October 14, 2012; Tampa, FL, USA; Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Tyson Jackson (94) rushes against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the second half at Raymond James Stadium. Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 38-10. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

PFT Grades The Chiefs' Drafts

Any football fan will tell you that the NFL Draft is the key to building sustained success in the NFL. While many organizations have tried and failed to build their a team through free agency, it is always the teams that draft the best that consistently do well.

The Chiefs have had a few regimes managing drafts in the last few years which is a sure sign that the drafts aren’t going particularly well. Sure, there have been some good picks, like OLB Justin Houston.

But there have also been many, many misses.

Our friends over at Pro Football Focus decided to grade the 2008, 2009 and 2010 draft classes for each franchise. They recently got to the Chiefs.

Here is an excerpt:

+1.0: The scouts nailed it!

Branden Albert, T (15th overall pick in 2008): A former college guard, Albert has gotten better and better the more time he has spent at tackle. Consistently gets the job done in pass protection, which makes it odd that the Chiefs seem intent on moving on from him.

Brandon Carr, CB (140th overall pick in 2008): Teams are desperate to find starting-caliber NFL cornerbacks, so to get one in the fifth round is something of a coup. Carr has recovered from a horrid rookie year to solidify himself as one of the better young cornerbacks in the league, even if he does lack the upside of some of the top corners out there. He has played more snaps than any other KC draft pick over the four years he was with the team, but accepted a lucrative new contract from the Cowboys for 2012.

Jon Asamoah, G (68th overall pick in 2010): Good on his heels, Asamoah is coming off his strongest year to date where he finished sixth overall in our right guard rankings. Good value.

How did the rest of the picks grade out?

Head over to PFF to find out.

Do you agree with these rankings? What do you think it means for the future of the Chiefs?

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  • NathanaelL

    so he has albert rated better than berry riiiight.

    • krayfish

      no I just don’t think they rated Berry

      • cyberry

        click the “Head over to PPFto find out” …

      • NathanaelL

        Yancey is right they totally did. they gig him for getting hurt, give him low grade and say he has yet to prove he was worth the pick even though he went to the PB twice in two years of play and Albert is given higher grade and nothing but good remarks even though has never been given PB status.

  • krayfish

    I not only agree I can’t stop scratching my head as to why we let Carr get away in the first place and kept Andy Studebaker

    • cyberry

      He wanted too Much Money.. Andy Studebaker wasn’t a free-agent and played a different position..

  • Tom Sparks

    Since we hired much better evaluators of talent in Dorsey/Reid, probably not much, IMHO. They have already begun to make many changes in FA’s.
    I am hoping “Cry Baby Huey” Albert gets traded, so we reaquire at least a second round pick that we lost in the Alex Smith trade. It won’t be as high of a second round pick, but I think there will be many very good players in that round, making up for the lack of any Blue Chips in the top 10 of the first round this year. After NEVER having the first pick for over 50 years in the NFL Draft, we really hit a for skill position, highly graded/regarded players in the top of the first round! It is a shame, but hopefully some other team is going to fall in man love with Geno Smith that is high enough to still get one of the 4 highest players on our draft board. Who knows, we could end up with TWO second rounders, if all the chips fall the right way?
    I am still excited to start the clock and see what Dorsey/Reid & Co. do…..
    Could be surprised by what transpires….,

    • NathanaelL

      I agree I’d like to say goodbye to albert.

      • cyberry

        I wrote about this on another site so I’m going share it with you. I understand if some people aren’t fans of Tyson Jackson. He hasn’t lived up to his draft status or pay but I want to point out that the Chiefs were terrible ( REALLY TERRIBLE)..at the run before Jackson. Seeing a team punt as amazing. I personally am pissed at Romeo for taking him out on 3rd down.. Teams don’t get running yards at him..Anyway..everybody has a right to their own opinions. The 2009 draft class….

        • cyberry

          1..Matt Stafford….. early injury prone..but coming on
          2..Jason Smith… FREE-agent
          3. Tyson Jackson… good run stopper, coming around ;STILL w/team
          4. Aaron Curry.. FREE-AGENT..after 2 teams (the safe pick)
          5. Mark Sanchez. many rank as BAD as Cassel..
          6. Andre Smith… FREE-agent
          7. D. Hayward-Bay.. RELEASED..sign one year with Colts
          8. Eugene Monroe… Inconsistent..did play 16 games
          9. B.J. Raji… Pro- bowl 1st year..no sacks last year
          10. Crabtree.. getting it together-maybe future Pro-bowl
          11. Aaron Maybin.. RELEASED twice..w/ 3rd team

          He takes on the blockers that REALLY helped 3 linebackers go to the Pro-Bowl. These were not fan-favorites, they where picked by coaches and players.. I know he hasn’t lived up to a 3rd pick status but remember he does not decided where he is drafted and has been working hard to be 3 down lineman. He showed great team-work with his contract.. take a look at this list. We could have done A LOT worse…


    • cyberry

      There is something i need to express here..I don’t mean any disrespect, but people keep writing about Albert being a “cry baby”..that bugs me. Let me explain why.. I work hard at my job. But if someone was to come and ask me (people tweeting Albert)..do you mind moving, taking a demotion to a different dept so a new employee, who was never worked professionally in your field(college kid who what never taken a pro-snap)..can take over your position….”We know Yancey..you have worked hard and we know this is your dream but we(the fans, bloggers and analysis..people who really don’t know what goes on)..want you transfer. We know it’s less money and he hasn’t earn it. But it’s what we want..”

      Brandon Albert would seem like a Choir Boy..after what I would say to you. I would be ashamed at Albert for just giving up his position..

      Plus.. Why would you trade Albert then you be forced to take Joekel..Which you’re not for sure if it’s a upgrade.. What ever position/player you where going to pick in the 2nd round.(Albert’s trade). logic say’s there’s a better position at #1..(by keeping a proven Albert)..

      Miami’s..OC..Sherman (ex-Tech -AM) coach recruited Joekel out of high school. He made sure they drafted Tannehill…Miami needs a LT.. and has the 12th pick of the draft w/two 2nd Rd picks and two 3rd Rd picks.. That’s what I’m waiting to see if a deal will be done..

      • berttheclock

        Good points as usual, Yancey. However, may I remind you of one time Mike Sherman made a huge mistake concerning Texas A&M players. When, he was the HC of the Packers, he convinced Ted Thompson to take a WR from A&M. That receiver only lasted a couple of years in the NFL. The very next player on the board was a WR from a small Colorado university. His name was Vincent Jackson. But, also, notice the new smoke screen coming from Ireland about trading up only far enough to take the LT from Oklahoma. Could be playing mind games with Dorsey but………..

        • cyberry

          I don’t think it’s fair to blame Sherman for Terrance Murphy who had a freak head to head contact injury then later found out he had “spinal stenosis”…That’s kinda like blaming a coach for player who later has a ACL tear..

          The “smokescreen” with Lane Johnson is what makes me think they are messing with each other..Johnson only has 11 starters at LT(look at last years OK schedule..no much in elite pass-rushers)….Joeckel started three years..(last year against top SEC)..

      • dominicscarlatti

        Straw man argument, Yancey. You posit that the impasse in Branden’s contract negotiations is because of a proposed position change for him. However, we don’t know if that is the case or not, just as we cannot be sure as to the actual prognosis for his back. We also don’t know how much he wants or what the Chiefs are offering. Soft market for top OT’s in FA this year, also. I see Andre Smith is still out there, as well.

        The Joeckel stuff probably doesn’t wash because unless the Chiefs think Stephenson or Schwartz will start at ORT, there is a big need there and Reid won’t have any problem starting Joeckel or Fisher there.

        Branden’s media tour is a bad idea, and something rarely seen with franchised players (okay, Revis is a big exception, but his beef is with the most utterly dysfunctional and incompetent organization in the NFL). Look at how Bowe handled his situation with his contract negotiations and being franchised before last season. Class act all the way, and he got his big (and deserved, IMO) contract.

        • cyberry

          You need to reread my post.. I didn’t say the Chiefs and Albert where have problems with the contract because change of positions.. That’s the reason for his unset tweets..aka “cry-baby”…

          I personally don’t think the Chiefs should sign Albert to a long term contract til after the draft..plus I have my theory on what going to happen but I won’t put money on it because at this point many things could happen..

          If it matters..I didn’t like the Albert on NFL-AM bullsh*t. You have signed your tag, go to off-seasons earn your long-term contract and if the teams in considering trading you…make them change their mind..

      • Tom Sparks

        Yancey…. This responce to your reply to my comment, concerning Albert is, likewise, with due respect.
        First I call Albert a cry Baby Huey, not because of the Tweeter Silence, but because I feel that he is NOT being a team player. He played Gaurd in College and the Chiefs converted him to play LT. If the Chiefs front office asked him to play RT, this year, he has no reason to act this way.
        He was given the FT and will make almost $10 million this year!
        I would not call that a demotion, as much as I would look at it as a lateral change in position for a year (and a WELL PAID one at that).
        I always respected Albert, as he was always pretty quit, publicly, and just worked hard and got better every year. But, if the new regime planned on using him for one more year, and let’s say, letting Donald S. learn from him for his second year, this would be a reasonable request for the $$$ he’s making, IMHO.
        His immediate selfish, whiney actions shout out “cry Baby Huey”, selfish, non-team player to me, again, IMHO. at least I have him a little love, by adding Huey (referring to his size from the old cartoon), LOL….
        It was actually a shock to me, also, when he was put on the auction block! But, because of his ranting, he’s the one that made it public about the Chiefs wanting to move him to RT. I just don’t think his behavior lately is very rational, and he set himself up for ridicule from the Fanbase.
        Unfortunately, the NFL is not perceived as being very “fair”. But the Player’s Union just accepted the changes in rules and I just don’t see why being paid like a top 5 LT this year, warrents his reactionary comments?
        He comes off looking like a selfish, non-team player in my opinion and all those players know (especially with a GM/HC change), that they could be traded or waived at any time in their business.
        Oh…..except if you are Matt Cassel and one of your former higher-ups trades oodles of $$$ and preciously high Draft Picks for you, when he is hired as the GM of another NFL Franchise…. LMAO!!!!