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2013 NFL Draft: KC Chiefs 'Begging' To Get Out Of The First Pick

As the 2012 NFL season wound down and it became more and more apparent that the Kansas City Chiefs could land the No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, some KC fans began to take at least a little comfort in the fact that their favorite team would be able to land the top player available to help turn things around.

Now that the 2013 offseason is underway, however, it is becoming pretty apparent that the Chiefs don’t want the honor of picking first.

From CBS Sports:

Some team personnel men are saying the Kansas City Chiefs are making it clear they are willing to trade out of the top overall spot.

They are basically advertising this, I’m told, in neon lights. Like a special at Macy’s. One scout called it “begging.” The Chiefs aren’t giving the pick away but they are letting many people know the pick can be had.

The concern in the Kansas City organization is not unfamiliar to many teams that have held the top overall pick. When a franchise has as many holes as Kansas City does, how much can one player help?

Nowadays, the risk of swinging and missing at No. 1 isn’t quite as great. Thanks to the rookie wage scale, teams don’t have to be worried about being stuck with a bust (and the bust’s massive contract).

Still, the pick is valuable. In a draft considered by many experts to be extremely deep, the Chiefs are wise to want to acquire more picks.

The situation presents an interesting conundrum for GM John Dorsey. Most experts believe there isn’t that much of a gap in talent from the top picks to say, the middle of the first round. So if the Chiefs could snag additional picks and still get a player of equal talent, they should do it, right?

The problem is that the reason the Chiefs want to trade back is also the same reason why other teams might not want to trade up.

That means for KC to move the pick, they might need to accept significantly less for what the team holding the No. 1 pick might normally demand.

What do you think, Addicts? Should the Chiefs accept less so they can move back and get more picks or should they just roll the dice and make a pick?

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  • calciomoti

    Draft Geno…someone will trade with us then!

    • oldchiefsfan

      This may be the only viable option if we want to get anything for that pick. I hate to see us draft an OT with the 1st pick.

      • Jarad

        The Chiefs have 1 proven tackle on their roster right now. And by the way things look, he wont be a Chief next year. So, why would you hate them taking a OT who many people believe is the best player in this draft.?

        • oldchiefsfan

          What I want is to trade back and get a 2nd round pick back. That is what I really want at this point. That 1st round pick that I was so excited about in January has turned into a curse. I guess if we have no choice we take Joeckel or Fisher but it isn’t a very exciting pick. It seems like settling! All these years I have always envisioned if we ever got that 1st pick taking a major impact player. I guess reality kills that dream.

          • Jarad

            I def get that. It sucks thattthis draft is missing that hands down #1 pick

          • calciomoti

            It does suck, we should have traded the farm for rgiii, but if this option of drafting Geno to trade works we can still get an ot and 2 out of the deal…hopefully.

  • bluenotebacker

    They should’ve planned on Geno as their QB but when they hitched their wagon to Alex Smith that went out the window. There’s no good reason not to trade this pick now but they won’t get top value for it. Cut your losses & dump it

  • NicholasAlanClayton

    In a live mock draft with other human beings representing the other teams I took a 4th to move back to #2, when the draft value chart would normally call for a 3. I think they’re going to be in a similar scenario, but if they can get anything in the mid rounds and stay within the top 5, then they’ll stil get one of the top prospects and have the ammunition to move back into the 2nd, which will be important if they don’t trade Albert as well.

    • Spencer

      all good but really…the idiot that was playing the bucs….just what was he thinking??? that the chiefs would sign 2 fa cbs both for 5 mill+ per yr and already have Flowers as welll, then draft Millner??? Unless he though the Lions or maybe Eagles wanted Millner and would trade up with us to do so…of which is doubtful to say the least…why should he have done that trade???

      Your point is still valid^^, just wanted to ask what the hell was that bucs “gm” on during that mock???

      • Tyler Alexander

        The way I read it is he sold the possibility to the Bucs GM that other teams were willing to try up and and it wasn’t clear who they were going to take. Consequently, they traded to #1 to make sure they got Milliner before someone else could.

        • NicholasAlanClayton

          That is how I played it. I’m honestly still surprised he tool the deal, but I guess he figured he had already spent to move up that for, why not use a 4th to be absolutely sure he got his target?

  • Tim Hollenbeck

    Trading Albert is stupid. Not drafting Geno is stupid. Stupid is as stupid does

    • redchiefs

      I love that quote, mama was a wise person

  • Pessimisticchiefsfan

    The biggest mistake of this offseason was signing chase to such a significant deal. The chiefs have no leverage because everyone knows there is 0 percent chance we take Geno. Best move now would be to make it clear we will take Geno if no one will trade the picks and hope we can get picks from there.

    • redchiefs

      You have a point, giving BA the exclusive rights tag was just as bad, in my opinion.

  • berttheclock

    What this really is beginning to look as though is the vast Hype machine emanating from Morgantown is not really working amongst the GMs in the NFL. Only some fans are buying the Hype.

  • freshmeat62

    If the Dolphins don’t get one of the top 3 T’s in the draft (Joeckel, Fisher, Johnson) when they pick at 12, I can see them making an overnite trade w/ the Chiefs. Albert for one of Miami’s 2nd rd picks. But, barring someone trading up, I think 1, maybe 2, of those T’s will still be on the board when Miami selects. If I was Miami, I would much rather have one of those young guys, making 1/3 what Albert is going to make, healthy, and 5 years younger. Albert is not one of the elite LT’s in the league.

    I read an article a few days ago, about how the LT is becoming less valuable, than just a few years ago. The “blind side” protector isn’t what it was, as the pass rush is coming from all directions more often now, and the wealth is going to have to be spread a little more evenly across the o-line. At almost $10 mil, Albert is overpaid. I think this is Alberts last year w/ the Chiefs, unless he takes a big pay cut. In fact I think it’s more likely that he is cut if he isn’t traded during the draft.

    • redchiefs

      It’s too bad they put the exclusive rights tag on BA, he could have looked around and been more focused on a reasonable pay scale.

    • berttheclock

      Caveat – That article was based on an opinion by Phil Savage, the former GM for the Browns who selected Joe Thomas. He is, presently, the Ex Dir of the Senior Bowl. He talked about how all offensive linemen had to block due to the spread options. But, remember, following that draft of Thomas, Savage gave away a 1st and a 2nd, the following year, in order to draft Quinn as his QB. He never addressed the other o-line positions and it was not until Savage was fired, that better offensive linemen were drafted. Savage began with some sort of plan, but, when, you really peruse his drafts of ’05 to ’08, he really had a scatter gun approach. So, his opinion is worthless.

    • P Heitman

      In four years when Joeckel or Fisher’s rookie contract is up, and they are coming into their prime, will we trade/release them too? At some point don’t you have to pay/keep players that you develop? I agree 10 mil is steep, but no one is going to give him that. We should at least negotiate.

  • P Heitman

    “When a franchise has as many holes as Kansas City does, how much can one player help?” – Are there really so many holes in KC, or is this an example of the National media not having an in-depth understanding of the Chiefs? I feel like most people do not have an understanding of this roster, nor do they fully understand why exactly we were so awful last year. Anyone else ever bothered by this when reading articles from CBS, Yahoo,, etc.? Maybe it’s just me.

    • redchiefs

      The Chiefs are an after thought to most all the writers. Now, Brian Billick and some of the real football people in the media show far more knowledge.

  • Jarad

    No one outside of the Chiefs no for sure how they rank the top 3 OTs. If they have similar grades for all of them then i hope they would trade back to the 4-6 range for any return. Even if they only get a 4th rounder out of it. Not losing value, saving money, and gaining a pick.

  • thabear04

    If the Chiefs do trade down… The other team will have to give up 1st 2014 2nd 2014 and swap 1st 2013 and give up 2nd 2013.

    • Jarad

      Is it a league rule that the draft position points have to match??? Because i dont think the other team would “have to give up” any set value. Its year to year based on the talent in the draft. And and so far, this is one of the worst years to be top in the top 3 that i can remember.

      • berttheclock

        There is a formula used by most GMs. Points are assigned to every draft position, starting with the number 3000 for the 1st pick in the draft. So, should anyone want to trade up the figures have to compute for what is given up for that move. You give up close to 30200 to be able to select at Number One. That is why you will see extra selections thrown into the mix. It is by Scott Wright. Look at

        • Jarad

          I understand that. But the 1st last year and 1st this year shouldnt hold the same value. The 1st pick is only as valuable as the player(s) available. So if the Chiefs view Lane equally to Luke and Eric, why not trade back to 4th-6th overall and get an extra 4th round pick if that’s all they can get?

  • Don Quijote

    No more Gino talk- Where is Micah? WE will draft a LT and if we do not trade Albert he will be our RT. My dark horse will be the DT Star LLLLLLL. if we decide to keep Albert. Its all good Chiefs Nation. Iam happy that Cassel, Pioli and Crenell are gone. It will take a few year to build a contender. So patient and lets hope we are not picking 1st next year………

  • jbyrd

    This article and the earlier report of the team accepting only a 2nd round pick for BA reek of desperation. I’m very happy with what R&D have done this off season but to come right out and state your intentions prior to draft day weakens their ability to negotiate. Bad idea IMO.