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Chiefs 2013 Draft: Geno Smith 'Very Much In The Running'

Earlier this week we brought you a couple of reports from and NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, that the Kansas City Chiefs were going to be working out West Virginia QB, Geno Smith.

Rapoport’s report claimed the Chiefs were “fascinated” with Smith and that they were comparing him to former Eagles QB, Donovan McNabb.

Most AA readers and Chiefs bloggers and reporters alike, began immediately suggesting that everything the Chiefs were letting slip about Smith was merely a smokescreen in an effort to increase the chance that KC could trade out of the No. 1 overall pick in the draft.

I reached out to Rapoport on Twitter and asked if he thought the Chiefs’ interest in Smith was genuine or if, like everyone thought, it was merely a smokescreen.

Now Rapoport has expanded his thoughts on the matter in a terrific new column that examines one of the more successful draft smokescreens of all-time. Rapoport also talks a bit about the Chiefs and says he believes his original report is accurate and that he trusts his source.

The cries of “smoke screen” came loud and clear. Never mind that Smith was, to many, the draft’s top QB. With Kansas City holding the No. 1 pick in next month’s draft, skeptics doubted that coach Andy Reid, general manager John Dorsey and company viewed Smith in the same company as, say, Texas A&M tackle Luke Joeckel. But the words were real. And I trust the source.

Later, Repoport mentions that he knows the Chiefs have yet to set their draft board. This is interesting because most people seem to think that KC already has a pretty good idea of which player they will select if they pick No. 1.

I believe what I reported. I also know the Chiefs liking Smith does not mean they will draft him. I also know Kansas City hasn’t set its board yet, and Smith is very much in the running to be atop it — along with several other players.

When I posed the question to two high-level executives, one told me Smith was the best quarterback in the draft and the Chiefs picking him would make sense. The other told me no way Kansas City passes on Joeckel.

You must read Rapoport’s article. It is great and really illustrates that although teams may say things publicly on purpose, it doesn’t mean the things they are saying aren’t true.

Or they could be complete BS.

What do you think, Addicts? Has Rapoport changed your mind that Geno Smith may still have a legit shot to be taken No. 1 or do you still think that Reid and Dorsey made up their mind on Smith long ago and are just trying to move back?

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  • Danny Farage

    I think its joeckel still. Wish we had geno but i like alex smith alot personally! But hey a smith qb tandem yah never know lol but why spend money on chase daniel to have 2 signed qbs

    • Patrick Allen

      My hunch is they are doing their due diligence. I think ideally they would like to move back and get their second back because this draft is deep. If I had to guess, I’d say they don’t see a big difference between Joeckel, Fisher and Johnson and so if they can go back to five or six, pick up some picks and still get a tackle, they’ll be thrilled.

  • Danny W

    I’m about to reveal to every and all addicts who the Chiefs are going to draft…..drumroll please…..A guy with two legs! There is no doubt they draft him a guy with two legs I’m mean.
    It’s hard to say who they’re going to draft but if they’re relying on people like Mel Kiper Jr for a proper scouting report then they should be fired, as should Mel when Geno Smith turns out to be probably rookie of the year.

  • steve james

    Nope more smoke. I have no doubt that they think he is the best QB in the draft though.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    I’m starting to believe he’s spot on. With the addition of Brett Veach three weeks ago and the announcement of Brad Childress’ duties (which include draft scouting), I don’t think their board is set either.

    • dominicscarlatti

      Makes perfect sense, Stacy, given that there is such a uniformity of perceived talent among the top 10 plus prospects in this draft. I doubt any team has its board set yet.

  • Jason Brownsberger

    What if Alex was just a security a Geno was the answer and they got Alex just in case geno did terrible we can always trade Alex haven’t heard that theory yet

  • Jason Brownsberger

    We can still trade Alex ………

  • Derek Jamison

    So the chiefs have the possibility of having THREE good QBs on the roster? Is this the twilight zone or something?

    • Derek

      lmao of course not…if it WERE twighlight zone we would actually be drafting Geno but sadly we live in reality where ignorance and mistakes are more likely…so bye bye to the smith tandem dream and hope to God Trick Shot can become a pro-bowler :( I seriously HATE this team lmao

  • Jason Brownsberger

    What if we trade Alex for a first rd to a Qb hungry team

    • Patrick Allen

      No way are we able to move him for a second. Even if they got back both picks they traded for Alex, I don’t see them trading him now. Draft Geno or not, Alex Smith will start at QB next year.

      • Jason Brownsberger

        It was just a different theory I know they wouldn’t trade him joeckel is the guy

  • micah stephenson

    I hope the Chiefs draft GENO SMITH. I bet most of the NFL teams have Geno as the best player available. Only those idiots Melon head Kiper and Todd have him rated lower. Still n the top ten but not top overall. Its only becuase the Chiefs have the 1st pick that they are saying he is not worth #1. I bet if the Broncos or Jets had the 1st pick then they wud hav said GENO is #1 all along. They dont want the Chiefs to get GENO becuase they wud hav to start showing the Chiefs on ESPN everyday. With Alex Smith ESPN can ignore the Chiefs like they like to do anyway.

    • PunjabiPete

      Melon head Kiper is witty and funny.
      Back to the main subject, I would like to see Geno picked up but with Alex Smith and Chase Daniels ahead of him how much playing time is he really going to see? I’d like to not have another Stanzi/ Tanney debacle on our hands if possible.

      • Derek

        don’t sleep on Tanney…kid has the best arm-talent on the roster however can he actually learn the game and be a professional; jury is still out…we need to see A LOT MORE OF TRICK-SHOT!

  • Gene Wisdom

    There will be a team that will pay the price for Geno.

  • Larry Vandesande

    Chiefs have had the No. 1 pick once before in 1963 in the AFL. They drafted Buck Buchanan. That turned out pretty well. They had an advantage that year: they already had a franchise quarterback on hand, a young NFL castoff named Len Dawson who led them to the 1962 AFL championship the season before.

    FYI the Chiefs 1963 draft was easily the best in their history. They drafted two Hall of Famers (Buchanan and Bobby Bell) and five starters from the Super Bowl team (T Dave Hill, P Jerrel Wilson and G Ed Budde were the others) as well as DB George Saimes, one of Buffal Bills best-ever defenders, and former NFL offensive coordinator Lindy Infante.

    Now they have the first overall draft pick in the NFL, the most esteemed draft pick Chiefs have ever had. After going 30 years between drafts where they took a franchise quarterback in the first round, they are coming off a season with the worst quarterback play in the team’s history. The play at that position was so moribund last year the team actually lost a game where it had more than 300 yards rushing.

    As anyone that follows the NFL knows, the top position in the league is quarterback. It is often — indeed reguarly, as in every hour — said the NFL is a quarterback-driven league. Look at teams that make the playoffs and compete for Super Bowls and you’ll find a common denominator — great quarterback play.

    In the off-season, the No. 1 priority for the new management team was to rebuild the quarterback position. Andy Reid famously said his job was “to find the next Len Dawson.” Now Reid has an opportunity to fulfill this and guarantee the Chiefs have a high-quality franchise quarterback on the roster for at least the next five years. All they have to do is draft Geno Smith, a high quality passer who is without doubt the best quarterback prospect in the 2013 draft.

    So they are going to use this opportunity to draft a left tackle, a position where they are already strong? I don’t think so; here’s why: who did this last? Miami Dolphins in 2008 who bypassed Matt Ryan to take Jake Long. Like Chiefs now, they had a veteran quarterback in hand, Chad Pennington, who they thought could lead them to the playoffs. Pennington led them to the playoffs in 2008, then got injured and they missed the playoffs for four years. They corrected their 2008 error in 2012 by finally drafting a franchise quarterback. Meanwhile, Ryan has led Atlanta to the top rung of the NFL in the interim.

    Now Chiefs have a veteran quarterback (who was injured as recently as last year and lost his job to a quarterback drafted the year before) that some think can take them to the playoffs this year. He played behind one of the NFL’s best offensive lines last year yet still was felled to concussion. The only reason his team continued to play well — and eventually got to the Super Bowl — was because they had great depth at the quarterback position. In fact, his understudy took over the QB job and forced him off the roster, the reason he is now Chiefs’ quarterback.

    Can’t anyone see either of these scenarios being played out in Kansas City if Chiefs use the top draft pick on an offensive lineman? To me the parallels are so clear and the potential outcomes so stunningly bad it leads me to believe Chiefs can only draft one player if they retain the No. 1 pick: Geno Smith. If I can see this, Chiefs management must be able to see it.

    • Derek

      See your reasoning involves a combination of logic AND faith…neither of which Dorsey has

    • Ian French

      You said better than anyone I have heard. 100% agree with this

  • Gene Wisdom

    Alex Smith was the first over-all pick in his draft year. He must have something going for him.

    • Derek

      uhhh that was a mistake…Rodgers was the real first-overall….

  • Lonwolf

    What if the Chiefs draft Geno. He is on the bench Chiefs are winning with Alex. Then he gets hurt and Geno takes over and the Chiefs go to the Super Bowl… De Ja Vu?? haha

    • Gene Wisdom

      It’s good to have insurance.

    • dominicscarlatti

      I’d happily settle for a Super Bowl appearance.

    • Derek

      I think if we drafted him and he learned enough next year then that is a definite possibility in 2014 after smith gets a third or fourth concussion at this point lmao. I would be happy and the kaepernick curse would probably drive Alex to leave football all-together hahah and I would be the happiest of happy-ass fans

  • shayaan

    would love to see it, but i think it’s extremely unlikely. the public commitment to alex smith is just too significant for them to go in any other direction. oh well, at least they’ll get a good look at him and realize what they could’ve had.

    • Patrick Allen

      Wouldn’t it be cool though, if they just had the stones to take the QB and sit and develop him like teams used to do? I mean, for me, investing a first and two seconds to win now (with Smith) and win later (with Geno) is well worth the investment.

      Seriously, what have our other second-round picks gotten us? Arenas. McCluster. Even the good ones like FLowers haven;t helped us win much of anything. I’d rather start investing those picks in QBs because that is the one position that can make all the others work.

      • dominicscarlatti

        With the new BPA’s lower salaries for top picks, maybe this is once again a possibility. Geno DOES remind me a lot of Donovan, but the latter was bigger physically and maybe had a little more arm for deep throws. However, I can see where Geno might be a perfect future QB for a Reid-style WCO. In order for Geno to be the pick, Reid/Dorsey must be convinced they can either sign BA to a long-term deal or be willing to franchise him again for a second straight season in 2014. After all, even though Joeckel or Fisher would be great for us, either Stephenson or Schwartz may be more than adequate ORT’s this season.

        • KCMikeG

          Plus there are plenty of quality OL in the 2nd & 3rd rounds.

  • Joe Myers

    Asked for equity amung web sites . Go ahead and treat me like an outcast Patrick but you obviously have a complex !!!!

    • Patrick Allen

      Act appropriately and we won’t have any further problems.

  • Marcus J. Walker

    GENO !! GENO !!GENO !!GENO !!GENO !!GENO !! C’mon Chiefs go & get him

  • DT58HOF

    I don’t know about the rest of you but in honor of Easter I’m putting all my eggs in the Alex smith basket. We are an instant playoff team with AS under center. Now we must get the best LT in the draft to protect our franchise.

  • Patrick Allen

    No homophobia, no politics, no racial slurs. If I see it again, we’re going to have a problem. Check that crap at the door when you comment here please.



  • Joe Myers

    What !!! Number one Patrick Allen that wasn’t me talking racest or homophobic. I was simply stating the fact that is wrong even to throw slurs at some one who is is wrong . So what a way to single me out its not like I was the one who said Todd mcgay but does that comment get deleted . Go ahead stick up for your lil panze friend your a joke . And who knows you could be in your chair hail hilter . But its really funny how you single my comment out like I am being racest or a homophob witch in fact I was being American stating my opinion . so play your favorites cuz your pathetic . How about deleting the original comment witc is obviously the offensive comment and the guilty party involved…..fuck you !!!!!

  • dominicscarlatti

    The real “melon head” is Kraigk. Surely he’s done more than enough to warrant immediate termination of his posting rights. You do a terrific job here, Patrick, and you’ve been very patient with him, but he’s clearly hell-bent on getting himself banned. Why not give him what he so clearly wants and deserves?

  • Robert Mccall

    Thank you!

  • michael carey


  • Chief Hokie

    Someone’s off their meds.

  • Patrick Allen

    Calm down brother. Nobody singled out your comment. All the comments were either edited or deleted. If it mentioned homophobia, racist slurs or contained inappropriate language. My comment was to everyone involved. Easy on the swearing and stop with the personal attacks and graphic sexual language. This is the comment board on YouTube or the KC Star. That comment is for you and for everyone else. Anyone wishing to comment and contribute here will do so in a respectful manner. You will all please speak like cordial adults and refrain from hurling personal attacks at one another. You will also be aware that the language you use will be read by others, children perhaps, that have abbey right to read and use this site as you all.

    In short, be good or be gone.

  • Derek

    Although I want to be able to agree with you…your horrible spelling and word-association took away your credibility. Might I advise proof-reading before you hit “enter” next time

  • dominicscarlatti

    Just sent a team of psychologists to your residence so that they can study a congenital idiot in its natural habitat. PBS documentary to follow…please check your local listings for time and date.

  • Chief Hokie

    What does that even mean?