November 1, 2012; San Diego, CA, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel (7) during the second half against the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium. The Chargers won 31-13. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs Release Matt Cassel

The Kansas City Chiefs have given up their efforts to force a trade and have released QB Matt Cassel.


It’s true because Adam Schefter said it. Well, tweeted it.

The Chiefs were reportedly trying to trade Cassel but in the end, the QB’s contract was likely too high for any NFL teams to want it on their books. Cassel was due starters’ money in 2013 and his play in 2012 did not do much to inspire anyone that he definitely could take the reigns of an NFL team.

Cassel has had his ups and downs in KC, mostly downs. He was awful in 2009 but bounced back and made the Pro Bowl in 2010. The Chiefs won the AFC West that season and it will be remembered as the high point of the Cassel/Pioli/Haley era.

Unfortunately, Cassel did not continued to build off of his 2010 season. In fact, he regressed in 2011 and was even worse in 2012.

Cassel will now hit the market. The Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots are teams that could be interested in his services. For Cassel, the Vikes might be the best bet. Their starter, QB Christian Ponder, has been uninspiring to say the least. Cassel would likely serve to push Ponder and would provide a solid backup option should the young QB continue to struggle.

How will you guys remember the Matt Cassel era?

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  • micah stephenson

    No suprise here. Thanks for trying to do the best you could. We wish you luck where eva you end up, unless its n the afc west.

    • Michael Shaw

      Well said Micah.

  • Dalton Meek

    Man I love Matt Cassel, he may not have had the best tenure here in KC, but he dealt with a lot of crap here and I respect the man that comes back from what he did and still fights for my team.

  • Brady Warshawsky

    Good luck Matt. Unless you play in the AFC West, like Micah said.

  • chiefridgy

    I will remember the Matt Cassel era like a Sandcastle, looked pretty good in the beginning but slowly was washed away….

    • toperspective

      You mean Leon?

      • chiefridgy


  • GDL40

    They couldnt convince a team to give us even a 7th round pick for him ???!!!!! I mean more than likely we wouldnt even know that 7th round pick’s name in a year or two, but it wouldve felt a little nicer. Should’ve hired SF to take care of trading him, they could have gotten a 5th :)

    • toperspective

      No one wanted to pay him 7M. His value is as a backup.

      • Michael Shaw

        And if I was him I wouldn’t have restructured my contract so that I was easier to trade to a team i may not want to be on!!!

        • toperspective

          Absolutely. It would have been quite an achievement if they would have been able to pull that one off.

  • oldchiefsfan

    I wanted him to be good and it took me a while before I was ready to say that it just wasn’t meant to be. I was at that Atlanta game last year when he looked pretty good for most of the 1st half before he fell apart and the rest of the season turned into a nightmare.

  • Chris Tarrants

    I will bet anyone a dollar that he ends up in New England as a hotdog vender! Any takers?

    • Michael Shaw

      You lost that dollar buddy!!

  • DavePC

    Good guy, but not a very good quarterback. I wish him well in life where ever it goes from here for him (except another AFC West team).

    • Chris D.

      I agree, not a very good QB at all. But, Matt is a good guy so I wish him the best of luck.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    I would’ve cut him too, literally. BUM! Hahaha.

    • Michael Shaw

      As a QB for us you are right Stacy. But a man amongst men, he was a stellar individual so be nice please!!!

      • Stacy D. Smith

        We didn’t employ a civilian, he was a quarterback. I don’t care what kind of person he is (he could still be a jerk for all I know), he’s a BUM as a quarterback!!! Hahaha.

  • sidibeke

    I am choosing to remember Cassel for his post-appendectomy performance at StL. An enthusiastic, great guy who sadly lacks elite skill and leadership ability.

  • Jim Harper

    Nobody worked harder than Cassel, but try as he may, the talent just was not there. It wasn’t there in college either where he was just a backup. How he ever made it to the NFL in the first place baffles me. Good luck Matt.

  • Don Quijote

    Just like USC, he will always be a third string QB

  • RepOurChiefs

    Wish you well Matt…never felt you a number 1 qb to lead the chiefs but you are mos def number 1 when it comes to class. Endings are just new beginings.