The Morning Fix: St. Patrick’s Day Edition

“It was Monday night, and Mike DeVito was getting ready for a flight to Kansas City,” Cimini writes. “There was an offer on the table from the Chiefs — a good offer — and he was leaving the next day to sign it.”

Those facts, apparently gleaned from a phone interview with DeVito, suggest a violation of the letter and spirit of the restrictions on the negotiating window. And before Chiefs fans start accusing us of trying to start trouble for their team, we mention this only because the March 8 memo expressly threatened tampering investigations, and because most teams had seemed to be scared into not doing anything that could cross the line.

Pro Football Talk

“With Andy’s offense, you need some speed at receiver,” Dorsey said. “You need one or two speed receivers. The way the National Football League is today, the game (is faster), and in order to compete on a weekly basis you have to be able to take the top off defenses, as they say, with speed. That’s kind of what we’re looking at here. Donnie Avery can take the top off the defense with his speed.”

Avery was among the NFL’s league leaders with seven dropped passes last season. But the Chiefs will live with the occasional drop if Avery can deliver some big plays and attract some defensive coverage away from Dwayne Bowe and the Chiefs’ other receivers.

KC Star

“The fact of the matter is,” Cassel said in a conference call on Friday, “Christian is the starting quarterback.”

When Cassel agreed to terms on Thursday, there was speculation that he was coming in to compete with third-year starter Christian Ponder for the No. 1 job. But Vikings coach Leslie Frazier and GM Rick Spielman stand firmly behind Ponder, who has been up and down in his first two seasons.

So they went into this offseason in search of a quality veteran who would accept his role, but also be able to handle the offense capably if Ponder were to go down with injury or fail to progress as he is expected.

USA Today

But it’s not just the Smith acquisition that we like. Kansas City re-signed No. 1 receiver Dwayne Bowe, franchised offensive tackle Branden Albert, secured the services of one of the best cornerbacks available in free agency in Sean Smith for a reasonable price, added a second cornerback who at least has had past success in the AFC in Dunta Robinson, and picked up solid, dependable components like receiver Donnie Avery, defensive lineman Mike DeVito, tight end Anthony Fasano and offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz.

Topping it off, the Chiefs wisely gave themselves another intriguing option at quarterback, handing former Saints backup Chase Daniel a three-year deal worth $10 million to be their fallback plan behind Smith. If you’re keeping score, Kansas City upgraded at multiple positions on offense and added significantly to the secondary on a defense that has several Pro Bowl talents in Tamba Hali, Eric Berry and Justin Houston. With the No. 1 pick in the draft still to come, and offensive tackles Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher both on the radar screen, Andy Reid’s opening statement in Kansas City should encompass considerably more than 2-14 in 2013.

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  • dioxintribe

    Mike Florio is trying to start something. This trip was reported last week by Seth Walder on Wednesday, 3/13. I haven’t seen anything since then about it . . .

    “DeVito was the first Jet to find a new team, reaching an agreement with the Chiefs. Information about his impending trip to Kansas City came out shortly after the 4 p.m. opening to the league year.”

    The whole story
    (Rich Cimini)
    “Then the New York Jets called his agent.

    “They made an offer at the last second,” the former Jets defensive lineman said in a phone interview. “I don’t even know what it was. With everything going on — the salary cap, [John] Idzik being new … it was just time to go. It was one of those things that had to happen.”

    DeVito didn’t know the specifics of the Jets’ offer, but it was nowhere close to the three-year, $12.6 million contract he landed with the Chiefs. No hard feelings, said DeVito, who loved his time in New York.

    The Jets expressed interest in retaining DeVito, Keller and Landry, but they had no intention of waging bidding wars even though they began free agency with about $15 million in cap room — roughly $6 million of that earmarked for the draft.”

    I don’t think the Chiefs cheated anyone out of anything.

    And this from analysis done by Albert Breer (3/11):

    “So this weekend, the info that was flowing came largely from agents — who, like the teams, are caught in a “What do I do here?” situation. As such, it was heavy on individual agendas. The agents feel the pressure, too, having to deliver for clients in what’s expected to be a depressed marketplace.

    The new setup has helped, giving teams looking to shop at the top of the market an idea about where the spending ceiling is going to be over the next week. The secondary tiers of free agents — those who will fill in behind the short list of big-time guys — have presented more of a challenge, thanks to the uncertainty about prices. Some clubs are wary about overspending, and some agents are petrified that they’ll undersell.

    “Some of the market is getting set with some deals getting done, so you can (project) a comparable market,” said an AFC personnel executive. “It’s created more of a pinpoint — ‘This is what it will cost,’ rather than, ‘I generally think this player’s market will be $5 million-$7 million.’ You now sense and feel a little better what it’ll take for X, Y or Z.””

    The NFL knew what was going on.

  • berttheclock

    Of course, had Marty Magid been his agent, that e-mail might not have been opened for a couple of days. Speaking of which, did you read where Dumervil has fired Magid and retained Tom Condon as his new agent? Look for Dumervil to remain a Donkey.

    • Ronald W Dick

      That “Harlem Shake” is still playin’ . . . more interesting is the case Cimini makes about the new Jets GM selling off the team to get more picks in 2014. Which is a good way to ensure also that you have the #1pick for Johhny Football. It would be the second coming of Jesus, er . . Joe. dioxintribe

  • micah stephenson

    Goodmorning noon or night ladies and gentlemen, and you too Tazmosis and Jim Harper. I just wanted to clear a few things up. Ive been taking some slack about having a favorite player in the draft(GENO SMITH). Every yr we all have our favorite player that we want to see the chiefs draft, mines as we all know by now is GENO SMITH. When I bring up GENO SMITHS name I start geting blasted by a slight few about him not being a good QB. I dont blast those same people for liking Luke JOKE-OL, S.Floyd, and others. We all have the right to dream and wish about the players we want. Now I cant lie, im not the hapiest camper about geting A.Smith(cus it lowered my chance of geting GENO SMITH) but if we dont draft GENO SMITH, then when the season starts im going to fully support A.Smith untill he gives me a reason not to. Im am a very good fan. Noone loves the Chiefs more than I do. I do think we overpaid a lil bit for D.Colquit, Davito, Robinson, Fasano & definatly too much for Alex. I wud have offered them a 3rd rd pick in this draft take it or leave it. Now becuase I want GENO SMITH does not mean im being negative about the team. After geting burned too many yrs n a row, im just being more carefull wit my optimism this yr. If we dont draft GENO SMITH then I will FULLY 100% support Alex but untill then……GENO SMITH! GENO SMITH! GENO SMITH! GENO SMITH! GENO SMITH!


      Darnnit, Micah. Just when I’m loaded for bear to blast you on another “draft Geno” post, you come up with something that I totally agree with. Well, almost. It will take some time to know if we paid too much for Alex Smith. At least until the draft is here. If the team can re-coup their second rounder, then that is good. This coming season we will know for sure. If the Chiefs win, say ten games, then we got him on the cheap. If we go five and eleven, then we probably overpaid. I believe that the signings of all the free agents came at reasonable numbers. I haven’t seen anyone saying that we overpaid for any of them. There again, time will tell. BTW,
      Before we traded for Alex Smith, I was just as much on the Geno bandwagon as you or any other Chiefs fan. Having said that, from where we sit, if we do draft him, I think that it will only be to trade him. But before that can happen, I also think that the Chiefs will have more than one trade offer on the table.

      • Joe Myers

        I’d be just like the chiefs to draft and trade the future . Idk im still on the fence about even being a chiefs tan or sports fan gor that matter I know I know by see ya later right what the f ever you all can sit waist your money cuz in the end that’s what its all about not the SB.

        • Michael Shaw

          Wow, you REALLY need to shoot the leprechaun that pissed in your Wheaties today!!! Sheesh!!!!

          • Jim Harper

            And then shit on his lucky charms

          • Joe Myers

            what is wrong with you Jim please have some respect for your self .

          • Joe Myers

            hahahaha you guys are too easy calm down fellas . But yes still pissed about the Alex trade .

        • micah stephenson

          No way they draft GENO SMITH and trade him away. Id draft GENO SMITH and trade Chase Daniels.

      • micah stephenson

        Lol. Dont worry the draft is a long way away, so u will still have plenty of time yo blast me some more over GENO SMITH!

    • Joe Myers

      I hate Alex smith their is nothing about this trade that tells me playoffs . San Fran is laughing at us the donkeys,chergers raiders are laughing at us . I don’t like Alex smith not because of Geno smith but because the chiefs always go out and get some one els QB and it never works 13-3 still didn’t work . I know we had to face Payton manning that year right do you really think Alex smith can beat Payton manning now please . We keep trying the same experiment expecting different results . If im not mistaken that’s a definition for insanity . So when we end up not in the playoffs at all and unable to grab one of the many really really good QB’s in next years draft and we get stuck with a late round dud your going to feel why im so dame pissed off . The best thing that can happen to the chiefs is Alex smiths complete failure . He will not get us to and win a SB I want him to but no he won’t . I hate san Fran I hate Alex smith I hate Dorsey and Reid . I love the Kansas city chiefs tho hell even my birthday is 816 . So now comes my Geno smith chant or what ever qb is the best next year . Oh wait it dont matter cuz we won’t be able to get him smh.

      • Michael Shaw

        Wow, have you gone out and gotten your tampons lately? You seem to need them and a major dose of Midol today!!!!

        • Joe Myers

          hahaha …. No Mr. Shaw now how about you post an intelligent insult . Not that of 9th grade . Besides I “know you are but what am i”??? (rhetorical question) and also (sarcasm) .

      • Jim Harper

        That is an awful lot of hate to carry around. Especially in light of the fact that I doubt you have ever even met Alex Smith, Dorsey, or Reid. Personally I am tired of hearing you are gonna quit on the Chiefs. So in the words of Nike “Just do it”

        • Joe Myers

          hahahahahahahahaha wow first you didn’t “hear me” . Second I knew you needed my attention that’s why I wrote all the rest of that stuff besides my point . Like I said you seem a lil stuck up Jim . Nice one liner (sarcasm) . Calm down Jim im not quitting the chiefs you can’t quit what’s apart of you im just showing the level of frustration. You can be content with mediocrity but I want to win a SB.

      • micah stephenson

        I Agree with the 49s laughing at us. They beat the hell out of us on the A.Smith trade. I know Payton Manning is cracking up too! The Broncos get W.Welker, DRC & T.Knighten and the Chiefs got A.Smith! Lol. Wow. I even thought the same thing about insanity. Insanity is when you keep attempting to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. The Chiefs are Insane! Im also pissed off cus I also think A.Smiths ceiling is a 1 and done in the playoffs thus landing us about pick 20 & agian the 4th or 5th QB IF and thats a HUGE IF, the Chiefs get over they fear of drafting a QB in the 1st rd.

        • Joe Myers

          that’s what I mean end up in the 20′s on the draft board and have to give up alot of good picks and players just to get a good QB not even the best .

    • Michael Shaw

      First of all, Luke Joeckel isn’t a joke. He will be as good, if not BETTER than Joe Thomas has been for SF. The are 2 problems I see with picking him up: 1. Fisher might be just as good, so why not trade down, get back a 2nd rounder and add more depth to the team or 2. You don’t draft a future star at LT to play RT. That is a waste of a #1 overall pick in my estimation. As for the Geno chants, keep them coming as I find them hilarious. I originally wanted Dee Milliner #1 overall, but I have since put that drum away as I now don’t see them drafting him with the recent acquisitions of Smith and Robinson. So where should we go with the #1 pick???? I am really not sure what these guys are thinking and that may be the point. I was corrected on a different posting that Ogletree is a 3-4 inside linebacker, so knowing we have an almost glaring need at ILB I could see them drafting him. I don’t see us drafting Geno and I have two reasons why……………..Ricky Stanzi and Alex Tanney. Both of these guys are still on the roster and have not been hinted at being released. This would tell ME that they aren’t going for a QB in this draft class. That is not to say that I think Andy and Dorsey think either of them might be better than Geno, I am just saying they wouldn’t draft him AND keep these two on the team. Geno “The Dream” Smith might end up being a good QB in the NFL, but I don’t think he deserves a top ten pick unless you plan on starting him right away and that would basically turn him into the next David Carr. Geno needs to sit for a couple of years and learn the pro game exactly like Aaron Rodgers did and then I expect him to come in and do exactly as Rodgers has done for the Pack. He is not the next Andrew Luck or RGIII that can come in and play right away and make this team better. He is not that polished. He has proven to me to be a winner in college, but at the same time he has proven that when it is a big game he tends to fold under the pressure of trying to do it himself. That can change with the right coaching and I think Andy would be the right coach for that, but I don’t think we can afford both a #1 AND a #2 pick on the QB position. We need too much depth at other positions to be doing that IMO of course.

      • micah stephenson

        How did J.Thomas do good for the 49s when he played for the browns? Andy Dalton and R.Wilson was ready to play day 1. Kopernick didnt take long. C.Ponder and AP got the vikings in. Just becuse GENO SMITH is not A.Luck dont mean GENO SMITH cant play now or very soon.

    • Jim Harper

      Micah, believe it or not I have supported many of your comments, but you are so over the top on Geno when it is obvious the Chiefs are not going in that direction that gets on my nerves. I don’t begrudge anyone’s wish list. I was on the Geno bus too until they traded of Alex, and then they made all these other absolutely brilliant moves I became willing to concede that Dorsey and Reid are far more astute when it comes to football than myself. It is apparent to me that they intend to win now and this is not rebuilding but enhancing. I just look forward to the day when the draft is over and we see the whole picture. I bet it will make a ton of sense. Go Chiefs!

  • AAASportsMemorabilia

    The Chiefs should rock this year! It’s been a long time for us Chiefs fans.