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Chiefs’ QB Alex Smith: We’re Trying To Win Right Now

The Kansas City Chiefs kicked off their offseason program yesterday as the team assembled for the first time since new head coach Andy Reid and GM John Dorsey were brought in to run the franchise.

Playbooks were distributed and the team began its offseason workout regime. The players were also made available to the media.

The Chiefs have two new QBs this year. Last year’s starter Brady Quinn left the team in free agency and former starter Matt Cassel was released and landed in Minnesota. The Chiefs replaced Quinn and Cassel by trading for former 49ers QB Alex Smith and by signing former New Orleans Saints backup Chase Daniel.

Smith spoke with the media yesterday and said the Chiefs are trying to win now.

“We’re trying to win right now,” Smith said in comments released by the team. “I think that’s the great thing about the NFL. You’re out there and there are very few perennials. It’s a battle every single year. You can go first to worst, worst to first. There is so much parity across the league. That’s the mindset here, that’s for sure. If it’s not win now, then that’s a problem.”

This shouldn’t really be surprising, but it is nice to hear. Former Chiefs GM Scott Pioli seemed to be very methodical in his approach to building a team. Pioli’s caution, I think, cause the Chiefs to progress slower than was necessary. I think the new regime takes a little bit more of a balanced approach. Reid and Dorsey seem to be cautiously aggressive. I doubt they will promise KC fans a Super Bowl in 2013 but I do believe they think they can get the team winning again and into the playoff hunt.

As for Smith, well he knows all about quick turnarounds. The 49ers were one of the worst teams in the league back in 2010. Much like the the 2012 Chiefs, San Francisco entered 2010 with high expectations only to fall flat on its face. It took a regime change for the young and talented 49ers to reach their potential in 2011 and 2012.

Smith thinks being a part of a turnaround in San Fran will be an experience that is useful to him as he tries to help turn around the Chiefs.

“Being part of that and seeing it,” said Smith. “There are a lot of similarities there. I felt like we had a very talented team that underachieved the year before for whatever reason. New stock came in and there was a lot of turnover and change in culture, and we saw a group of guys buy in and saw what could happen. There is a lot more to it than that, but for sure. You build on all your past experiences.”

What do you think, Addicts? Can the Chiefs turn things around like the 2011 49ers and win now?

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  • krayfish


  • steve james

    The important thing is if Alex thinks so. He is the one that has to make it reality.

  • berttheclock

    One positive is the new play books were passed out to players, and, not Pioli’s old ones of “Fumble on Two”. Plus, no more spending so much time with offensive players learning how to tackle the opposition after MC and BQ had thrown interceptions.
    But, it is interesting the comment about the 2010 Niners being so down as a team. That was not what those players said after being stomped by the Chiefs at Arrowhead. Niners were crying “But, we were a better team” and their fans at sfgate were shocked that the supposedly “lesser” team had won.

    • ArrowFan

      lets add a program that teaches WR’s and RB’s to catch passes with their hands instead of popping the ball up in air for the other team.

      • micah stephenson

        Lol. Aint that the truth? While we at it, can we add a program that teaches them to create seperation from the DBs too?

      • berttheclock

        Actually, Tony G was very early before practice and stayed late after practice catching pass after pass with his hands, but, Bowe wouldn’t stay and practice with him.

  • michael carey

    Just as long as we don’t continue to use “Omaha” as an audible run up the middle…Do you think Cassel ever figured it out? Man, everytime I yell “Omaha” the defense puts ten guys in the box….what a coincidence.

    • Priest4Prez

      We could always change it to Nebraska…that’ll show em

      • micah stephenson

        Lol :)

  • micah stephenson

    Yea we can win now. Mayby 8 games give or take a game. Can we win the superbowl? No. Can we win enough games to pick 16th in the draft? Yes. Can we get the best rookie QB this yr? Yes. Can we get the best rookie QB next yr? No. Can we get one of the top 3 QBs next yr? No. When will we draft our own franchise QB? It seems like NEVER. Will the Chiefs try to do just enuff to sell tickets? Yes. Will they do enuff to win the superbowl? No.

    • steve james

      If you think what Clark and the Chiefs have done is just enough to sell tickets Micha I have lost a little respect for you. It is very apparent they want to compete for a chance to go to the big one.I know you want Geno but ddon’t let that have you loose your eyes.

      • micah stephenson

        The Chiefs are a bizzness. To me its seems like every yr they sign free agents that are just good enough to make you think just mayby they have a chance to win. They never get the big name Teir 1 free agents. Every yr I have to go st8 to the Teir 2 free agents to start looking at who the Chiefs might get. They dont get the Payton Mannings. The SuperStars know dont even think of going to KC if you want a big contract. If you cant attract those guys you have to draft them. Instead of loading up on talent they just barely get enough to field a team. If the Chiefs went 8-8 lasy yr and the stadium wasnt empty with banners flying around Hunt might not even had gotten Ried and Dorsey. Even with 2 wins, if the stadium was full and Hunts Profits wur large he might not have gotten R&D. Its becuase the team got so bad its affecting his money that he has to step up and spend some money on Ried and Dorsey to give people HOPE so they spend money again.

    • Jason Taylor

      Geno Smith isn’t that franchise quarterback though. If he were, we’d have all kinds of teams trampling one another to get the 1st pick. Instead you have Buffalo trading for Kolb… Arizona trading for Carson Palmer for God’s sake. The Raiders going after Flynn… The NFL is treating this like a year without a franchise quarterback in the draft. We would be wise to heed the evidence.

      • micah stephenson

        Thats becuase there is Only 1 GENO SMITH and 5-7 teams needing a QB. The Chiefs have the 1st pick and like GENO so the other teams have to get somebody at QB. They just cant wait around to see wat we gon do. Keep it real tho, we both know all those QBs moving around right now aint s**t.

      • micah stephenson

        So what is Geno? A back up QB? A BUM? A Starter? If he is not a franchise QB, what exactly is he? How can you think whichever team gets GENO, that he wont be they franchise QB?

      • micah stephenson

        Why wud teams want to trade up to 1 to get a QB when they know the Chiefs been scared to draft a QB 1st rd for 30 yrs now? They know we taking a stupid olineman. Teams needing a QB calling Jacksonville asking if they want GENO to see if they need to jump in front of them for Geno. Jacksonville is saying “We really love our QB whatzerface um whats his name agian o Gabbert yea him, we really like him and we are cool at QB” When in Reality they thinking I cant believe GENO Smith is gonna fall right in our laps. So Jacksonville what do you think of Geno Smith? “Who? O…O Uh Geno, he aight. I wudnt trade a bunch of picks to KC or nothing like that to get him. We think Gabbert is really good and we are really close to where we need to b with him. Gabbert sells out the stadium and has us on ESPN everyday. The fans love Gabbert and we dont want a Tebow situation by drafting GENO. So you can trust us not to take GENO so dont even worry about trading with kc wink wink. ;)

    • William Campbell

      Thete is nothing special about geno smith.. he is average at best
      I am so tired of hearing how we should take a qb who will take three years to develop into a average mediocre qb and throw him to the wolves first year. Had geno come out last year even having the year he had last year.. not only would he be the 4th or 5th ranked qb but IMHO he isn’t even taken first round.. . The knock on Alex smith is he can’t take his team on his back and win by himself? But at least he is a leader and inspires his team mates to help him.. geno is no leader and no franchise qb.. smh damn geno nutswingers

  • ArrowFan

    I’m excited but what I learned last year and year before than and many times is to curb it a little until we are 10-0.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    I definitely think the team can win games now. Smith doesn’t turn the ball over much and he’s perfectly suited to Reid’s WCO system. He’ll minimize turnovers and give the offense a chance to keep drives going. All this defense needs is a little help and the Chiefs should stay in most games.

  • Danny W

    I think we will win more than 2 games aside from that I’m not predicting anything just yet.