Former Chief Eric Winston Finds Free Agent Market ‘Frustrating’

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The Kansas City Chiefs, in a somewhat surprise move, cut RT Eric Winston earlier this offseason.

Most thought Winston would have no trouble landing on his feet. He has played quite well throughout his career and has been graded well each season by Pro Football Focus.

Only, despite being on the market for weeks, Winston is having trouble finding what he considers a fair deal.

Winston said on Sirius XM NFL Radio that he thinks compensation in the $3-4 million range would be fair.

“In the $3-4 million range is something that I think is more than fair for a starter who has played pretty well throughout his career,” Winston said.

Winston added:

“It’s also frustrating in the sense that there are still a lot of teams with money to spend, but it doesn’t seem like anyone wants to spend it.”

Winston is right. Despite there being teams out there that need tackle help, like the San Diego Chargers, Miami Dolphins and even the Chiefs, none of those teams seem to be ready to make a bold move right now.

I think this is all due to the talent level of the tackles coming out of the NFL Draft. This year’s class is believed to be particularly deep so I wouldn’t be surprised if teams are rolling the dice that they’ll be able to fill their needs in the draft.

In the end, Winston may have to roll the dice as well. He can take one of the offers he has on the table (the Chargers have supposedly extended an offer) or he can roll the dice himself and hope he regains some leverage when a team that needs help at tackle misses out on their targets in the draft.

All I know is I hope Winston doesn’t end up in San Diego.

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  • kmon

    Somebody’s gonna get him for cheeeap

  • twaddy

    Or……. Owners are reluctant to sign someone known to trash the team’s fan base. Especially when video proves that he was wrong about what he said.

    • Tyler Alexander

      You’re right and I also think the guys gotta be a pain in the ass in the locker room and GM’s around the league know it. Players who are supposedly the best at their position don’t get cut two years in a row for any reason.

      • micah stephenson

        Both times Winston was cut it was to save the team money. It has nothing to do with him being a good teammate and backing his QB.

        • Tyler Alexander

          Because u believe everything your told?

        • dominicscarlatti

          Thank you, omniscient one.

          • krayfish


    • PunjabiPete

      Trash the team’s fan base who wholeheartedly deserved it, I gave him a small pass on some of his shittier blocking because he said what needed to be said. If any fans have a problem with what he said, it’s because he called them on what they were doing. Whenever someone gets called on something petty they were doing in the hopes of not getting singled out for it they immediately try to focus blame on the accuser. If you were NOT cheering for Cassel to be hurt, then you know he wasn’t talking to you.

      • dominicscarlatti

        So, the Chiefs ‘fan base’ wholeheartedly deserved it? My only question is whether you’re really a fan of the Broncs, Raiders or Bolts?

        • PunjabiPete

          Same ol’ same ol’ lame comeback, Yes, simple one, they deserved it.

          • dominicscarlatti

            With all due respect, I think it would be more accurate to say that a percentage of the fans deserved it, not all the fans at the game. Talk about painting with a broad brush…sheesh!

        • krayfish

          he’s a troll I said as much in my reply

      • twaddy

        I watched the replay of that whole series of events. The crowd cheered Jamaal Charles for making a first down. Then the crowd went nearly silent when they saw Cassell on the ground. The cheering came as he stood up and left the field on his own power instead of being carried off. That’s what good fans do. If that’s cheering an injury, you could lay that same conclusion on any team at any time when a player is injured. Even most honest sports journalists (and there aren’t many) questioned Winston’s comments after reviewing the broadcast. If he hadn’t said something stupid, it never would have become an issue as it never happened. I didn’t think he was a bad RT, but I’m still glad that he’s gone.

        • krayfish


      • krayfish

        You are delusional pal. There were 70,000 fans in that stadium and he spoke to an entire fan base as if they were idiots. We pay his paycheck and he was an ass to us as an entire fan base. You even said it in your post above that he “trash the team’s fan base”. Think before you post please. I”m part of that fan base and I said nothing about Cassel getting hurt so I didn’t deserve his crybaby remarks.

        I’m a Chiefs fan thru and thru and I defend my brothers and sisters here. Even if a few fans got drunk and said some stuff he found offensive its not his place to talk to us like he’s our dad. He’s not my boss, judge or jury and he’s not Jesus Christ so he doesn’t need to be judging anyone. You said if ANY fans have a problem with what he said its because he called them on what they were doing.

        SO you personally know all the Chiefs fans in the world to make such a broad sweeping statement. You don’t sound like a Chiefs fan to me…go root for the Raiders and leave us Chiefs fans alone

        • PunjabiPete

          And you contradict yourself so often it’s not really fair to respond with logic but I’d like to make a point. I said if you weren’t cheering for Cassel to get hurt then he wasn’t talking about you. Since you prefer getting butthurt over reading comprehension your default defense is to whine that you weren’t cheering Cassel’s injury but that Winston was bagging on you too. Read before you type, bro.

          And we all pay Barack Obama’s paycheck. Does that mean he has no right to defend himself when morons claim he’s from Kenya and is trying to bring about “Sharia law” or any of the other mentally deficient conspiracy theories spittled out by semi-literate internet tough guys? Same thing went for George Bush, by the way. If I insult him he has a right to defend himself, whether as a taxpayer or not gives me no dominion over him.

          And you claim I am making a broad sweeping statement but then make one of your own… ok big guy, nice job.

  • chiefridgy

    Suck it Winston!

  • Daniel Mayfield

    Running his mouth was wrong but he’s still got the skills. I think KC should have kept him until they saw what kind of RT they could get in the draft. Everybody is saying “they are gonna get Jockel”. He’s LT and might not be any good as RT. Albert said he wants to stay as the LT….if they don’t trade him. IMO, they should have kept him. Just tell him to keep his mouth shut or he’s gonna get cut.

    Rumors were out about Lilja coming back. Maybe he sees a big differense in the team and them going all the way soon. If it’s true, then he’s really wanting a ring on his finger! But who wouldn’t?

  • michael carey

    He must be injured…Several teams need tackles (Miami, SD, etc.) and yet no one has picked him up…At this point, he should be a bargain deal and still no callers.

    • dominicscarlatti

      He’s fat, slow and looks excessively “puffy.” Great road grader but an absolute liability in a pass-first offense. Not to mention the mouth that simply won’t close. He will, however, make a really nice addition to someone’s squad.

  • micah stephenson

    I seen Mark Waddells comment about winston bashing fans. There are alot more fans that feel the same way. They are talking bout the time Cassel was hurt and some of the fans wur cheering. Winston spoke up for our QB by saying he was disgusted by all the fans cheering. He then clearafied things up by saying it wasnt every single fan in the whole entire stadium. I was at the game that day. I was disgusted too. It was ALOT of people cheering when he got hurt. I have to admit for the 1st and only time in my life (besides all of last yr lol) I almost felt ashamed to b a fan or at least 2 b in the stadium that day. It was one of the lowest lows in Chiefs history. I ask myself I wonder what those same fans bashing Winston wud say If A.Smith got hurt and I was cheering and Luke Jokel said im disgusted with all the fans booing? What was Winston spose to say “yea im glad the fans wur booing, Cassel deserved to b hurt”? Management duz not look at Winston as a player that trashes the fan base more than a good teammate backing his QB” If we draft a LT and WHEN NOT IF A.Smith gets injured and the fans cheer, the LT might b like “O well, that aint got nothing to do with me, im just hur to get a check, yea thats messed up Alex is hurt but I aint gon say nothing becus the fans around here try to run you out of town for that”

    • dominicscarlatti

      Sorry, Micah, but Winston’s initial comment, which was careless at best, had already done considerable damage, as our entire fan base was then vilified incessantly by ESPN and the rest of the national media. Winston was cut, just as a malignant tumor can be surgically removed from a patient.

      The fans who cheered your buddy Cassel’s injury were jerks, no doubt about it, but they were very much in the minority. Lumping the rest of the decent fans in with them was a terrible thing to do by Winston, whether or not he realized the impact his initial comment might have. Now, he can find his third different employer in three years.

    • twaddy

      I don’t doubt that some people cheered Leno. In a crowd of 60,000 people, there are bound to be idiots who will cheer for an injury. The same could be said of any NFL fan base. I watched the replay over and over to see if there were substantial numbers who might have cheered. All I heard was basic crowd noise that’s typical when a player is injured. And don’t kid yourself, Leno. Trashing the fan base cuts down on ticket and marketing revenues. And that is the highest priority for management. That’s why Clark Hunt issued his own apology for Winston’s comments. Money makes the league go around. Winston’s comments hurt the bottom line. Now he’s gone. I don’t think it’s a coincidence.

      • dominicscarlatti

        I wonder if Clark had any input on the Winston decision. He couldn’t have been too pleased with all the additional horrible scrutiny of his team in the national (not just sports) media that resulted from Winston’s words.

      • micah stephenson

        Well id hav to agree with that. The most important thing to the Chiefs and Hunt is money. So if he affects they money he is gone. I hadnt looked at it from that point of view. Yea they wudnt care if he was Willie Roaf if he f**ks up they money. I wish they start caring as much to win the super bowl than just net n a profit.

  • ArrowFan

    He will get a deal after the draft.

  • Chris Foosman

    The guy has been a “surprise” release twice. His last team went further than they’d ever gone after losing him. The Chiefs took a huge step back after “solidifying” the position with him. I think the depth at tackle in the draft is causing teams to be wary of taking a chance on him, but I think, fairly or not, Winston has been labelled a loser and a distraction. There is more to this than just young talent. Everyone wants a good tackle.

    • Chris Foosman

      And I never blamed him for ripping the fans who cheered Quinn coming out. It’s an emotional game, and watching at home I thought it could be taken that way. There’s stuff we don’t see that is going on.

    • krayfish

      thank you

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Winston was cut in Kansas City because he’s not a drive-blocking offensive tackle. He doesn’t fit Reid’s plans.

  • krayfish

    Yah first off Leno, Winston did not play well or he would still be a Chief…duh. Second, he disrespected us as fans here in KC and he was wrong but even if he was right about what he said, he should have kept his big mouth shut. He’s a whiny little girl and I’m glad he’s no longer a Chief, good riddance.

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