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Chiefs’ Tamba Hali Wants To Get To MetLife Stadium

Kansas City Chiefs OLB Tamba Hali has taken to Twitter recently to express his excitement in fellow linebacker Justin Houston.

From Hali’s Twitter account:


Hali mentions MetLife Stadium because that is the location of the 2013 Super Bowl.

It goes without saying that every NFL team is working toward getting themselves to the Super Bowl but it sure is nice to hear Chiefs players talking about it as if it is actually a possibility.

Even if the odds are long.

When Scott Pioli was the GM of the Chiefs, he rarely talked about the Super Bowl, unless of course, he was talking about the New England Patriots, his former employers. Pioli’s comments almost always seemed to be prefaced with warnings about managing expectations. He also often liked to talk about the “process” of building  winner. Even Pioli’s handpicked head coach (the first one) Todd Haley, refused to admit his team was any good, even when they were in the midst of a 2010 AFC West Championship run.

The new regime uses the word “process” as well, but they don’t seem to treat talking about winning with the same caution as Pioli and Co.

When NFL players speak to the media, they are often repeating things that they hear from their head coach and GM about the organization’s goals. The fact that Hali was talking specifically about MetLife Stadium, rather than saying “Super Bowl” makes me wonder if Andy Reid didn’t use a similar phrase at some point this offseason.

Wherever Hali’s words are coming from, it is good to see the linebacker talking confidently about his teammates and the team’s chances. After the miserable season KC had in 2012, it appears a new regime and a new season is bringing renewed optimism.

At this point in the offseason, that is all Chiefs fans can ask for.

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  • krayfish

    I’m getting so pumped up I can’t stand waiting any longer.

    • Patrick Allen

      Me too. And we aren’t even at the draft yet!

    • Travis Forsyth

      as am I! kc going rock the house in 2013! GO CHIEFS!

    • steve james

      If they go to met life stadium I will be there. Can’t wait!

    • Kurt Rauch

      I am pumped as well. But, I would add that I was cautiously pumped prior to the beginning of last season as well. lol I would concede that I might be a little more ‘recklessly’ pumped this year! :)

  • Bosco Cletus

    This has been the best offseason since we signed Montana and Allen. So much going on and so much to talk about, you wouldn’t think we only won 2 games last year.

    • RepOurChiefs

      Agreed Bosco

  • Jamie Denton

    It’s always good to see and hear such optimism from the coaches, players, and especially the fans! The Pioli era brought so much embarrassment and heartache to Chiefs and the fans that I can see where some caution could be emphasized! But at the same time it is hard not to get fired up when you see all of the positive things happening over at 1 arrowhead Drive with the new regime! I like the fact they are not afraid to take on the media head on, they are as precise as can be expected when it comes to the draft, they are doing their best to bring in quality players and coaches, and it seems to me they truly want to build a winner for years to come! My hat is off to Clark Hunt as well, for opening up his pocket book, and actually becoming a part of the Chiefs organization!! The fans spoke and he listened, and if you haven’t noticed it has even trickled over to the Royals and Mr. Glass! And last but not least the players and fans!! We have just started voluntary workouts and to have all but 1 player show up that is amazing!! It just goes to show what I said all of last year, it’s not the team that doesn’t want to win, they played a full 60 minutes every game last year no matter what the score was. it was the regime that was the problem!! We have a great group of talented, passionate players who want to win for our city, and apparently our new regime as well!! That gets me totally fired up! And now for the fans, KC has the best fans there is in the NFL hands down!! Just ask our new players that have come to play at arrowhead on a visiting team and they will tell you!! Now that the league has lifted the crowd noise rules in the stadiums and you can make as much noise as you want, what do you say Chiefs fans remember the Tommy Hawk chop, and all of the things that made arrowhead so loud and special? Let’s bring em back! let’s get fired up, Chiefs football is on the rise this year LETS GET EXCITED!! Oh and one last thing if there’s anything negative we want to bring to the nations attention this year let the NFL fans as a whole start a campaign to lower ticket prices, that way if the owners want us off the couch and at the stadium, they will stop coming up with these ideas like cameras in the locker rooms and such, and make it a real experience! lower their ticket, food, beverage, and souvenier prices, and you will bring more people in and sell more product which equals and I never was any good at math but I am thinking MORE MONEY!!!!!! as always just my opinion! GO CHIEFS!!!!!!

    • KCMikeG

      Fantastic post! I totally agree that this team has maximum potential. Look at the Pro Bowlers, look at Charles amazing year recovering from the ACL with a duct tape line and no passing threat, we have many young players on the rise lead by Justin Houston who will lead the NFL in sacks this year. If the next few decisions go well I would be proud to support the Chiefs to Met Life plan. WE – the fans are a critical part of our Chiefs winning at home so let’s fill up Arrowhead and be LOUD & PROUD! Can’t wait for the draft! GO CHIEFS!!

      • Jamie Denton

        Thanks Michael! and I agree totally with your post! I think it was a shame that J. Charles year last year was over shadowed in many ways due to Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson, but then again it was hard to find anything in the press last year about the Chiefs and when their was something it definitely wasn’t positive until the end of the year when the regime was gone and our pro bowlers were recognized! I think that is a laugh in the faces of T.V. sports channels like ESPN and others who get stuck talking about the same teams over and over and they forget or choose not to talk about the fact that even though there are teams out there with losing records, there are also players on those teams who are setting records, and are pro bowl caliber players!! To ignore the Chiefs all year and then them have 6 pro bowlers says to me these analysts aren’t really doing their jobs as sports reporters!! But it is up to Great fans like us to show our players our appreciation this year as we are a critical part of the KC CHIEFS just like Seattle has the 12th man well the Chiefs have the loudest stadium in the NFL hands down and the best fans in the NFL and now that we have the new rules change (where we can get as loud as we want) it’s time to prove ourselves once again!!! GO CHIEFS!!!!!!

      • Suzi Conger

        Hi Michael,,,In addition to the fab existing team talent don’t forget our new QB ASmith….please check out my post preceding my message to you, and let me know your thoughts plez……i’m Very x-cited for ’13…..GO CHIEFS!!!

    • Jim Harper

      Well said Jamie and I understand what you are saying about ticket costs etc, but the truth is KC is one of the more reasonablly priced venues in the league. But with that said they should lighten up on parking, but the truth is that ticket prices are easier to swallow when they are winning!

      • KCMikeG

        True. I looked into going to Chicago couple years back and the price for 4 seats was as much as half of my entire season tickets in KC!! They started the Coca-Cola seats which are more affordable. The parking is ridiculous but it all goes to Jackson County – the Chiefs don’t get that. The concessions could be more reasonable. You’re right – Don’t even think about it when they win!

      • Jamie Denton

        Thanks Jim, and I agree that Arrowhead is one of the cheaper stadiums when it comes to ticket prices, but on my budget when you add in the parking you mentioned (geez) and then 4 tickets for my group, and then concessions mainly beer and sodas as I prefer to tailgate my food, and a souvenier for each person as we live in southern Missouri (West Plains) to be exact plus motel costs that double in price on game day, it’s not that affordable but about 1 time a year unfortunately! But everything goes down easier with a winning team that’s for certain!!

  • Jim Harper

    There is most definitely a positive vibe coming from Arrowhead. Now if only the naysayers on this site would only do the same instead of talking down R&D before a single snap has taken place. We finally get a great coach and GM and there is an element here that only wants to run them down and tell everyone that only their way will work. I do get some solace in the knowledge that after R&D succeed that they will have the last laugh.

  • RepOurChiefs

    Wind of change in is the air!!! Can you feel it?!!

  • Calchiefsfan

    Okay, when it comes to the Chiefs I’m about as big a homer as anyone. I love the moves that Clark, Reid and Dorsey have made for the most part. I think Alex Smith is way better than Cassel and is going to surprise a lot of fans who felt we paid too much for him. Getting Bowe and Colquit signed, franchising Albert are all solid, necessary moves. The guys they picked up in FA were excellent acquisitions. I’m excited about all of it.

    Here’s is my one caveat, Bob Sutton. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s a bad move… yet. I’m pulling for him but I think it was a gamble in Reid’s part. I think Sutton has a high boom or bust potential. From what I’ve read, his history just doesn’t inspire confidence. He might work out well with the talent he has to work with but then again he could be this years Brian Daboll. That’s my main, and only big concern for the Chiefs this year. Please someone talk me off the ledge. Tell me something stellar about this guy and that it’s going to be alright!

    • Jim Harper

      That is easy enough to do. Reid and Dorsey think he is the right guy for the job. At this point that is good enough for me. Now come on down off that ledge and with one voice we will shout out our Chiefs together.

      • Calchiefsfan

        I do like what Reid and Dorsey are doing but after the Daboll debacle and what was a major letdown last year I’m reserving judgement until I see it on the field. On a good note, I think our offense is going to be awesome. Especially if we get our o line solidified.

      • Suzi Conger

        Well said Jim…GO CHIEFS!!!

  • Suzi Conger

    Great article Patrick,,,,thanx.

    As a Santa Cruz, CAL-girl, X-SF supporter, new KCC fan; I can say that I’m soooo excited for the Chief’s ’13 season. Since the ASmith trade, I’ve been learning the Chief’s kingdom; management, the team, ArrowHead, Fans etc.

    My prominent reason for my new loyalty to the Chiefs is Alex Smith ( and A Reid )..AS is (arguably) the most under-rated and under-appreciated QB in NFL today…

    It seems some KCC fans are unaware of AS’s excellent QB talents; I would appreciate passing on some valuable QB information;;;

    ’12 NFL season: AS nfl rated #1 for passing accuracy/completion% (( yes, superior to P Manning )),,,, nfl ranked #3 QB overall,,,,named Offensive Player of the Week, rated 154!!!…..Inducted into nfl Hall of Records….Named MVP and ProBowl Nominee (( at date of his concussion ))….Broke SF franchise record (( surpassed S Young )) for most consecutive passes with no interceptions,,,,Red-Zone success; ( though SF = Low Average ), AS red zone success was substantially superior to CK7

    For accurate AS ‘myth-breaking’ reporting See ;;;; “Breaking Down What New Look Alex Smith Led Chiefs Offense Will Look Like “, brett gering…….USA 2/13/13 Nate Davis ‘Alex Smith, SuperBowl QB’s… “Closer Look at Where 49er QB Fell Short ‘ , an excellent comprehensive/concise RED ZONE comparison between ASmith/CK7 and JFlacco/CK7……,,’The KC QB Debate; Tale of Two Smith’s, Jason S

    The Chief’s new QB, AS is not a ‘reject’, mediocre bench QB; but rather an excellent QB…. Consider;;; Harb/CK7/SF accomplished an NFL First: SF is the FIRST organization to ever demote/replace a Superior rated/ranked QB (( AS )) with an Inferior QB (( CK7))

    I agree with Dorsey and Reid ( not to mention D Bowe and many teammembers ); we’ve got one of the the elite QB’s in the NFL ….SF’s loss, our gain..GO CHIEFS!!!

    • Patrick Allen

      Wow. Great comment Suzi. So glad to have you in Chiefs Nation and on AA!

    • KCMikeG

      Welcome to the Sea of Red Suzi! Nice post on Alex Smith. I was a little concerned about how much we invested, how much of an upgrade he really will be over Cassel and how getting him might change our interest in Geno Smith. Great articles like the ones you have referenced along with my own review of film and SF press have answered the 1st two of my concerns. We may still surprise everyone and draft Geno but if not I have come to terms with that by realizing that there are concerns with the entire QB class this year and that next year’s class is going to be much better. I truly believe that AS could be our QBOTF in Reid’s WC system with the weapons we have.

  • Tom Sparks

    Letting out a BIG breath of air…

  • Tom Sparks

    I just thought about your closing remark, in your article, Patrick. It IS all we could ask for, after a season like last year, what more could we ask for?
    I HOPE, somebody does not remark with, Geno Smith, because that reasoning has worn out it’s welcome! Please, keep me from wanting to regurgitate! ON you misguided morons, smoking Faider crack!

  • Matt Goff

    I have been a chiefs fan since my childhood.I live in michigan and i am a lions homer but i love my chiefs.I have not been this hopeful for the chiefs since montana was there.The chiefs organization have turned the corner and finally figured it out. I think with the new regime the chiefs will soon be back to the superbowl. Not saying this year,but it is in the near future. Please don’t let it be against my lions

  • Trevor Gooding