonna give us a monstrous offensive line

    • berttheclock

      Miami still needs a LT, so, they could still trade the 54 to KC.

      • William Campbell

        Miami is gonna be desperate now I say gouge them or keep him

        • tm1946

          If was not a business, I say keep Albert or try AZ and tell MIA to suck it up.

          • William Campbell

            But that’s the point.. its a business and the longer we hold out the more desperate Miami gets.. they actually have a decent team there if they can find a way to protect tannehill

        • big chief

          Yeah this year’s second and next year’s second and third.

          • William Campbell

            I say if we have to let it play into the season let tannehill get knocked around real good maybe they get real desperate and give up next years first.. time to play hardball after giving our pick to jokeland

  • KCNJ

    more athletic, more upside. given uncertainty about albert, it makes sense…he’s not so hung up on playing RT or LT. huge, nasty, athletic. i like it. he’s a blue collar guy who could be a fan fave. john alt, anyone, circa 2013, only w/greater athleticism. i think this is a great pick. andy reid was a what? o-lineman. i’ll take it

  • KCNJ

    von miller – just try to whip his a** twice a year. my a**.

  • KCNJ

    let’s pick mike glennon in rd 3….

    • kmon

      I’ve been a mike glennon fan since Septemberbi say let’s do it

  • tm1946

    He can play with a certain meanness missing for a while.
    PS, Geno S. stock seems to have dropped. Sure could use a 2nd round pick.
    PPS Hope MIA chokes on their move.

  • Gene Yuknis

    how’s about a geno and tim teblow package deal? nice pick with eric fisher!!! welcome aboard and go chiefs….

  • big chief

    For months I said Geno wouldn’t be the first pick and shocker, I was right. People said I was crazy (Micah, lol) and I said he won’t even be a first rounder. If I had taken it every time somebody drunk on the Geno Juice said “I’ll bet you $100 he doesn’t make it past ten” I could take a nice vacation. I’ll just leave it at Told Ya So. Fisher was a smart pick. Now Albert can move to RT or just move on because he has no leverage and let’s face it he’s no Willie Roaf.


      Damn it, Big chief, I love it when WE are right! I would love to see Albert back where he started, at RT, but who knows? At 10 mil, he should play wherever the team tells him to play.

    • NicholasAlanClayton

      Yeah, I left the Geno bandwagon when I saw that the league professionals were souring on this year’s QB class. It’s also a big question as to how well he would have done without Tavon.

      • big chief

        He had two phenomenal wr’s and rarely played a good defense and still has a ton of bad tape. I think everybody was just so burned out from the mediocre at best qb play we’ve seen since Trent Green that they were grasping at any chance of a good qb. Unfortunately they picked a bad year to pick first. Them’s the dice I guess.

    • William Campbell

      Yeah I knew he wasn’t going top ten.. but as soon as he made it past top 15 I knew he wouldn’t go in the first

  • d-block

    Time to order my Fisher jersey now.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    He has the potential to become a perennial Pro Bowl player. Excited to have the kid. Hopefully we’ll move Albert tomorrow before the draft resumes. We need to get back into the 2nd Round.

  • big chief

    I do feel for Geno Smith though. It has to feel bad to be sure you would be a high pick, get invited to the draft and watch the first round go by without being picked. I’m glad the Chiefs passed on him at least for now but he seems like a good kid. Hopefully he lands somewhere and has a good career. I’d even be ok with him being a Chief I just didn’t want him at #1.


      I don’t want Geno Smith anywhere the Chiefs. Did you see his body language last night? He was pouting like a girl who had just been dumped at the high school prom. Dude is not a winner and certainly not a leader.

  • redchiefs

    Now, do the Dolphins call up tomorrow about that trade for Albert?


      Jeff Ireland is an idiot. Dion Jordon? When they absolutely have to have a left tackle, they take a rusher. And, they give up the pick that the Chiefs wanted to get for Albert. That is just dumb.

  • NicholasAlanClayton

    The theme song of the Chiefs this season is “Comin’ For You” by Reach.

  • ArrowFan

    Love it if one can love a LT as the #1 over all pick.