Chiefs' Eric Berry Has To Go Pee, Others Cooking Farts

The Kansas City Chiefs were the worst team in the league in 2012 and a new NFL Sound FX video may hold the keys to just when wrong in KC.

When you are the laughingstock of the NFL, it can be hard to catch a break. I am sure the crews at Sound FX caught the Chiefs saying some really cool, inspiring things to one another in 2012, but if they did, those clips are on the cutting room floor.

Instead, the Chiefs are heroically portrayed as a group of knuckleheads talking about pee and farts.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why they did so poorly last season.

It starts with Eric Berry jumping up and down in a defensive huddle, telling his teammates how badly he has to pee.

But later, well, here is the money quote.

“How you gonna fart on the heater, bro” Berry exclaims to one of his teammates, while sitting next to a grinning Justin Houston.

“That’s naaaasty,” Berry continues. “You…cookin farts over there, man.”

But it wasn’t all just fart jokes for the 2012 KC Chiefs. There was also a fair amount of confusion.

“I don’t know where to line up, coz,’” Berry laments later.

And what Chiefs highlight reel would be complete without Berry being afraid of a horse.

“Aw, hell no,” a concerned Berry declares on the sideline. “There go that horse. That horse. I wait till they got horse passed,” Berry tells Houston as he retreats to the bench. “I don’t met with horses, bro. Straight up. Might come over here and throw a tantrum.”

Now, to be fair, the beginning of the video is sort of the clowning around phase of the story NFL Sound FX is trying to tell. Later, the players get serious and are shown talking strategy and also making big plays to score touchdowns and help their teams win.

And that is exactly where the Kansas City Chiefs mysteriously vanish from the video.


There’s always next year.


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  • Jason Taylor

    We’re surprised? Shocked? Appalled? .. What exactly leads us to believe that these men, who get paid to play games, are going to be anymore sophisticated, mature, or somehow more well behaved than the vast majority of men who dedicate a big part of their free time to said game and said players.

    Most men are exactly the same. Most.

    I am.

    • Patrick Allen

      I agree. Just think it is kind of funny that they Chiefs are part of the “clowning around” part but not the “football” part. =(

      • shayaan

        there was a lot of awesome NFL films footage of berry making plays in that oakland game that they showed on showtime’s “Inside the NFL”. unfortunately, all of the clips online just focus on the funny horse stuff, and took that part out.

      • Jason Taylor

        Probably alot tougher to find skilled football behavior going on than it was to find fart jokes!

  • ArrowFan

    The producers just wanted to dog the Chiefs plain and simple. As Jason put it, this type of crap or horseplay or what ever you want to call it, is everywhere on every team. Heaven forbid they show the New York Giants team doing this kind of crap. But hey KC is fly over country so we can show them as the clowns. Or this may just shows how well run Romeo’s team was?

  • ArrowFan

    I guess none of our “Pro Bowl” LB’s or our “Pro Bowl” RB ever say or do anything worthy enough for this type of garbage. One thing I do know is that our “Pro Bowl” punter always has something funny to say, most likely a lot funnier than our “Pro Bowl” safety.

  • Danny W

    I don’t mind a little personality. Hopefully we have tons of highlight reels coming up.

    • Patrick Allen

      Me too.

  • tyler

    What? I can’t believe two twenty something year old alpha males are talking about having to pee and fart! That’s so weird and unheard of! Oh the horror!