Dec 29, 2012; Bronx, NY, USA; West Virginia Mountaineers quarterback Geno Smith (12) drops back to pass during the second quarter against the Syracuse Orange at the 2012 New Era Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Geno Smith On Gruden's QB Camp

There are a lot of Kansas City Chiefs fans that would love for the team to pick West Virginia QB Geno Smith with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

The problem is, it is doesn’t look like that is going to happen.

The Chiefs traded two top picks to the San Francisco 49ers for QB Alex Smith. Head coach Andy Reid has gone on the record as saying that Smith is indeed the starting QB for the Chiefs. Chiefs’ GM John Dorsey has also gone on the record as saying that the Chiefs will take the best player on their board and there is certainly plenty of debate on whether or not Geno Smith is the best player in the draft. Add in that there are rumors that the Chiefs might trade LT Branden Albert and you have a recipe for the Chiefs selecting one of the top two tackles in the draft in Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher.

Still, there are some (me) holding out hope that the Chiefs will somehow end up with Geno Smith on their roster (I know it is hopeless).

If you are still making up your mind on who you want the Chiefs to select, you should definitely watch former NFL coach John Gruden interview Smith on his QB Camp show on ESPN.

There was a Youtube video of the interview online but it got taken off of Youtube for copyright violation.It will air again on Saturday at 11:30 PM. It will also be on Tuesday, April 9th at 7 PM.

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  • Jason Seibel

    “Team Geno” ’nuff said.

    • Da Menace

      Yeah howdy!

      • Jason Seibel

        I’m sorry. That isn’t a good thing.

  • KCMikeG

    Where is Micah? It’s like it’s not really a party until he is here speaking the “Geno”.

  • krayfish

    I don’t know enough about Geno to know because I don’t watch college ball. I did watch two games of Geno just to check him out because of all the chatter, but he played pretty bad in those two so I wasn’t impressed. That doesn’t mean anything I realize people can have bad games and other factors go into game play besides just one players performance. But I love do love Grudens camp shows but here’s the thing; I watch them to see for MYSELF how smart and studious these players seem. You can’t trust anything Gruden says on his show because he never says anything bad about anyone thats on his show, at least not while the show is airing. So he kind of has to say good things or no one would be allowed by their agents to come on his show ever again. No agent would risk having Gruden damage their players chances of being drafted as high as possible so Grudens compliments during his Camp show while its airing are basically meaningless, their scripted. However, his questions and challenges to these players tell me a lot and I heard Geno did pretty well. I missed it so I’ll have to catch the replay but I so don’t trust TV because where money is lies will follow. I would not be surprised if the Network gives these kids a little bit of a hint as to what type of questions and play diagrams will be posed so they can get a little prepared ahead of time. I am stuck on this Geno thing, I just can’t believe that every single analyst is dead wrong because I haven’t found one scout or talent evaluator that thinks Geno is worth a top ten pick, not one and that has to mean something. These guys have spent their entire lives training to be scouts and talent evaluators, they do know what they’re doing. I know that they all miss from time to time, thats to be expected, but generally when there is a 100% consensus there’s some truth to what they say and no one is in love with Geno from any team or any sports show, none that I can find at least…please help.

    • Jacob Monteer

      Wow, if my wife says I never listen, what makes you think I going to read your dissertation. In the time you spent writing, you could have youtubed his college career and formed you own opinion.

      • Jim Harper

        Not everybody writes as slowly as you read.

        • krayfish


      • krayfish

        meh, youtube is biased also. Jamarcus Russell has amazing highlight reels on Youtube so I don’t put stock in highlight reels. every player even being considered a first round pick has some highlight reels…so I have to trust the scouts for now

        • Scott Mahurin

          Not his highlight reels, his game tape. Every play is available on youtube. just type in “geno smith vs” and watch for yourself. As for analysts who say he’s top 10, how about Mike Mayock? Here’s a site who says he’s the best in the draft. They were THE BEST rated draft board in 2011 and finished 5th last year.

        • Jacob Monteer

          Yea, I came off as a dick. I see that now. I have been following this young man all of last year. There is something special about him, and to pull the trigger and invest in a franchise QB (with the 1st overall pick) would be uncharted waters for all of us. Jim you look about my Dad’s age (no offense, it’s not an insult), Drafting the number one QB and investing in him has to be partially intriguing. I know Todd Blackledge is not that fresh in your mind. Sometimes, even though taking a washed up SF QB sounds like the better option, paving your own way is more gratifying.

    • Derek

      the issue is that these same experts were often wrong about previous assessments…a prime example both matt ryan and joe flacco weren’t ready to start and they did and now what is it 5 years later they each have won at least 1 play-off game and in the case of flacco has won it all including multiple AFC championships…yeah that speaks for ittsself…all this talk is cheap about EVERY player because regardless of what some believe they’ll bust or be great or just in-between…it’s a GAMBLE no matter what as there is never such a thing as a “sure thing” but goddammit if we’re gonna gamble let’s go big already or we should all just go home and give up…the only player whose upside possibilities is worth his weight in this years draft is EUGENE SMITH…mark my words if he doesn’t bust and wins his first game as a starter everyone will jump on his bandwagon which includes all these naysaying ‘experts’ as well. After he wins his first play-off game–which mind you will happen before the chiefs do under alex smith–chiefs fans will want Dorsey’s head on a stake and andy reid run out of KC and once again we’ll be back to square one blaming everyone for the mistake and the comment “but we’re just a QB away” will sound good but just be another pipe-dream in the world of KC fans. Either we draft our future QB this year or not at all for at least the next 3 years and I refuse to be mediocre anymore…it’s been since 2003 since I can remember any positives about being a chiefs fan…..2010 was a slight exception but we were absolutely descimated by baltimore in the “big surprise!” FIRST play-off game….I have been a fan since I first started getting into football when I was 13….now I know a lot more….BUT I’m now 26 and I have YET to see them win a single play-off game…that’s inexcusable. Look at Aaron Rodgers and the Packers as a TEAM they have no depth and so many holes and yet because of the QB they make it to the play-offs EVERY year. So yes QB is the ONLY thing worthwhile to draft to make enough of an impact. I can handle being mediocre this year if it means we’ll be a contender next and maybe an SB champ in the next 3-4…..and the funny thing is the majority of fans will agree that we need this one. I’d rather him bust in KC–unlikely if you actualy followed this kid He’s like a black Aaron rodgers–than for him to succeed anywhere else and we’re left once again wondering what should’ve been at 7-9 this season and no play-off spot again.

      • krayfish

        I just don’t trust anything with a cameraman and an editor. If Geno stood there like a deer lost in the headlights on every question, they would simply yell “cut” and give him a minute to gather his thoughts…my point is just that I will change my opinion based on a safely scripted TV show on the NFL network..

    • Jim Harper

      Well said! You are right on target. There are a lot of people in Chiefs land that want Geno. At one point I was one of them. I thought that Clark Hunt made a genius move by hiring Reid and Dorsey, and I have every confidence that they are making the right decisions. Chiefs fans have never before had the #1 pick in the draft, and it is really unfortunate that it did not happen last year, but it did not and the fans are so hungry for a franchise QB that we are reaching a bit. One thing I am sure of is that Reid wants success here more than anybody. I trust him to make it happen. Everyone else should too!

      • krayfish

        well said brother

    • ArrowFan

      Good point about Gruden but to say that 100% think he isn’t worth it is wrong.

      • krayfish

        point taken

    • berttheclock

      Jason La Canfora believes he is worthy of a Top 5. However, one point about mock drafts. Just because any analyst has a player going in the Top 5, Top 10 or even 1st round does not mean they believe that player is a legitimate player for such a pick. Many mocks are set up to attempt to read the minds of the GMs in the league. The mock maker knows many GMs will get caught up in hype and press to the point they will take players only because they will become afraid of someone else taking that player. Case in point was Pioli taking Jackson. No one had him rated that high, but, for some reason, Pioli panicked and took him far ahead of where he could have or would have been taken. So, mockers try to anticipate moves by GMs. Even though the word from most analysts began their views towards this draft by saying it was not a QB draft, mockers began to realize several GMs will become over needy, panic and turn several 2nd and 3rd rounders into 1st rounders. If you scroll back through the last several drafts, you will find many of the 1st and 2nd rounders should have never been taken in those rounds. So, when considering what a Top 5 player is supposed to be, think of Jackson.

    • Darkwolf1414

      After Geno’s Pro Day, Mike Mayock said that he is definitely a top 10 pick.

  • micah stephenson

    I seen the Gruden QB Camp with Geno. Set yall dvrs so yall wont miss it.

  • micah stephenson Check out Geno on Grudens QB camp.

  • Jason Taylor

    Geno would be a wasted pick. He won’t play right away and you would decimate A. Smith’s confidence.

    Real bad juju.

    • Derek

      if he’s as good as we’re paying for him he should have enough confidence to stand on his own and not be threatened by a 3rd stringer though…you saying that makes me believe once again that alex was a big mistake

      • Jason Taylor

        No, Im saying a team who has no confidence in their starter breeds an environment of failure.

        Sad part is… You prove my point. 3rd string is right.

        • Derek

          well haha he’d only be 3rd string for one season or for as long as half even…I really believe smith will scorch daniel and then if alex goes down we’ll see Geno prove the naysayers wrong…it’s my dream and I’m going to keep believing in it…Then ppl won’t be so upset about alex smith deal because he’ll be a perfect back-up til 2 years when we cut him and Daniel is the number 2 and tanney number 3

  • Don Quijote

    Agree with Michael. Where is Micah? Did he hit the powerball and moved to Sweden? He supports Geno with a passion.

  • ArrowFan

    This kid is worthy of our pick to bad we wont have the balls to do it.

  • Daniel Mayfield

    Geno is good and has improved on his consistensy. They pick him up, develop him through 1 season, and there you go. Remember Rodgers being on the bench for 3 yrs behind Farve? Look at him now! That was Dorsey’s choice. About 1 week ago Rodgers, McNabb, and Smiths college stats were compaired. Smiths were higher in every part. That shows he’s got skills. Better then the other 2 QBs that were great in the NFL. So there’s no reason to say HE WON’T BE GOOD for KC when you never know.

    Say what you want about very few bad games he had. Is there any QB in any league, college or NFL, that hasnt had a bad game? I don’t think they will get Geno, I hope they do, he would be good. Reid is good with QBs

  • Ian French

    Smith will be great at the pro level. This episode of QB Camp reconfirmed this for me.. no doubt, we will regret passing on him if we do.