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NFL Draft Rumors 2013: Chiefs, Dolphins Resume Albert Talks

The clock is ticking on the start of the 2013 NFL Draft and according to Ed Werder of, the Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins have resumed talks on a trade that would send LT Branden Albert to South Beach.

From RotoWorld:

ESPN’s Ed Werder reported on SportsCenter Wednesday that the Dolphins have “resumed dialogue” with the Chiefs regarding Branden Albert.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported Monday the sides had had “little or no communication” in “almost two weeks,” but urgency is setting in for desperate Dolphins contract-year GM Jeff Ireland. Werder confirms Kansas City wants one of Miami’s two second-round picks (Nos. 42, 54). Werder reported Albert is targeting a deal worth $36 million over four seasons, which is more than what the Rams gave Jake Long and Texans paid Duane Brown. “He wants to be paid like an elite tackle,” Werder stated. Ireland has enough job insecurity to cave.

There are so many rumors and contradictory reports floating about that it has been hard to get a handle on what exactly his going on here.

This is what I gather:

1. The Chiefs and Dolphins want to work out a trade for Albert.

2. The Chiefs gave Miami permission to talk to Albert’s agent but not to Albert. Meaning Albert could not go to the Dolphins’ facility for a physical.

3. The Chiefs had not heard from the Dolphins in a few days regarding Albert. Presumably because either Albert was asking too much or the Chiefs were asking too much in trade compensation. There were reports of both.

4. Now the two sides are talking again. This could indicate that the Dolphins are willing to pay Albert and all that remains is haggling with the Chiefs on the final details of the trade compensation. Miami is likely pushing to send only it’s late second-round pick while Chiefs GM John Dorsey is almost certainly wants Miami’s early second-rounder.

There isn’t much time for either side to continue to play chicken. While the two teams might not reveal the trade until during the draft to keep the other teams guessing, they would both like to have an agreement in place aead of time so they can get a clearer picture of their draft strategy.

I am not sure if the news will break before Thursday night or not but I wouldn’t be surprised if the deal gets done today. KC and Miami may wait until both have picked in the first round before they announce the trade, if not just to keep the rest of the NFL guessing about their intentions.

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  • ArrowFan

    It is playoff time for NFL GM’s.

  • Danny W

    I hope Arizona comes in and snakes him with their high second.

  • BigGil

    Not sure how this will play out. Likely that MIA wants to give up it’s second 2 ahead of time (eases their mind going into the draft that they have their LT). If Dorsey doesn’t budge, MIA sees if a guy falls to them. If one does not, Dorsey has their balls in a vice and can get the earlier 2. Part of me thinks Dorsey will play for the higher stakes. Whether Ireland blinks or not (maybe he sweetens the pot and, though not giving up the earlier 2, will throw in a 5th or 6th) is anyone’s guess.

    • KCMikeG

      Boy I sure hope you are right!!

  • redchiefs

    My take is the Chiefs are in the power seat. Rumors are Arizona might be interested, KC gave up 2 picks for Alex Smith, and probably wants 2 picks for Albert. Miami can hold out, taking the chance one of the 3 tackles will fall to them and Arizona doesn’t offer their 2nd or Miami can acquire the services of a good LT for their top 2nd round pick. ATM, I think that KC has a real shot at a high 2nd, and a conditional next year. If no one wants to trade, KC has a good vet LT this year, and a top OT from this year’s draft to play RT this year and compete for the LT next year.

    • dominicscarlatti

      If Miami doesn’t get one of the top OT’s in the first round, then the price for BA may rise if Arizona is still a potential trade partner. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this deal go down before the 1st round tomorrow.

  • ArrowFan

    Am I the only one that can’t stop looking for the a headline regarding Albert and a trade?

    • redchiefs

      nope, count me in at an hourly schedule

    • dakotachief

      nope, pretty much all im looking for right now

    • Jim Harper

      This should answer your question. I had to get up at 5:30AM to drive 70 miles for a Dr appt. I checked before I left and again since I got home at 1:30PM. I am retired so I check about 20 times a day. I am almost to the point of not caring what happens. Just get something done. ALMOST

    • stephan costa

      Every hour on the hour. 5 different sites

  • dakotachief

    My two cents…take what you can get and move on. Pick up either of the 2 tackles and package together some other trade to get as far up as it would take to get warmack. Top takle, warmack, and alex smith…pretty good draft

  • Adrian Morales

    Dont trade him

    • Chief Hokie

      Agreed. 36 mil is reasonabe

      • KCMikeG

        More $$ than Long and Brown??

  • Bigtexjayhawk

    I hope and pray that our new leaders come out of this thing smelling like roses. Remember how you felt last year when they said the name “Dontari Poe!” I about threw my remote through my plasma. I am sure I yelled a few obcenities too. Please make this year a more pleasurable 3 days!! We need playmakers plain and simple. Both sides. I have faith our two new leaders will kick some butt and take names!!

  • stephan costa

    The best part of this is Arizona being the “wild card”. If you couple that with Ireland being desperate for a good left tackle,his obvious job insecurity, and the fact that the top 3 LT will be off the board well before the fins get to pick…..I think this might just set up real nice for Chiefs nation!

  • dominicscarlatti

    I hope it’s alright to do this – I found this post in a comments section of an article at This would be the “conspiracy theorist’s” take on what the Chiefs are doing:

    ‘Fisher Argoe · Delaware

    This is way out in left field here and I’m not saying this is what will
    happen at all, but has anyone thought maybe the ba trade to miami is all
    part of dorseys plan to make someone move up and pay an arm and a leg
    for the #1 pick. Maybe dorsey and albert formulated a plan for albert to
    seriously talk to a team about a trade but not ever really plan to
    leave for said team. Meanwhile by doing this it solidifies everyone’s
    view that the chiefs are taking joeckel or fisher causing a team lower
    than the 3 spot in desperate need of a tackle to give an obnoxious
    amount to the chiefs for their pick. The chiefs accept that offer then
    completely abandon the albert trade and sign him to a long term
    contract. Then the chiefs turn around and take say a WR to compliment
    bowe or a DE to help the pass rush. Again I’m not saying this is at all
    what will happen.’

    Of course, a team could probably give up less to move up to #3, 4, 6, 7 overall to snag one of the top 3 OTs, but I still found myself amused by this “original” analysis. I think we’re all getting pretty desperate to find meaning in the seeming chaos that is the prelude to the actual draft meeting.

    • KCMikeG

      Last time I checked left field was still part of the playing surface. Anything is possible. If this came true it would certainly establish a new and desperately needed aggressive approach to building a winner. If the FA’s work out as hoped and a successful out-of the-box draft strategy is achieved we will be a very dangerous team under Andy Reid. Can’t wait!

  • Mark Lynch

    It makes ZERO sense for Miami to refuse to pay Long what he wanted, and then turn around and pay Albert close to what Long wanted. Long is WAY better than Albert. That would be a heroically stupid move by Miami.
    Naturally, Miami is going to say they have the salary worked out but not the picks because when/if the deal falls apart, they can say it fell apart because of KC and not Miami. And if they TOTALLY strike out – no Albert, no top 4 LT in the draft, and no blindside support for Tannehill this year – they can blame KC for asking for too much when it is probably a combination of both, not wanting to part with #42, believing KC HAS to move Albert (when they DON’T) and Miami balking when they realize the sheer stupidity in paying Albert as much if not more than Jake Long wanted – who is WORTH the investment when Albert is not.
    KC needs to hold out for that higher 2nd round pick – if Miami won’t budge, keep Albert – play him at RT – and move on. AZ might play ball too…

    • ArrowFan

      Only that Albert is better than Long. Why lie about it when it would be so much easier for them to just say he wanted to much $$.

  • Sabersimon

    I think it is stupid to trade a franchise LT and the first pick for a franchise LT and a 2nd round pick…STupid!!!