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Dwayne Bowe Says Chiefs Will Throw The Ball Deep

The Kansas City Chiefs were terrible on the offensive side of the ball in 2012 and while we don’t know if they will be any better in 2013, one thing is certain.

They’ll be different.

The Chiefs are in the process of installing their new offense under new head coach Andy Reid. Along with the new offensive game plan, the Chiefs also have a different QB under center.

New QB Alex Smith isn’t really known for his deep ball, but if WR Dwayne Bowe is to be believed, the Chiefs will be chucking the rock downfield.

From Josh Klingler:

Now to be fair, the Chiefs did throw the ball deep on occasion when Matt Cassel was the team’s QB. The problem was that when KC did throw it deep, the ball was generally horribly under- or overthrown, usually the former.

Cassel’s lack of arm strength often gave defenders the chance to catch up to Chiefs receivers when they happened to break free. The situation was so bad that it seemed the Chiefs almost never took shots down the field.

I am not sure if the deep ball will work out any better with Alex Smith but I am a firm believer that an offense has to at least try a couple of deep shots a game to keep defenses honest.

Smith is clearly a better QB than Cassel so hopefully Andy Reid can unlock Smith’s inner deep ball.

What do you think, Addicts? Will the Chiefs have more success throwing deep with Alex Smith?

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  • Jordan Clark

    With Bowe, Avery, and Baldwin (hoping that he finally comes to play) we better be taking shots downfield from te to time!

    • Ben

      I agree wit you on that

  • KCPauly

    I hope so it would be awesome if they did and actually got it to the receiver when there still open….GO CHIEFS!!!!!!

  • Larry

    The eagles and the packers teams are know for throwing it deep so I will believe it when bowe says they are going deep this year. And I am happy about that too. Not only that we are going to pass the ball more, I think the running game is going to be more deadlier because of it. Charles is a very good running back without a passing game, image him with a passing game. I,m thinking Barry Sanders with a passing game.

    • ArrowFan

      1600 yards rushing is much more effective at winning games when it is coupled with 4000 yards passing.

  • Matt Finucane

    Good news that someone is telling him that, at least. Encouraging. A D-Bowe explosion could really help bring me back to this team.

    • Patrick Allen

      You have to be pumped that they threw the $$$ at him. You know his ass would be in Dallas or something if Scotty was still around.

    • Calchiefsfan

      I’ve always been high on D-Bowe. With a good qb under center he should get double digit TDs every year.

      I’m still wanting the Chiefs to prove it on the field before I’m fully in but I can’t help but get a little optimistic with all the moves the new regime has made. Except for maybe Albert, they really could have handled that one better.

  • Bigtexjayhawk

    My take is that you MUST throw a deep pass (40 yards at least) once per quarter. It creates possibile pass interference, makes the safeties play a little deeper, more room for shorter routes and worst case an interception flips field position. Will also give JC more open space to take it to the house!!!

    • ArrowFan


    • tm1946

      So right, but I got a feeling this is going to be a team that can execute the screen. They will go down field but money will be screens…..want to be “the show” better be able to catch the screen and make some yardage after the catch.

      • Calchiefsfan

        Charles on a well executed screen? Now that gets me excited for 2013.

        • Bigtexjayhawk

          I think we will look alot like the Chiefs with Priest at HB. Play action, lots of screens and misdirection bootlegs. Would also like to see more no huddle

      • shayaan

        I’ve been dying to see more screens since Charles and mccluster showed how effective they can be in 2010. alex is definitely a QB who can nail those short timing passes in space. seems like such a basic thing but as last year showed, it is not a given.

  • shayaan

    throwing the ball deep is more about timing and anticipation from the QB than sheer arm strength. alex smith obviously isn’t joe flacco, but he can definitely get it down the field if our play-calling facilitates it and if he develops some timing and chemistry with our receivers.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      Excellent point. Alex CAN get it there, but it’s usually not a jaw-dropping throw. Brodie Croyle had a rocket for an arm. Anybody want him back? I didn’t think so.

      • Justin R Groth

        Depends does his wife come back too?

    • ArrowFan

      good point any NFL QB can through a fly route as long as the ball is timed correctly, it doesn’t matter if the pass in 20 yards or 60 yards or anywhere in between.

    • troy utt

      Sorry…But I will pass on Flacco! I know he got hot at the right time, and now has his big $$ contract! But all the same I have never been a huge fan of his… I am just fine with AS under center for my Chiefs! I believe given the right tools he will do great things in KC…As someone already mentioned you can’t beat a blue-collar guy with a chip on his shoulder!

      • shayaan

        I only mentioned flacco because of his renowned arm strength, which admittedly did help them beat the broncos and make it to the superbowl. overall, I’m not a big fan of his either.. actually hated him for his first few years, but have recently come around to at least respecting his play.

        • troy utt

          Dont get me wrong…He does not seem to be a bad guy, as far as team mates would be concerned… I think he is serviceable, and obviously is a decent leader thus the new$$… IMO in no way could I put him in the same tax bracket as the Rodgers, Mannings,Bradys, etc… no matter how you form your argument! Again…nothing but my personal opinion! I do agree with you as the deep route’s being just as much timing & anticipation. At the same time I have wondered about the hiring of Childress as a “Special Projects Cord” ??? When you think about his time in Minn. with Farve, I believe it’s fair to say they took their fair share of shots down-field.
          (Not comparing Smith to Farve by any means) That along with Bowe’s comment would make sense! No matter what I just hope we get a decent O-Line assembled to keep the pressure off Smith & Charles… Otherwise…it’s all for naught! WAR CHIEFS!

  • William Campbell

    I absolutely hated the Alex smith trade… well hated is such a strong word, more like despised to the point it made me sick to my stomach. Then one day I was sifting thru fan posts on the pride (arrowhead pride) and I came across a couple of 49er posts about how good smith can be and I got curious. I started reading and watching everything I could on Alex and became very torn.
    On one hand I wanted a 1st round qb (geno or Barkley) a toy to play with.. qbotf who could start day one and take this team to the promise land..
    On the other hand I saw flashes of brilliance and a chance to be a top 10 qb in this league.. absolutely torn.. then came a post, written by MNchiefsfan. I can’t remember what its called but it flipped my switch. Made alot of sense to me and now I have a real man crush on Alex and can’t wait for this season to start.. its great to have a good qb with a chip on his shoulder

    • Patrick Allen

      I think Alex could have won a SB with the 49ers. Kaep may give them more versatility but the dude did show he can win playoff games. He out-dueled Drew Brees. That was impressive.

      Can he make KC a consistent winner? Is he the answer? I don’t know. But I do know he is an upgrade.

    • Kert L. Jones II

      Can’t say I have a man crush, but MNchiefsfan post combined with some others definitely made this trade less painful for me. Actually painless… I’m back in my anxious-optimistic-cant wait to see what we put out on the field mode now. The players excitment is contagious too.
      GO CHIEFS!!!!

      • Michael Shaw

        That is the part that has me intrigued. The players look, not act, like they are excited. I just hope it lasts!!!!

    • Calchiefsfan

      I saw that article too. It was a good article. I was already of the belief that Smith is a much better qb than anyone we’ve had since Green but it was good to see that post. It really showed Smith’s qualities.

    • troy utt

      I believe A Smith will do great under center for us… He has taken alot of heat over circumstances beyond his control while in SF… An injury to his shoulder that knocked him out, brought back to early from that, 6 offensive Cord in 6 years, & a concussion, which was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back! Thus that last couple of years prior to the concussion speak volumes I believe for the progress he has made, which I believe bode well for our upcoming season! The new brass has spent nearly all available cap monies… I cant remember when the last time was KC has actually gone shopping in this manner… (although we signed several key FA’s we did not over-spend $$ on big FA contracts either I might add). It would appear they have stuck to whatever plan they laid out, and have contingencie’s for alternate situations… I honestly can’t remember being this excited for a season to start! WAR CHIEFS!

      • KCMikeG

        Hey Troy – were you able to get one of those tickets from your work for the Draft Party?

        • troy utt

          Sorry… Wound up in the hospital and did not get back to you… The tickets from my work are gone, being used by one of our guys that is a Donkey fan! But he is taking a client that is a Chiefs fan!!! One of my vendors with season tickets was to get back to me… I will know first thing Monday morning…Should he have one left avail I will have him overnight it!!! Sorry for the delay…

          • KCMikeG

            Troy thanks so much for making the effort! Hope everything is ok with you. That is criminal that a donkey fan should be allowed to attend. I will check back tomorrow to see if you were able to secure the ticket I need. I would owe you big – like maybe a field level game ticket?

  • Justin KIRK-LEWIS

    I still don’t like the trade for Alex smith. The guy hasn’t played a full season in his entire career. Yes you could say he’s an upgrade to Cassel but well just have to wait and see. I could see them go deep but he’s not the quarterback whos gonna sling the ball like that. When he was with sf, him an Vernon Davis connected for a lot of medium to possibly deep passes a lot. I could see him and bowe doing the same but it all depends on if smith stays healthy and “plays all 16 games for the FIRST TIME in his career.”

    • Jason Seibel

      He did in 2011

      • Jim Harper

        That’s what I thought! So I looked it up and we are correct Jason.

        • Jason Seibel

          And oh, by the way, he did in 2006 too. Just sayin… You might want check wikipedia or snopes or ESPN or even Twitter before you post. Just a suggestion.

        • Justin KIRK-LEWIS

          Oh wait he gt hurt in 2011 nd game out a game nd didn’t finish so that doesn’t qualify as full season srry to burst y’all’s bubble

      • William Campbell

        And only threw 7 ints all year.. that alone is a upgrade in kc

    • shayaan

      I won’t be too worried if chase daniel has to fill in for a game or two. in fact, I’ll be excited.

      • Darkwolf1414

        Problem is that Alex Smith usually misses about 6 games a season.

        • shayaan

          I’m ok with that, too. I think daniel is a better QB than anyone KC has had since Trent green.

  • micah stephenson

    The deep ball! That will b something fun and new for our wrs. Lol. I remeber watching an interview with mcluster, he was asked why the chiefs dont throw deep, his response, and I qoute “I dont know, we really dont have many deep plays in our playbook”. I know AR likes passing alot. I hope A.Smith can get it done.

  • ArrowFan

    With the way P.I. penalties are set up it only makes sense to push the ball down the field. Personally I think that any penalty resulting in 15 yards or more should be review-able but that is just me.

  • ladner morse

    “It only take a spark… to get a fire going”… and for the Chiefs to come out and state that they’re going to light it up with the long ball will ultimately ignite all sorts of explosions in the offense. And… it could all start on day one against the Jags.

    Here’s the Jags total INTs for their defensive backfield: CB Rashean Mathis (0), CB Mike Harris (1), SS Dawan Landry (1), and Dwight Lowery (1). That right the Jags current defensive backfield had a total of 3 INTs in 2012.

    Once the Chiefs hit long, even once, against the Jags… there will be little they can do to stop Mr. Jamaal Charles. The spacing that the long ball game will open up should make JC funner and funner to watch.

    The same will go for all the underneath routes Devon Wylie and Dexter McCluster will exploit. There should be space all over the field if the long ball can loosen up the CBs and Safeties and Fasano and Moeaki should help make that happen too.

    Personally, I think Alex Smith is going to have a big impact on Jon Baldwin’s career. In 10 games of 2012, he had passes that went, 53, 55, 29, 47 and 26. Not incredible but, good — considering who he was throwing the ball to — no one with burner speed. In 2011, Smith’s shortest long ball was for 20 yards against the Ravens. He also had long balls of 39, 44, 41, 30, 31, 38, 56, 32, 31,41 and 44.

    No one on the 49ers roster has Donnie Avery (4.32) speed either.

    The big question now is… will the Chiefs have an offensive line capable of giving Alex Smith the time he’ll need to allow his receivers the time to get down the field?

  • SuperGnat

    I will believe when I see