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Chiefs Will Trade Branden Albert For High Second-Round Pick

The Kansas City Chiefs may be willing to trade LT Branden Albert for just a high second-round pick.

From Peter King of SI.com:

1. Kansas City hasn’t found any takers for franchised left tackle Branden Albert — I hear the Chiefs would take a high second-round pick for him — and regardless whether Albert’s moved or not, I don’t see them doing anything but taking tackles Luke Joeckel or Eric Fisher first.

This is a bit of a departure from what we heard a few weeks ago. The rumor going around then was that the Chiefs were seeking a second-round pick this year and another pick in 2014.

In any negotiation, if you are selling, you always want to start high. Now, as we get closer to the draft, the Chiefs are likely softening on their asking price a little bit.

This falls right in line with the thinking that the Chiefs are set on drafting a LT with the No. 1 overall pick. It seems more and more apparent that the only reason the Chiefs franchised Albert was to keep him from leaving without the team receiving any compensation for him.

When reports like this start leaking, it makes me think the Chiefs are pretty desperate to get back into the second round. It also seems like they have no intention of actually having Albert on the team in 2013.

This probably won’t get resolved until the draft actually begins. If a team misses out on the prospect they want and the Chiefs are still dangling Albert for a second-round pick, some team might bite.

The problem is that Albert would be traded on his one-year franchise contract. The team on the receiving end of any trade would need absolute certainty that Albert would agree to a long-term deal before pulling the trigger.

What do you think, Addicts? Will Alert take the field for the Chiefs in 2013?

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  • Ben

    No I don’t think he will

  • Deaudrey Dre-Mac MacDonald

    If this is the best move for the team then so be it…but if they wiff on one of these tackles its going to be a long season!!

  • ArrowFan

    I think as an organization the reason we tagged Albert was to keep our options open at the LT position, not define a specific move. If we where dead set on drafting a LT with the # 1 overall pick then why play this game? I say we are not set at picking a LT with #1 overall pick. It is defiantly an option, however it is only one of a couple options “still available to the Chiefs” at this point. Until Albert is traded to say we are dead set on picking a LT is a false assumption.

    • krayfish

      no we are definitely set on taking a LT unless we can trade out. All signs have pointed that way since Dorsey and Reid took over. They aren’t going to pass on a LT in this draft at number one unless they can trade back

      • ArrowFan

        You yourself just gave an option where we don’t draft a LT #1. If you don’t see it then I will point it out. They are keeping there options open until he is traded. That is why we tagged him.

  • krayfish

    Hey Patrick!! BTW where’s the morning fix? Anywho, I don’t think this is a shocker for anyone. They pretty much did everything but fly a plane with a banner advertising Albert for sale. I am all for it and just hope our new LT pans out for us. I want to get a second round pick back or this draft is going to suck

  • jimfromkcj

    I don’t think so, because I don’t think that this FO wants to sink almost 10 mill on a left tackle with a neg score in run blocking. I hear a lot of the posters saying that Albert is a top 5 LT and we should pay him. Well the value of a player is what you can get for him. I also hear that there are only about 10 teams who want a LT. But if Albert is a #5 tackle wouldn’t there be over 25 teams out there who could upgrade there LT position with Albert? Too many folks think like fans and not with their heads. I think the FO we have came in with an entirely different slant on the talent on this team and there was more than just a coaching and QB problem to be solved. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t end up letting Albert walk if they can’t get any kind of trade worked out. It doesn’t make sense to me to pay a guy 40 mill or so for the next 4 years when you can draft a LT with possibly a lot bigger upside for about half that? Same way with Hali, we are overpaying for the production we are getting.

    • troy utt

      Jim, Obviously you know as well as I that whomever posted BA being a top 5 LT is incorrect… He is good when healthy, but has never been ranked in the top ten. As well I have seen many comments saying,”Pay the man, he has earned it”… That is the fan speaking! As you pointed out R&D have come in and are addressing issues, some of which we as fans are not privy to, & some we only know half of the situation… Yes it’s a sport and our passsion, but I too must remind myself that it is also a business! Although I don’t see them letting BA walk, since he has signed his tender it would now cost us money if he were to move on…would it not? If BA is not willing to make some sort of concession $$, I believe KC has no choice but to pursue other avenue’s whether it’s signing an available FA or drafting one of the rookies…At this point I belive the O-line is our most glaring & obvious hole, which would merit the use of the top pick if in fact we are subscribing to the win now or making a play-off run with the roster we have assembled as so many reports & interviews have suggested! Just my opinion, but am looking forward to a much better season! WAR CHIEFS!!!

    • Spencer

      1 yr of grading out badly at run blocking doesn’t make a career (especially considering that last yr running to the outside was the only thing we had) look at Alberts run blocking stats the 2 yrs prior and he top 5-10 at run blocking, with the last 2 yrs he has improved tremendously in pass blocking (a lot of his few sacks were usually Cassel leaving the pocket and not hi getting beat as well)…

      in 2011 he was ranked 6th running to the left end, or outside the left tackle, while he was ranked 1st overall to off his ass in 2011 WITHOUT CHARLES, While 2010, WITH charles, he was ranked 5tth to the oustide and 6th of his ass last year he was ranked (although this is partially hurt be his injury-and Stephenson taking a lot of snaps/negatively hurting the running game to the left side) he was ranked 12th to the outside, and 31st off his ass

      1 our of 3 yrs of being bad, of which i personally attribute to Stephenson making the #s looking worse (the statistics goes for LT’s on a line, not the player) and the easy as hell game plan…i’ve posted this numerous times on numerous sites and its pissing me off…


      sure last yr he was bad, but who wouldn’t be bad last yr??? seriously??? the entire defensively game plan was stop charles from going to the outside and stop Bowe…its going to make last years stats look worse with such an awful offensive game plan

      • dominicscarlatti

        He’s got a lot of wear and tear on him, has durability issues, possible chronic back issue, attitude issue and is not worth 10 million a year, especially with the OT’s available in FA and now, the draft. Joeckel or Fisher at #1 would cost half that – about 5 million a year.

    • dominicscarlatti

      Great post, Jim.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    If this is true, they should start getting calls for him pretty soon.

    • toperspective

      All depends on his contract demands. I think 9M is pretty steep for Albert and it locks the acquiring team into that as part of the contract price. I’d love to know what the Chiefs had offered as part of a LT deal.

      • Stacy D. Smith

        The receiving team knows that now and I bet someone will already have a fair market offer ready when they make the call.

        • dominicscarlatti

          Absolutely, Stacy. That’s how it’s done in the NFL. BA for a 2nd rounder seems reasonable to me…

  • Altarium

    Definitely interpreted the title of this article as “Albert has been traded”… If the dolphins can’t get a tackle in the first round, that’d skyrocket the chances of Albert being traded to them.

  • Chris Foosman

    I think Albert will want to leave with this report. He’s probably been informed that he’s being shopped, hopefully at least. He has a high upside, but he’s had durability issues. When you look at offensive linemen with back problems, you’re not looking at a long term player. I’d honestly look for a team like the Falcons or Saints to pick him up if the asking price is low enough. Any team that is looking to “win now” over build for the future. There’s a lot of things that move in the back, and when you’re carrying a huge load, like he is expected to do, that only makes it worse. He could go on and have a wonderful career like Willie Roaf did after having durability issues for a year in New Orleans, or he could be the next Jared Gaither where he flashes greatness before having a reinjury.

    • David Fritch

      I’m really not sure Albert deserves the “durability issues” tag attached to him. He has had a superb starting record for KC and has only had one back injury that is supposedly fixed now.

  • micah stephenson

    This shud b named “Chiefs are willing to trade Albert for a 2nd rd pick”. I thought they lined up a trade or something.

    • http://twitter.com/kellyrx8 Kelly

      Bingo, very misleading to get some hits …….

  • tribalrage

    Sign Albert to a 5 year deal and draft Geno 1st overall. Then trade the lot to someone in early first so we can draft a tackle and get there 2nd and 3rd. Grab your balls and take the draft hostage. Worse case, we have a good tackle and a franchise Qb for he future

  • mg2098

    I really don’t think the Chiefs will even get the lone 2nd rounder for Albert. If he wants top 5 LT money its going to be almost impossible to trade him especially in a draft where LT is deep. The Dolphins could easily take Kyle (Jake) Long at 12 if Lane Johnson is gone. I think at the end of the day him and Fisher will be the best two LT taken in the draft. Albert is not one of those LT that gets a lot of hype beyond our state boundaries. Take into consideration the back problems, and I think the Chiefs will be lucky if they get a 3-4 rd pick for him. Chiefs fans are so easy to let him go. So ask yourself why is that? Teams like the Dolphins probably feel the same way. I don’t think the Chiefs likelihood of drafting a LT #1 overall is the reason they want to trade Albert. It has been stated that Reid applies the same value on both tackle position. I think this comes down to the all mighty dollar. Albert values himself too high, and no other team is willing to pay.

  • steve james

    Working in Monroe Louisiana when who comes on the TV hawking truck parts but — Rudy Niswanger. Guess he has found a new life.

  • redchiefs

    I think R&D’s only questionable decision this year so far is to sign BA to exclusive rights franchise tag. I should have been a non exclusive tender. They should have let him shop himself around, then seen if they wanted to match any deals he could get.

  • Trevor Gooding

    I don’t know about the rest of you guys but I don’t want to part ways with one of the best LT in the game.

    • KCMikeG

      Luckily your wish came true! Albert AND Fisher!

  • Chief Hokie

    Very misleading headline

  • KCinTX

    So Peterson trades J. Allan for

    Round 1 Pick 15 Branden Albert (Traded with Lions to move up from 17)
    Round 3 Pick 73 Jamaal Charles
    Round 3 Pick 82 DaJuan Morgan
    Round 6 Pick 182 Kevin Robinson

    Pioli trades Hall of fame Tony G for

    Round 2 (50)- CB Javier Arenas Alabama

    And now Jordan wants to trade Albert for a 2ND. I really hate to say this but it might be time to rethink letting Peterson go.

    • Guest

      LOL! Maybe give Dorsey a chance to prove himself?
      He & Reid are 2 of the best evaluators of talent in the NFL!
      Didn’t King Carl choose Herm Edwards to be our HC, before PEE-ole’ was hired? That was brilliant! I don’t think I would be in the minority of those who NEVER want King Carl back!
      Let’s start thinking more positive! I believe Clark Hunt did his do diligence in bring in and hiring our Dynamic Duo, in Dorsey/ Reid! Plus they both wanted to be in KC! To me, IMHO, that speaks volumes and is just icing on the cake!

  • http://twitter.com/EdMaldo1 Don Quijote

    If not traded, he will take the field as a RT

    • Guest

      No, he’ll sit out the season! He is being VERY foolish!

  • Guest

    I still think Albert was not willing to move to RT for a year and the front office was told this by Albert, long before it hit the media or Twitter.
    Our new GM/HC are lot willing to bother, good or not, with a player that won’t put the team ahead of his own interest. I still find it odd, if not selfish, that he wasn’t willing to do this for one year at $10 million, even if the Chiefs were going to shop him next year?
    Not only ould he have shown other teams that he is a team player, willing to bend for “team first”, but it could have also shown how versitile he is?
    The point is moot now, I can’t see him playing for us this year. The damage is already done!

    • cd3382

      Couldn’t agree more…well said.