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The Chiefs Late Round Revelations

With the draft a mere week and a day away and the lion’s share of the Chiefs picks coming on day’s two and three, it may be a good time to look at some late round revelations.

If you’re not a kindergartener and your attention span is longer than 15 seconds then you’ve most likely noticed this regime is doing a better job scouting prospects than, well, those previous certain unmentionables.

What that means is we will be learning more about Andy Reid and John Dorsey from who, or whom, they select in the later rounds than who they choose early in the race, and that debate appears to be going on forever.

Reid and Dorsey should be able to do better than Kendrick Lewis and Ryan Succop… the four year sum total of Scott Pioli’s late round pot stickers (players who were good enough to stick on the roster and make a contribution).

 What the Chiefs need now are players who can do more than “contribute.”

 The Chiefs also need some late round pot stickers like Andy Reid was able to draft in the past five years:

  • Kurt Coleman- starting Safety, 7th round, 244th pick, Philadelphia Eagles, 2010
  • Jamar Chaney- starting SOLB, 7th round, 220th pick, Philadelphia Eagles, 2010
  • Stanley Havili- starting FB (2012), 7th round, 240th pick, Philadelphia Eagles, 2011
  • King Dunlap- OT, 7th round, 230th pick, Philadelphia Eagles, 2008- now with San Diego
  • Andy Studebaker- LB, 6th round, 203th pick, Philadelphia Eagles, 2008, cut by Kansas City
  • Joe Mays- LB, 6th round, 200th pick, Philadelphia Eagles, 2008, now with Denver
  • Quintin Demps- S, 6th round, 184th pick, Philadelphia Eagles, 2008, now with Houston
  • Mike McGlynn- G, 4th round, 109th pick, Philadelphia Eagles, 2008, now with Indianapolis


The Chiefs also need some late round pot stickers like John Dorsey was able to draft in the past five years too:

  • Mike Daniels, DE, 4th round, 132nd pick, Green Bay, 2012
  • Jerron McMillian, S, 4th round, 133nd pick, Green Bay, 2012
  • Davon House, CB, 4th round, 131st pick, Green Bay, 2011
  • Ryan Taylor, TE, 7th round, 218th pick, Green Bay, 2011
  • Marshall Newhouse, starting LT, 5th round, 169th pick, Green Bay, 2010
  • Morgan Burnett, starting SS, 3rd round, 71st pick, Green Bay, 2010
  • Frank Zombo, LB, UDFA, Green Bay, 2010 (uh oh, if the Chiefs recently signed Zombo, who at one time went to Central Michigan, could another CMU grad be far behind?)
  • T.J. Lang, starting OG, 4th round, 109th pick, Green Bay, 2009
  • Brad Jones, starting ILB, 7th round, 218th pick, Green Bay, 2009


Of course there are many other players who have made a significant contributions to both Philly and the Packers, players who were drafted in the later rounds but, that’s going back ten years.

That’s precisely the point. Both Andy Reid and John Dorsey each have a decade of experience selecting quality players up and down the draft board.

So, “who” might be available in the late rounds of the 2013 NFL draft? Let’s see if we can divine the future fortunes of a few of those late round hopefuls.

Firstly, here’s the Kansas City Chiefs full, round-by-round, draft order:

Round 1 ~ Pick 1

Round 3 ~ Pick 63

Round 3 ~ Pick 96

Round 4 ~ Pick 99

Round 5 ~ Pick 134

Round 6 ~ Pick 170

Round 6 ~ Pick 204

Round 7 ~ Pick 207

While both Reid and Dorsey have held fast to the idea that they’re going to select the best player available in a draft… there is parity at the top of the draft and anyone’s guess is as good as anyone else’s… when it comes to predicting who they’ll take.

In the later rounds, there’s no reason to think they won’t stick to the BPA formula. So, let’s take a look at some prospects that may be on Reid and Dorsey’s radar beginning with the late third round pick.


Round 3 ~ Pick 96

TE Gavin Escobar, San Diego State, 6-6, 254

Escobar is coming out after a solid junior year and comes in at 4.78 in the 40. He rated best in his group at the combine in 3-cone drill, and the 20 and 60 yard shuttles. Escobar is shorter in the legs and longer in the torso which gives him some shiftiness. He has good hands and rates as the 5th best TE coming out according to nfldraftscout.

At his size and strength, Escobar would be taken to serve as a pass catching tight end. He only put up 12 reps at 225 pounds and will have to develop his upper body strength if he’s going to make an impact as an every down player.

Here’s Gavin Escobar’s 2012 Highlights,

Round 4 ~ Pick 99

DT Brandon Williams, Missouri Southern, 6-1, 335

Although Williams was used all over the defensive line, much like Dontari Poe at Memphis, his size makes him best suited to play nose guard in the NFL. Williams career at Missouri Southern was outstanding,

Williams picked up his third straight AFCA All-America Team honor by finishing third in the nation in forced fumbles with five, and recorded 8.5 sacks and 16.5 tackles for loss. Williams is (only) the third player to earn three straight AFCA Division II All-America honors.

 Williams 38 reps at 225 puts him in rare company although Poe had 44. Williams is stronger in the upper body than the lower body and he is able to push OL into the opposing backfield causing disruptions yet he’s not noted for his ability against the run. Rob Rang of CBS Sports compares Williams to Antonio Garay of the San Diego Chargers and also says his wide body, if developed further, could end up being excellent against the run.

Here’s some tape of Williams at the Senior Bowl practices. He wears #66 and what’s noticeable is his penetration on every play.

Round 5 ~ Pick 134

SS Josh Evans, Florida, 6-1, 207. Josh Evans runs a 4.5 40 but, when you watch him on the field you would think he’s faster. That’s  because he’s a smart player and anticipates well. He’d be an excellent complement to Eric Berry, who he reminds me of. Last year he had 4.5 tackles for loss, 2.5 sacks and 3 interceptions.

Here’s a highlight reel worth watching. Sometimes, for some reason, Evans wears #9 and other times he’s wearing #24. Have a peak:

Round 6 ~ Pick 170

OG/OT Oday Aboushi, Virginia, 6-6, 310. Aboushi is just the kind of  offensive lineman Andy Reid enjoys developing. Big, strong and agile. Gil Brandt says of Aboushi, “He’s strong, but probably will need to be moved inside to play guard in the NFL.” He’s played both left and right tackle so Aboushi is already experienced playing multiple positions. Walter Football calls Aboushi “extremely athletic.” Walter’s goes on to say,

Aboushi’s quickness and burst also allow him to be a dangerous run-blocker on the second level of defenses. He fires out of his stance and uses his agility to get in position to hit blocks beyond the line of scrimmage.

When Aboushi goes up against undersized defensive linemen or linebackers, he sustains his blocks well. The defenders struggle to get off Aboushi once he gets into their pads and he finishes his blocks well. Aboushi will punish defensive linemen or other defenders who go to the ground with some violent blocks to finish them off.

Here’s a good sample of Oday Aboushi’s skills in action against UNC:

Round 6 ~ Pick 204

OG/OT Rick Wagner, 6-6, 316. Six months ago Nolan Nawrocki gave this analysis (beginning at the 1:45 mark) of Rick Wagner, projecting him to the first round. Of course I don’t agree with many things Nawrocki espouses but, I do have a love affair with Wisconsin linemen and Wagner could now be a steal in the sixth round. Bleacher Report says, “Ricky Wagner is the type of prospect that could make quite a few NFL draft analysts look silly. He could end up being really good.” Who knows why he’s fallen this far in the past six months?

Round 7 ~ Pick 207

K Dustin Hopkins, Florida State, 6-2, 193. Hopkins has been an outstanding kicker for FSU. nfdraftscout says of hopkins,

Senior Dustin Hopkins, who became the ACC’s all-time single-season leading scorer… was a finalist for the Lou Groza Award, presented annually to the nation’s top kicker. Hopkins has been exceptional this year, converting 24 of 28 field-goal attempts and also consistently giving FSU’s defense good field position with his kickoffs.

Hopkins ended the FSU Pro Day workout by nailing a 50 yard field goal. I wouldn’t mind the Chiefs spending another 7th round pick to give Ryan “Pedestrian” Succop some real competition.

Dustin Hopkins is a big strong kid with a big strong leg. Have a look see:

What do you say Addicts? Is there anyone here that looks interesting to you?

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  • berttheclock

    For those who doze off listening to the so-called pundits talk “amongst themselves” during the later rounds on ESPN, consider this. The Niners ended the season with 4 players selected by them in the 4th round, 4 from the 5th round, 5 from the sixth (one of which was a DE converted by Harbaugh into a starting FB) and 4 sevenths.
    As to the picks by the Packers, I would have to check, but, wasn’t Toribio, either, a late pick or an UFA who was cut at the end of training camp and picked up by the Chiefs?
    Now, cue, Mr Disaster Pioli, to tell us all why Ricky Stanzi and Gabe Miller (Now, with the taxi squad of the Seahawks as a possible TE) were far superior to Denarius Moore and one Richard Sherman. Oh, yeah, Moore wasn’t consistent at Tennessee, while, Sherman out of Stanford was known as having a bit of a temper.

    • ladner morse

      My guess is that Reid would rather deal with the temper emos than the inconsistent sillies.

  • berttheclock

    7th round or UFA – Peter Lalich, QB, California University of Pennsylvania. Tall, strong, who started for UVA as a frosh, but, had alcohol problems, Transferred to Oregon State, but, picked up a DUI and was released. Sort of the “older but wiser” (cue “Music Man” music, please) type, now. GB and the Jets have interviewed him, with the Bears taking a look at him, as well.

    • ladner morse

      Lov’n any comment that refers to the “Music Man” directly or indirectly!!!!!!!! However… I’ll pass on the alchy.

  • berttheclock

    er, bert has not had enough Stumptown Coffee, this early. Anthony Toribio was an UFA for Miami, but, picked up by GB, the next year. Later, KC signed him.

    • ladner morse

      … remember, Toribio is their most “technically sound” DT……..

  • jesse

    that running back from Missouri Western to compliment Charles would be nice

    • ladner morse

      Michael Hill.

      • KCMikeG

        Sweet! Had not even heard of him but great combo of speed and power. Love the use of the stiff arm! Definitely not going down on 1st contact. Got to believe they are aware of him with our camp being at MWSU. A local St. Joe kid too. Nice video. Thanks for the quality post with insight and video both Ladner!

  • Shawn Patterson

    A.J. Klien, ILB, Iowa State! 100+ tackles every year in college, great complement to D.J. on the inside and could probably get him in the 5th or 6th round

    • ladner morse

      Hand and glove. Good call!!!

    • KCMikeG

      Great pick Shawn! Being a Cyclone I have watched him every play and he is definitely under rated and a great value. Coverage and thumper – both weaknesses for us.

  • Ron White

    Interesting as usual Laddie. But 4 Lineman and a Kicker does not excite me much. Was there no gems for a little WR depth?

    • ladner morse

      Ron… actually there is some WR depth there but… I was focusing on prospects that I hadn’t seen reviewed yet to avoid duplication while hopefully exposing some new goodies. Also, when it comes to the late rounds… Reid will take a load of linemen if he thinks they can help.

    • ladner morse

      How about a running back: Christine Michael. He could be had with our first 3rd round selection. At 5-10 and 220… with cuts that he seems to gain momentum coming out of…. how is this guy rated the 7th best RB in this class? Check out this highlight reel.

      • KCMikeG

        Pass. We have good depth already at RB. Reid is going to use Charles the most but McCluster will get carries too. Giving Gray and Draughn some carries gives us all we need.

    • ladner morse

      First of all… it was 3 linemen, a Safety, a TE and a Kicker. If you want a WR who will likely be there at picks #96 or #99 I hope the Chiefs look at WR Ryan Swope. 4.28 40 speed, the guy is a burner. He gets open more with his speed than with his moves but I’d love to see the Chiefs utilize a WR who can stretch the field so guys like Bowe and Baldwin can operate. Check out his highlights:

      • KCMikeG

        We already have some serious potential at WR in Avery, Wylie, Bellamy,Newsome, Hemingway, and IMO Baldwin will contribute at a level we have been waiting for with a QB who can get the ball there. Bowe having Alex Smith will make us think we under paid him.

  • ArrowFan

    Why couldn’t the Williams kid play DE? During the video he was being double teamed allot on run and passing downs. Q: What would happen if teams start double teaming our DE’s on passing downs? A: Tamba and Huston.

    • ladner morse

      Oh I’m fairly sure our new attacking style defense will employ schemes that allow anyone who’s identified as a pass rusher to line up where ever they so choose.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Definitely want to see a late round RB (Maysonet) and some help with the passrush.

    • ladner morse

      I can see them getting RB help late … but coming up with pass rush help late is a different challenge.

      • Stacy D. Smith

        A guy like Ty Powell would be intriguing in Round 6.

        • calciomoti

          I am in favor of drafting Rex Burkhead in the later rounds…

        • KCMikeG

          Sounds smart and like a character guy but couldn’t find any film on him. Hybrid DE/LB/S is becoming a more valuable skill set in response to the pass heavy offenses.

  • chiefcottonmouth

    Gavin Escobar… He wears 88. But can he be the next tgonz?

    • ladner morse

      Can anyone ever be the next gonzo?

  • KCMikeG

    I was with you until you went with Aboushi. He would be alright but looked bad at the Senior Bowl against some of the better DE talent getting beat with speed and power both. I know he had a good year but I like Man Mountain Luke Mardquardt, Azusa Pacific (#77 in the video) better who is bigger, stronger and faster.

    I also like Wagner but grab your maple syrup before you check out Garrett “Pancake” Gilkey from Chadron State (#73 in the video). He is another promising option in the late rounds who has a motor that just won’t stop. He not only takes his man out of the play but clear off the damn field! This is the attitude I want to see on our OL!!

    I like Escobar but also wonder if we wouldn’t be better with Quessenberry with our #96 pick waiting to get a TE prospect like Dion Sims – Michigan State or Michael Williams – Alabama.

    I am so glad you mentioned competition for Succop. I rarely hear it but I have not felt comfortable with him for the last few years. Anything 50+ we wouldn’t even try most of the time and his accuracy at 40+ was terrible. He has missed 6 FG’s every year for the last three years. His KO depth has been better but has also been an area of concern.

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