Oct 14, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Donnie Avery (11) attempts to make a catch against the New York Jets during the second half at Metlife Stadium. The Jets won the game 35-9. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Chiefs Visiting With WR Donnie Avery

Last night we told you the Kansas City Chiefs might target some wide receivers during this free agency period and now we are hearing the team is hosting free agent WR Donny Avery.

Per Adam Caplan:

Avery 63 receptions for 793 yards for the Colts last season. He also chipped in three TDs. He also was credited for dropping 14 passes.

Pro Football Focus graded him at -10.4 on the season.

Avery is a small, speedy receiver. He’s 5’11, 186 and was a second-round selection in the 2008 NFL Draft by the St. Louis Rams. He was released by the Rams in September of 2011. He signed with the Titans before landing with the Colts last March.

Avery fits the kind of small, speedy receiver the West Coast offense tends to favor. He is a guy you would want to catch the ball in stride so he can get yards after the catch.

Avery’s hands could be a problem and he probably isn’t a player the Chiefs want to rely upon. They might do better to just try to continue the development of Dexter McCluster.

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  • chiefridgy

    Hmmm I really like mccluster

  • Johnny Ubben

    I like him, but I think McCluster is in for a good year. If he comes cheap, sure. Let’s add some competition to our camp and some depth to our WR’s

    • superman_25_58

      I agree mccluster is a beast. You can plug him into different positions if needed and get some pretty productive play out of him. I also believe next year will be a break out year for him with the short passes Smith likes to throw.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    This would be an EXCELLENT signing.
    Avery started all but one game for the Colts last year.
    He was productive there. Caught 60 balls for close to 800 yards.
    Avery’s even faster than Charles. I would absolutely love this signing.

  • ladner morse

    Is Avery a true number 2? I don’t know. 14 drops is a big concern.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      I checked a few places and only see him credited with 7 drops last year.

    • thabear04

      More then Bowe when he drop them. No WR is perfect if they can get the job done then make him an offer.

  • Chris Tarrants

    That would add competition but I really hope that Reid and Dorsey don’t write off Junior Hemmingway! I think he could be our number two guy for years to come. Big play Hemmingway, Mccluster, Baldwin, Bowe, Wylie, and Avery would be a great stable of big and lightning fast receivers that would only help Alex Smith shine

    • berttheclock

      Yeah, that 50 plus yards per catch at Michigan still stands out, eh?

      • Chris Tarrants

        The guy was a beast and although he might need some mentoring to get up to par with NFL play he should still be a monster if used right

  • berttheclock

    This looks very much like a John Schneider move (learned at the knee of Ted Thompson). Find former Number 1s or 2s from the draft, of whom had some problems of various sorts and sign them to short deals. If they return to their prior work, then, you can give them longer contracts. What is not mentioned above is the knee injury which the Rams used to cut him. He was signed by the Titans for 2011, but, was still rehabbing. Grigson of the Colts used the knowledge he gained by working with Heckert/Reid in Philly to spot him.
    I just posted a “Tome” over at the wide receiver thread about Jon Baldwin being a major bust as a NFL wide out. It is not lack of proper coaching or OCs which have caused his problems. He shoud be only playing Pop Warner ball in Pittsburgh with Palko. Double teams on Bowe must cease, so, any wide out who can get open, has hands of the catching variety has to be a top priority for Mr Dorsey.

    • Stacy D. Smith

      It’s too early to label Baldwin a bust. He’s only logged 1.5 seasons at WR. Another full season and we can properly evaluate him. To some extent, I think he’s been misused. They expect him to be a guy who stretches the field, but that’s not his game…yet. Right now he’s still trying to adjust to the NFL game and isn’t sure how to use that big body of his. He gets sealed off by defenders too easily. He struggles with getting off the jam too. He plays like a wide receiver McCluster’s size.

      I think they should use him as a possession receiver for now until he comes along. Give him a chance to work underneath and on intermediate routes.

      • berttheclock

        The scouts prior to the draft wrote about his separation problems at Pittsburgh and stated he had problems using his hands to fend off aggressive D-backs. Mark Malone, the former Steelers’ QB, was livid about his lack of aggressiveness and awareness running routes. He spotted the problems QBs of the Chiefs had with him not looking for the ball and not being aggressive coming out of cuts. One pass, which was a 2nd option pass, hit in the back of his head. My post at the wide receiver thread includes first and 2nd year production of several wideouts, including those of Bowe. The only 1.5 seasons belies what others have accomplished, especially, in their 2nd years in the NFL. when, Torrey Smith hit training camp with the Ravens, all he really possessed was speed. He improved rapidly thereafter. Even with a slow start, his first year was far better than Baldwin’s 1 and one half years. In his 1 and 1/2 career, he has caught 41 for 579 and 2 TDs. Smith caught 50 for 841 with 7 TDs his first “raw” year and 49 for 855 and 8 TDs his second. Check out the numbers Bowe put up with Huard and Croyle in his first two years, 156 for 2011 yards with 12 TDs and, yet, posters still scream about his dropped passes. Reggie Wayne had nine drops for Indy, last year, and who wouldn’t want Wayne to play for the Chiefs?

        • tm1946

          If you can give a roster spot to a WR who only gets on the field in the red zone, then Baldwin still has a place with the Chiefs. He runs to an “area” in the end zone and out jumps the defender for a n attempted td throw. Otherwise, he just does not get it.

          Or if Reid can get him to run patterns or get separation, or change from a loper to a burst off the line guy, he stays.

          Bust is written all over him, at least with his first team.

        • Stacy D. Smith

          There are plenty examples of receivers who needed three full seasons before they were able to adjust to the NFL game. WR is one of the toughest positions to transition into. I don’t know that he’ll pan out, but it’s definitely too early to write him off.

      • Michael Shaw

        I agree Stacy. We had shitty QB’s last year, so how can we really evaluate the kid. He did make a few “WOW”-type catches last year when he had to go up and get the overthrown balls from our list of QB’s!!! Very few, but they could be an indication of how good he might be with a better QB.

  • Tom Sparks

    I think you are correct, Stacey. Dropping the ball can be coached out of him. In the West Coast Offense, speed kills! Especially if he was that decent last year with the Colts, even with 14 dropped passes.
    We have great coaches. He might be a great edition. We lost speed when we lost Breaston.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003404094465 Scott Woodruff

    Why do people rip on Baldwin so bad? He had a horrible set of QB’s and coaching staff. I know this team isn’t the 49er’s but look what Harbaugh did his first year in SF, I think Reid can do the same here in KC. YOU can be one of the more talented teams and still stink with bad coaching. Reid and Dorsey have done a great job so far, give them a chance to prove themselves, if you don’t like it go root for the Rams or someone else. I am very excited about what is going on in KC………We are making some noise, P.S I really don’t care how long you have been a Chiefs fan and I don’t want to hear that you have been thru this before and you have been a Chiefs fan longer than everybody else on this post. The first day that Reid and Dorsey were hired to lead the Chiefs into a new area we all became Chiefs fans again from day one, A new ERA has begun in KC, either like it or be quiet until you have something nice to say…….Go Chiefs…………….

    • Carlos Nevarez

      Fair enough, but what makes you think that Andy Reid can do any better in KC than he did in Philly? I don’t understand all the love he’s getting rightaway. I know he was a good coach at one time but that was a while ago. How do you know that John Dorsey isn’t the one making most of the decisions?

  • Daniel Mayfield

    Don’t we have Dexter and Wylie? They have shown we can rely on them. Everybody complains about Bowe dropping 12 passes. Nobody wants to give Baldwin a chance (I’d love to see more throws his way). We’ve got the 2 little guys, Draughn(the RB) shows he can get it done.

    Add Welker for a small speedy guy or bigger bigger guys, maybe Amendola or Jennings. I don’t know, maybe another big guy off the draft and just give Baldwin some more passes his way

  • kirk

    14 drops! I’ll pass. but his speed is a plus though

  • micah stephenson

    Adam Shefler is reporting that the Chiefs have signed Donnie Avery!

  • http://www.facebook.com/austin.sherwood.948 Austin Sherwood

    I think this signing made since especially for how fast pace we might need to be in our first year, a little extra speed would definitely space out the field a little better either way for our TE to make some plays. Also Avery at least had some good looks through a rookie QB that would help him out a little more. I’m pleased with him overall

  • mg2098

    DMC has better hands, speed, and field vision than Avery. If Avery takes the slot I’ll be very disappointed. If Avery takes the #2 WR spot the Chiefs are bargain shopping because I see a lot better #2 WR talent in free agency and the draft that could be had.