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Chiefs Coach Andy Reid Always Wanted Alex Smith

The Kansas City Chiefs have a new QB in former San Francisco 49er Alex Smith and according to the team’s head coach, Andy Reid, Smith was always his guy.

Reid is down at the NFL owners meetings in Phoenix, AZ this week. He talked briefly with Ian Rapoport of NFL Network about whether or not Eagles QB Nick Foles was ever in consideration to be brought to KC.

Interesting. There were rumors just weeks ago that the Chiefs were interested in trading for Foles.

It made sense. Reid was part of the group that drafted Foles in the third-round of the NFL Draft. With Philly seemingly committing to QB Michael Vick, at least for 2013, by offering him a new contract, it seemed as though the Eagles might be willing to deal Foles.

Despite what Reid is saying now, I have to believe the Chiefs were at least interested in Foles. Reid has reportedly had his eye on Alex Smith for a while but that doesn’t mean the Chiefs didn’t at least discuss Foles as a contingency plan should they not be able to acquire Smith.

What do you think, Addicts? Would you rather the Chiefs have gone after and landed Foles over Alex Smith?

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  • steve james

    I will let you know in about 9 months.

    • berttheclock

      Football’s gestation period, eh?

  • Danny W

    I’m not overly impressed by either quarterback and for the record I think Foles is just a younger version of Alex Smith. They will both be just slightly above average with an outstanding front.

    • Richard Comstock

      Im not saying your wrong or your right..

      I will say that Alex Smith has showed us flashes of greatness. He did have a bumpy start to his career but a lot of things played into that. He has gotten better every year and hasn’t gone back to sucking. The last 2 years he played at a very elite level. He has only trended up since he got into the league. There is NO REASON for us to think he is going to go back to being anything less then what he has been the past two years.

      In the past two seasons he has been a top QB. He played well enough in the playoffs(only time it REALLY matters) to win the Superbowl. He put SF on his back vs the Saints.Fumbled punts kept them out of the SB that year. What would we think of guy like Drew Brees,Kurt Warner, Eli Manning,or Joe Flocco if we only were able to judge a QB by his first few years?

      He was the number one overall pick for a reason. I don’t understand why some fans point to what he USE to be. Not every team needs a HUGE arm QB. If he plays like he did in SF we can win the SB. What reasons do we have to believe that Alex Smith will only be slightly better then average? His QB rating has gone up every season, please explain it to me.

      • Danny W

        Smith had the BEST offensive line in football in San Fran. They’ve spent a whole lot of first round picks on that line. That will make even the most average quarterback look pretty good. Time will tell. I hope the guy is our man for good, but don’t want a long term deal done until he’s proven he is.

        • chiefridgy

          I agree. No need to rush things with a contract extension.

        • The City Freaks

          It was only this year when the 49ers O line was considered as the best. 2011 they were horrible.

  • Gary Dodson

    Live long and prosper in K.C. Alex Smith!

  • berttheclock

    Patrick, I love some of the photos you use for articles. A couple in the last two weeks showed Urbik, the quality guard for the Bills in the background. Urbik could have been picked up by “Asleep at the switch” Pioli off the waiver wires. In the photo above, one can really understand why Andy Reid thinks so highly of pass protection, even more so, than run blocking skills

  • Stacy D. Smith

    If Smith is his guy, Smith is his guy. Can’t expect him to put his career on the line for a guy he doesn’t believe in.

    • Richard Comstock

      exactly!They love him for a reason. He was a number one pick for a reason. His QB rating has gotten better every year for a reason..Some fans drive me crazy with the Alex Smith hate (not you Stacy). I love the pick up(my explanation in is the post below)

      you hit the nail on the head. They came here to build a winner. We have the first pick in the draft and could go in almost any direction at QB. They choose Alex Smith because they feel he is the best QB to help us win. I trust them, and so should everyone else here..

      • Stacy D. Smith

        There are enough reasons to be apprehensive about the move, but I can’t fault the guy for getting the man he wanted for the job. He could be wrong, but we’ll have to wait and see.

        He certainly has the right tools for the offensive system. His skillset suits the WCO perfectly.

      • niner559

        Completely agree. As a Niner fan (sorry), it always seams like I have to follow the Chiefs because they take our Qb’s. I have supported alex since he got drafted and destroyed by the organization. The last 2 years with JH has really proven why he was drafted 1 overall. He is really playing well and you guys got a great QB. I guess I have to buy the NFL package now…

  • berttheclock

    Some fans seem to forget how mediocre the offensive line of the Niners was when McCloughan picked Smith over Rodgers. Fans in the Bay Area were brutal because they wanted Rodgers. Smith was thrown to the wolves in his first two years because the former GM wanted to prove he was right. Then, two new QBs, Hill and O’Sullivan were brought in to prove he was a folly and he was benched. Their inept play led to his return to starting. However, a funny thing was going on during this time. Trent Baalke had been in charge of drafting players and began to bring in quality offensive linemen. Even so, Smith was stuck with the hugely inept Jimmy Raye, the OC who kept calling Gore on first up the middle, Gore on 2nd up the middle, and, now, with 3rd and long try to make something happen, Alex. But, rescue came. More quality offensive linemen and a huge change in the head coaching with Harbaugh who was hired by the new GM Trent Baalke. The ratings for Smith really began to rise even though Harbaugh and Baalke had scouted CK at Nevada and wanted to see more of a running threat at QB and one who possessed a rifle arm. This does not disparage Smith. But, remember, Smith needs solid o-line protection as he is very conservative and will take sacks and throw aways as he will not attempt to force passes. This sets him apart from such as BQ, Matt C and Kyle Orton in that in trouble, he wil not try to make something out of nothing. Now, improve the offensive line and the Chiefs will have far more wins than losses.

    • Jim Harper

      Well said!

    • KCPauly

      Good one Bert, as always

    • Calchiefsfan

      On the money Bert. A good right tackle and some quality depth on the interior and I think we’re there. With the talk of being able to trade out of our first pick we would then be able to address both those needs. maybe somebody like Travis Frederick or Barret Jones along with a top tackle.

      I think we got spoiled with our all pro line of Roaf, Waters, Shields and Weigmann. But look at the results, the number 1 or 2 offense in the NFL for several years when those guys were playing. Is Alex Smith as good as Trent Green?

  • Jim Harper

    Foles and Alex Smith are no where close to being alike. Alex is capable of pulling the ball down and running (ie:last years playoff game against the Saints), a game in which he played brilliantly. Alex has a ton of experience at reading NFL defenses and Foles has a lot to learn. Lastly Alex has what it takes to take us to the promised land now. We need to win now while our core players are in their prime. 2 or 3 years down the road and we probably don’t have Jamaal any more and Tamba & DJ will be getting a bit long in the tooth. Andy knows what he is doing. Winning now is important because he knows this fan base won’t put up with any more seasons like this last one.

  • micah stephenson

    Huh! Sigh! Of corse A.Smith was his guy. He cant say I really wanted this guy but instead im stuck with Smith or I want to really draft this guy but for now its Smith.

  • micah stephenson

    Did anybody hear that on 610 radio that the Chiefs said drafting GENO SMITH is still an option and trading B.Albert to Mia for 2 2nd rd picks are an option?

  • KCPauly

    I was not a fan of the move, initially, I unfortunately am with Micah wanting Geno, but I will see what plays out, I wish A.Smith and the Chiefs the best of luck(anything is better than last yr.) I am a red blooded Chiefs Fan and will be supportive of the new rgime…but I still too want Geno LOL :~))

  • The City Freaks

    Trading for Foles as for a backup DUH, that guy is no starter.

  • Outback Chief

    Smith is more athletic and mobile than Foles and until Foles is named a starter for a team it’s not even a discussion who’s better

  • chri herring

    I sometimes find myself wondering if some people who post on these sites have any clue of what’s going. Am i the only one? Geno Smith will amount to NOTHING in the NFL so get over it. He is a great athlete but nothing more. He’s no leader or a man who makes any type of smart throws, he will not be a good QB or anything close to the meaning. Next year, tho as a 4ers fan it pains me to say that QB like Kap and Wilson will be the next DUAL THREAT QBS who have a coach who thinks the running qbs like in college will win superbowls. Sorry to say it but it won’t happen