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Chiefs’ GM John Dorsey Talks Free Agency, NFL Draft

Kansas City Chiefs John Dorsey sat down with recently to talk about what the Chiefs have done in free agency and what they plan to do in the NFL Draft.

KCChiefs has a show now, called “Red & Gold.” It is basically a half-hour online show that features a few cool segments. The first is an inside look at the combine and they finish up with an interview with Chiefs great Will Shields and a look at the 101 Awards Banquet.

In the middle, there is an interview with Chiefs GM John Dorsey, conducted by staffer Rachael Santschi.

Dorsey talked about the tea’s free agency strategy, which was essentially to add as much depth to the roster as possible.

“Our job is to create depth,” said Dorsey. “Competitive depth and competitive situations. And any time you have a chance to deal in free agency and be selective and not over-spend, you’re going to try to do that. I think what we have done is we’ve gotten the payers we feel best to move this franchise forward.”

Now that KC is mostly finished in free agency (we think) Dorsey said it is time to turn to the NFL Draft.

“Now that takes us to the next phase of the plan, is that, let’s hit it in the draft. That’s what we’ve got to do,” said the Chiefs GM.

Dorsey went on to say that he has a specific grouping of players that he is looking at as the team prepares for the draft. It is a small grouping so I would assume Dorsey is just talking about prospective players to select with the team’s first pick.

“My next goals is I have a target, a pool of players, anywhere between six and ten players,” said Dorsey. “And I want to find out, to see which one of these six to ten players is the perfect fit for the Kansas City Chiefs.”

Once you hear that, it is kind of fun to go through and try to determine which players are in Dorsey’s six to ten.

Here is my guess:

1. OT, Luke Joeckel, Texas A&M

2. OT, Eric Fischer, Central Michigan

3. CB, Dee Milliner, Alabama

4. DT, Sharrif Floyd, Florida

5. QB, Geno Smith, West Virginia

6. OLB, Jarvis Jones, Georgia

7. G, Chance Warmack, Alabama

8. OT, Lane Johnson, Oklahoma

9. DT, Star Lotulelei, Utah

10. WR, Cordarrelle Patterson, Tennessee

All right, Addicts. Those are my ten. Now let’s see yours!

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  • Richard Comstock

    i would take Patterson out and put in Dion Jordan. Other then that you are spot on IMO.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    I’d love to see them re-structure Hali’s deal to give them some extra room.
    It’s always good to have wiggle room in case a player’s out there that you’re interested in.

  • micah stephenson

    Idk about that J.Jones. I hear he has a spinal cord condition. Teams are scared that 1 wrong hit and he cud b paralized. O and cud you please make GENO SMITH #1 next time?

    • onorly

      You know, I’m actually a fan of Geno Smith, but you yelling his name on every post on here has gotten really old. Please make a few posts without mentioning him?

      • micah stephenson

        G NO! SMITHs name is geting mentioned or it wudnt b no fun. Smile! :)

      • Tom Sparks

        Ditto, Ditto, Ditto!
        Micah had no choice though, as his man crush on Geno fuels his infatuation! Reality has long been, but an illusion and he lives in his pseudo fantasy world with Geno Smith as his Savior and Knight in Shining Armor.
        There is no talking him back into reality, so he dis’s every move our GM/HC make, because he is a legend in his own mind, now! Which also translates into he has a much greater NFL Football mind than Reid or Dorsey!
        Kind of sad, isn’t it, onorly?

  • Chris Tarrants

    Great list but Geno should be #1! Still rockin that wagon baby

    • Tom Sparks

      Yea……… Alex Smith is such a shitty QB, I forgot.
      Cassel 2.0..NOT!
      I see you are riding the fantasy wave with Micah!
      Get real, Geno…. Unproven rookie, Alex…… Well proven veteran.
      Oh, I forgot, the Geno is our Only Hope, Obi Wan Kenobi crowd knows much more about NFL Football, than Dorsey & Reid combined! What a fickle bunch of fair weather Chiefs Fans!
      I hope we don’t fall to black & silver know-it-all baboons!
      GO CHIEFS, GO ALEX SMITH!!!!!!!!!’ Most of the Chiefs Kingdom has your back!

      • Chris Tarrants

        Whoooow pump the breaks bitch! Ain’t nothing fair weather about wanting your team to draft a qb when you have the first pick jackass! God forbid if I have an opinion and I don’t like every single move that’s made and follow like a blind sheep, I said what I said as a compliment to the author end as a joke to the rest of the guys who also wanted Geno so go easy where you throw rocks because I will lob bolders back

        • John Buttram

          Actually, as much as I liked Geno early he could very well be nothing more than a David Klingler, Akili Smith, Andre Ware, or a Jamarcus Russell. So I would say that anyone that does not think he would be a good #1 pick could very well be closer to being correct than those that think he is the man. I would take Alex Smith over him every day of the week, and it looks like Reid and Dorsey would also.

        • Tom Sparks

          I’m shaking in my shoes, boulder-brain! You call me a bitch & a jackass, you are Goliath in sheep’s clothing! You not only lack a sense of humor, you are obviously educated beyond your capacity to absorb it. Could it be the boulders

          • Tom Sparks

            Between your ears? You can’t even spell a huge rock with the mental capacity of “big brain” C.T.
            You are the inbred kind of fan that has to resort to name calling, because you should not be throwing “BOULDERS”, when you have a glass skull! As far as brakes go, you can use my air- brakes, but I see you prefer PUMPING. Forget to check the brake fluid in your master cylinder? Kind of like you forgot too realize that I like Geno Smith, also!
            I just prefer to trust highly respectable Head Coaches and General Managers

          • Chris Tarrants

            Oh that’s awesome not only are you a jackass but your also a spelling nazi? Oh and now I’m inbred because of a missing u? I resorted to name calling only when you cussed in response to what I had originally wrote, kind of struck a nerve. As far as education goes don’t get mistaken with one miss spelled word I have a DVM degree from Purdue University. Incase your too busy shifting gears in that big truck of yours what that is, is doctor of veterinary medicine, hope my spelling in this post was to your liking, have a nice day

  • ArrowFan

    The only thing missing is an ILB

    • Scott Mahurin

      because there isn’t an ILB worth picking in the first round

  • Killerdoctor27

    Please this list is a joke…. How can you NOT have the best player available! Once you witness this guy’s speed, agility, and playmaking ability you will see that THIS is the guy KC should take #1 overall. This guy may be the best kept secret in the draft but I’m sure you have all heard his name. Get ready to witness the NEXT RG3, Jerry Rice, and Dan Marino rolled into one AMAZING player… Enjoy;)

  • Timothy Dittemore

    You have to believe they are going to be in for a OT or DL can’t see how anyone other makes sense with the free agent signings they have done. ILB doesn’t feel right this high with no special player out there. I wish Geno but you know that won’t happen.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    It’s time for them to get prepared for the draft. They did a fabulous job in free agency. Close it up strong and fill your last two spots next month. I hope they trade back and recover that R2 pick. That’ll give them a great shot at either an ILB or a RT.

  • Jane Okkinga

    After they signed Alex Smith I couldnt believe comments like “we’re set at QB” and I was sure they were still going to take Geno. After getting Daniel (who I think could be pretty good) it may not happen. I’ll be SO dissappointed if we don’t take Geno – our first chance at a decent draft QB for years. Reid/Dorsey would also not lose with that pick – because whatever the outcome most of the fans would just be happy that they went for it!

    • Tom Sparks

      Why all the negative crap about Alex Smith? I sure hope the recent slew of Chiefs mediocrity and just plain horrid coaching, is not turning a LOT OF US into cenile, negative, and pissy Chiefs Fans. I’d hate for this Chiefs Kingdom start mopping and second-guessing our GM/HC’s decisions. Clark Hunt did the RIGHT thing, by cleaning out our huge-headed GM & great person, but terrible HC.
      And then took blame publicly and broke out of his hands off approach to state he was going to be around the team, GM/HC A LOT MORE.
      Then he immediately took over and snagged Andy Reid, before any other team had a chance to talk to him, in a very class act way, and after MANY hours of talks, after flying to Philly, with his Chiefs cabinet and signed him, before Reid before he had any second thoughts

      • Scott Mahurin

        Um, because Alex “Game Manager” Smith has nearly identical stats as Matt Cassel and a noodle for an arm. I am to understand that he’s on the uptick of his spectacular career…so I will wait and see. Meanwhile, I learned last year that surrounding the current game manager with sufficient talent is difficult to do. Sorry, but, I’m all out of Kool-Aid.

        Morale of the story: DRAFT a freaking smart quarterback who can stretch the field, is accurate, and mobile. (Hint: there’s only one this year.) Failing that, trade down for this year’s first, second, and next years first round pick from a franchise other than Oakland.

        • Tom Sparks

          Scott, you can have your opinion, fair enough. But you are drinking the Koolaide, just the wrong flavor!
          Alex Smith’s stats are much better than Cassel’s the last 3 years. Cassel had One good year! The real glaring differece is consistency!
          Cassel had NONE, after his Pro Bowl reserve honors from 2010.
          Alex Smith has been very consistent the last 3 years! He does not throw stupid INT’s, is very accurate, and has a more than better avg. completion %! He can read the D very well at the line and audibles quiet well!
          And as far as a noodle for an arm, WTF? He s does not have a Canon for an arm, but he zips it in accurately within the 10- 30 yard range. Isn’t that what the “West Cosst” offense is all about? He sets up the play action very well.
          I just don’t get you Chiefs Fans that think you are Pro Football geniuses?
          Clark Hunt got a GM/HC that other teams will be envious of. Why can’t you trust that they know what they are doing!
          I just sense way too much resentment and sinisizm
          In the Fanbase and I find it very disheartening………,

  • micah stephenson

    Well on to the draft. If Chiefs really want depth and competion they need to draft GENO SMITH. C.Daniels has done nothing but play for MU. If he played for ANY team outside of KS & MO it wud be “aw the undrafted guy out of wateva shcool with 55 yards passin n 3 yrs” booooo. And Im not sold on A.Smith. Best possible situation wud b to draft GENO SMITH. :)

    • Tom Sparks

      There he goes again, having a Genoasm!

  • Outback Chief

    If Chiefs trade down to 7-12 my picks would be

    Cordarrelle Patterson

    Dee Milliner,Chance Warmack ,Star Lotulelei ,Lane Johnson , Xavier Rhodes , Sheldon Richardson

  • KCtitleist11

    Joeckel is the correct pick to go with. We need to fill that other tackle spot with a cornerstone player that will be around for years; especially if they are talking about listening to possible trades for Branden Albert. Yea its not the flashy pick, but its the smart pick: best available player. You don’t draft for need. That’s when you try and force it and miss. I’m not big on Alex Smith either but theres just not a viable QB option in this draft; at least not an early pick option. Go with Joeckel #1 overall and pick up an ILB later. and pick up a QB later in the draft like Wilson, Bray, or Nassib. I’m partial towards Tavon Austin too.

  • jimfromkcj

    My 10 would be:
    1. Joeckel LT Texas A&M
    2. Warmack OG Ala.
    3. Patterson WR Tenn.
    4. Fluker RT Ala.
    5. Jones OC Ala
    6. Brown WILB Kan. St.
    7. Faulk RT LSU
    8. Mcdonald TE Rice
    9. Jordon OLB Oregon
    10 Hamilton WR Ark

  • Scott Mahurin

    1. Geno Smith

    or trade down and take any of the following:
    2, Star Lotulelei
    3. Dee Milliner

    4. Xavier Rhodes
    5. Best OT

  • Tom Sparks

    Patrick O’Allen…. You are spot on. I would just like to iterate that if we take Geno Smith #1, he is just going to be used as Draft Trade Bait!
    My dark horse prediction is that a trade down to Buffalo will occur, and we flip 1st
    Round slots, acquire Buffalo’s 2nd round pick, & next years 1st round pick. Maybe even a 3rd or 4th round pick, to boot!
    Without trying to be guilty of Malice or disrespect, their Top Dogs are rather Baboonish…..