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2013 NFL Draft: Chiefs Considering Three Players For No. 1 Pick, Says Report

The Kansas City Chiefs have recently said that they are considering four players as possible candidates to select with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft but according to a recent report, that number is actually just three.

And the report names the players.

From Russ Lande:

That certainly narrows things down.

We already knew that Joeckel and Fisher were likely in consideration. The Chiefs are in need of a tackle and those two are considered the best two available.

As for Jordan, he is one of the players the Chiefs have brought in for a private visit. Here is what we wrote about Jordan:

Now things are getting interesting. The Chiefs sent both head coach Andy Reid and GM John Dorsey to Orgeon’s Pro Day where they would have gotten an up close look at Jordan. If they scheduled a private visit with the player, they must have liked what they saw.

Andy Reid recently said the Chiefs are considering eight to 10 players for the top pick. Dorsey has used similar language. Jordan is considered one of the top picks in the draft and if the Chiefs are using a private visit on him, it may be that Jordan is among the eight to 10 players Reid was talking about.

Remember teams only get private visits with 30 players so they likely don’t use them lightly. Still, teams often take players they did not have in for a visit so there are no guarantees.

It is just hard to imagine the Chiefs bringing in a pass rusher like Jordan when they have Tamba Hali and Justin Houston. Add to that the fact that the team is reportedly trying to trade LT Branden Albert and recently cut RT Eric Winston and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Chiefs are leaning towards taking a tackle.

What do you think, Addicts? Is Lande’s report correct?

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  • Michael Tavis

    If Jordan is one of the three players then you have to wonder if Tamba is on the trade block.

    • Patrick Allen

      Depending on how many hybrid fronts they decide to run, it isn’t crazy to think he could move back to DE. Certain sets that could allow them to get an extra pass rusher on the field.

      • sidibeke

        Oooh! Jordan, Houston and Hali all getting after the QB. That could make Manning look pedestrian.

        • ArrowFan

          His QB rating doesn’t mean anything if he is sitting on the sideline.

      • Michael Tavis

        That would make sense because nobody wants to see Hali in coverage but dont you think for Tamba to be a situational DE he would have to restructure his contract? I would think he could get more on the market as a pass rushing OLB.

        • superman_25_58

          I think Tamba would still perform better than any DE on our roster and can be a 3 down DE for at least the remainder of his contract IMO.

          • Michael Tavis

            Sure I agree he would perform better than any DE on our team but you have to prioritize where you are spending your money. Hali is making money that could be spent elsewhere to improve the team more than Tamba would improve the team at DE. I just cant see him moving to DE making what he is making. I think there would have to either be a trade, release, or restructure if we draft Jordan.

          • superman_25_58

            Restructure would be best for the organization has a whole IMO. Tamba is getting older but no matter if he is at DE or OLB he is still a guy opposing offenses have to game plan around, and who in the league would be a better mentor for the rookies? I’m a firm believer that if we pick someone with the #1 pick than it needs to be an Impact player and a T is not that. That’s why I wouldn’t mind if they drafted Jordan or Ansah with the first pick. I will back who ever they decide to get until it’s evident that the pick sucks lol

    • steven

      You are the only one thinking tha t

  • mg2098

    I think Jordan is the most dynamic pass rusher in years, and plays well in space. Honestly I think he is a major upgrade over Hali who is strictly a pass rusher. I love Hali but he is truly one dimensional.

    • Patrick Allen

      More so than Von Miller, you think?

      • mg2098

        I do like Jordan over Von Miller. I think Von Miller might have a slight edge on the pass rush, but Jordan I think has better coverage skills and overall body length (more range). Jordan could be used in so many ways. He is such a gifted player definitely worthy of the #1 pick.

    • Chris D.


    • Trevor Gooding

      NEVER try to fix something that isn’t broken just prepare ahead of time for when it might. Hali is a Pro bowler and shouldn’t be replaced although I do agree with drafting Jordan but not to start over Hali.

      • mg2098

        Im not talking about replacing Hali. Im talking about putting Hali at DE and Jordan at ROLB. You create a scenario for O-lines that will be almost impossible to stop. Sutton would have so many options here. Jordan as an OLB can also cover the opponents best TE allowing Berry to roam free. Just think of all the possibilities. Offense would almost have to game plan for our D. Now wouldn’t that be something.

        • Trevor Gooding

          But Hali is not a 3-4 DE if we were going to use both of them at the same time we would want to play in a 4-3 which like you said would be unstoppable I agree with what your saying completely and I like the Jordan pick but that means we would have to use a 4-3 more often so I guess we will see what happens

          • mg2098

            True about Hali, but what Im saying is that Hali played on the line much like DT did back in the 90′s. We used 4-3 front with Hali on the line more so than our personnel based 3-4, and used nickel and dimes the other half of defensive snaps. Jordan in that scenario would be an inside LB that shifts to the outside when Hali drops down. That way all four of our badass LB’s would be on the field at the same time in base 4-3 3-4 sets. Jackson, Poe, and Devito would always be on the field as well.

  • Justin KIRK-LEWIS

    I’m jst ready for April 25

  • Chowder

    Never thought Geno was in the mix! Depending on the system Geno maybe has a small chance of success. Everyone is looking at him because he is the best of this class. Last year he would have been low 2nd round pick. We need to trade Albert and our first pick. Just gives us more options.

    • Specner

      Last year with last years stats sure…last with these stats??? h would have gone to the Dolphins no doubt…Tannerhill was a worse prospect then Geno by far….sorry, and u really think Weeden would have gone before him as well??? Reconsider…he is a 1st rnd talent QB…a 1st rnd talent just in general…only issue is he wasn’t/isn’t considered a top 10 talent…he’s easily mid range 1st rnd talent just in general…but 11-20??? yea…easy, add in the fact that he plays the most important position by far and away he should go in the top 10 this year….Tannerhill shouldn’t have by any means…neither Locker or Ponder the years before…but they did, despite being worse prospects then Geno is…

      • micah stephenson

        Preach on brotha!

  • Arrowhead Magic

    Of those three I hope we take Jordan, and I hope we lock up Albert long term.

  • Jason Brownsberger

    It has and will always be Luke joeckel

  • Jason Taylor

    Keep saying this… Our linebackers are weak at pass coverage..Tamba and Houston are rushers…not coverage guys. We need to lock down the middle of the field.

  • Danny W

    If not O lineman then it has to be a trade down.

  • upperturion

    We need to seriously consider this Jordan fella. I’m of the belief that we need an OL stud; but if we keep BA, then lets go get a gifted athlete like Jordan … or Ansah(?)

  • David Fritch

    Grab Jordan and lock down Albert!

  • Michael Shaw

    So would Dion Jordan be an ILB for us or an OLB for us? I say sign BA to a long term deal, draft Dion Jordan and put him at the other ILB spot opposite of DJ and we would have the best LB corps in the league for the next 5-8 years or so!!!

  • Big Moog

    Can’t pass on Jordan he’s a freak of nature!!

  • cyberry

    Mike Sherman (the OC of the Phins)..recruited Luke Joekel out of high school. He is perfect for Miami, they have already drafted his QB from Texas AM. They hold the 12th pick of the draft, have picks…#42 and #54 (2nd RD) and picks #77 and #82 (3rd RD). I personally think this all about..”how much to trade up”…even the bluff..”we will draft Luke Joekel” and trade Albert.. Miami must think we are taking Joekel or other teams are talking to us.. My guess is they want to give us a 3rd Rd pick and The Chiefs are asking a 2nd and 3rd..Like a scene from Pawn Stars, we will find out draft day. This is all being played at “Albert’s pride” expense. Honestly I would be happy with #54… A 2nd Rd pick would make sense why the Chiefs were looking at Elam at Florida.. THIS IS JUST A THEORY…

  • NicholasAlanClayton

    I think it makes perfect sense if we keep Albert. Of the top talents, I think Jordan is primed to make the biggest impact for whatever team takes him. Like Eric Berry, having his versatility on our roster would allow us to do all sorts of things with different fronts.

  • sidibeke

    Whichever, I love the fact that R&D have put KC in a position where they truly can take the BPA.

  • redchiefs

    After all that’s been said, and all you can see on the roster, I agree. The Chiefs 1st round pick needs to be defensive, and able to live in the opponents backfield, Manning needs to be totally frustrated or prone on the turf, every play. I honestly think Hali could play DE in the 3-4 on passing downs.

    • superman_25_58

      I still think that Tamba is still the best DE on this team and can still be a 3 down DE

      • redchiefs

        With all the work he’s done with his martial arts instructor, he certainly could go back to DE and easily get off blocks. Actually, his experience now, I’d bet he’d be even better a DE than if he’d stayed as a DE and never played OLB.

        • superman_25_58

          I totally agree 100%

  • disqus_NyHecQnIKR

    could we use jordan at ILB or slide Hali inside?

    • mg2098

      I think what you might see with a guy like Jordan on the Chies is a hybrid 3-4: 4-3 switch to a 3-5. If you have a LB that can cover TE’s as well as RB’s such as Jordan then you can move him anywhere. I don’t think teams really need that block eating run stuffing Mike LB anymore. Teams are passing way too much these days. Jordan provides the Chiefs with a true Jack LB that is capable of playing all LB positions, or should I say able to attack the QB from all position. In that situation I see Hali drop down to his DE position with Jordan lurking behind. Poe, Jackson, and Devito will all remain fresh as well.

      • redchiefs

        Manning wont give time to swap defenders, several teams running read option won’t allow time for swapping defenders between plays, staying fresh is only going to happen if you can force punts, and keep your offense on the field.

        • mg2098

          True but Dion would be a great weapon to use versus Manning. Your game plan and constant pressure beats Manning. In 2012 we lost to the Broncos 38 to 3. The Chiefs had zero sacks in that game or pressures. I wouldn’t put my faith in Alex Smith keeping Manning off the field in 2013 more so than Dion Jordan constantly putting pressure on Manning to force the 3 and out. You gotta be able to get in the mans backfield.

  • [email protected]

    Jordan looks great in red and yellow sign him up…it all depends on the Albert deal


      Agree, Ryan. But it is NEVER Red and YELLOW!!!! It is Red and GOLD!!!!!!
      Repeat ten times. Red and Gold………

      • [email protected]

        I know I know but gold is yellow

  • Bigtexjayhawk

    I think the new regime would like to get bigger on the OL. Defense quicker and younger. Hali you trade if possible. Huge cap hit. Berry too. Restructure or hit the road. If we can get Jordan and sign Andre Smith at Rt. i think with our new DC we are going to be much more aggressive. If Jordan can be like Aldon Smith with coverage skills take him no doubt!!

    • Brody Hall

      Why on gods green earth would u trade berry?

    • superman_25_58

      Trade Berry? Your best Safety who has went to 2 pro-bowls in his first 3 years and being injured for most of year 2? Take your meds dude bc that is just nuts.

  • Bigtexjayhawk

    Joeckel–from an Aggie fan one thing to look at was after the FLA game teams tried to contain Manziel and didnt try to speed rush as much. He said Joeckels numbers are probably better due to Manziels running ability

  • ArrowFan

    We will need to pick Geno to force a Draft day trade for the #1 spot. We could any one of these guys possibly anywhere in the top 10.

  • Bigtexjayhawk

    Just saw the Sports Science about Dion Jordan on Sports center. He. Graded right benind Demarcus Ware and Dwight Freeney. I think my mind is made up…. We need another DJ!!! How about DJ2 for his new nickname!!!

  • Brody Hall

    Draft Eric fisher…

  • Chris Foosman

    I’m not sold on Hali as anything more than a stand up defensive end. If they could get a guy that can play more like Houston, or better, I think they move Tamba back to DE, and I think they get the pressure that Reid will be looking for.

  • t_tyrance

    I’m starting to really like the idea if dion Jordan as the first pick if the chiefs can’t trade the pick. Why draft a tackle first when the draft if filled with them and you can still get a good one later on. And if they do draft dion why in Gods name would you want to trade Hali the team needs all the pass rushers they can get. keep him an have him teach dion how to become a great pass rusher, then let all 3 loose after the QB