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John Dorsey Insists Chiefs Aren’t Smoke Screening

Nobody seems to want to believe that the Kansas City Chiefs don’t know what they are going to do with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft.

There is plenty of evidence to suggest the Chiefs are leaning towards taking a tackle. Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher are both considered top talents at the position. There are rumors swirling that the Chiefs are trying to trade LT Branden Albert. The team already cut last year’s starting RT, Eric Winston. KC entered the offseason with needs at the QB position but has since sent two high draft picks to the 49ers for Alex Smith. That move has most people balking at the idea that the Chiefs might select West Virginia QB Geno Smith.

So when the Chiefs brought in Geno Smith for a private visit, there were plenty of snickers being heard throughout the Chiefs blogosphere. “Smoke Screen” became the phrase of the moment. Nobody was buying that the Chiefs were bringing in Smith for any other reason but to drum up interest in the No. 1 pick for a possible trade.

The question seems to be not whether or not the Chiefs will take a tackle, but which one.

Recently, Chiefs GM John Dorsey mentioned that the Chiefs had narrowed the pool of players they are considering to four. Dorsey also added that the final decision would be made four days before the draft. Even that statement was met with skepticism.

All the apprehension about trusting what the Chiefs say this time of year is perfectly valid. They call this time of year “lying season” in the NFL, after all.

Still, when asked about whether or not he is trying to mislead teams, John Dorsey insisted that he wasn’t.

From Albert Breer of

The best way to do that, of course, is to generate a market for the pick by manufacturing the impression that the Chiefs, in fact, like everyone.

And as I floated that well-worn idea to Dorsey, his back straightened and he stopped me.

“It’s not creating a belief, it’s the truth,” Dorsey sharply responded. “We’ve said all along it’s a process, and that process will not be finalized, that board will not be set, until four days before the draft. That’s the way that whole process works itself out. There are different phases that you go through. I mean, right now, I just walked downstairs and we’re in a different phase right now. We’re going back as a group and assessing all the different positions.”

Dorsey told Breer that the Chiefs have been slowly eliminating contenders for the pick and that he meets with Andy Reid three times a day to discuss it.

Of course, if you believe that everything the Chiefs are saying could be a lie then even Dorsey’s insistence that he isn’t trying to mislead anybody could be, well, misleading.

What do you think, Addicts? Is Dorsey playing the long game or does he genuinely mean most of what he is saying?

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  • Jim Harper

    I think he is being honest to the point that a final decesion is still looming and it is predicated not so much on the player as it is with other things coming into play. For example whether or not they can trade Albert or whether or not they can trade down and if they do trade down then who will be available whenever they do pick. They are so many variables that will come into play that truthfully as of right now, the Chiefs do not know who they are going to take.

    • Doug McD

      Absolutely! They might want Geno but not at the 1-1 pick. So they have to look at him, just in case he is available when they do have a pick and he is BPA. All of the other teams are right at the same point also. Sounds like four days before the draft things might get interesting. We could see a trade happen anytime from that point going forward. I just wish we could get something concrete on B. Albert before the draft happens. I will be disappointed if nothing is resolved with him and the draft ends.

      • KCMikeG

        Both great comments. IMO they will have something done with Albert before the D4 arrives. That clarifies their needs and qualifies BPA along with any other FA activity like RT Andre Smith or Clabo or McKinnie. Dansby would be a short term FA option at SILB. If we resign BA and one of the FA OT’s then we could very well pick Geno to develop him for a year or to push AS for the starting role. Like what happened in Seattle last year which seams to have worked out pretty well for them. We could also take Jordan, Minter, Ogletree, Milliner, Flyod or Lotulelei.
        Bottom line is Dorsey isn’t blowing any smoke. He said it is down to 4 players not “there are many we are interested in”. He said they will know 4 days before. Not “we will be evaluating down to the last minute”. Seems pretty straight forward short of announcing our pick to the world 3 weeks early and eliminating any trade down options.

  • thabear04

    I have funny feeling when draft day comes,…. The Chiefs are getting Leon Sandcastle just for make it funny. Then we will actually get are real guy who we gonna draft.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      That would be funny.

    • KCMikeG

      I would actually LMAO if that happened. In my dreams we draft him and he terrorizes Manning, Brady, Rodgers, Brees, Luck, RGIII, Romo and is especially hard on lil’ phyllis “cry me some” Rivers – “It’s the worst day ever” – again!

  • Stacy D. Smith

    It’s impossible to know. Though I do believe him when he says the board isn’t set. They’ve brought in two people over the last month that they say will help them with scouting.

  • Danny W

    Can anyone else see anything in here or is it just that smokey?

  • PunjabiPete

    I dunno, this seems like a lot of smokescreening and double and triple cloak and dagger stuff, could it be that they are really impressed with Geno Smith and wanna take him? For the record my son was on a field trip to Arrowhead Stadium (I asked him what he was supposed to learn from that and he said he got to the stadium and completely forgot) walking around so maybe it’s not as phantom-y as it appears to be?

  • Matthew Grime

    I’m still sticking with my predictiong of the picking Geno Smith.

    • Brandon Mecham

      I hope so.

  • NathanaelL

    I think you have a new coach and a new gm who don’t have the luxury to smoke screen because they have had to do too much work looking at their own team first FA’s then turn and look at draft so I think they are doing their due diligence. You would hate to pick tyson jackson and watch green bay pick up the nose tackle you should have picked up

  • ArrowFan

    If he truly believes in BPA then I see no reason not to believe that there are four current contenders for the #1 over all pick.

  • oldchiefsfan

    I don’t know what they are thinking but if they take Geno Smith I’m gonna dance a jig!!!

  • Marcus J. Walker

    #TeamGeno !!